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Anti-Masonry FAQ (v. 2.8.10)

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Anti-Masonry Frequently Asked Questions
compiled by Trevor W. McKeown
version 2.8.10
Last modified: 26 January, 2003

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The Anti-masonry FAQ is intended to address issues of ignorance or
malicious misinformation. It contains verifiable and documented historical
events and facts. 

Anti-masonic writings, with a history dating to sixteenth century England,
can be grouped into two broad catagories: accusations of anti-Christian or
satanic objectives and accusations of political and social manipulation.
Both of these catagories rely on fraud, unfounded paranoia, historical
hoaxes, logical fallacy, and often the writings of the 18th century
anti-mason, John Robison; the confessed fraud, Leo Taxil; and the often
misquoted 19th century masonic author, Albert Pike. 


        1. Who are the Illuminati?
        2. Does the Trilateral Commission control the freemasons?
        3. What is the Trilateral Commission?
        4. Who are the Bilderburgers?
        5. What was the P2 Lodge?
        6. What was Palladium?
        7. Is the Club of Rome an Illuminati front?
        8. Did high-ranking mason, Albert Pike found the Ku Klux Klan?
        9. Isn't the Priory of Sion a masonic front? 
       10. What about the Alta Vendita? 
       11. What about the Rex Deus dynasty's influence on Freemasonry?
       12. What is the Council on Foreign Relations?
       13. What was the Rhodes-Milner Round Table? 
       14. What is the Belmont Brotherhood? 
       15. What is the Skull and Bones? 
       16. What is the Royal Dragon Court?
        1. Why do freemasons use the Satanic pentagram/pentacle?
        2. Are freemasons satanists or luciferians?
        3. Is the eye and pyramid a masonic symbol?
        1. Who was Elias Ashmole?
        2. Who was Francis Bacon?
        3. Who was Abbe Barruel?
        4. Who was Cagliostro?
        5. Who was Albert Pike?
        6. Who was John Robison?
        7. Who was Leo Taxil?
        8. Who was Adam Weishaupt?
        9. Was [insert name] a Mason?
        1. Is a 33rd degree freemason more important than a 3rd degree mason?
        2. What does A.F.& A.M. mean?
        3. Is Freemasonry anti-religious?
        4. Is Freemasonry a racist organization?
        5. Do freemasons worship Satan?
        6. Is it true that members can never quit?
        7. Is Freemasonry male chauvinistic?
        8. Does Freemasonry have a secret political agenda?
        9. Well, is Freemasonry liberal or conservative?
       10. Is an Egyptian mystical resurrection ritual the lost secret 
           of Freemasonry? 
       11. Then you've got something to do with the Grail, right?
        1. What was the Bavarian Illuminati?
        2. Weren't George Washington, every USA president, the first USA
           Congress and the entire Continental Army all Freemasons?
        3. Didn't Edward VI abolish Freemasonry?
        4. Isn't Freemasonry the same as Rosicrucianism?
        5. What was the Rite of Strict Observance?
        6. Who were the Unknown Superiors?
        1. What were the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
        2. Was Albert Pike the leader of Universal Freemasonry?
        3. Does A.L. mean "In the year of Lucifer"?
        4. Isn't the Masonic Bible supposed to be Albert Pike's 
           "Morals and Dogma"?
        5. Didn't George Washington renounce Freemasonry?
        6. Doesn't the "Big Book of Conspiracies explain all this?
        7. Didn't John F. Kennedy oppose Freemasonry?
		      8. Doesn't the satanic design of Washington, DC's streetplan 
		         prove that there's a masonic conspiracy?
        9. Aren't the freemasons plotting to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem?
       10. Didn't Adolf Hitler praise Freemasonry? 
       11. But wasn't the Nazi party founded by the freemasons? 
        1. Did the freemasons cause the French Revolution?
        2. Did the freemasons kill Captain Morgan?
        3. Did the freemasons kill Pope John Paul I?
        4. Did the freemasons kill John F. Kennedy?
        5. Was Jack the Ripper a freemason?
        6. Is Freemasonry corrupt?
        1. Is Freemasonry a religion?
        2. Are freemasons really Gnostics?
        3. What is Gnosticism?
        4. Do "Lucifer" and "Satan" refer to the same entity?
        5. Isn't Freemasonry deist?
        6. Doesn't Freemasonry promote natural religion?
        7. Doesn't Freemasonry promise a path to salvation?
        8. Are freemasons really Noahides?
        9. Doesn't Freemasonry promote ecumenism or syncreticism? 
       10. Is Freemasonry a form of Hermetism? 
       11. But aren't freemasons really pagans? 
       12. Is Freemasonry a mystery cult? 
       13. Is Freemasonry a form of Templarism? 
       14. Isn't Freemasonry cabalistic? 
       15. Is Jacques de Molay the Second Messiah of Freemasonry? 
       16. Has Freemasonry become part of the New Age movement? 
       17. Are the Enochian mysteries the true secrets of Freemasonry? 
       18. Well then, are freemasons pseudo-Zadokites? 
       19. Aren't the freemasons parodying Judaism? 
       20. Is Freemasonry a revival of Essenism? 
       21. Does Freemasonry promote indifferentism? 
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