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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Replacing the Battery

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[C] Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:08:05 -0800

New Topic/horror story: New Cells in the Battery.

Sometimes, it's worth looking stoopid to help others avoid a mistake.
This is one of those times.

You can take the battery apart and put in new cells...if you can find the
cells. I found some New Old Stock Cellphone batteries with the correct
cells, so I've been putting them into Aero packs.  I've done this
successfully a few times and got careless. So, I stuck in the cells and
glued it back together. I carefully checked the battery voltage and
polarity. I checked that the thermistor was still hooked up.
I shoved it into the Aero and pushed the purple button.
Nothing happened. I was scratching my head when clouds of smoke billowed
out of the machine. I removed the battery immediately and retired to the
kitchen for a beer and a good cry. I had another beer, more tears and
started kicking myself.  After sobering up, I took it apart.

Here's what happened. The thermistor contact on the battery  adjacent to
the positive terminal is connected directly to ground inside the Aero.
There's a small piece of "fish paper" inside the battery that insulates
the contacts.  If this gets mis-adjusted, it is possible for the two
adjacent contacts to short. Even if it isn't shorted outside the
computer, the spring force holding it in could cause the plastic
to shift enough to short when you install the battery.
When you stick it in the computer, the battery gets connected directly
across the charge-control FET.  The result is that the FET vaporizes and
takes a chunk of the circuit board with it.

Fortunately, I had an extra dead motherboard that I could steal the fet
from.  The board wasn't as bad off as it looked.  Doesn't look like
anything else was hurt.

So, if you put new cells in your pack, watch the position of the
insulator and push hard on the plastic while you check for shorts between
the thermistor terminal and the battery terminals.


[C] Subject: Armada 1100 and Contura 400
From: "Denis Hall" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:12:12 -0400   

To answer your question regarding battery compatibility, you are correct
in guessing that the Armada 1100 series shares batteries with the Aero.
Also sharing the same battery is the Contura 400 series.  So, when it is
necessary to call the retailers for a new battery, be sure to ask for all
three applications.

[Q] Author: pedece                              
Date: 1998/09/15                                
Forums: comp.sys.laptops        
Subject: Compaq Aero Lithium-ion Battery
Does anyone knows if it is possible to use a Lithium-ion Battery in the 
Aero 4/33c, instead of the standard Duracell Nickel-Metal? If so, where
can they be found? Would there be any issue with Rompaqs or Windows 95
Advanced Power Management?


[A1] Re: Compaq Aero Lithium-ion Battery                
Author: JazzMan                 
Email: Please reply to jsavage"at" 
Date: 1998/09/15                                

It's not likely. The Li-Ion chemistry requires a very different charging
technology, namely the charger has to have the ability to sense various
factors in the battery and adjust charging voltage and current accordingly.
It should be possible to charge a Li-Ion battery separately in a smart
charger then run it in a plain laptop, however. Definitely a serious
project to do the conversion.


[A2] From: "Denis Hall" <> 
To: <>Subject: Compaq Aero Battery Question LiOn...
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 

No, you can't use Lithium units in Aero... Besides, there's not one
produced to the physical requirements of the Aero with appropriate
terminal connectors to fit ... The standard Duracell DR31 unit design is
the default used on Aero / Contura / Armada 1100 series.

-Denis Hall, Michigan

[C] Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 11:01:48 -0800
From: (mike acharjee)
Subject: Re: Battery replacement / rebuild

I rebuilt my own battery with 3.0Ah NiMh batteries (9 of them) part 
no. HR-4/4 AUS Type 4/3 A at $5.50 each (get the ones with solder 
tags) from The Battery Store tel (800) 346-0601. 
I made a mess of opening the old case but the new batteries work 

[C] From: "John W. Osenbaugh"
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 22:01:51 -0600

I just finished taking my old 3 hour battery apart.  It has 9 rechargable
batteries soldered together in series.  You are probably right about the
temperature sensor Philip.  The 2 center terminals have a short wire 
attached so it is probably a temperature sensor that shuts off the 
charger. I was able to pull the batteries loose from the casing terminals
so can be used with another set of batteries.

The batteries are:

Size 4/5A rechargable nickel metal hydride
1.2 volts
Duracell number DH45150

These batteries are slightly larger in diameter than standard AA 
batteries. I suspect my 6 hour battery contains the same type batteries
only longer. My 6 hour battery is 2 years old and now only lasts 45
minutes on a good day!

[A] From: Phil Salisbury
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 1996 12:53 PM

Compaq Direct at 800-888-3406 is a source for most of the Aero accessories.  
Some examples as of 4/17/96 are: Standard Battery #190528-001 is $39 
(.696 lb 1500 mAh). Enhanced Battery #190529-001 is $95 (1.09 lb 2300 mAh).
The standard battery is approximately 140mm long.  The enhanced
battery is about 212 mm long. The extension is a plastic part that is 
required to have the standard battery fit into the Aero. The batteries were 
on back-order. These prices are the cheapest that I have found.

[A] From: Paul Mathews <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 20:12:00 -0700

As I explained in an earlier posting, I have purchased 'Compaq' extended 
batteries for $65 each plus $4 shipping from Netstream 
International, Richardson, TX  phone 214 664 0383.  They have other Aero 
accessories for low prices as well.  I found them by doing an Altavista 
search on "Compaq Aero accessories".  You will find other vendors that way 
as well.

[A]From: Paul Mathews

Have a look at "".
Among other items, they have the extended life batteries for $65.

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