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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- August 26

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Interesting things that happened August 26th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1676 Sir Robert Walpole (Whig), British prime minister, 1721-42
  In 1728 Johann Lambert, Swiss mathematician, proved pi is irrational
  In 1873 Lee De Forest (in Council Bluffs, Iowa), invented the Audion vacuum
          tube (radio tube)
  In 1880 Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet
  In 1885 Jules Romains, French novelist, dramatist, poet (Men of Good Will)
  In 1901 Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, former US Army chief of staff
  In 1904 Christopher Isherwood, novelist, playwright (I Am a Camera)
  In 1906 Dr. Albert Sabin, polio vaccine discoverer
  In 1914 Julio Cortázar, Argentine writer (We Love Glenda So Much)
  In 1917 William French Smith, former Attorney General
  In 1921 Benjamin C. Bradlee, Washington Post executive editor, journalist
  In 1932 Joseph H. Engle, X-15 pilot, astronaut (STS-2, 51I)
  In 1935 Geraldine Ferraro (D), first female major-party VP candidate
  In 1947 Candy Moore (in Maplewood, NJ)
  In 1948 Valerie Simpson (in Bronx, NY), singer, Ashford's partner
  In 1952 John Kinsella, swimmer

Events worth noting:
        + Feast of St. Zephyrinus, pope (198-217), martyr
        + Women's Equality Day
        + Zeta Draconid meteor shower, radiant in Draco
  In    0 55 B.C. Roman forces under Julius Caesar invaded Britain.
  In 1346 English longbows defeat French in Battle of Crécy.
  In 1629 Cambridge Agreement pledged.  Massachusetts Bay Co. stockholders
          agreed to emigrate to New England.
  In 1791 John Fitch granted a US patent for his working steamboat
  In 1846 W. A. Bartlett is appointed the first US mayor of Yerba Buena (San
  In 1847 Liberia was proclaimed an independent republic.
  In 1883 Krakatoa began erupting with increasingly large explosions.
  In 1907 Houdini escapes chains underwater at Aquatic Park in 57 seconds.
  In 1914 Germans defeat Russians in Battle of Tannenberg.
  In 1916 Yanks turn a triple play and beat the Browns 10-6.
  In 1920 19th amendment passes -- women's suffrage granted (about time!).
  In 1937 Pumping to build Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay is finished.
  In 1939 The first major league baseball telecast -- Reds and Dodgers at
          Brooklyn, NY -- by W2XBS, New York.
  In 1952 Fluoridation of San Francisco water begins.
  In 1957 USSR announces successful test of intercontinental ballistic
  In 1961 The official International Hockey Hall of Fame opened in Toronto.
  In 1962 Mariner 2 launched for first planet flyby (Venus).
  In 1964 LBJ nominated at the Democratic convention in Atlantic City, N.J.
  In 1972 Summer Olympics opened in Munich, West Germany.
  In 1973 University of Texas at Arlington becomes the first accredited school
          to offer a course in belly dancing.
        + Women's Equality Day.
  In 1974 Charles Lindbergh, died at his home in Hawaii at the age of 72.
        + Soyuz 15 carries 2 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 3.
  In 1977 H.A. Rey, author of a popular constellation book and co-author of
          the popular "Curious George" series, dies at age 78
  In 1978 Cardinal Albino Luciani of Venice becomes Pope John Paul I.
        + Soyuz 31 is launched.
  In 1981 Voyager's closest approach to Saturn enroute to Uranus and Neptune.

And remember ...
  National Inventors Month

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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