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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Storage Devices and Multiple function cards

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also see the section on external harddrives:

[C] From: (Peter Barrette)
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 17:15:11 -0500

I had some problems with the Panasonic 4x-CDROM. When I put the card in,
Win95 configured 8 different CDROM drives all of which referred back to
the same CD. It was fixed easily enough by deleting the extraneous SCSI ID
references in the registry though. It's also a bit loud.   

[C] From: "p c" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 15:17:28 WEST
Subject: CD Traveler 2020s: PCMCIA 20x CD-ROM and Sound Card

Recently I bought a product that has provided my Aero with CD-ROM and 
sound capabilities, all that trough the PCMCIA slot. It's name is CD
Traveler 2020S, by EXP ( I've collected the following
summary from their website:

"Now you can add a high performance twenty (20X) speed CD-ROM drive with 
built-in 16bit stereo sound to your notebook computer easily and 
affordably with the CD Traveler 2020S. You can access your CD software 
with blazing speed for data retrievals and searches when and wherever 
you need it. And you can also play your latest music CD's on this same 

This unit includes (20X) CD-ROM drive, PC Card interface cable and 
16-bit SoundNote module which have all been designed to work flawlessly 
together. And with CD Traveler 2020S, you will never need to bother 
carrying batteries or finding an AC outlet. Because CD Traveler 2020S is 
capable of drawing all of its necessary power from your notebook 
computer's battery."

From a users point of view, it works! It's great having a real sound 
Card in the Aero! The only downside was the installation, since the
manual's instructions are not up to date.

The following installation instructions worked on my Win 95 OSR 2, but I 
can not guarantee that it will work for you also, OK? For instance, our
floppy is also PCMCIA, right? So, what gives?

Solution: copy the entire contents of the installation disk to a hard 
disk folder. However, before going along with the physical installation, 
you should run (from the floppy drive)a batch file called "copy.bat", 
that you can find on the floppy's root. Then, turn off the Aero, remove
the floppy drive, and insert the "CD's and sound card" Card. Turn the
computer back on, and when the "new Hardware found" message appears,
direct the search path to the folder you created, and more precisely to
the Win 95 folder. All the necessary files/drivers should be there, and
all should go well. Restart the Aero, and after boot proceed to the
Device manager in the Control Panel. Locate a multifunction device, and
look into it's properties. Select update driver, and you'll be presented
with two alternatives: choose the one that adds sound to the CD-ROM
device. If needed, locate the sound driver in the folder you've created
earlier. Reboot again, and everything should work now.

So far my new device works flawlessly, but there are some things to 

1) The built-in speaker is mono; however, you are presented with a 
stereo output jack
2) You can use audio CDs; however, if you want CD sound trough the Sound 
Module, you should connect the two with a special cord ( supplied )
3) The DMA channel is provided by software emulation (windows); so, no DMA
channel available for DOS mode only applications.

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Top Document: Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
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