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OPEN LOOK GUI FAQ 04/04: List of programs with an OPEN LOOK UI

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Archive-name: open-look/04-program-list
Last-Modified: May 25 14:13

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$Id: ol4.faq,v 1.41 97/05/25 14:13:23 lee Exp $

	Subject: Where to look for more applications
	Subject: Applications: Application Builders
	Subject: Applications: Graphing Tools
	Subject: Applications: Utilities
	Subject: Applications: Other
	Subject: Tools: Terminal Emulators
	Subject: Other Commercial Applications
	Subject: Applications: toolkit Extensions
	Subject: OpenWindows 3 Ports
	Subject: XView 3 Ports
	Subject: XView 2 Ports
	Subject: Games (free and commercial)

Each time this file is posted, I get lots of requests asking for it.
I don't understand this -- I have no other list.


Subject: Where to look for more applications

Commercial: Catalyst
Contact: Sun
    You will find a very large list of commercial applications for the
    Solaris operating system by navigating to the Catalyst index.

    You can also ask your Sun sales office for a copy of the Catalyst catalogue,
    which is a large printed book...

Commercial: OPEN LOOK CD
Contact: Darwin Open Systems,
    Darwin Open Systems offers a CD-ROM with source for many of the XView
    applications listed in this FAQ, many compiled for SunOS and/or Linux.
    The CD also contains the XView 3.2 source, all of X11R6pl11, and three
    O'Reilly textbooks: Vol7A - XView Programming, Vol7B - XView Reference,
    and the unpublished Vol3OL - OPEN LOOK User's Guide.

Subject: Applications: Application Builders

Commercial: DevGuide 3.0
Contact: SunSoft
    lets you use Drag and Drop to create an OPEN LOOK application with
    XView, OLIT, TNT.  Very easy to use.  UIT also supports Guide files.

Free: unnamed DevGuide clone
Contact: (Pascal van Dam)
    A school project...

Free: dirt
    there _might_ be an OLIT port of this UI builder.

Commercial: ExoCode
Contact: Expert Object
    one of the first third-party GUI builders to support OPEN LOOK,
    using the XView toolkit.  It was reviewed in SunExpert magazine
    in 1990.

Commercial: ObjectBuilder
Contact: Openware Technologies, Inc;; +1 904 725 7187
    uib is a user interface builder which supports building applications
    that support both OPEN LOOK and Motif.  It generates code for
    ParcPlace's OI C++ toolkit and can make use of user created
    subclasses.  Note: `OI' can also display an OSF/Motif GUI at runtime.

Free: wcl
    Uses X resources to specify an Xt widget hierarchy and actions to
    user-defined callbacks.  uses OLIT, Xt or Motif.

Commercial: XVT
Contact: XVT Systems (+1 303-443-4223 or Email "")
    Lets you write portable code by providing a thin layer API which sits 
    on top of the native GUI toolkit.  Write your application in this 
    abstracted GUI and the toolkit translates into native GUI calls on 
    OPEN LOOK, Motif, Microsoft Windows, NT, Macintosh, OS/2, and 
    character terminals.  Includes GUI builder for XVT C toolkit or XVT C++ 
    class library.  XVT is the base document for the emerging IEEE 1201.1 
    Uniform (GUI) API standard.
    It's been said on the net that XVT provides a common subset of the various
    systems, with limited functionality, but I don't know how limited it is --
    the best answer is probably to look and see if it meets your needs.

Subject: Applications: Graphing Tools

Commercial: Visual Thought
Contact: Confluent, Inc., +1 415-586-8700, fax 586-883;
    Visual Thought is a UNIX diagramming & flowcharting tool; use it to create
    and edit software design diagrams, flowcharts, dataflow, network,
    organizational, and circuit/logic diagrams for presentation and
    documentation graphics.  Features include editable drag-and-drop palettes,
    nearly 100 shapes, rubberbanding connections, text handling and
    graphical editing, arbitary pan and zoom, 100-level undo, page layout,
    "live" editing, image import, sound recording, and more.
    Confluent offers a free evaluation CD-ROM.

Commercial: Robochart
Contact: Digital Insight,  +1 805 583 3627
Ftp: ( in /digins (information and demo)
    Interactive editor for flow diagrams (dataflow, flowchart, org
    chart, etc.), with direct manipulation drag & drop interface.
    Supports hierarchical diagrams, colors, fonts, and several line and
    object types (including images). Define custom commands to be within
    diagrams. PostScript, MIF, HPGL, and ASCII output formats.

Free: dstool
    XView-based program that plots Lorenz Attractors and other chaotic things
    in real time.  Also includes a mathematical expression interpreter.

Free: ACE/gr --  graph and analysis program, xvgr
Ftp:; xvgr-2.10pl1.tar.Z in /CCALMR/pub/acegr
    Handles x-y scatterplots, lineplots, bargraphs, FFT analysis, running
    averages, polynomial fits, etc.

Free: robot - a scientific graph plotting and data analysis tool 
Contact: Robin Corbet <>
    Graph plotting in various styles & axes; Data manipulation - arithmetic,
    functions, smoothing, folding, sorting; Fitting to data using Gaussians,
    polynomials, Lorentzians, and/or user defined functions; Annotation of
    graphs; log files;  Commands with loops etc.; Colour; PostScript output.
Ftp: in pub/astrod
Ftp: files: robotx4.90.tar.gz - everything
Ftp: files: - just the documentation.
Ftp: files: robot.linux.gz - binary for Linux
Ftp: files: robot.sun4.gz  - binary built on a SPARCstation.
    Robot is XView based. User interface portions of code are written in
    'C'.  Data manipulation code is written in FORTRAN. Hence a FORTRAN
    compiler is also required or the public domain f2c package.
    Alternatively, a SPARC binary is available by anonymous ftp.
    The latest "numbered" version is robotx4.90.tar.gz
    Various binaries are also available.

Subject: Applications: Utilities

Free: boss
    An OPEN LOOK UI to the Casio BOSS scheduler

Free: props
Ftp: /pub/R5untarred/contrib/lib/xview3/clients/props/*
    This is the OpenWindows properties editor, that appears when you choose
    the Properties... item from the WorkSpace menu.

Free: contool
Ftp: from
    a special-purpose console-window that can filter out or take special
    action on specified console messages; written by Chuck Musciano.
Requirements: XView

Free: faces
    displays pictures of people who have sent you electronic mail.
    Violates the Data Protection Act in the U.K.

Subject: Applications: Other

Commercial: Bimail 400
Contact: BIM (+32-2-759.59.25)
X.400-address: C=be;A=RTT;P=BIM;O=Horizon;S=Geurts;G=Patrick
    Bimail is a complete X.400 electronic mail system.  It consists
    in a user interface which gives access to all X.400 services
    with a consistent look and feel, a message transfer agent (MTA) system
    which can transfer messages over X.25, TP.4 and TCP/IP (using RFC 1006).
    A gateway to SMTP mail is also available.

Free: calentool
    a day/week/month/year at-a-glance calendar and almanac.
Contact: Bill Randle, Tektronix, Inc. <billr@saab.CNA.TEK.COM>

Free: emacstool
    a SunView program that was converted to XView, and is included with the
GNU emacs distribution.

Free: olxvman
    manual page browser

Free: WorkMan - Audio CD player for X11 (Sun, Ultrix, HPUX, Linux)
Requirements: XView libraries
Ftp: Source; sample database; Ultrix, HP binaries: in /WorkMan
Contact: (Steven Grimm)

Free: pan - Postit notes

Free: WAIS
    Networked, distributed text-retrieval system.  OLIT-based front end.
    You might to need to add -lce to the Makefile.

Free: xrolo - Rolodex card index/address book

Free: xv_display
    An XView program for showing a text file, like more(1).

Commercial:  SearchIt 1.0
Contact: SunSoft or SunExpress 
    US: 1-800-873-7869;  UK: 0800 89 88 88
    Germany: 01 30 81 61 91;  France: 05 90 61 57
Platforms: SPARC, Solaris 1.x
Price: $249
    SearchIt is a full text search and retrieval application designed to
    improve individual and group productivity.  It makes an index to files
    and can later retrieve documents by words or phrases, ranking the results
    in relevance order.

Commercial: ShowMe
Contact: SunSoft
    Conferencing software that lets multiple connected users share the same
    drawing screen, with bitmap capture and moveable pointer.
    You can only run one ShowMe per computer, so you have to have a CPU per
    conference member.

Free: xvman - Man Pages viewer
    I can't find this, but see the olxvman.

Free: xvtdl - ToDo List manager
Ftp:; contrib/office/xvtdl-5.2-README
Ftp:; contrib/office/xvtdl-5.2.tar.Z
Requirements: XView libraries
Contact: Mike Jipping  (BITNET: JIPPING@HOPE)
Organisation: Hope College Department of Computer Science
Free: name_finder
Contact:     +1 (205) 844-2280
Ftp:; pub/name_finder1.2.tar.Z.
Patches: pub/name_finder1.2.compile.patch1.
Requirements: OpenWindows 3.0, C++ 2.1 or greater to recompile
    name_finder was orginally designed as a replacement for the name finder
    missing from the OpenWindows Version 3.0 mailtool.  It has since grown
    into a tool for several electronic mail related activities including:
    interaction with local ListServ robots for handling mail lists,
    requesting Full.Name style mail aliases from your local PostMaster, and
    providing mailbox status information ala finger(1).

    name_finder is written in C++ (cfront 2.1) using gxv++ version 1.1.
    If you don't have access to a C++ compiler, a precompiled sparc
    executable is included in the distribution.

Free: bibcard	interface for BiBTeX databases
Requirements: XView
Ftp: in /X11/Bibcard-1.11.tar.Z
Ftp: 	includes source and SPARC binary for SunOS 4.1.1.
Version: 1.11
    GUI for mantaining bibliography databases which can be used with
    LaTeX, TeX and FrameMaker

Free: moxftp -- interface to ftp.
Ftp: as file /packages/X/xftp.1.1.tar.Z.
Contact: Bill Jones
Requirements: X11, OLIT or Motif or Athena widgets
    formerly called xftp.
    compiles under (at least) Ultrix, AIX 3.1.5, AIX 3.2, Convex OS, SunOS,
    Unicos 6.1.4, and IRIX.  Uses OLIT.
    BUG: can also use OSF/Motif and Athena widgets.

Free: olvwm -- OPEN LOOK Virtual Window Manager
contact: Scott Oaks
Ftp: in the contrib directory
Patches: there are two patches
Requirements: XView 3
    Olvwm is a version of olwm that manages a `virtual desktop' (hence the
    `v' in its name).  It shows a little map on the screen, with the
    currently displayed area represented by a little rectangle.	 You can
    move around by dragging the rectangle or with the arrow keys.  This
    lets you run several clients (applications) and move the display around
    from one to the other.  Olvwm was derived from the OpenWindows 3.0 olwm.

Free: ftptool -- OPEN LOOK front-end to ftp
Requirements: XView
Ftp: in /contrib

Free: Hyperlook
Contact: The Turing Institute
Requirements: OpenWindows 3 (running the xnews server, not X11)
    Hypertext package written entirely in NeWS.  Runtime from
    in /pub or (graphics/NeWS/HyperLook1.5-runtime.tar.Z)

Maestro (ftp from
    Multimedia authoring tools, including support for sound, text & video.

Free: xvnews
Requirements: XView libraries (Version 3)
Contact: Hans de Graaff <J.J.deGraaff@TWI.TUDelft.NL>
    xvnews is a newsreader for Usenet news, based on the XView toolkit.

Subject: PostScript and Graphics Viewers

Commercial: pageview - PostScript previewer
Contact: Included in OpenWindows as part of DeskSet.
    Type 1 support only in OpenWindows 3.0.1 under Solaris 2.1.
    Antialiasing support - with colour OpenWindows 3 try pageview -aa -dpi 150
    Note that pageview uses the X11/NeWS server to interpret the PostScript,
    and thus won't run on an X terminal or other non-OpenWindows server.
    It's *not* enough to be runing an OPEN LOOK UI [tm] window manager such
    as olwm.

Commercial: xps - PostScript program editor and previewer
Contact: included with OpenWindows 2.0 under demo and share/src
    Only runs under OpenWindows 2.

Commercial: psh
Contact: included with OpenWindows
	simple interface to NeWS and the OpenWindows server

Free: ralpage
Ftp: in contrib/clients
    Crispin Goswell's PostScript interpreter, much hacked.
    Not OPEN LOOK compliant.  No Type 1 font support.
    There are other versions of this called `xps', `postscript', etc.;
    don't confuse this `xps' with the one mentioned above.

Free: ghostscript
(from the Free Software Foundation)
    Supports Type 1 fonts.  Not OPEN LOOK based.

Subject: Tools: Terminal Emulators

Free: cmdtool, shelltool
Requirements: XView 3 toolkit
    These are included in the XView source distribution from in /contrib; they're also included with Sun's

Commercial: crttool
    Color ANSI terminal emulator having all the capabilities I could
    never find in anybody else's terminal emulator.
    Jonathan P. Olson  modular!
    Vector Technologies
    3289 E. Hemisphere Loop
    Tucson, AZ  85706

Commercial: SwitchTerm
Contact: Micro Resources Inc., Columnbus, Ohio, USA, +1 614 766-2335
    A version of Xterm with an OPEN LOOK UI, print interface,
    ANSI X3.64 colour escape sequences, etc.

Commercial: IsoTerm
Contact: The Bristol Group Ltd., +1 415 925-9250 and (49) 6105-2945 (Germany)
Requirements: OpenWindows 3 (??)
Other Products: IsoTeX, IsoFax, Power Base
    An OLIT-based terminal emulator.  I couldn't get the demo version to
    give me a shell prompt, although it did look like it was a pretty full
    vt340 emulation, with double-height characters, colour, fonts, grahics
    and so forth.
    With the Union Flag (the British flag) as their logo I somehow expected
    an English address, perhaps in Bristol...

Free: vttool, xvttool, vtem
Contact: (Bruce Barnett)
    vtem - termcap-based vt100/102 emulator. No graphics or color
    vttool - SunView version of cmdtool with user-definable clickable buttons	
    xvttool - XView cmdtool with key remapping & user-definable buttons;
	used with vtem, xvttool acts as a vt102 emulator; you can also use
	it with a 3270 emulator.

Subject: Other Commercial Applications

    Contact SunSoft (or Sun) and ask for the Catalyst OPEN LOOK guide,
    which lists over 200 pages of applications.

    You can also get the free CDWare CD/ROM, which contains demo versions
    of several popular OPEN LOOK UI applications.  Once you've done this,
    you can often simply contact the vendor concerned to have the license
    upgraded from demo, and receive the full product documentation.

Product Name: Author/Editor - SGML-based text editor/word processor
Company Name: SoftQuad Inc., +1 416 239 4801,
    Word processor or text editor that manipulates ISO 8879 SGML documents.
Interfaces: OPEN LOOK UI (XView), OSF/Motif, Mac, MS/Windows

Product Name: Poplog
Contact (Educational):
    Poplog Sales,
    School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, Brighton, BN1 9QN, England
Phone: +44 (0)273 678188
Contact (Educational, USA):
    Computable Functions Inc. 35 South Orchard Drive, Amherst, MA 01002, USA
Phone: (413) 253-7637
Contact (Other):
    Integral Solutions Ltd., Unit 3, Campbell Court, Bramley,
    Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG26 5EG, England.
Phone:  +44 (0)256 882028
Fax:    +44 (0)256 882182
Email:  isl@integ.uucp
Interfaces: OPEN LOOK, Motif, Athena, Custom (poplog)
Platforms: Sun, DEC, Solbourne, MIPS, Silicon Graphics, HP, VAX, 386 soon
Source-Available: Libraries: Yes; System: Academic only.
    A integrated programming environment consisting of Pop-11, Prolog,
    Standard ML, and Lisp, all compiled to machine code via a common virtual
    machine.  Pop-11 provides a rich interface to the X Toolkit from all the
    Poplog languages.  The OLIT, Motif, and Athena widget sets are supported,
    and also the custom Poplog (Xpw) widget set.  Includes XVed, a customisable
    multi-window editor.  Under the OPEN LOOK UI and OSF/Motif the Poplog User
    Interface (PUI) provides a graphical interface to the Poplog system.
    High-level libraries allow graph drawing, turtle graphics, and the simple
    creation of basic button/menu based interfaces.

Subject: Applications: toolkit Extensions

Product Name:     Xtra XWidgets
Company Name:     Graphical Software Technology
Phone:            310-328-9338;    Fax: 310-376-6224
Keywords:         graphics, library, widgets, spreadsheet, help
Interfaces:       OPEN LOOK, Motif
Platforms:        SPARC, HP9000s300/400/700, IBM RS6000, Interactive 386
Requirements:     X11, Xt, Xol (or Xm) libraries and headers; X11
Price:            $795/single user, $3000/network, $5000/source
Support-Price:    $400/30 calls
Source-Available: yes
    The Xtra XWidget library contains a set of widgets that are subclassed
    from and compatible with either OLIT or Motif widgets.  The library
    includes widgets that implement the following: Spreadsheet, Bar Graph,
    Stacked Bar Graph, Line Graph, Pie Chart, XY Plot, Hypertext, Hypertext
    based Help System, and Data Entry Form.  Widgets have been successfully
    integrated with both TeleUSE from Telesoft and Builder Xcessory from
    ICS.  A free demo is available for any of the supported platforms.

Product Name:     XRT/Graph
Company Name:     KL Group
Phone: +1 416 594-1026
    XRT/graph is a graph object that extends the XView toolkit;  There are
    also Xt versions for OLIT and Motif.  XRT/graph supports line plots,
    scatter-plots, strip-charts, bar charts, stacking bar charts, pie charts
    and filled-area charts, singly and in combination.  It supports real-time
    updates, true Postscript output, and intelligent user feedback.  It comes
    with Builder, a graph prototyping tool, which supports code & resource
    file generation.  A free demo (vmgraph) is available.
    There are free integration kits for UIM/X, TeleUSE, and Builder Xcessory
    (others in progress).
    XRT/graph for XView and OLIT are only available on SPARC.
    XRT/graph for Motif is available on a dozen or so platforms.

Free: Slingshot XView extension

    Slingshot provides rectangles (like the Xt Intrinsics' RectObj gadget),
    drag-and-drop support, images, icons and text, trees, lines, arrows...

    Get it by ftp from, in /contrib/SlingShot2.0.tar.Z
    (remember to use binary mode in ftp!).
    You may also be able to get it by ftp to in /contrib.
    The mail server has been withdrawn.

Ada bindings for XView
    Sun Ada 1.1 includes among other things an Ada Source Code Generator
    for Devguide.  It uses the Verdix XView Ada bindings.
    It does not yet [July 1992] support gfm (the guide file manager).

C++ Bindings for XView

Qualix's XV++.


Subject: OpenWindows 3 Ports

    Sun: SPARC, SunOS 4.1
    Sun: SPARC, Solaris 2 (actually 3.0.1?)
    others: none so far...

There are said (by Sun) to be two or three ports of OpenWindows either
available now or in progress.  Contact Anthony Flynn at Open Vistas
International ( for more information.  (originally they
said 35, but perhaps they meant 3.5)

OpenWindows source is available - commercially, it costs about $5,000 for
the server, including TypeScaler and the toolkits; deskset (filemgr etc) is
another $25,000; ToolTalk is $40,000 or so.

Subject: XView 3 Ports

What: XView 3
System: Apple A/UX
Porter: (Lou Jones)
    The libraries and utilities (olwm, cmdtool, etc) are available for
    anonymous ftp from I used gcc 2.1 to compile the
    sources. If there is enough interest, I can make the diffs

System: Concurrent 7000 (68040 based)
Porter: (Sinan Karasu)

System: DECStation/Ultrix
Porter: (Dave Scott)
    Let me stress that this is *not* fully tested, but seems to work
    pretty well.  Please let me know about any problems you find.
    Problems I already know about:
	Large buttons under *any* non-Sun X server (non-xnews; i.e. any
	standard MIT X11R[45] server) have the bottom of the button
	chopped off.  We're working on this one. :-)
    XView 3 is also available on the DEC Freeware CD, from DECUS.
[actually this seems *not* to be Dave Scott's port; please accept my apologies
 for listing this incorrectly.  A correct entry will appear as soon as I get
 the necessary information.  -- Lee]

System: HP 720
Porter: (?)
Ftp: in /pub
    Includes HP 720 build, HP XView patch file, Xvgr.

System: HP9000/300 series
Porter: (Tim Chown)

System: HP9000/7XX series
Ftp: hpux/X11/xview-3.part[123].tar.Z

System: HP9000/7XX series (XView 3.2)
Ftp: pub/xview3.2
   This is **NOT** the usual HP Archive at Liverpool; this port of XView3.2
   doesn't follow the usual conventions that apply to packages which are
   available on that archive.
   This port uses modified copies of the files 
   /usr/include/X11R5/X11/Xlib.h and /usr/include/X11R5/X11/Xlibint.h
   The files as supplied by HP are not touched but it is possible
   that a new version of the HP X server might break the port.

   Some contributed clients are also included.

System: Intel (SysVR4/i386)
Porter: (David Dawes)
Ftp:,  /Esix_4/x11r5 hierarchy
    His patches were for Esix 4.0.3 but should work on DELL, ISC and Intel
    SVR4 with no worries. The files are README.xview3 and xview3.diff.Z.
See Also: linux

System: IBM RS/6000
Porter: (Tom McConnell)
Compiler: bsdcc
    There is still a problem with tty support for the RS/6000. For
    instance, the cmdtool will not work. Still, most everything else works.
    For those of you who have already installed my previous patch, I have
    put a separate patch for just the shared library problem. This file is

System: linux
Porter: Kenneth Osterberg <>
ICompiler: gcc 2.3.3, libc4.2
Ftp: /pub/linux/binaries/usr.bin.X11/xview3L2
    Inlcudes olvwm, UIT

System: SGI
Porter: Rainer Sinkwitz <>

System: Solbourne Series 5
Porter: (Tom McConnell)

Subject: XView 2 Ports

In general, there is no point in using XView 2 if you have XView 3 available;
it's a good idea to look for an XView 3 port first.  Moving from XView 2 to
XView 3 is usually simply a matter of recompiling, unless you've done
"dirty tricks" or used undocumented calls.

System: Stellar GS100 (Stardent 1000) and Stardent 1500 & 3000
Porter: (Andy Arvai)
Ftp: in the pub/xview directory
    Stardent is now Kubota Pacific (KPC)

System: Harris Nighthawk 4000 system (CX/UX Unix)
Porter: (Andy Warner)
Status: Commercial

System: SGI/Iris
Porter: (?)

System: VAX/VMS
Porter: TGV Inc (?)
    Steven Fenger <> wrote:
    A company called TGV makes a product called "XView for VMS".
    They made XView 2.0 libraries.  I haven't seen them advertising
    XView 3.0 libraries yet.

Subject: Games (free and commercial)

Commercial: Aviator - flight simulator for GX-equipped SPARCStations
Contact: Artificial Horizons Inc,;  +1 415 367 5029
Requirements: OpenWindows (2 or 3), SunOS 4.1 or later, SPARC GX or GXplus

Free: hexsweeper - minesweeper game based on hexagons
Contact:, include HexSweeper in Subject
Requirements: OpenWindows 3.0 or later
Toolkit: TNT 3


Free: sidtool - PacMan game
Ftp: /usenet/*

    an OPEN LOOK PacMan(tm) surrogate that
    appears as a debugger - the bad guys are code bugs that
    move around your screen; you (the good guy) chase them
    with a 19" monitor that eats bugs.

Commercial: SimCity
Contact: Dux Software, Los Altos, CA
Price: US$89
Requirements: OpenWindows 3 (uses NeWS).  Doesn't run on a 4/110 with cg4 :-(

Free: Spider (Included in OpenWindows under `demo' and `share/src')
    A patience-style card game with two packs of cards and
    excellent bitmap cards.
    I suggest recompiling to allow the cards to have rounded edges.

Free: Xblackjack (ftp from as contrib/xblackjack-2.1.tar.Z)
    A MOTIF/OLIT based tool constructed to get you ready for the casino.

Liam Quin                   | lq-text freely available Unix text retrieval
liamquin at    | FAQs: Metafont fonts, OPEN LOOK UI, OpenWindows
                            | xfonttool (Unix xfontsel in XView)
+1 416 594 9646 (home)      | the barefoot programmer

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