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Guinea Pig FAQ, Version 1.2.2

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  This is the seventh posted version of the guinea pig FAQ.

  A current version of this FAQ can be found:

  * In the newsgroups rec.pets, , and  (posted

  * On the World Wide Web at
    (This is the best place to look 'cause it has cool formatting :-)

  * Via anonymous ftp at
    and at any other site where  postings are archived

  * If all these fail, email me ( and I can mail
    you a copy.

  If you are reading it somewhere other than one of these places, it
  may not be the most current copy.  Try looking in one of the above
  places to get the latest up-to-the-minute revisions to the FAQ.  As
  of today, October 13 1995, this is the current version.

  New in Version 1.2.2  (7/95)
	Section 13: blurb on Home for Unwanted and Abandoned Guinea


  Many thanks to Sandi Ackerman and Debbie Ducommun for their help and
  for lending their expertise to this project.  Thanks also to Dan
  Austin for suggesting some new topics to cover.

  Disclaimer: I'm not a vet, nor am I a breeder of guinea pigs.  I
  believe all the information in this FAQ to be correct, but I do not
  in any way guarantee its factuality.  I have compiled it merely
  because it seemed needed, and no one else had done it, not because I
  consider myself an expert.  Please treat this FAQ accordingly.

                         Guinea Pig FAQ
                          Version 1.2.2

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