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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- November 26

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Interesting things that happened November 26th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1607 John Harvard, English clergyman, scholar, founder of Harvard U.
  In 1731 William Cowper, English poet
  In 1792 Sarah Moore Grimke, American antislavery, women's rights advocate
  In 1832 Louisa May Alcott, author (Little Women)
        + Mary Edwards Walker, American doctor, women's rights leader
  In 1857 Ferdinand de Saussure, Swiss linguist
  In 1876 Willis Haviland Carrier, developed air-conditioning equipment
  In 1892 Joe Guyon, NFL halfback (Canton, Cleveland, Oorang, Rock I., etc.)
  In 1894 Norbert Wiener, inventor of cybernetics, absentminded-professor
  In 1905 Emlyn Williams, actor, playwright
  In 1912 Eugene Ionesco, French dramatist (Rhinoceros)
  In 1922 Charles M. Schulz, cartoonist (Peanuts)
  In 1925 Lois Hunt (in Morriston, NJ)
  In 1933 Robert Goulet (in Canada), singer, actor
  In 1935 Marian Mercer, actor, singer
  In 1937 Boris Yegorov, Soviet cosmonaut (Voskhod 1)
  In 1938 Rich Little (in Canada), impressionist
  In 1939 Tina Turner (as Anna Mae Bullock at Nutbush, TN), singer, actor
  In 1942 Jan Stenerud, NFL place kicker (Kansas City Chiefs)

Events worth noting:
        + Feast of St Sylvester, abbot
  In 1716 First lion to be seen in America was exhibited in Boston.
  In 1778 Captain Cook is first European to discover Maui (Sandwich Islands).
  In 1789 First national celebration of Thanksgiving.
  In 1793 Republican calendar replaces Gregorian calendar in France.
  In 1825 First fraternity, Kappa Alpha, formed at Union College
  In 1832 The first street car in the U.S. begins operation in New York City.
          It's a horse-drawn trolley.
  In 1861 At Wheeling, a convention adopts a consitution for a new state to
          called "West Virginia".
  In 1865 "Alice in Wonderland" is published.
  In 1868 The first baseball game played in enclosed field in San Francisco,
          at 25th and Folsom.
  In 1883 Sojourner Truth, abolitionist, women's rights advocate, dies.
  In 1885 First Meteor photograph.
  In 1895 Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association formed.
  In 1949 India adopts a constitution as a British Commonwealth Republic.
  In 1950 China enters Korean conflict.
  In 1962 The Fab Four's first recording session under the name Beatles (they
          were formerly the Silver Beatles).
  In 1965 France launches first satellite, a 92-pound A1 capsule.
  In 1966 First major tidal power plant opened at Rance estuary, France.
  In 1973 Nixon's personal secretary, Rose Mary Woods, told a federal court
          she accidentally caused part of 18-minute gap in a key Watergate
  In 1975 Federal jury found Lynette Fromme guilty of attempted assassination.
  In 1980 Rachael Roberts dies at age 53.
  In 1982 Yasuhiro Nakasone elected PM of Japan succeeding Zenko Suzuki.
  In 1985 23rd Space Shuttle Mission (61-B; Atlantis 2) is launched.

And remember ...
  International Drum Month
  National Adoption Month
  National Diabetes Month
  National Impotency Month
  National Raisin Bread Month
  National Novel Writing Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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