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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- May 9

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Interesting things that happened May 9th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1785 James Pollard Espy, pioneering meteorologist
  In 1800 John Brown, abolitionist
  In 1844 Belle Boyd, most famous female confederate spy
  In 1860 James M. Barrie (in Scotland), Author (Peter Pan)
  In 1874 Howard Carter, Egyptologist who found King Tutankhamen
  In 1882 Henry J. Kaiser, industrialist (built Liberty Ships, Jeeps)
  In 1910 Barbara Woodhouse, dog training expert
  In 1918 Mike Wallace, CBS News correspondent
  In 1927 Pancho Gonzalez, tennis player
  In 1936 Glenda Jackson (in Cheshire, England), actor (Hopscotch)
        + Terry Drinkwater, CBS newsman
        + Albert Finney, actor (Oliver, The Twelve Chairs)
  In 1940 James L. Brooks, producer, director
  In 1946 Candice Bergen (in Beverly Hills), actor, her father spoke to wood
  In 1949 Billy Joel (in the Bronx, NY), singer, pianoman

Events worth noting:
        + National Receptionist Day (US)
  In 1502 Columbus left Spain on his 4th and final trip to the New World.
  In 1754 First newspaper cartoon in America - divided snake 'JOIN, or DIE'.
  In 1785 Joseph Bramah receives British patent for beer pump handles.
  In 1882 Telegraph Hill Railroad Company organized.
  In 1896 First horseless carriage show in London (featured 10 models).
  In 1913 17th amendment providing for election of senators by popular vote.
  In 1925 Cornerstone for Hebrew University layed.
  In 1926 Americans Byrd and Bennett make first airplane flight over North
  In 1936 Italy annexed Ethiopia.
  In 1944 First eye bank opened in New York City.
  In 1945 Czechoslovak National Day.
  In 1946 First Variety show - NBC's Hour Glass premiers.
  In 1950 EEC Anniversary.
  In 1961 Chairman of FCC Newton N. Minow criticizes TV as a 'vast wasteland'.
        + Jim Gentile hits grand slammers in consecutive innings.
  In 1974 House Judiciary Committee begin formal hearings on Nixon

And remember ...
  Better Hearing and Speech Month
  Older Americans Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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