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Archive-name: pc-hardware-faq/video/chipsets
Last-modified: 1997/02/19 from original of 1994/02/08
Version: 1.0

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PC Video Chipset Information

This document was originally extracted from Harm's (Boogyman) guide to current
PC video hardware.  Revisions are made by Michael Scott with contributions
from Harm Hanemaayer.

Please submit updates and corrections to:
Michael Scott (

From: Harm Hanemaayer ( and Michael Scott

Current VGA compatible and 2D accelerator Graphics Chipsets

 Alliance Semiconductor

Memory maker since 1985.  Shipped first graphics accelerator 1994.
First to integrate video acceleration with PC graphics in
ProMotion(R)-3210.  All products support PCI only.

ProMotion-6410 (later generation, supersedes 3210)
  32-bit and 64-bit 2D Windows + VGA + motion video accelerators.
  Interface to external clockDAC from ATT, Chrontel, etc.
  1/2MB EDO/fast page mode DRAM.  Frequency to 170MHz,
  depending on clockDAC chosen.
  Resolutions up to 1600x1200.  Full driver set including
  Windows95, NT, 3.1, OS/2, AutoCAD, SCO Unix, WordPerfect,
  These chipsets are used in miroVideo-12PD, Orchid
  Kelvin 64 Video, and various other and generic boards.

  64-bit integrated 2D Windows + VGA + motion video accelerator.
  1/1.5/2MB EDO/fast page mode DRAM.  Frequency to 135MHz internal.
  Resolutions up to 1280x1024.  Full driver set including
  Windows95, NT, 3.1, DirectX, OS/2, AutoCAD, SCO Unix, WordPerfect,
  MicroStation, Linux, NeXTStep.
  This chipset is used on the motherboard in NEC Ready Multimedia
  PC and NEC PowerMate V PC, and in addin cards such as STB
  Horizon 64 Video and various other and generic boards.

  New product (introduced summer 1996).  128-bit internal
  graphics engine, full bilinear filtered motion video scaling,
  optimized DirectX(tm) driver software for acceleration of
  3D and 2D game applications.  Frequency to 170MHz internal.
  Resolutions up to 1600x1200.  1/1.5/2/3/4MB fastEDO/EDO/fast
  page mode DRAM.  Full driver set including
  Windows95, NT, 3.1, DirectX, AutoCAD, SCO Unix, WordPerfect,
  Linux.  Pin-compatible to ProMotion-6422.
  This chipset is used in Britek Electronics BP-AL1 card and
  in numerous products to be announced for fall.

  Announced product with 3D acceleration.


 ARK Logic

Chipset that was fairly succesful starting from earlty 1995. Chips were used
in Hercules Stingray Pro and 64, and the Diamond Stealth 64 Graphics 2001.

        ARK1000PV       VLB/PCI, 32-bit DRAM. Excellent bus interface.
                        Very efficient, aggressive DRAM timing. Clean
                        acceleration engine.
        ARK2000PV       64-bit DRAM with 2Mb. Supports 1600x1200 with
                        high-end DAC. Can be very fast due to fast memory
                        timing, although max resolutions are limited by
                        16-bit DAC interface.
        ARK2000MT       ARK2000PV with video support.
        ARK2000MI       Announced chip with integrated RAMDAC/clockchip.

        Max mem. clock: 80 MHz
        Max dot clocks depend on RAMDAC.
        Max dot clock:  1000PV: 135 MHz 8-bit DAC
                        With typical 110 MHz DAC: 8bpp 110 MHz,
                        16bpp: 55 MHz, 24bpp: 37 MHz
                        2000PV: 120 MHz 16-bit DAC
                        With typical 110 MHz DAC: 8bpp 135 MHz,
                        16bpp: 110 MHz, 24bpp: 37 MHz, 32bpp: 55 MHz


 Artist Graphics

Artist GPX
  Developed as a PC CAD chipset, the GPX incorporates specific CAD
  features such as scaling, display list processing and panning.
  2D acceleration is also included with hardware support for BitBlt,
  scrolling, fills and raster operations.  Handles graphics objects
  in x, y and z and has hardware Gouraud shading. Supports up to 1600x1200
  at 76 Hz.  Supports ISA, EISA, MCA & VLB.

Artist 3GA
  Artist claims that 2D acceleration is faster than the S3 968, and the
  3GA also has a fast VGA core.  3D features include accelerated 3D lines,
  flat shading, Gouraud shading and texture mapping.  Also has 16 bit
  Z-buffer, supports displays up to 2048x2048 and 1600x1200 @ 90 Hz.



High-end accelerators, based on 8514 design.

        ATI-Mach8       Old, 8514-compatible
        ATI-Mach32      32-bit chip, supports 64-bit interface to
                        video memory with 2Mb. Supports both DRAM and VRAM.
        ATI-Mach64      64-bit chip. VLB speced at 33 MHz.
        ATI-Mach64CT    Integrated RAMDAC.
        ATI-264VT       64-bit Mach64 based accelerator with colour space
                        conversion, video scaling, etc. for fast video
                        playback.  Supports EDO DRAM.
        ATI-3D RAGE     Mach64 based 2D accelerator with integrated 3D
                        acceleration supporting texture mapping, video
                        textures, Gouraud shading, alpha blending and fog
                        effects.  Also supports video scaling in hardware.

        There are also new Mach64 chips supporting SGRAM.

        The Mach32 had fairly good previous generation performance.
        Mach64 was very efficient (competing with the VRAM S3-964, and
        DRAMS3-864 respectively). The 264VT provides excellent video
        playback. ATI has been quick to support the new SGRAM.

        DOS performance is mediocre, even on recent chips. Great
        benefit from linear addressing mode (VBE 2.0).


 Avance Logic, Inc. and Acer Labs, Inc.

They both have the 'ALI' acronym. Acer Labs also makes good
quality motherboard chipsets.

Avance Logic:

Low end chipsets, fairly common a while ago for PCI.  Anybody know if
these guys are still in the video chipset business?

        ALG 2101
        ALG 2228        ISA & VLB - 32-bit DRAM controller
        ALG 2301        PCI - 32-bit DRAM controller
        ALG 2302        PCI. Excellent PCI bus performance.
        ALG 2308        Not listed on web site.
        ALG 2364        Not listed on web site.
        ALG 2401        Not listed on web site.
        ALG 2064        PCI & VLB - 64-bit DRAM controller
        ALG 25128       No info provided.
        ALG 2564        No info provided.
        ALG 2032        No info provided.
        ALG 27000       3D Graphics/Video chipset.  No further info.

Acer Labs chip:

        ALI-M3145       VESA/PCI, interleaved DRAM. Fast bus interface.
        (ALi CAT-32/64)


 Chips and Technologies

Specializes in laptop chipsets.

        82c452          Very old SVGA chipset, very limited acceleration.
        64300           Accelerated DRAM chipset that uses cache memory
                        Used in Spider 256 Cache, and in different NEC
                        models.  Also Boca Voyager.
        65545/46/48     Laptop chipsets, accelerated.
        65550/54        64-bit DRAM interface.


 Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Low-to-mid-end DRAM-based cards (accelerated), some laptop chipsets.
Known for integrating graphic card components into one chip (built-in
RAMDAC and clock generators) at an early point.

CL-GD542x series

        ISA and VL-bus chipset with a 32-bit DRAM interface, and a
        16-bit host bus interface. These were first generation VLB
        cards. All chips in this series have at least a limited form of
        acceleration: fill, scroll, hardware cursor.

        CL-GD5420       Old, no truecolor DAC. ISA.
        CL-GD5421       Old, highcolor DAC. ISA.
        CL-GD5422       ISA. Has truecolor DAC.
        CL-GD5424       VLB support.
        CL-GD5425       TV output.

        The following chips have a 'BitBLT engine', which implies
        better acceleration (opaque move, invert, text).

        CL-GD5426       BitBLT chip. ISA, VLB. Max 2Mb.
        CL-GD5428       Slightly enhanced version of the 5426.
        CL-GD5429       Much faster version, appeared 1st Q 1995.
                        Memory-mapped I/O and higher memory clock.

        Performance was fair for its day, drops off at high
        resolutions/refresh, and gains with CPU. DOS performance was
        mediocre. Upgrade to 2Mb buys very little (interlaced modes

 CL-GD543x/4x series ('Alpine')

        64-bit internal acceleration. 64-bit DRAM interface on
        5434/6 but only with 2Mb memory. More or less compatible
        with 5426/8.

        CL-GD54(M)30    'Budget' version. Limited to 32-bit DRAM interface,
                        even with 2Mb. A bit faster than the 5428.
        CL-GD5434       Has 64-bit interface to DRAM with 2Mb memory,
                        32bpp truecolor support.
        CL-GD5434-E     Supports higher memory clock (60 MHz).
        CL-GD5436       Highly optimized 5434, high memory clock (EDO DRAM
                        support), packed-24 acceleration.
        CL-GD5440       5430 with video support (compressed YUV, zoom,
                        motion video, "software MPEG").
        CL-GD54M40      5440 with integrated filters.
        CL-GD5446       Essentially 5436 with video, PowerPC and V-Port

        The 543x had OK performance, pretty decent with 64-bit DRAM
        access (2MB), although DOS performance was poor in the 5430/40.
        The 5446 is an efficient chip with excellent DOS performance
        and motion video.

        The 5434 was often equipped with only 1Mb, which severely crippled

CL-G546x "Laguna" series

        CL-GD5462       Supports RDRAM (Rambus).  Video acceleration.
        CL-GD5464       3D accelerator. Creative will be using it.

The CL-GD5480 is a chip announced for early 1997 supporting SGRAM
clocked at 100 MHz, with acceleration based on the "Alpine" BitBLT

Cirrus has also produced a number of laptop/notebook chipsets:

        CL-GD6420/40    Chipset that shared some features with the
                        CL-GD5420, but is not compatible.
        CL-GD62x5       More or less compatible with the CL-GD5420.
        CL-GD7543       Acceleration similar to the CL-GD5428, has some
                        video support.
        CL-GD7548       32-bit DRAM interface, acceleration similar
                        to the 5436, with video support
        CL-GD7555       64-bit DRAM interface.

Cirrus Logic started integrated graphic components design now used by most
chipset makers.



        VRAM-based accelerators, some cheap. Has some similarities
        with IBM XGA. Discontinued.

        AGX-016         64-bit DRAM



High end accelerators.  Excellent GUI (Windows 3.1, etc) performance.
Early models (other than Millenium) characterized by abysmal VGA

        64-bit accelerator which supports up to 8 Meg of WRAM (Window
        RAM - dual ported).  Supports resolutions up to 1600x1200 at
        very high speeds.  PCI only.  Incorporates hardware color
        space conversion and video upscaling, 3D gouraud shading,
        texture mapping, double and Z-buffering.  Also has a fast
        32-bit VGA core.
        64-bit accelerator which supports up to 4 Meg of SGRAM.  Fast
        2D acceleration, hardware colour space conversion and video
        scaling for fast video, texture mapping, Gouraud shading,
        transparency, double buffering for fast 3D.



        77C22(E(+))     SVGA, limited acceleration, ISA.
        77C32BLT        Accelerated, supports VLB. Some neat features.


 Oak Technologies Inc.

Low-end SVGA chipsets.

        OTI-057/67      Old SVGA chipsets, 512K max.
        OTI-077         SVGA chipset, 1Mb max. Slow.
        OTI-087         Accelerated, 2Mb max. Not very fast (unoptimal
        OTI-64105/107   64-bit DRAM chipset, rare.
        OTI-64111       64-bit PCI/ISA 2D chipset.  DRAM and EDO supported.
        OTI-64217 'Eon' 64-bit PCI chipset supports EDO & SGRAM.  Claims
                        to speed up 3D applications, but I doubt it has
                        real 3D acceleration.

 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Don't know much about this company, but the only product listed
on their web pages is the RTG3105i which is billed as an all-in-one
chip integrating the DAC, BIOS and clock synthesizer.  Emphasis is
on low cost and it will support a maximum of 512k. Could be found
a few years ago.


 S3, Inc.

Well-established for high-end PC graphics chipsets. Has moved into
low-to-mid-end market. Generally efficient accelerators. Wide variation
in card designs (RAMDAC, clock generators etc.). Acceleration interface
based on IBM 8514. 8xx chips are DRAM-based, 9xx VRAM-based.

First Generation

        S3-911          Original S3 chip, VRAM-based. Very poor DOS
        S3-924          Bug fix of S3-911, can support 24bpp.

Second Generation

        S3-801          ISA, 32-bit DRAM interface.
        S3-805/805p     Local bus version, mostly 16-bit host interface.
                        2nd half 1994 low-end VLB.
        S3-805i         Supports interleaved memory access with 2Mb DRAM.
        S3-928          Previous generation high-end chipset; 32-bit
                        interface to VRAM for drawing.

        In their day, these were good performers.

64-bit Vision series

        S3-864          64-bit DRAM interface with 2Mb memory. 64-bit
                        acceleration. Variation in RAMDACs.
        S3-964          64-bit VRAM interface. High resolution/color
        Trio32 (732)    Integrated chip with 32-bit DRAM interface.
        Trio64 (764)    Integrated version of S3-864 (built-in RAMDAC and
                        clock generator) not driver-compatible with S3-864.
        Trio64V+        Trio64 with slightly faster 2D and video acceleration.
        Trio64UV+       Faster Trio64V+ with UMA support.
        S3-868          Enhanced 864 with video acceleration features.
        S3-968          Enhanced 964 with video acceleration features.
        S3-ViRGE        Trio64V+ 2D core with 3D acceration including
                        texture mapping, Gouraud shading, etc.  Supports
        S3-ViRGE/VX     Support for VRAM/WRAM.
        S3-ViRGE/GX     SGRAM support.

        The early 64-bit DRAM chips had good performance (with 2MB).
        The engine got progressively faster with new chips.

        The S3-Virge and S3-Trio64UV+ have a revamped graphics engine
        more optimized for Windows. The single-cycle EDO DRAM support
        provides relatively fast acceleration for DRAM card. In a very
        profitable marketing move, one card maker has offered a Virge
        based card with expensive single-cycle clocked EDO DRAM with
        optimized drivers, getting rave reviews, and so created the
        market for its "cheap" EDO DRAM version.

        DOS performance was fair on the S3-805, while S3-928 had good
        DOS performance for its day. Even with later chips, it's
        not optimal in SVGA modes, where UniVBE/SDD or other VESA
        drivers can signficantly improve DOS performance.

        All the 64-bit chips take a big performance hit with only 1Mb.
        There has been variation in memory timing (speed) between
        different card models.

        Trio32/64 and 868 do not support packed-24 pixels (24 bpp), which
        generally implies no 16M color modes on a 1Mb card.

Other products:

        Aurora64V+      Trio64V+ core with dual display capability for
                        use in laptops.  Simultaneous display on LCD and
                        NTSA/PAL TV or CRT monitor.
        Scenic/MX2      MPEG decoder supports MPEG-1 audio/video.


 Sierra Semiconductor

Well known DAC maker. Entered graphics chips market, then got out
of the business.

        SC15064         Integrated DAC, fast bus interface.


 Trident Microsystems

Long-established low-end chipsets. Early chips known for poor performance,
but very cheap. Recent chips more competitive.

        TVGA8900C       Old ISA, SVGA. Extremely poor performance.
        TVGA9000        512K only, very poor.
        TVGA8900CL      Supports local bus, but very slow.
        TVGA9200Cxr     Local bus, slow.
        TVGA9400CXi     Supports 2Mb, truecolor. Accelerated.
        TGUI9420/30     Accelerated.
        TGUI9440AGi     Aggressive DRAM timing, accelerated, much quicker.
        TGUI9660/968x   64-bit coprocessor.

        Early chips and VLB accelerators had below par performance.
        The 9440 had OK performance considering its price, and the 9680
        provides cost-effective 64-bit acceleration with video support.


 Tseng Labs, Inc.

ET4000 well-established non-accelerated chipset. W32 series accelerated.
ET4000/W32i and W32p support smart 32-bit interleaved memory interface
with 2Mb DRAM installed, yielding 85% of the video memory bandwidth of a
64-bit interface.

        ET4000AX        Old ISA chipset, VLB OK (16-bit host interface,
                        good response).

W32 series

        ET4000/W32      Accelerated, 32-bit host interface. 32-bit memory
                        interface. Fair performance, comparable to
                        Cirrus 5426.
        ET4000/W32i     Improved acceleration, supports interleaved memory
                        with 2Mb. Very fast blits (efficient memory
        ET4000/W32p     Improved acceleration, better host bus interface
                        support (incl. PCI). Special video support.
                        Several revisions, significant variation.
                        Revisions before C or D may have crippled/broken
                        PCI performance.

        While the W32 had mediocre performance, a W32i/p with 2MB DRAM
        was fairly quick, thanks to efficient BitBLTs. DOS performance
        was good except on an earlier revision ET4000/W32p on PCI bus.

ET6000 is Tseng's newest chipset offering even faster VGA performance
than the very respectable ET4000.  A summarized version of Tseng's spec.
sheet is included below.

        The ET6000 is a single 208-pin SVGA graphics controller with an
        integrated 135MHz VGA-compatible 24-bit LUT-DAC and dual frequency
        clock generator.   PCI 2.1 and VESA VLB compatible I/O interface.
        VESA DDC1 and DDC2b monitor detection. Displays resolutions,
        colors up to 1280 x 1024, 16.8 million colors (True Color) at up
        to 75Hz vertical refresh. State-of-the-art 128-bit GUI accelerator.

         Full-functioned graphics acceleration engine supporting:
                Aligned and non-aligned operations, Transparent BLT,
                Rectangular BitBLT, Trapezoidal BitBLT, Vector line
                drawing, Hardware assisted clipping, etc.
        Accelerator architecture optimized for 8/15-15/24/32-bit packed
        pixel RGB modes.  Accelerator queuing allows parallel processing
        by ET6OOO and host CPU.  Support for DRAM, EDO DRAM, and
        MultibankTM DRAM (MDRAM).
        Multimedia Video Features:
                pixel interpolation engine, YUV 4:2:2 to RGB 8/15-16/24
                converter, allows mixed numerous YUV and RGB windows
                (up to 4), Gamma boost/correction, etc.

Other Products:

        VPR6000         Video processor for ET6000.  Accepts NTSC, PAL,
                        SECAM, CCIR & MPEG.
        VIPeR           Video processor for ET4000.



        UMC 86C408
        UMC 86C418
        UMC 8710        PCI, 32-bit interleaved DRAM, accelerated.



High-end VRAM accelerators. Seperate VGA unit.

        P9000           Old, 32-bit VRAM-interface for drawing?
        P9100           Current version.


 Western Digital (Paradise)

Long-established SVGA chipsets. 32-bit DRAM, some accelerated.

        WD90C30         SVGA chipset, 32-bit DRAM interface (1Mb).
        WD90C31         Has limited acceleration.
        WD90C33         Accelerator, newer version, max 2Mb.

Western Digital (RocketCHIP)

Newer chips designed for use in portables.  The WD33 is a 32-bit chip
for integration with the motherboard.  Provides gui acceleration.  The
newer WD9710 provides 30fps full-screen video from its 64-bit DRAM
architecture.  24-bit RAMDAC is integrated.  Supports VLB and PCI.

The WD Multimedia Products Unit was purchased by Philips Semiconductors
on October 31, 1995.

Current 3D accelerator Graphics Chipsets

Since others are already maintaining FAQ's on this topic, this section
consists only of links to other sources of information:

PC 3D Graphics Accelerators FAQ

     Chipset specific information, available cards, etc.

Dimension 3D - The latest in 3D accelerators and their software

     Piles of info on 3D chipsets, cards, software, etc.  Also has some
     comparisons between cards.  Also has WWW links to chipset and card

Common 3D graphics related terms for newbies

     Short list of definitions of 3D terms.

Card Model Names

This list is intended to also include model names of more generic-type cards.
Cards that are no longer in production or are more or less obsolete are
marked 'Obs'.

Please note that I have made no attempt to include high-end 3D graphics
cards, only mainstream low-end cards.

        Name                            Chip            Bus

        Acronics ASI2000 Orion 32       CL-GD5430       VLB
        Acronics ASI2000 Orion 64       CL-GD5434       VLB
        Acronics ASI2020 Taurus 32      CL-GD5430       PCI
        Acronics ASI2020 Taurus 64      CL-GD5434       PCI
Obs     Actix GraphicsEngine 32         S3-801          ISA
Obs     Actix GraphicsEngine 32         S3-928          ISA
Obs     Actix GraphicsEngine 32 Plus    S3-801          ISA/VLB
Obs     Actix GraphicsEngine 32 LB      S3-805i         VLB
        Actix GraphicsEngine VL+        S3-805i         VLB
        Actix GraphicsEngine Ultra      S3-928          ISA
        Actix GraphicsEngine Ultra Plus S3-801          ISA
        Actix GraphicsEngine Ultra Plus S3-928          VLB
        Actix GraphicsEngine 64         S3-864          PCI
        Actix GraphicsEngine Ultra 64   S3-968          PCI
        Actix Picasso                   ARK1000PV       PCI
        Actix Picasso 64                ARK2000PV       PCI
Obs     Actix ProStar VL                CL-GD5426/8     VLB
        Actix ProStar64                 CL-GD5434       PCI
        Actix Ultra+                    S3-928          ISA
Obs     Acumos AVGA3                    CL-GD5422/4/6   ISA/VLB
        Acumos AVGA4                    CL-GD5428       VLB
Obs     Air Aview2                      S3-805          ISA
Obs     Air Star2000                    Weitek P9000    VLB
        ALG5434(E) (Pro)                CL-GD5434(E)    PCI
Obs     Amdek SmartVision/SVGA          ET4000          ISA
Obs     American Megatrends Fast View   Weitek P9000    VLB
Obs     American Mega Fast View PCI     Weitek P9000    PCI
        Appian Renegade 1280 (Pro)      AGC-98032       ISA/VLB
        Artist Graphics 2000            Artist 3GA      ISA/VLB/PCI
        Artist Graphics 2000 Pro        Artist 3GA      ISA/VLB/PCI
        Artist Graphics 2000i Pro       Artist 3GA      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        Artist Graphics 2000i GrayScale Artist 3GA      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        Artist Graphics 2000 Twin Pro(7)Artist 3GA      ISA/VLB/PCI?
        Artist Graphics 1500            S3 868          PCI
        Artist Graphics 1500i Pro       S3 868          PCI
Obs     Artist Graphics WinSprint       S3 928          ISA
Obs     Artist Graphics WinSprint 900   S3 928          ISA
        Artist Graphics WinSprint 1000  Artist GPX      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        Artist Graphics WinSprint 1000i Artist GPX      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        A.G. WinSprint 1000i GrayScale  Artist GPX      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        Artist Graphics Xj1000          Artist GPX      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        Artist Graphics Xj1000i         Artist GPX      ISA/EISA/VLB/MCA
        AST Ascentia 800N               WD 90C24        ISA
        AST Ascentia 900N CT10          WD 90C24        ISA
        Asus PCI-V464                   ATI-Mach64      PCI
        Asus PCI-V864                   S3-Vision864    PCI
        Asus PCI-VT64                   S3-Trio64       PCI
        Asus PCI-V264CT                 ATI-264CT       PCI
        Asus PCI-AV264CT                ATI-264CT       PCI
        Asus PCI-AV264CT-N              ATI-264CT       PCI
        Asus PCI-V264VT                 ATI-264VT       PCI
Obs     ATI 8514 Ultra (no VGA)         ATI-Mach8       ISA/MCA
Obs     ATI AX0                         ATI-Mach32      PCI
Obs     ATI Graphics Integra            VGA             ISA
Obs     ATI Graphics Ultra              ATI-Mach8       ISA
Obs     ATI Graphics Vantage            ATI-Mach8       ISA
Obs     ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (VRAM)   ATI-Mach32      ISA/EISA/VLB/PCI
Obs     ATI Graphics Wonder             ATI-Mach32      ISA/VLB
Obs     ATI Graphics Wonder XL 24       ATI27700-5      ISA
Obs     ATI Ultra Plus (DRAM)           ATI-Mach32      ISA/VLB/PCI
Obs     ATI Ultra XLR                   ATI-Mach32      VLB
        ATI Xpression/WinBoost (DRAM)   ATI-Mach64      ISA/VLB/PCI
        ATI GPro Turbo/WinTurbo (VRAM)  ATI-Mach64      ISA/VLB/PCI
        ATI Video Xpression (DRAM)      ATI-264VT       PCI
        ATI 3D Xpression/WinBoost (DRAM)ATI-3D Rage     PCI
        Avance Logic ALG2301            Avance ALG2301  ISA
        Boca Basic VGA                  16-bit???       ISA/EISA
        Boca SuperX VGA                 CL-GD5428       ISA/EISA
        Boca SuperX VGA PCI             CL-GD5430       PCI
        Boca SuperX VGA VL-Bus          CL-GD5430       VLB
Obs     Boca VL-Bus SuperX              CL-GD5426       VLB
Obs     Boca Vortex                     IIT AGX-015?    VLB
        Boca Voyager                    C&T64300F       VLB
        Boca Voyager 64                 S3-Trio64       PCI
        Boca Voyager Movie Player       S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        California Graphics Sunwing     S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        California Gr. Suntracer 6000   ET6000          PCI
Obs     Cardex Cobra                    ET4000/W32i
Obs     Cardex Challenger               ET4000/W32p     VLB
Obs     Cardex Challenger Pro           ET4000/W32p     PCI
Obs     Cardex Mirage Plus              UMC85C418       VLB
Obs     Cardex Power 64                 S3-864          PCI
Obs     Cardex Thunder Pro 64           CL-GD5434       PCI
Obs     Cardex A2000/V                                  PCI
        Cardex Challenger EV            ET6000          PCI
        Cardex Genesis SV               S3 ViRGE        PCI
        Cardex Genesis /V pro           ET6000          PCI
        Cardex Genesis EV               S3 Trio64V      PCI
        Cardex Thunder CP               CL-GD54M30      PCI
        Cardex Trio 64 pro              S3 Trio64       PCI
        Cardex Genesis EV+MPEG          S3 Trio64V+     PCI
        Cardinal SNAPplus-VL (6)        CL-GD5434       VLB
Obs     Catseye XGA-2                   IBM XGA-2       ISA
        CCS Labs MaxPower               P9000/32
        Cloud9 Thunder 64               S3-864          PCI
Obs     Colorgraphic Super MVGA         ET4000          MCA
Obs     Colorgraphic Super MVGA         ET4000w32i      MCA
Obs     Colorgraphic Twin Turbo Accel.  S3 928          ISA
Obs     Colorgraphic Pro Lightning (7)  S3-864          VLB/PCI
Obs     Colorgraphic Quad Pro L. (8)    S3-864          VLB/PCI
        Colorgraphic Pro Lightning (7,8)S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Colorgraphic Mega Lightning (7) S3-968          PCI
        Colorgraphics Super Warp (7)    ET4000/W32i     ISA
        Colorgraphics Warp (8)          ET4000/W32i     ISA
        Colorgraphics Point-of-Sale     CL-GD5422       ISA
        Colorgraphics Voyager VGA       CL-GD5422       PCMCIA
        Compaq Qvision 1024 (E,I)       Compaq Qvision  EISA/ISA
        Compaq Qvision 1280 (E,I)       Compaq Qvision  EISA/ISA
        Compaq Qvision 2000 (+)         Matrox MGA      PCI
        CompuAdd                        WD 90c31        ISA
        Creative Graphics Blast.MA20x   CL-GD5446       PCI
        Creative Graphics Blast.MA302   CL-GD5462       PCI
        Creative 3D Blaster             3DLabs Permedia VLB
Obs     DataExpert ExpertColor DSP6430  C&T-64300DGX?   VLB
        DataExpert ExpertColor DSV3325P S3 ViRGE        PCI
        DataExpert ExpertColor DSV3365P S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        DataExpert ExpertColor MPG3365P S3-Trio64V+     PCI
Obs     Dell 433DE                      ET4000          ISA
Obs     Dell 433 (/L,/M)                S3 805          VLB
Obs     Dell 450SE                      ET4000          ISA
Obs     Dell 466/L                      S3 805          VLB
Obs     Dell 466/L                      ET4000w32i      VLB
Obs     Dell 486P/25                    WD 90C31        ISA
        DFI-WG1000 (Plus)               CL-GD5422/6/8   ISA/VLB
        DFI-WG2000P                     ALG-2301A       PCI
        DFI-WG3000P                     S3-864          PCI
        DFI-WG3000P/V                   S3-868          PCI
        DFI-WG3110P                     S3-Trio32       PCI
        DFI-WG3120                      S3-Trio64       PCI
        DFI-WG5000                      ET4000/W32p     PCI
        DFI-WG5000VL                    ET4000/W32i     VLB
        DFI-WG6000                      WD90C33         VLB
        DFI-WG9000                      Weitek P9000    VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Alpine                  CL 5430/5434    VLB
Obs     Diamond SpeedStar (Plus/24)     ET4000AX        ISA
Obs     Diamond SpeedStar 24            ET4000          ISA
Obs     Diamond SpeedStar 24X           WD90C31         ISA
Obs     Diamond SpeedStar Pro           CL-GD5426/5428  ISA/VLB
        Diamond SpeedStar 64 (15)       CL-GD5434       ISA/PCI
Obs     Diamond SpeedStar Pro SE (1)    CL-GD5430       VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond SpeedStar SuperVGA      ET4000          ISA
Obs     Diamond Stealth VRAM            S3-911/924      ISA
Obs     Diamond Stealth 24              S3-801/805      ISA
Obs     Diamond Stealth 24 LB           S3-805          VLB
Obs     Diamond Stealth Pro (LB)        S3-928          ISA/VLB
Obs     Diamond Stealth SE              S3-Trio32       VLB/PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Graphics2001  ARK 2000PV/MT   PCI
Obs     Diamond Stealth32 (5)           ET4000/W32p     VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Stealth64 DRAM          S3-864/Trio64   VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Stealth64 DRAM Video    S3-868          VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Stealth64 VRAM          S3-964          VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Stealth64 VRAM Video    S3-968          VLB/PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2001    S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2121    S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2201    S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2001 TV S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2121 TV S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2201 TV S3-Trio64V+     PCI
Obs?    Diamond Stealth64 Video 2200XL                  VLB/PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2120    S3-Trio64       VLB
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 2200    S3-Trio64       VLB
        Diamond Steatlh64 Video 2500    ProMotionAT24   PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 3200    S3-Vision968    VLB/PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 3240    S3-Vision968    VLB/PCI
        Diamond Stealth64 Video 3400    S3-Vision968    VLB/PCI
        Diamond Stealth 3D 2000         S3 ViRGE        PCI
        Diamond Edge 3D 2xx0            SGS STG2000     PCI
        Diamond Edge 3D 3xx0            Nvidia NV1      PCI
Obs     Diamond Stealth SE              S3-Trio732      VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Viper                   Weitek P9000    VLB
Obs     Diamond Viper SE                Weitek P9100    VLB/PCI
Obs     Diamond Viper Pro Video (6)     Weitek P9100    VLB/PCI
        EIZO VRAM?                      IIT AGX-015     VLB
        Elisa ETI-VGAP01                CL-GD5434       PCI
        Elisa ETI-VGAP02                S3-864          PCI
Obs?    Elitegroup VideoImage VI-640    ATI-Mach64      PCI
Obs?    Elitegroup VideoImage VI-720    CL-GD5434       PCI
Obs     Elitegroup VideoImage VI-930    S3-864          PCI
Obs     Elitegroup VideoImage VI-931    S3-868          PCI
Obs     Elitegroup VideoImage VI-940A   S3-Trio32       PCI
Obs     Elitegroup VideoImage VI-940B   S3-Trio64       PCI
        Elitegroup VideoImage VI-942    S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        ELSA GLoria (GLINT 300SX)       S3-968          PCI
        ELSA Victory 3D                 S3-ViRGE        PCI
Obs     ELSA Winner 1000                S3-928          ISA/PCI
Obs     ELSA Winner 1000 Pro            S3-864          VLB/PCI
Obs     ELSA Winner 1000 Pro/X          S3-868          PCI
        ELSA Winner 1000 AVI            S3-868          VLB/PCI
        ELSA Winner 1000TRIOV           S3-Trio64       PCI
        ELSA Winner 1000TRIO            S3-Trio64       VLB/PCI
Obs     ELSA Winner 1000ISA             S3-86C805i      ISA
Obs     ELSA Winner 2000                S3-928          VLB
        ELSA Winner 2000 Pro            S3-964          VLB/PCI
        ELSA Winner 2000 Pro/X          S3-968          PCI
Obs?    ELSA Winner 2000 AVI            S3-968          VLB/PCI
Obs     Everex Viewport NI              ET4000          ISA
        Expert EVP Virge                S3-ViRGE        PCI
        Expert EVP 765                  S3-765          PCI
        Expert EVP 968                  Trident 9680    PCI
        Expert EVP/EVL 944              Trident 9440    PCI/VLB
        Expert EVI T89                  Trident 8900    ISA
        Expert EVP 546                  CL-GD5446       PCI
        Expert EVL 529                  CL-GD5429       VLB
        Expert EVI 524                  CL-GD5424       ISA
        Expert EVP 264                  Opti 82C264     PCI
Obs     Expert EVL 28                   CL-GD5428       VLB
Obs     Expert EVL 32i                  ET4000/W32i     VLB
Obs     Expert EVP 34                   CL-GD5434       PCI
Obs     Focus Cheetah XL                CL-GD5428       VLB
        Focus Cheetah 34                CL-GD5434       VLB/PCI
        Focus Premier 1000              ARK1000PV       VLB/PCI
        Focus Premier 2000              ARK2000PV       PCI
        Focus Roadrunner 864            S3-864          VLB/PCI
Obs     Focus TrueSpeed                 S3-801          VLB
        Focus TrueSpeed W32P            ET4000/W32p     VLB/PCI
Obs     Genoa Audio Graphics            CL-GD5426       VLB
Obs     Genoa 8500VL(-28)               CL-GD5426/8     ISA/VLB
Obs     Genoa 8900 Phantom 32i          ET4000/W32i/p   VLB/PCI
Obs     Genoa G Vision DX (9)           CL-GD5434       VLB
Obs     Genoa Phantom 32i               ET4000w32p      VLB/PCI
Obs     Genoa Phantom 64i               S3-864          VLB/PCI
Obs     Genoa Phantom 64 G2000 PCI      ARK2000         PCI
        Genoa Phantom 64 V2001 PCI      S3 Trio64V+     PCI
Obs     Genoa Phantom Pro Video PCI     S3 Vision968    PCI
        Genoa Phantom 3D                S3 Virge        PCI
Obs     Genoa Video Blitz 9200VL        Weitek P9000    VLB
Obs     Genoa Video Blitz 9500          Weitek P9100    PCI
Obs     Genoa Video Blitz IIIAV         S3 Vision968    PCI
Obs     Genoa Windows VGA 24            CL-GD5426/28    VLB
Obs     Genoa Windows VGA64 8534        CL-GD5434       VLB/PCI
Obs     Genoa WinVGA Video PCI          CL GD5440       PCI
Obs     Headland Tech VRAM II Ergo      HT209           ISA
Obs     Headland Technology HELIO       S3-928          ISA
Obs     Hercules Dynamite D201          ET4000/W32      ISA
Obs     Hercules Dynamite D (301,302)   ET4000/W32i     ISA
Obs     Hercules Dynamite D501          ET4000/W32      VLB
Obs     Hercules Dynamite D (601,602)   ET4000/W32i     VLB
Obs     Hercules Dynamite D901          ET4000/W32p     VLB
Obs     Hercules Dynamite D902          ET4000/W32p     PCI
        Hercules Dynamite Power         ET4000/W32i/p   VLB/PCI
        Hercules Dynamite Pro           ET4000/W32i/p   ISA/VLB
        Hercules Dynamite 128/Video     ET6000          PCI
Obs     Hercules Graphite Pro           IIT AGX-014/5/6 ISA/VLB
Obs     Hercules Graphite Power         IIT AGX-016     ISA/VLB/PCI
Obs     Hercules Graphite 64            S3-Trio64       PCI
Obs     Hercules Stingray               ALG-2228/2301   VLB/PCI
        Hercules Stingray Pro(/V)       ARK1000PV       VLB/PCI
Obs?    Hercules Stingray 64/V          ARK2000PV/MT    PCI
Obs?    Hercules Graphite Terminator 64 S3-964          VLB/PCI
        Hercules Terminator 64/Video    S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Hercules Terminator ProfessionalS3-Vision968    VLB/PCI
        Hercules Terminator 64/DRAM     S3-Trio64       VLB/PCI
        Hercules Terminator 64/3D       S3-ViRGE        PCI
Obs     Hewlett Packard Vectra VL2      CL-GD5428       VLB
Obs     IBM 8514                        IBM 8514        ISA/MCA
Obs     IBM XGA                         IBM XGA         MCA
Obs     IBM XGA-2                       IBM XGA-2       MCA
Obs     IBM PS/2 Image                  ???             MCA
Obs     IBM PS/2 Models 76,77           S3-928          MCA
Obs     IBM Valuepoint                  S3-805/928      VLB
Obs     IBM Valuepoint                  S3-Vision864    VLB
Obs     IBM Valuepoint                  ET4000w32i      VLB
Obs     IBM Valuepoint 325T             CL-GD5422       ISA
Obs     IBM VGA 256C                    IBM VGA256C     MCA
Obs     Image Sharpener                 S3-805          ISA
Obs     Infotronic EISA (1280,1600)     TMS34020        EISA
Obs     Infotronic Hicolor (Lite,Plus)  IBM XGA-2       ISA
Obs     Infotronic IGP64 (1280,1600)    Infotron. IGP64 ISA/VLB/MCA
Obs     Infotronic IGX (1025,1280)      TMS34010        ISA
Obs     Infotronic MCA (1280,1600)      TMS34020        MCA
Obs     Infotronic MCH1025              TMS34010        MCA
Obs     Infotronic SGX (1280,1600)      TMS34020        ISA
Obs     Infotronic SMX1152/24           TMS34020        ISA
        Intel 5430                      CL-GD5430       PCI
        LeadTek WinFast S200 (4)        ET4000/W32p     PCI
Obs     Matrox MGA                      MGA 64          VLB/PCI
        Matrox MGA Ultima               MGA 64          ISA/VLB/PCI
        Matrox MGA Ultima +             MGA 64          VLB/PCI
        Matrox MGA Ultima Plus 200      MGA 64          VLB
        Matrox MGA Impression           MGA 64          ISA/VLB
        Matrox MGA Impression Lite      MGA 64          VLB/PCI
        Matrox MGA Impression Plus      MGA 64          ISA/PCI
        Matrox MGA Impression Plus 220  MGA 64          ISA
        Matrox MGA Millenium            MGA-2064W       PCI
        Matrox MGA Millenium Powerdoc   MGA-2064W       PCI
        Matrox Mystique                 MGA-1064SG      PCI
Obs     Metheus 928-4M                  S3-928          VLB
        Metheus is out of the PC card business
        Metheus P1700                   ???             PCI
Obs     Metheus Premier 928 (ISA/VL)    S3-928          ISA/VLB
        MaxVision VideoMax 2000         Weitek P9100    PCI
        MaxVision VideoMax MV-1         Weitek P9000    VLB
        MediaVision ProAxcel            ???             PCI
Obs     Micro-Labs Ultimate VGA         ET4000/W32i     ISA/VLB
        Micro-Labs Ultimate TrueC./XL   ET4000/W32i/p   ISA/VLB/PCI
        Mirage Z-128 (18)               ET6000          PCI
        Mirage Storm 1600 (18)          S3 968          PCI
        Mirage Wind 1280 (18)           ET4000/W32      ISA
        Mirage Wind 1280 (18)           ET4000/W32p     VLB/PCI
Obs     Miro Crystal 8S                 S3-801/805      ISA/VLB
Obs     Miro Crystal 10SD               S3-801/805      VLB/PCI
Obs     Miro Crystal 12PD               Alliance 3210   VLB/PCI
Obs     Miro Crystal 12SD               S3-Trio32       VLB/PCI
        Miro Video 12PD                 Alliance 6410   PCI
Obs     Miro Crystal 16S                S3-928          VLB
Obs     Miro Crystal 20SD               S3-864/8 (3)?   VLB/PCI
        Miro Video 22SD                 S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Miro Crystal 20SD twin (17)     2XS3-Vision868  PCI
Obs     Miro Crystal 20SV               S3-964          VLB/PCI
        Miro Video 20SV                 S3-968          PCI
        Miro Crystal 20SV twin (17)     S3-968 & 868    PCI
Obs     Miro Crystal 40SV               S3-964/8        VLB/PCI
        Miro Video 40SV ergo            S3-968          PCI
        Miro Crystal 40SV twin (17)     S3-968 & 868    PCI
        Miro Crystal 44SV twin (17)     2xS3-Vision968  PCI
Obs     miroVideo 20TD live!            ET4000W32&Viper VLB/PCI
        NCR                             NCR 77C22
Obs     Nth Graphics Nth Advantage      S3-805          VLB
Obs     Nth Graphics s# Advantage (LB)  S3-801/805      ISA/VLB
        Nth Graphics Apex 1/2MB         S3-864          VLB/PCI
        Nth Graphics Apex 4MB           S3-964          VLB/PCI
Obs     Number Nine Flashpoint          CL-GD5434       PCI
Obs     Number Nine Number Nine         TI34020         ISA
Obs     Number Nine GXE                 S3-928          ISA/VLB/PCI
Obs     Number Nine GXE 64 (3)?         S3-864/Trio64   VLB/PCI
Obs     Number Nine GXE 64 Pro          S3-964          VLB/PCI
Obs     Number Nine GXE 64 Pro 1600     S3-964
Obs     Number Nine 9FX Motion 531      S3-Vision868    VLB/PCI
        Number Nine 9FX Motion 771      S3-Vision968    VLB/PCI
        Number Nine 9FX Reality 332     S3-ViRGE        PCI
        Number Nine 9FX Vision 330      S3-Trio64       VLB/PCI
        Number Nine 9FX Vision 331      S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        Number Nine Imagine 128         #9 Imagine 128  PCI
Obs     Number Nine Imagine 128 Pro     #9 Imagine 128  PCI
        Number Nine Imagine 128 S2      Imagine 128 S2  PCI
        Ocean Mirage 64                 S3-765/Trio64V+ PCI
        Ocean PVGA-20                   ???             PCI
Obs     Ocean Saturn 1000               ARK1000VL       VLB
        Ocean Speed 64                  ARK2000         PCI
        Ocean Speed 64+                 ???             PCI
        Ocean VL-VGA-1000               ???             VLB
Obs     Octek AVGA2                     CL-GD5420       ISA
        OmniComp 3Demon (10)            Glint300SX      PCI
        Opti LCD VGA                    OPTI 92C168/178 ISA/VLB
        Orchestra Accelerando           NCR77C32BLT     VLB
        Orchestra Alegretto             UMC             VLB
        Orchestra Presto VL             S3-805          VLB
        Orchestra Presto PCI            S3-864          PCI
Obs     Orchid Celsius                  AGX             VLB
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit               S3-924          ISA
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit 1280          S3-801          ISA
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit 1280+         S3-801/805      ISA/VLB
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit LB            S3-805          VLB
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit VA            S3-801/805      ISA/VLB
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit 64            S3-864          VLB/PCI
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit Pro64         S3-964          VLB/PCI
Obs     Orchid Fahrenheit ProVideo64    S3-968          VLB/PCI
Obs     Orchid Kelvin EZ                CL-GD5430       VLB/PCI
Obs     Orchid Kelvin MPEG
Obs     Orchid Kelvin 64                CL-GD5434       ISA/VLB/PCI
        Orchid Kelvin Video64           Promotion 6410  PCI
        Orchid Farenheit Video3D        S3 ViRGE        PCI
        Orchid Righteous 3D             3Dfx Voodoo     PCI
        Orchid Kelvin Video64           Promotion 6410  PCI
Obs     Orchid ProDesigner II/MC        ET4000          ISA
Obs     Paradise Accelerator Value      OTI-087
Obs     Paradise Accelerator VL Plus    WD90C33         VLB
Obs     Paradise Accelerator VL Value   TGUI9400CXi     VLB
Obs     Paradise Accelerator 24         WD90C33         ISA
Obs     Paradise Ports O'Call           WD90C33         ISA/VLB
Obs     Paradise Bahamas 64             S3-864          VLB/PCI
Obs     Paradise Bahamas 64 Premium     S3-868          VLB/PCI
        Paradise Bahamas 64             S3-764/Trio64V  VLB/PCI
Obs     Paradise Barbados 64            S3-964          PCI
Obs     Paradise Barbados 64 Premium    S3-968          PCI
        Paradise Bali 32                ARK1000PV       VLB/PCI
        Paradise Bali 64                ARK2000         PCI
Obs     Paradise VL3000                 WD90C31?        VLB
        Paradise Pipeline 64            WD9710          PCI
        Paradise Tasmania 3D            Yamaha RPA2     PCI
Obs     PCG Photon Torpedo              S3-801          ISA
Obs     PCG Photon Torpedo GXA9000      Weitek P9000    VLB
Obs     PCG Photon Torpedo LB           S3-805          VLB
        PCG Photon Torpedo              CL-GD5434       ISA/VLB/PCI
        Pixelworks Panther              S3-964          PCI
        PraeoTek FastMax P10            CL-GD5430       PCI
        PraeoTek FastMax L20/P20        S3-864          VLB/PCI
        PraeoTek GraphMax P24           S3-964          PCI
        Prolink VLB32-Combo-1           CL-GD5428       VLB
        Prolink VLB32-Combo-2           CL-GD5430       VLB
        Prolink VLB32-Pro-2             CL-GD5430?      VLB
        Prolink VLB32-Pro-4             TGUI9400        VLB
        Prolink PCI32-Combo-1           ET4000/W32p     PCI
        Prolink PCI32-Pro-1             CL-GD5428??     PCI
        Prolink PCI32-Pro-3             ET4000/W32p     PCI
        Prolink PCI32-Pro-4             TGUI9400        PCI
        Prolink PCI64-Pro-1/2           CL-GD5434       PCI
Obs     Radius XGA-2                    IBM XGA-2       ISA
        Radius FireStorm 192            S3-864 (3x)
        Sigma Concorde                  ET4000/W32i     VLB
Obs     Sigma Designs VGa Legend (II)   ET4000          ISA
        Sigma Designs f.64 gfx (11)     Weitek P9100    VLB/PCI
        Sigma Designs f.64 xvp (11) (6) Weitek P9100    VLB/PCI
        Sixgraph Wizard 9000            Weitek P9000    VLB
        Software Int. Mercury X2        ET4000/W32p     PCI
        Software Int. Mercury X2VL      S3 805i         VLB
        Software Int. Mercury X1        S3 801          ISA
        SPEA/V7 Showtime Plus           ET4000w32p      VLB
        SPEA/V7 Mirage VEGA Plus        ALG-2228        VLB
        SPEA/V7 Mercury                 S3-928          ISA/VLB
        SPEA/V7 Mercury Lite            S3-928          ISA/VLB
        SPEA/V7 Mercury P-64            S3-964          VLB
        SPEA/V7 Mercury Pro             S3-928          ISA/VLB/PCI
        SPEA/V7 Mirage                  S3-Trio32       ISA/VLB
        SPEA/V7 Mirage P64              S3-864          VLB/PCI
        SPEA/V7 Storm Pro               Weitek P9100    VLB
        SPEA/V7 VEGA                    CL-GD5426       ISA/VLB
        SPEA/V7 VEGA Plus               Avance 2228     VLB
        SPEA/V7 VEGA Plus               Avance 2301
        SPEA/V7 VEGA Pro                Trident 9440    VLB
Obs     Spider 32 VLB (Plus)            CL-GD5428       VLB
        Spider 64                       CL-GD5434       VLB/PCI
        Spider 256 Cache                C&T64300        VLB
Obs     Spider Black Widow VLB          AGX-015         VLB
        Spider Black Widow Plus         AGX-016         VLB/PCI
        Spider Tarantula 64             S3-964          VLB/PCI
        Spider Pro-Vision 64            Alliance-3210   VLB/PCI
        Spider Pro-Vision 64            Alliance-3210   VLB/PCI
Obs     Spider VLB Plus                 CL-GD5428       VLB
        STB Channel 1/NTSC              SVGA ???        ISA
Obs     STB Ergo-VGA/MC                 ET4000          MCA
        STB Express                     ALG-2228/2301
Obs     STB Horizon                     CL-GD5426/28    ISA/VLB
        STB Horizon ISA                 CL-GD5426/28    ISA
        STB Horizon +                   CL-GD5430       VLB/PCI
        STB Horizon Video               CL-GD5440       PCI
        STB LightSpeed VL               ET4000/W32i/p   VLB
        STB LightSpeed 128              ET6000          PCI
        STB Mach 512                    SVGA ???        ISA
        STB Nitro 64                    CL-GD5434       ISA/PCI
        STB Nitro 64 Video              CL-GD5446       PCI
Obs     STB Pegasus                     S3-928          VLB
Obs     STB Powergraph X-24             S3-801/805      ISA/VLB
Obs     STB Powergraph/V                S3-868
Obs     STB Powergraph VGA              ET4000          ISA
Obs     STB Powergraph VL-24            S3-805          VLB
        STB Powergraph 64               S3-Trio64       VLB/PCI
        STB Powergraph 64 3D            S3-ViRGE        PCI
        STB Powergraph 64 Video         S3-Trio64V+     VLB/PCI
        STB Sprint                      32-bit ???      VLB
        STB Velocity 64V                S3Vision968(16) VLB/PCI
***     Techworks no longer produces video cards
Obs     Techworks Thunderbolt VL        ET4000/W32p     VLB
Obs     Techworks Thunderbolt PCI       Trident 9420DGi PCI
Obs     Techworks Thunderbolt ISA       CL GD5428       ISA
Obs     Techworks WarpVL-1              S3-864?
Obs     Techworks WarpVL-2              S3-864?
Obs     Techworks Thunderbolt64         Sierra Falcon64 ISA/VLB
Obs     Trident JAX-8212                Trident 8900C   ISA
Obs     Trident VGA                     Trident 8900B/C ISA
Obs     Trident VGA 1024x768            Trident 8900C   ISA
Obs     Trident VGA Graphics            Trident 8900C   ISA
        Triumphony Visual Forge V-10    ET4000/W32p     PCI
        Triumphony V. F. V-50 (6) (12)  ET4000/W32p     PCI
Obs     UMAX Maxmedia CX/24 (13)        S3-801/805 (?x) ISA/VLB
Obs?    UMAX Maxmedia CX/Expert         S3-864          VLB/PCI
        UMAX Maxmedia CX/Pro (13)       S3-864 (3x)     PCI
Obs?    UMAX Maxmedia Graphic 68D       S3-Vision868    PCI
        UMAX Maxmedia Graphic Trio 64   S3-Trio64       PCI
        VG-8000 WH                      WD90C33?
Obs     Video7 VRAM II ERgo             HT209/D         ISA
Obs     Video7 Win Pro                  S3-801          ISA
Obs     Video7 Warp 10 (Plus)           S3-801          ISA
Obs     Video7 Warp 10 LB               S3-805          VLB
        VideoLogic 928Movie             S3-96C928       ISA/VLB
        VideoLogic PCIMovie             Weitek P9100    PCI
        VideoLogic GrafixStar 300       S3-Trio64       VLB/PCI
        VideoLogic GrafixStar 400       S3-Trio64V+     PCI
        VideoLogic GrafixStar 500       S3-Vision 868   VLB/PCI
        VideoLogic GrafixStar 600       ET6000          PCI
        VideoLogic GrafixStar 700       S3-Vision 968   VLB/PCI
Obs     VideoMagic PCI V864             S3-864          PCI
        ViewTop PCI                     ET4000/W32p     PCI
        Vision Enh. Windows Accelerator OTI-087         VLB
        Vision Enh. Mongoose (13)       OTI-6407        VLB/PCI
        Vision E. Mongoose II (6) (14)  OTI-6407        VLB/PCI
***     Western Digital's video division (Paradise) now owned by Philips
        Western Digital RocketCHIP      WD33            VLB
        Western Digital RocketCHIP      WD9710          VLB/PCI
Obs     Wyse SmartVision/SVGA           ET4000          ISA


        (1) Some had the CL-GD5434 chip.
        (2) S3-864 with 60 MHz MCLK.
        (3) S3-864 with 50 MHz MCLK.
        (4) Reported to have slower DOS performance than some other PCI
            ET4000/W32p-based cards.
        (5) Probably uses quite aggressive chip/memory timing.
        (6) Supports motion video.
        (7) Dual-port adapter.
        (8) Quad-port adapter.
        (9) MPEG support.
        (10) 3D-acceleration.
        (11) JPEG compression/decompression.
        (12) Hardware-assisted image capture.
        (13) Pan-and-zoom.
        (14) Audio capture, VESA Media Channel port.
        (15) Reported to have VESA Feature Connector that works in SVGA
             resolutions (e.g. MPEG card), unlike some other 64-bit cards.
        (16) 220 MHz DAC standard.
        (17) Supports two monitors at full resolution for WinNT, Win95, ACAD
        (18) Supports fixed frequency monitors

MPEG Decoder Cards

        Manufacturer & Model    Chipset         Buses   MPEG/Sound Level
        Aztech Gamma MPEG - Galaxy Gamma daughterboard  MPEG-1/ 1 & 2
        Aztech Oscar Pro 24-bit ?               ISA?    MPEG-1/ 1 & 2
        Cal.Gr. MPEGStar        S3 ScenicMX2    LPB     MPEG-1/ ??
        Cardex Media Vision                     ISA     MPEG-1/2
        DataExpert MPG3365P     S3-CP3          PCI     MPEG-1
        Diamond MVP 2000 -Stealth64 Video daughterboard MPEG-1/ ??
        ELSA ELSAmotion         IIT MPP         PCI     MPEG-1/ 1 & 2
        Genoa VideoMotion MPEG-TV Sigma PC-MPEG ISA     MPEG-1/ 1 & 2 (1)
        Matrox Media XL -Millenium daughterboard        MPEG-1
        Matrox Media XL-MPEG -Millenium daughterboard   MPEG-1
        miroVideo 20TD live!    Tseng Viper     VLB/PCI MPEG & AVI
        OmniMedia Talisman      C-CUBE CL480    ISA     MPEG-1
        VideoLogic MPEG Player                  ISA&VMC MPEG-1/ ??
        VideoLogic MPEG Star    S3 ScenicMX2    ISA&VMC MPEG-1/ ??


        LPB - S3 Scenic Highway video bus
        (1) Has a TV out port

PC to TV Converters

Manufacturer & Model    Input                   Buses   Output

Creative TVCoder Ext.   SVGA(800x600)           extern  NTSC,S,RGB,SVGA
Display Tech CV-Link
        CVI-2000        VGA,RGB                 extern  NTSC,S,RGB
        CVL-3000        VGA,RGB,Mac(VGA)        extern  NTSC,S,RGB
Genoa VGA2TV            VGA                     extern  NTSC,PAL,S (1)
UMAX Maxmedia TV Mini   VGA/SVGA(800x600)       extern  NTSC,PAL,S,RGB
UMAX Maxmedia TV Pro II above plus NEC          extern  NTSC,PAL,S,RGB
VideoLogic Mediator XLC VGA/SVGA(800x600)/Mac   extern  NTSC,PAL,S,RGB
VideoLogic Mediator LC  VGA                     extern  NTSC,S,RGB
VideoLogic Mediator     VGA/Mac                 extern  NTSC,PAL,S


        extern - external unit, no bus connection
        S - S-video out
        (1) '3D surround sound' chip

Video Capture Cards

Manufacturer & Model            Input           Output  Buses

Aztech Video Galaxy Gamma       N,P             SVGA
Cardex VIVID Tune               C,N,SV          SVGA    PCI
Cardex Ultra Vision/Multi       C,N,SV          SVGA    PCI
Creative Video Blaster SE100    N,P,SV          SVGA    ISA
Data Translation Broadway       N,P,SV          SVGA    PCI (4)
Genoa VideoMotion PCI Capture   N,P,Se,XV       SVGA    PCI (5)
Matrox Meteor                   N,P,Se,SV       MGA,VGA PCI
Matrox Meteor/RGB               N,P,Se,SV,RGB   MGA,VGA PCI
Matrox Comet                    N,P,SV          SVGA    PCI
Matrox Comet/RGB                N,P,SV,RGB      SVGA    PCI
Matrox Pulsar                   N, Any (3)      MGA     PCI
Matrox MAGIC                    N,P,SV, Any (3) SVGA    EISA
Matrox XL-MPEG                  N,P             MGA     MGA PowerDoc
Matrox XL-MPEG                  N,P             MGA     MGA PowerDoc
Matrox Media TV (tuner for XL and XL-MPEG (above))
miroVideo 20TD live!            N,P,Se,SV       VFC     VLB/PCI
miroVideo DC1                   N,P,Se,SV       NTSC    ISA     (1)
miroVideo DC20                  N,P,Se,SV       NTSC,SV PCI     (2)
Orchid Vidiola
Orchid Vidiola Pro/C                            NTSC
Orchid Vidiola Pro/D                            NTSC
Orchid Vidiola Pro Upgrade - Motion JPEG real-time compression for Pro
Orchid Vidiola Premium                          NTSC, M-JPEG
UMAX Maxmedia MP Plus           N,P,Se                  ISA
VideoLogic Captivator Pro       N,P,Se,SV       VMC     ISA
VideoLogic Captivator Pro TV    N,P,Se,SV       VMC     ISA


        C - CATV
        M-JPEG - Motion JPEG
        N - NTSC
        P - PAL
        Se - SECAM
        SV - S-Video
        VFC - VGA Feature Connector
        VMC - VESA Media Channel
        (1) Real-time MPEG compression at 30fps
        (2) Real-time MPEG compression at 60/50fps for NTSC/PAL
        (3) Supports non-standard resolutions up to 1k x 1k
        (4) Also contains an MPEG-1 encoder
        (5) Provides TV out and continuous 30 fps capture

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