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Archive-name: personalities/aly-walansky
Posting-Frequency: bimonthly
Last-modified: 1998-Nov-11

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Q: Who is Aly Walansky?

A: According to Aly Walansky's biography at "The American Gazette", a
national college newspaper:

Aly Walansky is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Brooklyn College Excelsior in
Brooklyn, New York. She is a junior majoring in journalism and classical
literature with a minor in creative writing. Her writing has also appeared
in the New York Times, New York Newsday and on the bookstore

Aly Walansky also maintains web presentations and mailing lists pertaining
to WB television shows, including the first "Angel" web presentation,

Q: Is this Aly babe hot? Does she have pictures of herself?

A: We believe the mystique adds to her fame.


Q: Did you know that two of the next four newsgroups in the*
hierarchy are devoted to stars of WB shows, and

A: Naturally. We planned it that way.

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