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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- September 11

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Interesting things that happened September 11th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1835 Brig. Gen. William Wirt Allen, First Alabama Cavalry
  In 1862 O. Henry (pen name of William Sidney Porter), short story writer
  In 1885 D.H. Lawrence (in Eastwood, England), author (Lady Chatterly's
          Lover), Taos pioneer
  In 1909 Anne Seymour (in England), actor
        + William Natcher, Democratic Representative from Kentucky
  In 1913 Bear Bryant, football coach (Alabama's Crimson Tide)
  In 1917 Ferdinand Marcos, former Philippines president
  In 1922 Charles Evers, civil rights leader
  In 1923 Betsy Drake, physical fitness expert
  In 1924 Daniel Kahikina Akaka, Democratic Representative Hawaii
        + Tom Landry, NFL player (NY Giants), coach (Dallas Cowboys)
  In 1928 Earl Holliman, actor (Police Woman)
        + Reubin Askew, Florida governor
  In 1932 Herbert "Sonny" Leon Callahan, Republican Representative from
        + Robert Packwood, Republican Senator from Oregon
  In 1935 Gherman Titov, first man to spend a day in space (Vostok 2)
  In 1937 Robert L. Crippen, astronaut (STS-1, 7, 41C, 41G)
  In 1940 Brian De Palma, director (Dressed to Kill)
  In 1942 Lola Falona (in Camden, NJ), singer, dancer, actor
  In 1962 Elizabeth Daily

Events worth noting:
        + Feast of SS. Protus and Hyacinth, martyrs.
        + National Grandparents' Day.
  In 1609 Henry Hudson is first European to discover Manhattan island.
  In 1709 English, Dutch and Austrians defeat French in Battle of Malplaquet.
  In 1712 French astronomer G.D Cassini dies.
  In 1777 British defeat George Washington at the Battle of Brandywine, Pa.
  In 1789 Alexander Hamilton appointed Secretary of the Treasury.
  In 1814 Battle of Lake Champlain, N.Y.; Americans defeat British.
  In 1850 `Swedish Nightingale,' Jenny Lind, gives her first US concert.
  In 1852 Olympia Columbian is the first newspaper published north of the
          Columbia River.
  In 1853 First electric telegraph to be used in San Francisco, Merchant's
          Exchange to Pt. Lobos.
  In 1910 First commercially successful electric bus line opens, in Hollywood.
  In 1919 U.S. marines invade Honduras.
  In 1922 League of Nations awards Palestine to Britain as a mandate.
  In 1923 After a single, Red Sox Howard Ehmke retires the next 27 Yanks.
  In 1926 Aloha Tower dedicated (in Honolulu).
        + Yanks Bob Meusel ties record with 3 sacrifice flies.
  In 1927 Babe Ruth hits 50th of 60 homers.
  In 1928 First TV drama - WGY's "The Queen's Messenger."
  In 1936 FDR dedicates Boulder Dam, now known as Hoover Dam.
  In 1941 Charles Lindbergh, charges `the British, the Jewish and the
          Roosevelt administration' were trying to get the US into WW II.
  In 1944 FDR and Churchill meet in Canada at the second Quebec Conference.
  In 1946 First mobile long-distance car-to-car telephone conversation.
  In 1947 U.S. Defense Department formed.
  In 1950 "Dick Tracy" TV show sparks uproar concerning violence.
        + First typesetting machine to dispense with metal type exhibited.
  In 1954 First Miss America TV broadcast.
  In 1966 Johnny Miller became the first Yank to hit a HR on his first at bat.
  In 1967 U.S. Surveyor 5 makes first chemical analysis of lunar material
  In 1971 Nikita Khrushchev dies of a heart attack at age 77.
  In 1972 BART begins service with a 26 mile line from Oakland to Fremont.
  In 1973 Chile's President, Salvador Allende, deposed in a military coup.
  In 1977 TV's "Rhoda" gets divorced.
  In 1985 Pete Rose of the Cin Reds got career hit 4,192 off Eric Show of the
          San Diego Padres, eclipsing the record held by Ty Cobb.
  In 1986 Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered biggest one-day decline ever,
          plummeting 86.61 points to 1,792.89. 237.57 million shares traded.
  In 1987 Lorne Green dies at 72.
  In 2001 Two passenger jets hit the World Trade Center, one to each tower and
          a third jet hits the Pentagon in an unprecedented terrorist attack on
          the United States.  A fourth plane crashed before it could reach its
          target; reportedly, the passengers took action and forced it down.

And remember ...
  National School Success Month
  National Sewing Month
  National Pain Awareness Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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