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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- March 26

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Interesting things that happened March 26th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1874 Robert Frost (in San Francisco, CA), poet
  In 1911 Tennessee Williams (in Columbus, Miss.), playwright
  In 1914 William Westmoreland, U.S. Army General
  In 1924 Bob Elliott, comedian (Bob and Ray)
  In 1925 Pierre Boulez, French composer
  In 1930 Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  In 1931 Leonard Nimoy, actor, director
  In 1934 Alan Arkin, actor
  In 1939 James Caan, actor
  In 1942 Erica Jong (in New York City), author
  In 1943 Bob Woodward, reporter (Washington Post)
  In 1944 Diana Ross (in Detroit, Michigan), singer (The Supremes)
  In 1948 Steve Tyler (Tallarico), singer (Aerosmith)
  In 1949 Vicki Lawrence (in California), comedian, actor
  In 1950 Martin Short (in Hamilton, Canada), actor (SNL)
        + Teddy Pendergrass, singer

Events worth noting:
        + Prince Kuhio Day (celebrated in Hawaii).
  In 1804 LA Purchase divided into Territory of Orleans and Dist of Louisiana.
  In 1827 Composer Ludwig van Beethoven died in Vienna.
  In 1863 Voters in West Virginia approve gradual emancipation.
  In 1878 Hastings College of Law founded.
  In 1885 The Eastman Film Company manufactured the first commercial motion
          picture film.
  In 1892 Poet Walt Whitman died in Camden, New Jersey.
  In 1937 Spinach growers of Crystal City, TX, erect a statue of Popeye.
  In 1945 The last few hundred Japanese defenders of Iwo Jima are killed in a
          final suicide attack against the U.S. forces who invaded the
          strategic island five weeks before.
  In 1951 U.S. Air Force flag approved.
  In 1953 Dr. Jonas Salk announced a new vaccine against polio.
  In 1958 Army launched US's third successful satellite Explorer III.
  In 1962 Supreme Court backs the one-man-one-vote apportionment of seats in
          state legislatures.
  In 1970 Golden Gate Park Conservatory made a City Landmark.
  In 1971 East Pakistan proclaimed independence taking the name Bangladesh.
  In 1979 Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
  In 1982 Groundbreaking in Washington, D.C., for Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

And remember ...
  Foot Health Month
  International Hamburger and Pickle Month
  National Frozen Food Month
  National Furniture Refinishing Month
  National Nutrition Month (US)
  National Peanut Month
  National Women's History Month
  Red Cross Month
  Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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