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Physics FAQ, where to find it

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Archive-name: physics-faq/where-to-find-it
Posting-Frequency: weekly
Last-modified: 11 April 1999

                 Where to find the Physics FAQ

The Physics FAQ provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions
appearing in the sci.physics.* newsgroups, especially:

   sci.physics.research (moderated)

If you are new to these newsgroups you should take a look at the Physics
FAQ before posting questions. You should certainly read the article "An
Introduction to the Physics Newsgroups". The FAQ is now available on the
World Wide Web *only* and is located at these sites (those in brackets
were not up-to-date when last checked):

Japanese language version:

A single compressed file containing all the HTML files for the
FAQ can be downloaded by FTP from
Postscript files are also available there.

There are a number of other more specialised FAQs for
these and other physics newsgroups. Most of them are
mentioned in the Physics FAQ. 

The Physics FAQ is edited by Scott I Chase 

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