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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Windows vs. power management and the date problem

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[C] From:  Martin Ziessler []
Sent:  Thursday, April 17, 1997 4:41 PM
Subject:  Hibernation Woes--the Answer

At 12:00 16.04.97 -0600, Jonathan Griffitts wrote:
>There is another power management option that I haven't seen discussed
>here recently:
>    Control Panel
>        System
>            Device Manager
>                System Devices
>                    Advanced Power Management Support
>                        Settings
>                            Force APM 1.0 mode
>I have my Aero 4/25 running Win95, latest BIOS, Windows power management
>set to "advanced", and this "Force APM 1.0 mode" turned on.  I have no
>problems with date/time anomalies, and suspend/hibernate seems to work
>in a sensible fashion.
>When I had "Force APM 1.0 mode" turned off, the timeout for automatic
>suspend/hibernate did not work well.  Instead of turning off after the
>timeout period, it would spin the disk back up and turn the display on.
>I have never seen the date/time problems at all.

>                        Jonathan Griffitts


That's pretty nifty.  I think you've provided the answer.  I've set the
Aero to "Force APM 1.0 Mode" and Windows 95 Power Management to
"Advanced." All the problems I reported previously have miraculously
vanished.  In particlur, I note the following:

(1)  I let the Aero hibernate on low battery as well as forced hibernation
on AC power and on a well-charged battery (using STBY_HIB) several times.
Unlike before, waking up the Aero resulted in no crashes or any other
obvious problems.  This is true even for going into hibernation with my
IBM 14.4 Home and Away modem/ethernet card plugged in and with several
applications with unsaved work running, such as Word for Windows 95 or

(2)  I left the Aero in Standby mode overnight.  The clock and date
settings advanced normally.  (I didn't have a problem with time and date
before.  Perhaps the latest System ROM, dated May 16, 1996, downloadable
as SP1992 from Compaq, is the fix for that problem.)

(3)  The system seems to be cured from blank-screen syndrome when I plug
into AC power on a low battery warning.  Previously, the screen would
oscillate between on and off.  I would have to keep hitting keys every
couple of seconds to keep the display on.

(4)  The purple button seems to operate properly with any of the three
Windows Power Management Settings, Advanced, Standard, or Off.

(5)  The harddisk spins down and the display blanks the way they're
supposed to, after the time-outs set with the pop-up icons or in the
Control Panel.

(6)  Another detail:  The battery charge indicator on the Task Bar
functions better now.  When the charge is down to 20%, a red exclamation
mark appears to its right and the blue charge level drops to about
one-fourth.  I've never seen that exclamation mark before.  The charge
level used to drop directy from half-empty to wiped-out.

Jonathan, much obliged for your quick-fix answer to what seemed to be a
complicated problem.  I'm still ripping out my hair for not finding it
myself.  I believe I've been before to the well-hidden settings location
in the Device Manager to which you pointed us.  "Force APM Mode 1.0" is
the default setting, right?  I think I changed it deliberately because
Windows 3.1 compatibility mode sounded wroung, and then I forgot about it
completely.  Again, great suggestion!  I recommend this for inclusion in
the FAQ.

Now I'd be perfectly happy if it weren't for the remaining questions:

(1)  How does one keep Windows 95 from spinning up the harddisk, at
irregular intervals, and for no reason that I can see?

(2)  Is it possible to configure the Aero under Windows 95 to
automatically resume from standby when a PCMCIA modem card detects an
incoming phone call?

(3)  The battery charged to full while the Aero was in standby.  I then
powered up briefly, forced hibernation, and unplugged AC power.  Upon
waking up from hibernation on battery power, everything is fine except the
Win 95 battery gauge says it can't detect the charge level and displays a
question mark.  More precisely, it keeps switching between the question
mark and a reading of "critical" (battery symbol crossed out), prompting
low battery warnings that result in nothing.  Is this normal?

Cheers to all,

[C] From: John David Steffes <>
Subject: RE: Hibernation Woes--the Answer
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 17:28:32 -0400

This fix is not a TRUE fix. The Compaq Aero has power management
built in to the system. However, The Aero does have problems in versions
win95, win95a. You must set it up to be compatible with version 1.0. Under
Win95b or Win97 you will have power management features version 1.2, which
also fixes the problems. The new problems with the battery explanation
mark in NORMAL for Win95 (under other Notebooks) but is not NORMAL for the
Aero. Why? Because the Compaq Aero is not designed around Win95. I posted
this fix you mentioned about one year ago. I have now sense noticed more
bugs than what you mention. I would also note that the Aero Runs much
better under the new v1.2 power management. JDS 

[C] Subject: Re: date problem
From: Wagner Yotov <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 11:00:01 -0500

It is the same problem, in fact what I believe is the most common case
is when only the date advance is not working.  The reason being the
conflict between the Compaq and Microsoft power management utilities,
you can follow Gary's advice and turn the "standard" mode of MS Windows
power management to "advanced" to fix the date change.  At the other
hand, in "advanced mode" you get all those other problems that are
discussed in and, according to Gary again, "However, setting the
aero to advance will cause the aero to flicker in and out of power
saving mode at odd times.  Putting it in standard mode fixes this, but
you don't get the date advance.  Take your pick which bug you want"
(Aero FAQ list).

[C] There's a power management utility in windows hidden in the control
panel. This stupid utility upsets Aero's own power management. In
particular I had the microsoft thing set to "advanced" (don't ask me how
it happened or why :-) and whenever the Aero tried to shut down its disk
and/or the screen it failed! It was rapidly switching the disk and screen
on and off (a few minutes later however it would shut down both disk and
screen normally only to repeat the rapid on/off later). The rapid on/off
switch of the drive and screen got me worried if something was wrong.
Aero's power managment seemed OK. Finally I discovered that I had the
microsoft utility on. After setting it to off, Aero's power management
worked fine. Comments ?

[C] Well, I discovered a problem with setting the Windows/Control
Panel/power utility to "off" : aero does not go to hybernation when the
battery discharges. The proper setting is "Standard" ( not "advanced" ).
"Standard" means that the computer's own power management facilities are
in charge. Again "Advanced" creates problems in my Aero. Read the help of
Control-Panel/power for more info. Sorry for the confusion but it was
trial-error experimenting so far.

[C] From: Gary Hong <garyh@sco.COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 96 14:06:57 PST

>I've got a minor problem I've had since I bought my Aero 4/33c last summer.
>Every time, when running Win 3.1, that the computer is suspended, the system
>clock seems to be suspended too. So if I suspend the computer at 10:30 and
>turn it back on at 12:00, the system clock in Windows will say that it is
>still 10:30. When running straight DOS, there's no problem. Of course, this
>ain't a critical flaw, but I'm juggling a number of different versions of my
>thesis and it would be nice to have some confidence in the time stamps.

You need to set your power saving mode to advance mode for the clock to
advance.  It's under the control panel icon I believe.  However, setting
the aero to advance will cause the aero to flicker in and out of power saving
mode at odd times.  Putting it in standard mode fixes this, but you don't
get the date advance.  Take your pick which bug you want :).

[C] From: konrad <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 10:56:29 -0800
Subject: Re: date problem

I've found that the easy "band-aid" fix with Win95 is just to have the
Date/Time Properties window pop up at boot time. This way I can just
click adjust the date, close the window and get on with my life.
Works for me, your mileage may vary...

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