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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Common Problems

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[C] From: "James A. Carmody" 
Subject: Re: Win95 PCMCIA modem problems 
Date: 1998

Andrew Griffin wrote:

> I'm having major problems with my PCMCIA modem. It's a 28800 X-Jack 
> US Robotics Sportster. No matter what I do, I just cannot get it to be 
> recognised by Dial-Up networking. I have tried it on another type of 
> Compaq and it connects no problem, so it does work. I've also tried 
> connecting a serial modem at the back of my Aero and that goes 
> straight onto the net too.

I have the same problem from time to time. Pop the card in and out and/or 
reboot with the card in and the diskdrive out. This has been a problem on 
several Aeros and is software, I believe.  Jim

see section for more information on power management.

[C] Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 13:09:34 -0800
From: dkanora <>

>> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 15:20:03 -0500
>> From: Jeff Westhead <>
>> Subject: Lost my modem (Win95)
>> I reinstalled Windows 95 a while back and I'm 90% positive I tested my
>> modem re-installation, but today for the first time in a long while I
>> needed my modem and sure enough it doesn't work.
>> I get a generic "no response from modem" message from Dial Up
>> Networking. I noticed that my modem is using COM2 but in Control
>> Panel...System...Device Manager...Ports there is only COM1 and LPT1
>> listed. Is this a problem?
> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:22:22 -0500
> From: "Pres Waterman" <>
> Subject: Re: Lost my modem (Win95)
> Yes... I would suggest going to control...modems and REMOVING the modem,
> then reinstalling it. Or, same place but "add new hardware" and add the
> port for com2. COme to think of it, this is better because you want to keep
> the serial port on the back as Com1


I am running Win95 OEM OSR2 on an Aero 4/33C.

My system is set up with Direct Cable Connect and my System Properties are:
    Parallel cable on LPT1
    Serial cable on COM1
    *both for direct cable connect - setup by Win95 for direct cable connect
b)Network adapters
    Dial-Up adapter
c)PCMCIA socket
    Compaq PCMCIA Controller
d)Ports (COM & LPT1)
     Communication Port (COM1) - being the "free" serial port
     ECP  Printer Port (LPT1)

My modem doesn't show up anywhere in Device Manager. It only shows up under
the Modems icon in the Control Panel. You SHOULD merely plug-in the pcmcia
modem and Win95 SHOULD see it and install it as COM2, but COM2 never shows
up in Device Manager.

I have to disagree with Pres on one account - do NOT add COM2 - it doesn't
physically exist! A pseudo COM2 is created and it's IRQ and IO address 
space get mapped to the pcmcia port (and an install dialogue shows up) the 
first time you plug the modem in. You'll never see your pcmcia modem show up
in the Device Manager panel. Once Win95 installs it then you can see it in
Compaq's PC Card (PCMCIA) Properties panel whenever it's plugged in and in
the Modems icon in the Control Panel. Installalling a COM2 port will 
definitely screw up the works.

So what's the answer to your problemo? Make sure you've got the PCMCIA
Socket showing up in the Device Manager and use auto-settings. My IRQ is
9, and two IO ranges 03E0-03E1/83E0-83E1 are used. Read on.......

I'm using the last BIOS revision Compaq put out for the Aero's and a
14.4 IBM pcmcia modem. The first time I plugged it in Win95 picked it up
and installed it. It sounds like your system is not acting the way it
should(duhh). I have to agree with Pres that you'll have to go into
Modems in the control panel and reinstall it. I would suggest though
that you first try deleting any modem that's showing up, shut the
machine down, plug in your modem, start up the machine, and see if Win95
picks it up. If not, then manually install it as Pres suggested. 

Good luck - plug and play seems to be garbage most of the time. I could
tell you a story about my desktop and trying to get a Supra internal 56K
to work (4 hours !!!) but I won't (before I had Memphis installed). As
far as PnP goes it seems that the newer revisions of Win95/Memphis work
alot better - I use Memphis 1673 and NT 4.0 on my desktop and they
picked up everything in my system without exception on the first install
- a miracle indeed.

[C] From: John David Steffes <>
Subject: RE: It seems SP3030 is only for Armada
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 17:35:02 -0400 wrote:
> I "updated" my Aero 4/33 with the SP3030, but now the Power Management
> does not seem to work correctly.
> I went back to re-install it and noticed, for the first time <g>, that
> the DOS install box says it's for the Armada family.
> Also, SP3030 is not listed under the Aero section on the Compaq site.
> Does anyone have any idea which SP??? was the previous one, and how to
> "go back"?

If you installed with SP2.00 then upgraded to SP2.04 you are OK it is if 
you installed SP2.04 first then you have already messed up you registry. 

PS SP3030 is for the Armada but it works great in the Aero also it allows 
you to use HIB32.EXE which is controlled though windows 95 instead of DOS 

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