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Comp.os.research: Welcome to comp.os.research [l/m 6 Jan 1996]

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Archive-name: os-research/welcome
Version: $Revision: 1.5 $
Last-Modified: Sat Jan 6 18:16:47 1996

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This periodic posting serves as an introduction to newsgroup
comp.os.research.  A set of companion postings, the Frequently
Answered Questions for comp.os.research, summarises some of the past
discussions in the group.

Comp.os.research is a moderated Usenet newsgroup created to foster the
discussion of and exchange of information on topics in the field of
operating systems research.  The moderator is Darrell Long
<> of the University of California at Santa
Cruz.  The maintainer of the FAQ is Bryan O'Sullivan

As far as moderation policy is concerned, the following two principles
are applied to each article submitted for posting: is it interesting?
is it related to research?

Job announcements will be posted if they are related to operating
systems research; blatantly commercial postings are not acceptable.

Calls for papers for most conferences and journals related to OS
research will be posted.  This is fairly broadly interpreted, since OS
research is a large field.

Smart alec comments are generally filed unceremoniously in /dev/null.

Finally, discussions are cut off when the signal-to-noise ratio falls
below a certain (fairly subjective) level.  Please consider setting
the Followup-To: line whenever discussion drifts away from operating
systems research.

This posting, like much of Usenet, is maintained on a purely volunteer
basis.  It is subject to comment and improvement by sending email to

Please note that there is a discaimer and copyright notice at the end
of Part 2 of the FAQ.

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