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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Screen hinge problem (the darn "clutch")

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[C] From: Evelyn Lee
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 14:53:51 -0800

> Anyone know the proper size screw and where to obtain one?
> Not even sure whether it's metric or SAE thread.

I believe its SAE and a 56 screw outta do the careful on the
length of the don't want it too big or too small...just like
Goldielocks...gotta be just right.

[C] For pictures of this problem check out the aero page at:
"" and look for "photos of
the hinge problem (aka the clutch)".

[C] For a diagram of the clutch area look at Figure 3-12 under "Diagrams of the
Aero" on the previously mentioned page.

[Q]Wait a minute.. There are two part #'s for the right hinge? What's the
difference between the two hinges?

[A]From: Land Shark 
Subject: Re: Hinge replacement part #
 Actually FOUR numbers, depending on 4/25 or 4/33 and whether the "assembly" or
 "spare part" (you want the spare part). Here's the data ..

                Assembly                Spare Part
 4/25           190638-001              185099-001
 4/33           190638-002              199336-001

[Q]How do I keep the clutch from breaking?

[A]Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 11:43:31 +0800 (WST)
From: Denis Cheong 
Subject: Re: Reinforcing the clutch with washers (was Re: Spare parts?)

> Should the washer go between the head of the screw and the outer case?
> Also, which of the two screws? Top or bottom? I open the aero to put my
> 810meg HD in it but can't remember the details of that area inside the
> aero.

It should go between the bar of the clutch and the head of the screw.  
The bottom hole (the one closest to the keyboard with the screen open) is 
the one where the clutch always breaks, so I would suggest you put it on 
that one.  There is a sound physics reason for this, which I was going to 
try to explain, but my physics is rather weak so after writing it all out 
I decided it would only confuse everybody.

[Q] Can you buy the replacement clutch separately if my waranty has expired?

[A] Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 03:25:58 -0700
From: Paul Gallivan 
Subject: parts from PCService experience/notes

PC Service at: 1-800-340-2667 and use the previously mentioned 
spare part numbers.

Kit came complete with clutch, screws (including the longer one necessary
for the beefier hinge), LH pivot/bushing, screen to hinge ground strap, new
vinyl plugs for screen cover screws, AND...
the kit includes an improved version of the screen cable protector 
that doesn't float around.

the number for replacement battery cover (comes with Memory upgrade door as
well) is 197239-001 for $7.50

they have a $7.50 charge for orders under $50, plus freight, came to $45.31

[A] Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 19:13:24 -0500 (CDT)
From: Peter Barrette

I just picked up my new Aero (4/25) clutch today. The spring mechanism is 
the same old stuff; spring steel wrapped around the axle to provide 
friction. The difference is in the part that attaches to the monitor. The 
aluminum is now about 1.5-2 times as thick at the lower screw hole (the 
one where the breakage occurs), but it is the same thickness as the old 
one at the top.
               _                                        _    *=Screw
(Side View)   | | _Top Screw hole       (Front View)   | |     hole
              | |_                                     |*| 
              |  | _Bottom screw hole                  |*|________
              |  |                                     |_____| * |
              |()|                                           | * |
                ^                                            |___|

The process of recieving my new clutch went like this:
    Step 1) Go to compaq dealer. "What's that thing called?", "A clutch."
            "Are you sure that's the right part number?", "Yes."
            "That's not in our computer.", "It's the right part number."
            "Well, if that's the right number we'll order it and it will be
            in about 3 weeks from now.", "OK."

    Step 2) Go to compaq dealer _one_ week later. Pay $33.60 and walk out
            with new clutch.

I have found that getting the CPU cover off is much easier if the display 
bezel is removed first.

[C] Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 02:09:27 -0500 (CDT)
From: Peter Barrette 

Yes, I am not covered under the three year warranty since I bought my 
Aero used. I also did not want to pay $80/hr to my local compaq dealer 
for "labor". I ordered part number 185099-001 and received the "clutch 
kit" for $33.60 including tax. The kit included:
   * The reenforced right clutch
   * One screw to attach right clutch to screen
   * One axle for left hinge (attached to screen by 2 screws)
   * One collar to connect axle to base (slips into collar on base)
   * Two screws for left hinge axle
   * Improved metal hold-down for screen cable (holds plastic lock in place)
   * Two screws for screen bezel
   * Two black adhesive disks to cover screw holes on screen bezel
   * One black screw to attach right clutch to base

All screws (except the black one) had coated threads to prevent them from 
twisting out. The metal hold-down is much better than the original one 
which allowed the plastic lock to slip thus creating many display 
problems. The screw to attach the right clutch to the screen is a little 
bit short in my opinion. It is the same length as the old one, but should 
be a few millimeters longer to account for the increase in metal 
thickness on the replacement clutch. As soon as I get the time I will 
take some pictures of the parts and send them to whomever would like them.

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