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Archive-name: personalities/john-winston
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1996/03/12

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The Frequently Asked Questions List
March 1996 Edition
Compiled by Mark F. Heiman (

1. What is

a.f.jw is a newsgroup for fans of John Winston. It was originally created
by someone who was not a fan of John Winston in hopes that it would keep
him from posting to alt.alien.visitors, alt.paranormal, and who knows
what else. This scheme did not succeed.

2. So who is John Winston?

John Winston is a special guy. I've never met him, and I don't know
anyone who has, but I'm pretty sure he exists. And he has a dog that he
calls Yogi the Telepathic Dog.

3. That wasn't very helpful.

Sorry. John Winston became widely known on Usenet through wide and
erratic posting of articles relating to UFOs, angels, fringe science,
alternative medicine, and anything else odd and unusual that strikes his
fancy. What makes John Winston's postings unique, however (apart from
their quantity), are the odd little comments and personal notes that he
includes in each of them. John's perspective on the world is truly
unique. John says: "You will find that I am a 60 year old man. I attempt
to live the Christian life. I am an electronic technician by trade. I'm 5
feet 11 and three quarter inches tall and have brown hair. I've had a lot
of experiences regarding UFOs and am attempting to tell the world about
it and I hope this will make the world a better place." (1993)

4. Where does John Winston come from?

John lives in Sonora, an old mining town in the mountains of central
California, where he works in a museum. He's never told us which museum
or what he does there. Other postings by John suggest that he is a
retired electrical engineer.

5. What about Yogi the Telepathic Dog?

John says: "Yogi The Telepathic Dog is one third Alaskan Husky, one third
German Shepherd and one third Wolf. He is a pretty good fighter and quite
popular with the girl dog." John often shares with us stories of Yogi's
adventures. Recently he told us why Yogi is called the "Telepathic Dog."
John says: "If I may, I would like you to know a certain secret about
Yogi. Yogi is telepathic because all dogs, cats and about everything that
is living is telepathic. I was taught by my teacher to send and receive
telepathic messages and Yogi is very strong in that department. He can
nearly knock you off a chair." (Dec 1995)

6. Who is Lorna?

Lorna is John's guardian angel, whom he met on Mount Shasta. John says:
"Lorna is my guardian angel. He/She is neither male nor female but the
name sounds female. I am a little afraid that she may have been cast out
with a bunch of other entities when I went to Art Martin and asked him to
kick out a few entities that were inside my mind."

7. What's with his erratic posting habits?

John Winston has had a lot of trouble with Internet providers. At the
height of his fame, he had full net access and posted to dozens of
newsgroups as John_-_Winston. Sometime in 93 or 94, however, he lost that
access and went through several other providers. He found a new provider,
however, and now he's back on the net with full access.

8. How can I contact John Winston?

Thought transference is one good option. Failing that, John's current
email address is -- though he says he will only accept
"positive-type" comments.

9. How can I find out more about John Winston?

I've set up a WWW page to share information about John. It has old
postings, pictures, and pointers to other resources. The page is at

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