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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- July 9

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Interesting things that happened July 9th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1764 Ann Ward Radcliffe, English Gothic novelist (The Italian)
  In 1802 Thomas Davenport, invented the first commercially successful
          electric motor
  In 1819 Elias Howe (in Spencer, Mass), sewing machine inventor
  In 1858 Franz Boas, anthropologist, linguist
  In 1879 Ottorino Respighi, Italian composer (Pines of Rome)
  In 1916 Edward Heath (C), British prime minister (1970-74)
  In 1927 Ed Ames, singer (Johnny Carson's hatchet man)
        + Red Kelly, hockey star, Canadian MP (Liberal)
  In 1929 Hassan II, king of Morocco (1961-  )
  In 1936 James Hampton, actor
  In 1940 Brian Dennehy, actor (Silverado, Cocoon, Gorky Park)
  In 1941 Karin von Aroldingen, German ballet dancer
  In 1947 Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson, NFL running back (Buffalo Bills)
  In 1956 Jimmy Smits, actor (L.A. Law)
        + Tom Hanks, actor
  In 1957 Kelly McGillis, actress
  In 1976 Fred Savage

Events worth noting:
        + Dog Days
        + Feast of St. Maria Goretti, virgin, martyr
        + Independence Day, celebrated in Argentina
        + National POW/MIA Recognition Day
  In 1540 England's King Henry VIII 6-month marriage to Anne of Cleves
  In 1595 Johannes Kepler discovers inscribed perfect geometric solid
          "construction of universe."
  In 1776 Declaration of Independence is read aloud to Gen. George
          Washington's troops in New York.
  In 1800 Mt. Vernon Gardens becomes site of first summer theatre in U.S.
  In 1816 Argentina declared its independence from Spain.
  In 1846 Capt. Montgomery claims Yerba Buena (San Francisco) for the U.S.
  In 1850 Bab (Bah' prophet) executed in Tabriz, Iran.
        + Zachary Taylor, 12th pres of US died in White House served 16
  In 1862 Gen. John Hunt Morgan captures Tompkinsville, Kentuckty.
  In 1910 Walter Brookins becomes 1st to pilot an airplane to 1 mile altitude.
  In 1918 101 killed in worst US train wreck in Nashville, Tenn.
  In 1932 Washington Redskins (then Boston Braves) formed.
        + Yanks Ben Chapman hits 2 inside the park homers tying record.
  In 1933 Frankford Yellowjackets sold, rechristened Philadelphia Eagles.
  In 1951 President Truman asked Congress to formally end the state of war
          with Germany.
  In 1953 First helicopter passenger service, NY city.
  In 1957 Announcement of discovery of element 102 - nobelium.
  In 1976 Uganda asks UN to condemn Israeli hostage rescue raid on Entebbe.
  In 1979 Voyager II flies past Jupiter.
  In 1980 Walt Disney's "The Fox and The Hound" is released.

And remember ...
  Baked Beans Month
  Hot Dog Month
  Ice Cream Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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