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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- September 13

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Interesting things that happened September 13th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1755 Oliver Evans, pioneered the high-pressure steam engine
  In 1819 Clara Wieck Schumann, German pianist, composer
  In 1851 Walter Reed, who proved mosquitoes transmit yellow fever
  In 1857 Milton S. Hershey, US chocolate manufacturer, philanthropist
  In 1860 Gen. John J. "Blackjack" Pershing, US commander in World War I
  In 1863 Arthur Henderson, British socialist, disarmament worker (Nobel '34)
  In 1874 Arnold Schoenberg, composer
  In 1876 Sherwood Anderson, American author, publisher (Winesburg, Ohio)
  In 1903 Claudette Colbert, entertainer
  In 1925 Mel Tormé, singer (Velvet Fog), composer
  In 1933 Eileen Fulton
  In 1934 Barbara Bain (in Chicago, IL), actor (Mission Impossible, Space:
  In 1937 Fred Silverman, broadcasting executive (NBC)
  In 1938 Judith Martin, etiquette authority, "Miss Manners"
  In 1941 Jaqueline Bisset (in England), actor (Deep)
        + Oscar Arias Sánchez, president of Costa Rica (1986-  ) (Nobel 1987)
  In 1948 Nell Carter, actor, singer
  In 1952 Karen Wyman (in Bronx, NY)

Events worth noting:
  In 1321 Death of Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy.
  In 1759 Wolfe defeats Montcalm on Plains of Abraham; Canada becomes British.
  In 1788 New York City becomes the capital of the United States.
  In 1882 Britain defeats Egypt at Tel el-Kebir, effectively ending Egyptian
  In 1906 First airplane flight in Europe.
  In 1927 Waite Hoyt became the only 20 game winner of the '27 Yankees.
  In 1932 Yanks clinch their 7th pennant.
  In 1959 Soviet Lunik 2 becomes first human-made object to crash on moon.
  In 1961 "Car 54 Where are You?" premieres.
  In 1963 "The Outer Limits" premieres.
        + Yanks clinch their 28th pennant
  In 1965 Beatles release "Yesterday."
  In 1970 IBM announces System 370 computer.
  In 1971 9 hostages and 28 prisoners die in take over a Attica State Prison.
  In 1977 First TV viewer discretion warning - "Soap".
        + Second test of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
  In 1979 According to South Africa, Venda gains independence.  Not recognized
          as an independent country outside of South Africa.
  In 1982 Princess Grace of Monaco dies at 52 in a car crash.
  In 2001 Britain's Queen Elizabeth orders "The Star Spangled Banner" played
          at the Changing of the Guard, as a show of solidarity and sympathy in
          the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the US two days earlier.

And remember ...
  National School Success Month
  National Sewing Month
  National Pain Awareness Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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