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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- September 4

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Interesting things that happened September 4th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1768 François René de Chateaubriand, French poet, novelist, statesman
  In 1802 Marcus Whitman, missionary
  In 1803 Sarah Childress Polk, first lady
  In 1810 Donald McKay, US naval architect, builder of fastest clipper ships
  In 1824 Anton Bruckner (in Ansfelden, Austria), composer
  In 1846 Daniel Burnham, American architect, built skyscrapers
  In 1892 Darius Milhaud, composer
  In 1901 Paul Osborn, playwright
  In 1908 Richard Wright, American author (Native Son, Uncle Tom's Children)
  In 1917 Henry Ford II, businessman
  In 1918 Paul Harvey, news commentator
  In 1919 Howard Morris
  In 1920 Craig Claiborne, food columnist, NY Times
  In 1926 Robert J. Lagomarsino, California Representative (R)
  In 1929 Thomas Eagleton, Missouri Senator (D)
  In 1931 Mitzi Gaynor (in Chicago, IL), actor, dancer
  In 1949 Tom Watson, Golfer
  In 1951 Judith Ivey
  In 1972 Danny Ponce

Events worth noting:
  In  476 Romulus Augustulus, last Roman emperor in west, is deposed.
  In 1609 Navigator Henry Hudson discovered the island of Manhattan.
  In 1781 Los Angeles founded in the Valley of Smokes (Indian Name).
  In 1833 The first newsboy in the US hired (Barney Flaherty), by the NY Sun.
  In 1862 North Beach and Mission Railway Company organized in S.F.
  In 1864 Bread riots in Mobile, Alabama.
  In 1866 First daily newspaper in Hawaii published.
  In 1870 French republic proclaimed.
  In 1882 First district lit by electricty (NY's Pearl Street Station).
  In 1885 The first cafeteria opens for business, in New York City.
  In 1886 Geronimo, Apache indian, finally surrenders ending last major US-
          Indian war.
  In 1888 George Eastman patents first rollfilm camera and registers "Kodak."
  In 1911 Garros sets world altitude record of 4,250 m (13,944 ft).
  In 1918 US troops land in Archangel, Russia, stay 10 months.
  In 1920 Last day of Julian civil calendar (in parts of Bulgaria).
  In 1923 Yankee Sam Jones no-hits Philadelphia Athletics.
  In 1933 First airplane to exceed 300 mph, J. R. Wendell, Glenview, IL.
  In 1941 Yanks beat Red Sox 6-3 and clinch their 12th and earliest pennant.
  In 1950 First helicopter rescue of American pilot behind enemy lines.
  In 1951 First transcontinental TV broadcast, by Pres. Truman.
        + NBC extends to become a 61 station coast-to-coast network.
  In 1954 First passage of McClure Strait, the fabled Northwest Passage,
  In 1957 Ford Motor Co. introduced the Edsel!  (Oh boy.)
  In 1964 NASA launches its first Orbital Geophysical Observatory (OGO-1)
  In 1965 Albert Schweitzer dies.
  In 1970 George Harrison releases "My Sweet Lord" single.
  In 1972 American swimmer Mark Spitz becomes the first athlete to win seven
          olympic gold medals.
  In 1978 Hundreds of thousands of Iranians demonstrate against Shah Muhammad
          Reza Pahlavi. For the first time, the army and police do not shoot.
        + Ron Guidry wins his 20th.
  In 1980 Iraqi troops seized Iranian territory in a border dispute.
  In 1986 189.42 million shares traded in the New York Stock Exchange.

And remember ...
  National School Success Month
  National Sewing Month
  National Pain Awareness Month

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0317) in a message to

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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