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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Lap2Desk and WinLink

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[C] From: "Ulrich Hansen"
Subject: Re: Winlink update
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:55:17 +0200

>   Perhaps this has been posted to the list before, but several people have
> asked whether Winlink was ever updated for the later operating systems.
> Apparently it was.
>   The blurb does  NOT say, however, whether you can mix and match.. that
> is, run 16-bit winlink under dos or W3.1 on one machine and Winlink 2001 on
> the other.

I installed the trial version today from the link above.

1. You can't mix. Winlink 2001 cannot connect to the aeros winlink.

2. Winlink 2001 is much slower with the parallel port than the aeros
original winlink:
To transfer a114 KB jpeg file  winlink 2001 needed 12s
with the aero winlink (under win95 on both machines) it took 3s.
Much more waiting also with bigger (>2MB) files.

3. Under Winlink 2001 it is not possible to control the winlink program from
both machines: Either you run the filemanager like window from the desktop
or you run it from the aero.

4. There are no possibilities to change port settings etc. Connection is
only possible via the parallel port. Only possibilities are transfer,
synchronize folders, delete, rename, create new folder and refresh. Not
more. There is no 'properties' or 'options' dialogue. Features of the aeros
winlink like to search a file, to show a file, to change attributes, to copy
a complete harddisk with special selected directories, with files with
special attributes, or excluded files are not possible with winlink 2001.

5. If you exit winlink 2001 the program on the other computer keeps

6. There is no l2d or l2dmap like program. There is no small and quick dos

7. winlink 2001 seems to have some bugs too: The attached picture shows
different transfer progress states (file progress/total progress)  while
transfering only one file. I also had problems with the minimized program

8. All aero winlink files need only less than 1 MB diskspace, winlink 2001
needs 2.2 MB. So you cannot run it from floppy.

9. The trial version can only be used 8 times (not days).

The only advantage with Winlink 2001 are the long filenames. Aero users are
in many ways better off with their original winlink sofrware. All in all I
see no need to use winlink 2001 and delete it.

[C] Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 09:59:07 +0200 (METDST)
From: Edgard Egas Ayuso
Subject: Winlink Instructions

WinLINK Remote Install:

The winLINK program allows you to transfer data and share disk
drives between this computer and another. the other computer
is referred to as the "remote" computer. These instructions will
help you install WinLINK on your remote computer Quickly, allowing
you to transfer information from one computer to another.
NOTE: If you are using Winlink version 1.20c or previous versions,
the SHARE program cannot be running on the remote compueter during
the remote install or Clone procedure. Temporarily remove SHARE.EXE
from the AUTOEXEC.BAT on the remote computer, the replace it
after the installation is complete.

Follow the steps below to perform the remote install:

1. Turn off both computers.
2. connect the enclosed seral cable between the serial ports
of each coputer, (see below) :(
3. Turn both of the computers back on.
4. In tabWorks, select the Winlink tab, then doubleclick on the
winlink icon.
5. Click on the clone button near of the top of the screen, then
follow the instructions for preparing the remote computer to
accept the winlink program transfer.
6. when the remote computer is ready, click on the install button
on the winlink screen.
7. When the transfer is complete, you will see the message "remote
install has been successful". click on the Okay button.
8. Refer to he compaq online User's Guide for information on
copying data and sharing devices using winlink.

LAP2DESK quick setup

The lap2desk program enables one compueter to access another
computer's hard disks, diskettes, or pirnters through the serial
cable attached to eac machine's serial port. These instructions
in addition to the documentation contained in Compaq online user's
guide, details information on how to set up and use the lap2desk
prograam. intially, the lap2desk program must be copied to the
remote computer usin the program's cloning process.

Follow the steps below to copy the lap2desk program to the remote

1. Turn off both computers.
2. connect the enclosed serial cable between the serial ports 
of each computer.
3. Turn both of the computers back on.
4. Exit windows (3.1) by selecting file, the exit on both computers.
5. on your local computer change the directory to winlink by
entering, at the C:\ prompt:
6. Run lap2desk by entering:
this loads the lap2desk driver.
7. Run the L2DMap program by entering:
8. Copy the Lap2desk program to the remote computer by selecting
the clone button or typing "ALT+C", then follow the instructions
on your local computer.
9. When the clone process is complete, enter the following on
the remote computer.
This loadas a driver that enables you to share drives and devides
between the two computers.

You shouldn't use the l2dmap "/all" parameter
when installing Win95 via l2d/cable - Win95 will otherwise identify the
drive of your desktop-windows-OS and try to install there! (from Uli)

[C] From: "D. Sean McGarrity" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 18:50:18 -0500
Subject: Re:Lap2Desk Software

I installed Win'95 and MS office both using Lap2desk.  No problems.  
Just remeber to add to the autoexec.bat the first two lines 
c:\winlink\l2d /lpt1 (or com but Lpt is better)
c:\winlink\l2dmap all

run l2d on the computer with the CD-Rom drive.  Save the new 
autoexec.bat.  Turn off the aero.  Turn on the Aero and the cd-rom 
drive should be mapped.  Run the install program.  When the install 
program finishes loading, and wants to restart the aero, it will remap 
the cd-rom drive first.  Everything will continue normally.  When 
your all done just 'rem' out the two l2d lines in the autoexec and 
they will cause you no further problems.

Good luck.  I've loaded most of my software that way.

> Quick Question:
> Has anyone used L2D to install Office 97 (for example) from a desktop
> CD-Rom drive to the good old Aero? If so, could you email me some
> advice, instructions or anything useful.
> Thanks
> Mark

[C] Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 13:04:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Steve <>
Subject: Winlink

You can install Win95 from CD through Winlink.  I succeeded in doing so.
Here's a rough idea of how:

First, get a parallel laplink cable if you do not have one.
On desktop computer, in a DOS prompt (anywhere)

On your laptop add these lines to the Autoexec.bat:
C:\WINLINK\L2D /LPT1 e:=e:    (supposing that e is your cd rom drive)

Strip out anything that might interfere with Win95 install.
(i.e. I got rid of 386max, and multiconfigs, just to be safe)
Reboot your laptop.
You now can run the setup from the Cd on your desktop.

After the install completes, remove the L2D lines from the autoexec.bat.

All done.  =)
Kind of surprised me that it worked, but I'm not complaining.

[Q] At the end of last week I got a parallel laplink cable and tried it out
with my Aero. It works like a charm -- more than twice as fast as using the
serial port connection with the included cable. I would definitely suggest
getting a parallel cable for any significant data transfers, such as doing a
full backup of the Aero on a desktop system's tape drive. It took me 1.5hrs to
backup about 105 megs, as compared to 3 hours or more over the serial cable.
However, it's annoying to reboot the Aero to get rid of the L2D tsr. Does
anyone know how to pop that thing out of memory once it's running?

[A] I just use the Windows WinLink software over the parallel port with similar
performance results. Why are you using L2D? An even better deal is to use the
InterLnk.EXE and InterSvr.EXE stuff that comes with DOS - I use that for all my
backups - even to the point of making the laptop the "server" and backing the
data directly to the tape drive on my desktop. (I use Central Point Backup for
Windoze, but I guess any backup software would work.)

[I'm sure you know the drill - I put "DEVICE=InterLnk.EXE /Drives:3" in the
desktop Config.SYS and run InterSvr from the DOS command line on the laptop;
that way, the laptop C: drive magically shows up as drive H: on my desktop.]

[A] Try: l2d /free for any other question try l2d /? -- that will show a list
of other options.

Speaking of l2d, is there any way to both map the desktop's printer and drives
and the Aero's drive? I've got it to work for a while, but if both machines
attempt to access each others resources at the same time. Is there any other
software I might look at?

[Q] For some reason, my Winklink/L2D connection will conk out after a while. If
I try to reestablish the connection, the laptop will tell me that it can't find
the desktop, and both machines will begin to act sluggishly. Often I end up
having to reboot one or both computers.

Also, if I use L2D to connect to the desktop, the Aero will not let me access
the external floppy, even if I specified "b:" as the remote drive in L2D.
Unmapping the drive doesn't help. Again, the only solution is to reboot. Any

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