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Invariant Galilean Transformations On All Laws
Section - 12. But Isn't (x'-x.c')=(x-x.c) a Tautology?

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Top Document: Invariant Galilean Transformations On All Laws
Previous Document: 11. But Doesn't (x'-x.c+vt) Prove The Transformation Time Dependent?
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My dictionary relates 'tautology' to needless repetition. 

That's another form of the x.c' <> x.c-vt idiocy. 

The repetition involved is the vt transformation term.
Apply the -vt term to the x term, and it is needless 
repetition to apply it anywhere again? The 'again' is
to the x.c term.  The x.c' = x.c crackpot idiocy.

The repetition of the vt terms is required by the presence
of two x values to be transformed.

Be sure to note the next section.

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