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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- Sep 27

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Interesting things that happened September 27th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1601 Louis XIII, king of France (1610-43)
  In 1657 Sophia, regent of Russia (1682-89)
  In 1722 Samuel Adams, revolutionary rabble rouser, brewer
  In 1783 Agustín I de Iturbide, emperor of Mexico (1822-23)
  In 1792 George Cruikshank, English illustrator
  In 1840 Thomas Nast, political cartoonist of late 1800s America, responsible
          for the Democratic donkey, the Republican elephant, the appearance of
          Santa Claus, and the downfall of W. M. "Boss" Tweed.
  In 1875 Grazia Deledda, Italian novelist (Old Man of the Mtn) (Nobel 1926)
  In 1896 Sam Ervin, Democratic Senator, Watergate Committee chairman
  In 1918 Sir Martin Ryle, British radio astronomer, astronomer royal 1972-82
  In 1919 Charles H. Percy, Republican Senator from Illinois
  In 1922 Arthur Penn, stage and film director
  In 1926 Jayne Meadows (in Wu Chang, China), actor, comedian, married to
          Steve Allen
  In 1929 Sada Thompson (in Des Moines, Iowa)
  In 1933 Kathy Nolan (in St Louis, MO)
  In 1934 Barbara Hower, journalist (Washington Post)
  In 1952 Dumitru Prunariu, first Rumanian space traveler (Soyuz 40)
  In 1957 Cheryl Tiegs (in Minnesota), a model's figure
  In 1958 Shaun Cassidy, singer

Events worth noting:
        + Ancestor Appreciation Day
        + Feast of SS Cosmas and Damian, martyrs
  In 1540 Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded by Ignatius Loyola.
  In 1777 Battle of Germantown; Washington defeated by the British.
  In 1787 Constitution submitted to the states for ratification.
  In 1825 Railroad transportation is born with first track in England.
  In 1854 Steamer Arctic is lost.
  In 1863 Jo Shelby's cavalry in action at Moffat's Station, Arkansas.
  In 1881 Chicago Cubs beat Troy 10-8 before record small "crowd" of 12.
  In 1919 Bob Shawkey sets then Yank record with 15 strike outs.
        + Democratic National Committee voted to admit women.
  In 1921 Yanks beat Indians 21-7 in Polo Grounds.
  In 1923 Lou Gehrig's first homer.
  In 1938 The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was launched at Glasgow.
  In 1940 Floyd Giebells, first game, 2-0 pennent clinching beating Bob
  In 1941 First WWII liberty ship, freighter Patrick Henry, launched.
  In 1942 Actors Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy are married.
        + NY Giants beat Wash Redskins 14-7 without making a first down.
  In 1954 Steve Allen's "Tonight Show" premiers.
  In 1962 U.S. sells Hawk anti-aircraft missiles to Israel.
  In 1964 Warren Commission finds that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
  In 1968 Cardinal's super pitcher Bob Gibson's 13th shutout of the year.
  In 1972 In first game at Coliseum, Rangers beat Islanders 6-4 - Exhibition.
  In 1973 Soyuz 12 is launched.
  In 1989 Two Ford Aerospace employees are assassinated in the Philipines.

And remember ...
  National School Success Month
  National Sewing Month
  National Pain Awareness Month
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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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