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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- July 4

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Interesting things that happened July 4th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1753 Jean-Pierre-Francois Blanchard, first balloon flights in England, US
  In 1804 Nathaniel Hawthorne, American author (The Scarlet Letter)
  In 1807 Giuseppe Garibaldi, unifier of Italy
  In 1826 Stephen Foster, American composer (Oh, Susanna; Swanee River)
  In 1867 Stephen Mather, organizer of the US National Park Service
  In 1872 Calvin Coolidge (R), 30th President (1923-1929)
  In 1878 George M. Cohan, entertainer
  In 1883 Rube Goldberg, made the easy outrageously difficult
  In 1900 Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong, trumpet player
  In 1902 George Murphy, actor, dancer, California Senator
        + Meyer Lansky, mobster
  In 1911 Mitch Miller, big band conductor, sing-along master
  In 1912 Virginia Graham, TV personality
  In 1916 Tokyo Rose
  In 1918 Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers, twin sisters, advice columnists
  In 1921 Gerard Debreu, French economist (Nobel 1983)
  In 1924 Eva Marie Saint (at Newark, NJ), actor
  In 1927 Neil Simon, playwright
  In 1928 Gina Lollobrigida (in Italy), actor/photographer
        + Steven Boyd, actor
  In 1930 George Steinbrenner, NY Yankees owner
  In 1962 Pam Shriver, tennis player

Events worth noting:
        + Dog Days.
        + Independence Day -- U.S.A.
        + Caribbean Day celebrated by members of the Caribbean Common Market.
  In 1054 Crab Nebula, the brightest know supernova, is recorded by Chinese
          and Japanese astronomers as being visible in daytime for 23 days.
  In 1776 American colonies declare their independence from England.
  In 1802 US Military Academy officially opened at West Point, N.Y.
  In 1819 William Herschel makes last telescopic observation comet of 1819.
  In 1826 Second and third presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, die on
          the nation's 50th birthday.
  In 1828 First US passenger railroad was begun, Baltimore and Ohio.
  In 1831 James Monroe the fifth president died.
  In 1845 Thoreau moves into his shack on Walden Pond.
  In 1862 Lewis Carroll began inventing the story of Alice in Wonderland for
          his young friend Alice Pleasance Liddell during a boating trip.
  In 1863 Boise, Idaho founded (now capital of Idaho).
        + Vicksburg is surrendered to Union forces under U.S. Grant.
  In 1873 Aquarium opens in Woodward Gardens.
  In 1876 First public exhibition of electric light in San Francisco.
  In 1882 Telegraph Hill Observatory opens in San Francisco.
  In 1884 Statue of Liberty was presented to US in Paris.
  In 1889 Washington state constitutional convention holds first meeting.
  In 1894 Elwood Haynes successfully tests one of the first US autos.
        + Republic of Hawaii established.
  In 1903 Pacific Cable (San Francisco, Hawaii, Guam, Phillipines) opens; then
          a message around the world in 12 minutes. President Roosevelt sends a
          message to the Phillipines,
  In 1933 Work begins on the Oakland Bay Bridge.
  In 1939 Yankees retire first uniform (#4), Lou Gehrig first Old Timers Day.
  In 1941 Yankees dedicate a plaque to Lou Gehrig.
  In 1942 First American bombing mission over enemy-occupied Europe (WW2)
  In 1946 Philippines gains independence from U.S.
  In 1959 America's new 49-star flag honoring Alaska statehood unfurled.
  In 1960 America's new 50-star flag honoring Hawaiian statehood unfurled.
        + Mickey Mantle hits career homer #300.
  In 1965 Mariner 4 flies past Mars, sends first close-up photos.
  In 1967 Freedom of Information Act goes into effect.
  In 1976 Raid on Entebbe - Israel rescues 229 Air France passengers
  In 1982 Fourth Space Shuttle Mission - Columbia 4 returns to Earth.
        + Jimmy Connors beats John McEnroe for championship at Wimbeldon
  In 1983 Yankee Dave Righetti no hits the Red Sox.
  In 1984 Yuri Sedykh of USSR throws hammer a record 86.33 m.
  In 1985 Tinkerbell's nightly flight at Disneyland begins.
  In 1987 Martina Navratilova wins her 6th straight Wimbeldon.

And remember ...
  Baked Beans Month
  Hot Dog Month
  Ice Cream Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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