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[] a.f.s-b Web Site List Ver 2.01

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Archive-name: personalities/sandra-bullock/site-list
Posting-Frequency: bi-weekly (Monday)
Last-modified: 2000/22/08
Version: 2.01

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To every Sandra Bullock fan out there,

In the FAQ there used to be a number of pages with
extensive links. I've taken over the responsibility of maintaining these
link-pages up-to-date, so Duane Ebersole can keep the FAQ up-to-date. They
have already been deleted from the new version of the FAQ.

This WWW site-list contains the following categories:

Informational sites
Other sites with images
Promotional media sites
Link Pages
Miscellaneous other sites

On the Net you'll find a different page for each categorie, which can be
accessed by my Main SB Page at

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this page and my personal

Jeroen Cramer
You can also visit my homepage at or

Last Modified: December 29, 1999 

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