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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- July 20

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Interesting things that happened July 20th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1304 Petrarch (in Italy), poet
  In 1785 Mahmud II, Ottoman sultan, Westernizer, reformer
  In 1864 Erik Karlfeldt, Swedish poet (Nobel 1918-refused; 1931-posthumous)
  In 1919 Sir Edmund Hillary, explorer, one of first two men to scale Mt.
  In 1920 Elliot L. Richardson, former US attorney general
  In 1924 Lola Albright, actor
  In 1930 Sally Ann Howes (in London, England)
  In 1933 Nelson Doubleday, publisher
  In 1938 Diana Rigg (in Doncaster, England), actor (The Avengers)
        + Jo-Ann Campbell (in Florida), singer and song writer
        + Natalie Wood (in San Francisco), actor (Miracle on 34th Street,
          Rebel Without a Cause, West Side Story, Gypsy, Brainstorm)
  In 1941 Vladimir A. Lyakhov, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 32, T-9)
  In 1944 T. J. Shephard, country singer
  In 1946 Kim Carnes, singer
  In 1947 Carlos Santana, musician
  In 1957 Donna Dixon, actor (Spies Like Us, Nixon)

Events worth noting:
        + Commemoration of St. Margaret, virgin, martyr
        + Dog Days
        + Feast of St. Jerome Emiliani, confessor
        + Independence Day, celebrated in Columbia
  In 1810 Columbia gains its independence.
  In 1859 Admission fee first charged to see a baseball game (50 cents).
  In 1864 Battle of Peachtree Creek - Atlanta Campaign.
  In 1871 British Columbia becomes 6th Canadian province.
  In 1872 Mahlon Loomis receives patent for wireless ... the radio is born.
  In 1878 First telephone introduced in Hawaii.
  In 1923 Yanks hit into a triple play but beat the A's 9-2.
  In 1941 Yanks with 12-6 in 17 over the Tigers
  In 1944 US invaded Japanese-occupied Guam in WWII.
        + Assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler fails.
  In 1949 After 19 months war, Palestine becomes the Zionist state of Israel,
          with Egypt and Transjordan holding on to occupied regions.
  In 1956 Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford ties AL record of 6 straight strike outs.
  In 1960 First submerged submarine to fire Polaris missile (George
        + USSR recovered 2 dogs; first living organisms to return from space.
  In 1969 During the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong and Aldrin become the first
          humans to land on the moon (4:17 p.m. EDT)
  In 1970 First baby born on Alcatraz Island.
  In 1976 US Viking 1 lands on Mars at Chryse Planitia, first Martian landing.
        + First pictures from Mars surface received (courtesy Viking 1).
  In 1984 Uwe Hohn of E. Germany throws javelin a record 104.80 m.
  In 1987 Don Mattingly ties major league fielding record with 22 put outs.

And remember ...
  Baked Beans Month
  Hot Dog Month
  Ice Cream Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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