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Ferret FAQ [1/5] - About Ferrets and This FAQ

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Top Document: Ferret FAQ [1/5] - About Ferrets and This FAQ
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0. *** About this FAQ ***

   (0.1) Notes on formatting
   (0.2) Where to get this FAQ
   (0.3) Goal of this FAQ
   (0.4) Credits and editor's notes
   (0.5) Ferret FAQ copyright and redistribution information

1. *** Where to get more information ***

   (1.1) Is there a shorter FAQ to hand out at meetings?  Are there
         FAQs for particular diseases?
   (1.2) How can I find a ferret breeder/shelter/vet/catalog?
   (1.3) What mailing lists are there, and how do I join?
   (1.4) What about interactive online chats?
   (1.5) Where can I find pictures or clip-art of ferrets online?
   (1.6) Is there any other information available online?
   (1.7) What are some of the books available?
   (1.8) How do I start a ferret club or shelter?

2. *** Revision history of these files ***

   (2.1) Revision history

3. *** Introduction to ferrets ***

   (3.1) What are ferrets?  Do they make good pets?
   (3.2) Are ferrets wild?  Why are there ferret permits?
   (3.3) Are ferrets legal where I live?  Do I need a license?
   (3.4) I'm allergic to cats.  Will I be allergic to ferrets?
   (3.5) How long do ferrets live?
   (3.6) How much do ferrets cost?
   (3.7) Do ferrets smell bad?  What can I do about it?
   (3.8) Is a ferret a good pet for a child?
   (3.9) What are the different ferret colors?
   (3.10) What do you call a ferret male/female/baby/group?
   (3.11) How can I help the ferret community?


4. *** Getting a pet ferret ***

   (4.1) Which color is the best?  Male or female?  What age?
   (4.2) Is this ferret male or female?
   (4.3) How many should I get?  All at once, or one at a time?
   (4.4) Where can I get a pet ferret?  What should I look for?
   (4.5) What are these little blue dots on my ferret's ear?  What's
         the deal with Marshall Farms?
   (4.6) How do I introduce a new ferret to my established one(s)?
   (4.7) Will my ferret get along with my other pets?

5. *** Getting ready for your ferret ***

   (5.1) How can I best ferretproof my home?  What do I need to
         worry about?
   (5.2) How can I protect my carpet, plants, or couch?
   (5.3) What will I need to take care of my new ferret?
   (5.4) Do I need a cage?  Where can I get one?  How should I set it up?
   (5.5) Any suggestions on toys?
   (5.6) What kind of collar/bell/tag/leash should I use?

6. *** Ferret supplies ***

   (6.1) What should I feed my ferret?
   (6.2) Should I give my ferret any supplements?
   (6.3) What are good treats?
   (6.4) What kind of litter should I use?
   (6.5) Pet stores use wood shavings as bedding.  Should I?


7. *** Basic ferret care and training ***

   (7.1) How do I train my pet not to nip?
   (7.2) I'm having problems litter-training.  What do I do?
   (7.3) How can I get my ferret to stop digging?
   (7.4) How can I stop my ferret from digging in his food or water?
   (7.5) Any advice on baths, ears, and nail-clipping?

8. *** Things ferrets say and do ***

   (8.1) What games do ferrets like to play?
   (8.2) Can I teach my ferret tricks?  How?
   (8.3) My ferret trembles a lot.  Is that normal?
   (8.4) My ferret is losing hair!
   (8.5) Is he really just asleep?
   (8.6) What does such-and-such a noise mean?
   (8.7) What else should I probably not worry about?
   (8.8) Do ferrets travel well?
   (8.9) Help!  My ferret is lost!


9. *** Basic health care ***

   (9.1) Do I need to spay/neuter my pet?  How about descenting? Declawing?
   (9.2) What vaccinations will my ferret need, and when?
   (9.3) Can I vaccinate my own ferrets?
   (9.4) What kind of checkups should my ferret be having?
   (9.5) What should I look for when I check over my ferret myself?
   (9.6) Do I need to brush my ferret's teeth?
   (9.7) Is my ferret overweight (or underweight)?  What can I do?
   (9.8) Are ferrets really as prone to disease as it seems?
   (9.9) How do I contact Dr. Williams?  I hear he'll help with diagnoses.
   (9.10) What special needs do older ferrets have?

10. *** Problems to watch for and related information ***

   (10.1) What warning signs of disease should I look for?
   (10.2) Why does my ferret scratch so much?
   (10.3) What do I do for my ferret's prolapsed rectum?
   (10.4) My ferret's had funny-looking stools for a few days.  What's
   (10.5) What is that huge bruised-looking or orangish patch?
   (10.6) My ferret is going bald (tail only or all over).
   (10.7) What are these little (black oily)/(red waxy)/(orange crusty)
          spots on my ferret's tail/skin?
   (10.8) How well do ferrets handle heat?  What about cold?
   (10.9) How can I get rid of these fleas?
   (10.10) How do I tell if my ferret has ear mites?  What do I do about
   (10.11) Do I need to worry about heartworms?
   (10.12) Is there an animal poison control hotline?


11. *** Common health problems ***

   (11.1) Common diseases in ferrets
   (11.2) Overview of common health problems
   (11.2.1) Noninfectious
   (11.2.2) Parasitic health problems
   (11.2.3) Infectious diseases
   (11.2.4) Neoplasia (Cancer)

12. *** General medical information ***

   (12.1) Do I need to worry about toxoplasmosis?
   (12.2) How can I get my ferret to take this medication?
   (12.3) Where can I get medications at a discount?
   (12.4) Can ferrets have transfusions?
   (12.5) What anesthetic should my vet be using?
   (12.6) How do I care for my sick or recovering ferret?
   (12.7) My ferret won't eat.  What should I do?
   (12.8) What's Duck Soup?  Anyone have a recipe?
   (12.9) What are normal body temperature, blood test results, etc.?
   (12.10) What tests might my vet want to run, and why?

13. *** Medical reference material ***

   (13.1) Who makes this product or medication?
   (13.2) What books can I get or recommend to my vet?
   (13.3) Are there any other useful references?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

0. *** About this FAQ ***

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