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*** FAQ (Part II - Celebrities ) ***

AOL has appearances by important people.
   This is being done on IRC (especially on the Undernet).  Speakers have 
   included David Gergen, Frances Moore Lappe' (Diet for a Small
   Planet), Paul Martin Du Bois (co-author, The Quickening of America); 
   Susan Stamberg (NPR Special Correspondent); and Howard Rheingold 
   (Executive Editor, HotWired).
But I like commercialism!  What about when a celebrity appears on AOL?
   On AOL, most questions don't get answered, and again, questions are 
   picked through by an AOL Guide.  Attendance is limited to a few hundred,
   and the experience also suffers when questions are limited to the pool of
   AOL users. 
   Here's how Scott Rosenberg of the San Francisco Examiner described 
   his attempt to watch Mick Jagger's appearance.    
                       "I Can't Get No Interaction" 
   You couldn't see the thick lips, and you couldn't hear the thick British
   drawl.  But Monday night on America Online, you could watch Mick Jagger
   The online celebrity forum is an increasingly common marketing tool that
   puts a famous name behind a keyboard to take questions from a crowd of
   cyber-onlookers...It's a pretty inefficient way to find out stuff about
   the rich and famous--though it does provide the best insight yet available
   into their typing skills. 
   Like many others, I spent the hour from 6 to 7 p.m. vainly clicking on the
   AOL "Coliseum" icon, pounding on the door to the room where Jagger was
   answering questions.  I wound up with a bunch of other Jagger turnaways in
   another AOL forum, the Odeon, where Oingo Boingo bandleader and
   movie-soundtrack composer Danny Elfman was also holding an online chat.
   After curtly dismissing several questions relating to Jagger, Elfman
   finally lost it when someone asked, "What about the rumors involving you
   and David Bowie which have been repeated again and again by Howard 
   "I'm not Mick Jagger, you blithering idiot," the musician responded.
                                          [copyright San Francisco Examiner]
AOL excised this exchange from the transcript they made available to their
users.  But from what's left, it's still obvious that Elfman wasn't 
having a good time. 
Question: Loved "wierd science" & "dead man's party". How about a new Oingo
Elfman 1: Are you trying to piss me off or what? I just came out with a new
          Boingo album.  Why the f*** do you think I'm here right now?
Question: where should composers go who want to get their music placed in a 
          film (songs/soundtrack/themes,etc.? 
Elfman 1: I would suggest a good long stay in a nice quiet sanitarium. Make 
          sure you find one with pretty nurses and lots of strong drugs. 
          Masturbation four times a day is also an excellent exercise in  
          becoming a film composer. I put most of my music up my butt, not
          knowing where else to place it.
Question: what is your favorite food??
Elfman 1: My girlfriend's p#$@y
Question: Did you invent Batman??
Elfman 1: I am Batman, you imbecile.  Use the freeze frame on your video 
          player and you'll see that it's me. BTW,  I also invented Superman
          and Spiderman.
Question: --please answer this!!! Did you invent batman??
Elfman 1: Batman was my son in law twice removed, from my first marriage -- 
          if you really must know.
   Then there was the interview with Kennedy.  Like Elfman, she eventually
   got so frustrated with the AOL-ers, she typed in the following joke.
VJKENNEDY:      What's the worst part about having sex with an 8 year old 
VJKENNEDY:      Getting the blood stain out of the clown suit.
   Can you blame her?  These were actual questions the AOL-er's asked.   
        WHERE ARE YOU?
        I am a dork please help me- from Ha ha Ha
        What is your favorite kind of cheese?
        Kennedy Will you Be My Friend?
        What is the meaning of life?
        Are you cool?
        i think you're really a black man wearing dresses.
        Are you Regular or Extra Crispy?
        you should get a tan kennedy
        You look good in a bathing suit!
        You should mud wrestle Idalas at the Beach House!
        You should convince Daisy Fuentes to wear more revealing 
                clothing on Beach MTV !!
        Will you dance naked on a table for my birthday?
        ever think of posing Nude?
        I want to lick your butt
        Do you shave your private parts?
        Hey Kennedy are you Bi?                         
        Kennedy how big are you under the shirt?        
        uncross your legs kennedy your crushing my glasses
        Which artist gets you hot?
        I here that you and Madonna are lovers, is that true?
                THAT WUZ COOL.
   The amazing thing is, she answered them!
Question:       What is your favorite kind of cheese?
VJKENNEDY:      Gouda.
Quesiton:       Are you Regular or Extra Crispy?
VJKENNEDY:      I'm creamy!      
Question:       Kennedy what do your neighbors think of you?
VJKENNEDY:      They don't speak English so it's hard for me to tell.
Question:       Kennedy how big are you under the shirt?
Question:       you should get a tan kennedy
VJKENNEDY:      Why, so I can be the melanoma VJ?
Question:       Are your glasses subscription
VJKENNEDY:      No but they are prescription.
Question:       do you have a boyfrind?
VJKENNEDY:      No, I don't have a boyfriend either.
Question:       You should convince Daisy Fuentes to wear more revealing 
                clothing on Beach MTV !!
VJKENNEDY:      Blow me you Putz!
   Penn Jillette thinks even less of AOL.
   These are the questions the AOL-er's asked him:
Question: If you had a dog, what would you name him?
Question: Are you Canadian?
Question: What do you think can make us nerds any cooler?
Question: hellllllloooo one question...what;s the largest animal you 
          couldbeat up (with your bare hands) (for a collage essay)
Question: I think the show could use a little more blood.
Question: What's your favorite rock group, Penn?
Question: Will I be as cool as you if I got those shelves you have in 
          your office?
Question: Understand that Penn is a grad of Ringling's Clown College.  Metoo!
Question: Was that a real bunny in the chipper shredder at the gig at 
          theBeacon in NY? 
   [The reporter with him started asking questions mocking the AOL-er's]
Josh Quit: what's your favorite food?
Josh Quit: who's your favorite beatle?
Josh Quit: if you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
   [ Penn did his best...]
P Jillette: I've never hit a person or animal on purpose. C'mon let's have
            some questions.
P Jillette: Buster, the dog would be named Buster.  He would be mean and 
            never bark. 
P Jillette: I didn't like the Beatles very much, but John was good after 
            he left.  I hated Paul, that stoned ****** ****. 
   What makes this interesting is Penn's remarks were passing through the 
   AOL moderator, and AOL's Terms of Service prohibit words Penn wanted to 
   It starts like this:
P Jillette: I'll take all questions, what the hell are we waiting for.
P Jillette: I'm in the desert and I've got a Tony Bennet concert and a 
            strip show to go to.  Let's get this reactor on fucking line.  
Question: First, what kind of cardiovascular program are you on? You are 
          going to have a hear attack.  Second, will I be as cool as you
          if I got those shelves you have in your office?
P Jillette: I dug it. I eat 5% of calories from Fat and I'm in "The 
            Zone" 35 minutes a day.  My heart kicks ***.   
P Jilette:  Hey, who's censoring me? I thought *** would be okay. What 
            about ****?
   [ He starts doing it on purpose: ]
Question:   How did you decide on a career in magic? 
P Jillette: We thought since everyone ***** in magic that we could be 
Question:   Have you and Teller ever tried to make David Copperfield 
P Jillette: Copperfield is in a different biz from us, he's doing magic, 
            last I heard.  We're kicking  ******* ***.
P Jillette: Josh, say ******* something. 
Josh Quit:  can you do a trick for us, Penn?
P Jillette: The computer shows get a little rougher.  I say ************ 
Josh Quit:  levitate me.
P Jillette: That was a private message to Josh, can't I swear to Josh?
P Jillette: I loved "Lois and Clark"  Great ****   She has a great **** 
            of ****.
Question:   Penn-We're worried about your health. Do you have a 
P Jillette: WHO is censoring me! Yeah, I work out every day and I eat 
            smart.  I've just lost 22. But who cares?  stop ****** 
            censoring me.
Question:   Penn, how about an article for WiReD? 
Josh Quit:  yeah, you can say *** and ****.
Question:    Penn - you and Teller sure make great Christmas presents. 
             Anythingneat planned for this year you could share with us?
P Jillette:  Talk to the Cubans risking their lives to live in the landof 
             the free. Talk to them about Fat boy. What did you see this 
             Xmas, nipple tape?  How did you see it?  
P Jillette:  Maybe you haven't read the constitution. 
Question:    Okay, so where's Teller?  Will he be doing stuff like this?
P Jillette:  Teller has done one of these before and we're going to start 
             doing them often.  Probably on CompuServe where they don't 
             have a moderator.
Amazingly, Penn's statement "Let's get this reactor on fucking line" 
appears in the transcript AOL made available online.  AOL's Terms of
Service even prohibit profanity masked by symbols, so the entire
transcript violates their own rules. 
Finally, the first entry in Jennifer Finch's Lollapalooza Tour Journal to
be made available on AOL, which she was keeping as part of a record
company promotion. 
Hey, So here I am in Denver with an evening off with every good intention of
writting out a tour diary ( a "log" if you will) but wouldn't you know it,
Star Trek is on...
                                                    [end part II] 

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Toni Geren
Sep 2, 2022 @ 12:00 am
After 30 years a AOL customer I have been permanently banned from comments. The only reason I can come up with is TRUTH HURTS! Never used profanity, posted vulgar things but when posting a truth with sourced over the covid lie...banned. Honestly I don't miss this Marxist loving site a bit. I wear that censorship like a badge of honor right along with the thousands banned...for telling the TRUTH...before me. Now I can say it. EAT SHIT AOL!

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