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rec.pets: Sugar Glider FAQ (1/4) - About this FAQ

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Archive-name: pets/sugar-gliders/part1
Last-modified: 26 Jul 1995
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 1.1

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Sugar Glider FAQ [1/4] - About this FAQ
Compiled & Maintained by Tim Hussey
This document is copyright 1995 by Tim Hussey and Ruth Grove.

Subject: TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I: About this FAQ 0. **** About this FAQ **** (0.1) Goal & Purpose of this FAQ (0.2) Disclaimers (0.3) How to get this FAQ (0.4) The Format of this FAQ (0.5) Copyright and Redistribution Information (0.6) Credits and Acknowledgements Part II: Introduction to Sugar Gliders 1. **** General Information **** (1.1) What is a Sugar Glider, anyway? (1.2) Do Sugar Gliders make good pets? (1.3) What does a Sugar Glider look like? (1.4) What noises do Sugar Gliders make? (1.5) Do Sugar Gliders give off any scents? 2. **** Obtaining a Pet Sugar Glider **** (2.1) Where can I find a Sugar Glider to purchase? (2.2) What should I look for? (2.3) Baby Sugar Gliders versus Adults (2.4) Wild-caught versus Captive-Breed (2.5) Should I keep more than one Sugar Glider? (2.6) Will Sugar Gliders get along with other pets? Part III: CARE AND MAINTENANCE 3. **** Housing Sugar Gliders **** (3.1) What type of housing do Sugar Gliders require? (3.2) What do Sugar Gliders need to climb/play on? (3.3) What do Sugar Gliders need for sleeping/shelter? (3.4) What type of bedding is best for Sugar Gliders? (3.5) Can Sugar Gliders have free roam of your house? 4. **** Feeding Sugar Gliders **** (4.1) Basic nutrional requirements of the Sugar Glider (4.2) Why are fresh fruits and vegetable so important? (4.3) Foods that Sugar Gliders will eat & are good for them (4.4) What are good treats for Sugar Gliders? (4.5) Keeping standards versus variety 5. **** Companionship and Exercise **** (5.1) Do Sugar Gliders enjoy human companionship? (5.2) How can I get my Sugar Glider to bond with me? (5.3) When bonded, what can I expect? Part IV: BREEDING, HEALTH CARE, & OTHER INFORMATION 6. **** Breeding Sugar Gliders **** (6.1) Are Sugar Gliders difficult to breed? (6.2) Overview of the birthing process (6.3) How do I feed the newborns? (6.4) When should they be removed from the parents? (6.5) Do I need a license? 7. **** Health Concerns **** (7.1) Watching fat & protein intake (7.2) Vitamin deficiency 8. **** How to find other information **** (8.1) Information sources near your home (8.2) Information sources on-line (8.3) Information in print (8.4) Contacting me
Subject: (0.1) Goal & Purpose of this FAQ The goal and purpose of this FAQ is to give the reader accurate and relevant information on the keeping of Sugar Gliders as pets. My hope is that this FAQ will become a written medium for group discussion on the proper care and maitenance of these wonderful creatures. If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions I greet them with open arms at
Subject: (0.2) Disclaimers I am in no way claiming to be an expert on sugar gliders -- I am not a vet or do I have any formal training in this area. What is contained in this FAQ is information I have compiled based on my own experience and research, as well as the experiences and research of others. The information here is true to my knowledge, but I do not in any way guarantee itıs facticity. My hope is that the reader will find this material helpful and useful.
Subject: (0.3) How to get this FAQ This FAQ can be found and obtained in the following 3 ways: -In the newsgroups rec.pets (posted monthly) -At -Mailing me at and asking. The FAQ is in four parts, all of which should be available wherever this part was located. Each part is important in it's own way, and none should be completely overlooked.
Subject: (0.4) The Format of this FAQ I have tried to adhere to digest format throughout this FAQ, in order to make it as easy to read as possible. Each question begins with a line of hyphens, followed by its number and the question itself. In many unix newsreaders, such as rn, trn, and strn, CONTROL-G can be used to jump to the next section. A particular section can accessed immediately by searching for its number or for words from the question. Also, cross-references to other questions are denoted through the use of square brackets; for example, [2.3] means that more information may be found on the noted topic in section 2.3.
Subject: (0.5) Copyright and Redistribution Information This compilation, which comprises four individual files as described in the Table of Contents above, is copyright 1995 by Tim Hussey and Ruth Grove. It may be freely distributed by electronic, paper, or other means, provided that it is distributed in its entirety (all 4 files), including this notice, and that no fee is charged apart from the actual costs of distribution. (For-profit service providers such as Compuserve and America Online are granted permission to distribute the files provided that no additional fee beyond standard connection-time charges is levied.)
Subject: (0.6) Credits and Acknowledgements I would like to thank both Emily Rocke (Guinea Pig FAQ) and Brian MacNamara (Hedgehog FAQ) for all their help with my learning the FAQ-writing process, as well as the digest format. Without their help, you might not be reading this now. I also want to give much thanks to Ruth Grove ( for her information and correspondance. Much of the information here was given to me directly from her and this FAQ would not have been nearly as complete today without her. Her Sugar Glider homepage can be found at, and I strongly suggest that one goes there (mainly because her page is much better than mine) (^: Finally, I would like to thank the those writers who have written glider articles for the Exotic Market Review ( atlantis/emr/) over the past year -- Linda Watkins, Dennis Quinter, Kathy Keys, and Ann Dahl. Their information has been valuable beyond words. ------------------------------ == End of Part I == -- - Tim Hussey e-mail: Gliding the Web Homepage URL: -- See my Sugar Glider & Gecko Homepages: Got gliders? email me...

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