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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- November 21

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Interesting things that happened November 21st:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1694 Voltaire, thinker
  In 1785 William Beaumont, surgeon, studied digestion
  In 1787 Sir Samuel Cunard, founded first regular Atlantic steamship line
  In 1817 Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett (CSA), killed during Pickett's Charge.
  In 1854 Benedict XV, 258th Roman Catholic pope (1914-22)
  In 1893 Adolph Arthur "Harpo" Marx (in New York city), comic actor, musician
  In 1898 Rene Magritte, painter (This is Not a Pipe)
  In 1904 Coleman Hawkins, virtually created the tenor saxophone for jazz
  In 1907 Jim Bishop, author
  In 1912 Eleanor Powell (in Springfield, Mass)
  In 1916 Sid Luckman, NFL quarterback (Chicago Bears)
  In 1920 Ralph Meeker, actor (Anderson Tapes, Night Stalker)
        + Stan Musial, baseball player
  In 1921 Vivian Blaine, actor (Guys and Dolls)
  In 1932 Jim Ringo, NFL center (Green Bay, Philadelphia)
  In 1933 Henry W. "Hank" Hartsfield, U.S. astronaut (STS-4, 41D, 61A)
  In 1934 Laurence Luckinbill, actor (Star Trek V)
  In 1938 Marlo Thomas (in Detroit, Michigan), actor (That Girl)
  In 1940 Natalia Maskarova (in Lenningrad), ballerina
  In 1941 Juliet Mills (in London, England)
  In 1943 Larry Mahan, rodeo champ
  In 1945 Goldie Hawn (in Washington, DC), actor (Butterflies Are Free, Foul
          Play, Private Benjamin)
  In 1952 Lorna Luft

Events worth noting:
        + Feast of the Presentation of Mary
        + National Children's Book Week Begins
  In 1620 Mayflower Compact signed by Pilgrims in Providencetown, MA harbor.
  In 1624 Jakob Bhme, German philosophical mystic, dies (birth date unknown).
  In 1783 Piltre de Rozier and Marquis d'Arlandes make first free balloon
  In 1789 North Carolina becomes the 12th state.
  In 1794 Honolulu Harbor is discovered.
  In 1847 Phoenix is lost on Lake Michigan.
  In 1877 Tom Edison announces his "talking machine" invention.
  In 1933 First US ambassador to the USSR (W.C. Bullitt).
  In 1934 Yanks buy Joe DiMaggio from San Francisco Seals.
  In 1952 First US postage stamp in 2 colors (rotary process) introduced.
  In 1959 Jack Benny (Violin) and Richard Nixon (Piano) play their famed duet.
  In 1964 The Verrazanno Narrows Bridge (Brooklyn to Staten Island) opens,
          becoming the world's longest suspension bridge.
  In 1965 Professional racer Stephane Proulx dies from cerebral oedema
          stemming from a racing accident.
  In 1980 The "Who Shot JR" episode of "Dallas" begins the tradition of
          season-ending cliff-hangers.

And remember ...
  International Drum Month
  National Adoption Month
  National Diabetes Month
  National Impotency Month
  National Raisin Bread Month
  National Novel Writing Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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