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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- December 17

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Interesting things that happened December 17th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1778 Sir Humphry Davy, discovered several chemical elements
  In 1797 Joseph Henry, American scientist and inventor
  In 1807 John Greenleaf Whittier, poet
  In 1853 Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, English actor, theater manager
  In 1874 William Lyon Mackenzie King (L), 10th Canadian PM (1921-30, 1935-48)
  In 1894 Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops conductor
  In 1903 Erskine Caldwell, author (Tobacco Road, God's Little Acre)
  In 1908 Willard Frank Libby, chemist, invented carbon-14 dating (Nobel 1960)
  In 1926 Patrice Wymore
  In 1929 William Safire, political columnist
  In 1930 Julia Meade
  In 1936 Roland Sheldon, Yankee pitcher
        + Tommy Steele, singer

Events worth noting:
        + Bhutan National Day
        + First day of Saturnalia, Roman festival honoring Saturn
  In 1538 Pope Paul III excommunicated England's King Henry VIII.
  In 1777 France recognizes the independance of the 13 US colonies.
  In 1790 Aztec calendar stone discovered in Mexico City.
  In 1791 New York City traffic regulation creates the first one-way street.
  In 1792 Opening of first legislative assembly of Lower Canada in Quebec
  In 1843 "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens published in London.
  In 1852 First Hawaiian cavalry organized.
  In 1860 Anaheim Township created in Los Angeles County.
  In 1875 Violent bread riots at Montreal.
  In 1903 At 10:35AM, for 12 seconds, first sustained motorized aircraft
          flight (36 meters) by Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC.
  In 1914 U.S. Marines invade Haiti. (Would leave later with $500,000 in
  In 1920 Japan receives League of Nations mandate over Pacific islands.
  In 1933 First professional NFL football game: Chicago Bears vs NY Giants.
  In 1954 The first fully automated railroad freight yard was opened at Gary,
          IN. The rail cars could be controlled by radar and electronic
          circuits as they were weighted and sorted.
  In 1959 First movie opening simultaneously in major cities "On The Beach".
  In 1979 Budweiser rocket car reaches 1190 kph (record for wheeled vehicle).

And remember ...
  National Indigestion Season

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of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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