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Poor Gabriel's Almanac -- August 14

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Interesting things that happened August 14th:

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Birthdays on this date:
  In 1777 Hans Christian Oersted, physicist, chemist
  In 1867 John Galsworthy (in England), author (Forsyte Saga) (Nobel 1932)
  In 1901 Sir James Pitman, English educator, publisher, phonetic speller
  In 1903 John Ringling North, circus director
  In 1920 Nehemiah Persoff, actor
  In 1924 Maurice Richard, NHL player
  In 1925 Russell Baker, newspaper columnist
  In 1926 Alice Ghostly (in Montana)
        + Buddy Greco, singer
  In 1941 Connie Smith (in Elkhart, IN), singer
        + David Crosby, rocker (CSNY)
  In 1944 Robyn Smith, jockey
  In 1946 Susan St. James (in LA, CA), (MacMillan and Wife, Kate and Allie)
  In 1952 Deborah Meyers (in Annapolis, Maryland), swimmer
  In 1958 Earvin "Magic" Johnson, NBA star (LA Lakers)

Events worth noting:
        + Dog Days
        + Kappa Cygnid meteor shower, radiant in Cygnus
        + Perseid meteor shower, radiant in Cassiopeia
  In  410 Alaric sacks Rome.
  In 1248 Construction of Cologne Cathedral is begun.
  In 1385 Portuguese defeat Castilians at Aljubarrota, retain independence.
  In 1457 Oldest exactly dated printed book (c. 3 years after Gutenberg).
  In 1511 Michelangelo's paintings on Sistine Chapel ceiling exhibited for
          first time.
  In 1756 French capture Ft. Oswego, N.Y.
  In 1846 Henry David Thoreau jailed for tax resistance.
  In 1848 The Oregon Territory established.
  In 1880 Construction of Cologne Cathedral is completed.
  In 1893 France issues first driving licenses, including a required test.
  In 1900 International forces, including U.S. Marines, enter Beijing to put
          down the Boxer Rebellion, which was aimed at ridding China of
  In 1912 2,500 US marines invade Nicaragua; US remains until 1925.
  In 1917 China declares war on Germany and Austria, entering into WW I.
  In 1919 Yankee Muddy Ruel hits into a triple play.
  In 1935 Social Security Act became law.
  In 1941 FDR and Winston S. Churchill signed the Atlantic Charter.
  In 1945 Japanese forces surrender to U.S. forces ending World War II.
  In 1947 Pakistan gains independence from Britain rule.
  In 1951 Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst died in Beverly Hills.
  In 1958 Canadian Football League plays first game (Winnipeg 29, Edmonton
  In 1962 US mail truck in Plymouth, Mass robbed of more than $1.5 million.
  In 1966 First US lunar orbiter.
  In 1969 British troops intervened militarily in Northern Ireland.
  In 1973 U.S. stops bombing Cambodia.
  In 1977 77,691 see NY Cosmos beat Ft Lauderdale Strikers 8-3 at Giant Stad.
  In 1984 IBM releases MS-DOS version 3.0.

And remember ...
  National Inventors Month

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0317) in a message to

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Although efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information,
several errors have been found in the past.  Don't place any bets on the basis
of what you find here.  -- Gabe

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