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alt.self-reliance semi-offficial FAQ

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Posting-Frequency: monthly
Archive-name: philosophy/self-reliance
Last-modified: 1997/08/26
Version: 1.5

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This is the semi-official alt.self-reliance FAQ.  There may be other 
FAQs which differ from this one; but this one is written by the 
newsgroup's founder.  
What self-reliance means to me:  Thinking for yourself.  Acting for 
yourself.  Being in charge of your own emotions, so far as possible.  
Taking care of yourself, as far as possible.  Being prepared for 
emergencies (not necessarily the more drastic ones discussed in 
There's no contradiction between self-reliance and membership in 
organized religious, political, etc. groups.  But if you let the 
leader or the group consensus determine the way you think, act, or 
speak, that conflicts with self-reliance.  
A self-reliant person can take a drink now and then.  But when someone 
HAS to drink, the alcohol is running that person's life.  The same 
with someone who MUST have sex, or experience withdrawal symptoms.
Some questions:
1) Let me tell you all about ___'s wonderful philosophy!
Tell us _your_ thoughts.  If you want to present Ayn Rand, Buckminster 
Fuller, Lysander Spooner, or William Blake as an example of someone 
who was self-reliant, fine.  (As long as you don't mind replies giving 
a different view.)  If you want to review or recommend Atlas Shrugged 
or whatever as a useful guide TO THINKING FOR OURSELVES, okay.  If you 
want to explain why we should all obey Objectivism or Neo-Tech, please 
do it somewhere else.
2) Ads:  A notice such as "I'm selling a book which proves Ayn Rand 
got all her ideas from Theosophy" is okay.  A line in your signature 
block referring people to your website is fine.  Most ads are not.  
3) Political propaganda:  If it's a quoted article, and you're posting 
it to a whole lot of other groups, it doesn't belong in 
alt.self-reliance.  If you claim the ideas/beliefs as your own (not 
quoting authority to back them up), and the posting is to this 
newsgroup only or only a few others, it's sort of okay.  But be 
prepared for very impolite replies.
The heavy stuff:
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essay on Self-Reliance
John Stuart Mill, Essay on Liberty (I don't approve of exceptions he 
makes:  that individual liberty isn't suitable for backward peoples, 
for example.  But he lived in a backward time.)
Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience
Lighter stuff:
Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.  (Browne's 
praise for the American automobile industry has become unintentionally 
funny.  But much of what he says makes sense.)
Jack Chalker, explanatory matter in collection Dance Band on the 

William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience
Alexander Key, Escape to Witch Mountain (the book, not the Disney 
               The Forgotten Door
George Orwell -- many of his essays.

Dan Goodman
Whatever you wish for me, may you have twice as much.

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