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Archive-name: personalities/lynne-russell
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Last-modified: 18-Jan-97

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   -- Frequently Asked Questions
   1. Who is Lynne Russell?
          Lynne Russell is the weekday evening anchor for CNN's Headline
          News, on which she has appeared since 1983. Her time slot is
          7-11 PM (Eastern).
   2. What makes Lynne more special than other news anchors?
          There are many answers to this question. Beauty, quirkiness,
          class, sexiness, professionalism, warmth, humor, grace, spirit,
          the list goes on. As an article in the Saturday Evening Post
          said, "Her style is distinctive. Whereas others are primarily
          composed and favor a clipped, oracular delivery, Russell is
          personal, almost conversational, and has a powerful, kinetic
          presence she cannot quite contain. Whether it's a half-smile,
          an arched brow, or the toss of a shoulder, there is a restless
          physicality about her."
   3. What Lynne resources are available on the net?
          +, a Usenet newsgroup created in January
          + The Lynne Russell Resource, by J.A. Ollinger; bibliography
            and research sources <>
          + CNN's web site, Anchors & Reporters section; brief biography
            and career summary
          + Lynne Russell: A Truly Unique Individual, a web page by Brian
            Lev <>
          + The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
            file (which is also available in HTML format), maintained by
            Earl Cooley III <>,
            <>. With any kind of luck,
            it should be downloadable from the RTFM FAQ archives soon
            (details as they become available).
   4. What are her background and vital statistics?
          Lynne Russell was born in Orange, New Jersey, to John Russell
          and Carmela Pasqualina Evangelista on November 1, 1946. Her
          father was a career army officer, so her family moved
          frequently while she was growing up. She studied nursing at the
          University of Colorado, but later pursued a broadcasting career
          at a small radio station. Lynne then got a radio job in Miami,
          where she met her current husband, Jim Dunlap. They married in
          1978. That same year was her first TV news job, in
          Jacksonville, and over the next several years she did TV news
          in Boston, Honolulu, and San Antonio, until landing the job in
          Atlanta with the young Headline News in 1983.
          + Lynne has a son, John, born circa 1971 from a brief first
          + Her height is 5' 9".
          + Hair: red/brown. Eyes: dark brown.
          + Her ancestry is Italian on her mother's side.
          + She's a vegetarian.
          + Her salary is in the six-figure range.
          + Favorite anchor: Roger Mudd.
   5. What are her activities and interests outside of CNN?
          One of the fascinating aspects of Lynne's life is that she has
          some unusual hobbies and moonlights in some unexpected
          professions. "She has a lot of different passions," says
          co-worker Chuck Roberts. Lynne says, "I can't imagine doing any
          one thing. Why should you have to?" She is a:
          + Deputy Sheriff: Lynne is a volunteer deputy for the Fulton
            County Sheriff's Department. She wears a full uniform,
            carries a gun, and performs such duties as providing security
            for public events, screening visitors at the county jail, and
            occasionally directing traffic.
          + Private Investigator and Bodyguard: A licensed P.I., Lynne
            works part-time for the United Security Group (unpaid, so as
            not to be a conflict of interest with CNN). For example, she
            does investigation and surveillance of fraudulent injury
            claimants and unfaithful spouses and has served as a
            bodyguard for celebrities visiting Atlanta.
          + Martial Artist: Lynne has been involved in martial arts for
            about 20 years, starting with Shotokan Karate and more
            recently studying a Korean form called Choi Kwang Do which
            emphasizes the reduction of the risk of injury during
            training. She has a second-degree black belt and trains
   6. Could Lynne kick my butt?
          Almost certainly. Lynne's extensive experience in martial arts
          would make her a formidable foe. Says her instructor, "In the
          classroom a lot of the male population, they're actually pretty
          frightened of her." Aside from that, she's licensed to carry a
          handgun; specifically, she packs a SIG-Sauer P230 9mm short
          semiautomatic pistol and knows how to use it. But we are
          fortunate in that Lynne uses her powers for good instead of
   7. Does Lynne really have a tattoo?
          Yes, on the inside of her left forearm. It is a yellow circle
          containing an orange mark, a black figure of a dragon, and
          black Korean characters which read as "Pil Sung." Pil Sung is a
          motto for Choi Kwang Do and translates as "Certain Victory."
          Lynne got the tattoo to celebrate attaining her first-degree
          black belt in 1994.
   8. Have there been any magazine articles about Lynne?
          Features on Lynne have appeared in the following magazines:
          + People Weekly, June 27, 1994. "Here Now, the Sleuth," p. 61.
          + Atlanta, April 1995. "CNN's Secret Agent," p. 40.
          + The Saturday Evening Post, June 1995. "Lynne Russell: CNN's
            Straight-Shooting Anchorwoman," p. 34.
          + An article about Lynne appeared in the November 13th, 1996
            edition of the hypertrendoid webzine Suck, a self-proclaimed
            "experiment in provocation, mordant deconstructionism, and
            buzz-saw journalism." Some of it was actually about Lynne,
            but it tended to diverge into odd topics such as modern
            primitivism and posthuman psychology.
          + An article which mentioned Lynne appeared in Salon, a webzine
            owned by Borders Books & Music; in a FAQ-like discussion of
            television, Joyce Millman says of Lynne, "Her dark, manicured
            eyebrows are mobile arches of silent editorial commentary."
          The text of each has been posted to Usenet or the Web and is
          reposted occasionally.
   9. What TV appearances has she made other than CNN?
          + Lynne appeared as a guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on
            7/25/94. She caused a bit of a stir by hiking up her
            miniskirt in the middle of the interview to reveal her trusty
            9mm pistol in a thigh holster. In addition, she repeatedly
            referred to her boss Ted Turner's wife Jane Fonda as
          + In the spring of '95, Lynne was profiled on the entertainment
            news show EXTRA. They showed her at work at CNN, practicing
            martial arts in the gym, and patrolling the streets of
            Atlanta as a deputy sheriff.
          + In the summer of '96, Lynne made an appearance on the Crook &
            Chase show in her Fulton County deputy's uniform; she frisked
            Charlie Chase, got him down on his knees, handcuffed him and
            read him his rights: "You have the right to remain silent,
            you have the right to color tv, you have the right to sing
            the blues..."
   10. Any Lynne pics on the net?
          Pictures have been scanned from the Saturday Evening Post
          article, and the jpegs are posted to
 on occasion. A series of video
          captures from the EXTRA show mentioned above were also recently
          posted. The CNN web site has a single medium-quality black and
          white pic of Lynne (although it is better than the low-quality
          pic of Lynne they had before, we want more, CNN!). Some of the
          online resources listed above have a few pictures of Lynne.
   11. Are there any "Headline Nudes" in existence?
          Rumor has it that Playboy offered Lynne big bucks to pose nude,
          but she declined. Although not nude, the most erotic pictures
          of Lynne are from Atlanta magazine, where she is clad in tight
          patent leather, wears her gun as an accessory, and shows quite
          a bit of black-stockinged, stiletto-heeled leg.
   12. What's with the hair?
          Unlike most anchorwomen, Lynne is known to change her hairstyle
          frequently. To quote Atlanta magazine, "Russell's may be the
          most carefully scrutinized television 'do' since Howard Cosell
          put on a rug. Even casual viewers note that one night Russell
          looks carefully coiffed and the next as if she forgot to wear a
          shower cap -- which is what, in fact, sometimes happens.
          "'Regarding my hair,' volunteers Russell, accustomed to
          comments, 'I have no control over it. I'm just wearing it.'"
          Her color is primarily dark red, although even that is variable
          -- at one time during the 80's she even had a very brief stint
          as a blonde. Some have theorized that she may sometimes wear
          wigs on the air, but this has not been confirmed. Also, she
          sometimes wears (and always looks good in) glasses on-air,
          something that is seen on few other female anchors.
   13. Is Lynne herself on the net?
          Unknown. She supposedly knows of the existence of
, though -- one of her CNN co-workers
          discovered the group shortly after its creation and posted,
          saying he would give Lynne printouts of the posts. But we can
          only speculate if this is an ongoing thing, or if Lynne might
          even read the group herself (after all, they do have that
          laptop on the anchor desk...).
   14. How can I contact Lynne?
          The general email address for comments about all CNN shows and
          stories is, and the snail mail address for
          Lynne's show would be:
          CNN Headline News
          One CNN Center
          P.O. Box 105366
          Atlanta, GA 30348
          Beyond that, you should respect Lynne's privacy. She has had
          bad experiences in the past regarding obsessed fans. Quoting
          from Atlanta magazine, "She has had men stalk her, including
          one from New England who traveled to New York and Washington
          before he realized she was in Atlanta. When he finally found
          his way here, he was arrested, convicted and sent to jail."
          Anyone with similar ideas is referred to question #6. Further,
          "... the network gets more requests for pictures of Russell
          than anyone. Unfortunately, says Russell, some 'you'd want to
          handle with gloves. They're disgusting.'" So keep it nice.
   15. What are Lynne's plans for the future?
          In 1995 Lynne signed a five-year contract with CNN (her longest
          ever). So we should continue seeing Lynne at least until the
          end of the century.
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