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Nordic FAQ - 1 of 7 - INTRODUCTION
Section - 1.4 Looking for a Nordic girl-friend?

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Top Document: Nordic FAQ - 1 of 7 - INTRODUCTION
Previous Document: 1.3 Welcome to soc.culture.nordic!
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   A frequent FAQ is "How do I say 'I love you' in your language?" It's
   hard to give a fulfilling answer, since pronunciation would be
   unfamiliar for you - and the transcription to your language would
   change depending on what mother tongue you have.
   However, we will provide you with the most basic knowledge... i.e. how
   these phrases are written, so you can write it on your gifts and
   cakes. :-) [ The Finns claim that the written phrases are the only you
   need, since no-one (no real Finn at least) would ever utter such words
   in spoken Finnish. ]
   Bokmål:  Jeg elsker deg
   Danish:  Jeg elsker dig
   Finnish:  Minä rakastan sinua
   Icelandic:  Eg elska thig
   Nynorsk:  Eg elskar deg
   Swedish:  Jag älskar dig
  1.4.1 Contacts through the Net
   About once a week, some cretin mistakes soc.culture.nordic for a
   dating service and posts a version of this actual message:

   In article <> writes:
        >  My name is DAVID and I Live in ITALY.
        >  I'm looking for swedish GIRL-FRIENDS.
        >  Let's write me!!!!!!
        >  I am a very interessant boy.

   These type of queries, however innocent they might be, indicate faulty
   assumptions about the purpose of s.c.n. and about Nordic women.
   Understandably, therefore, they tend to provoke flames from s.c.n.ers.
   These flames often digress into a more general sort of flaming on our
   usual topics of, for example, US imperialism, Norwegian whaling or the
   status of Finnish in Sweden / Swedish in Finland.
   An s.c.n. Nordic woman has written the following reply to such
   requests. If you have not bothered to read this FAQ entry before
   posting a request for correspondence, you will most assuredly receive
   this, or a less polite version thereof, in response to your posting:

   Dear soc.culture.nordic Poster:

   You are receiving this message because of your recent posting to s.c.n.
   asking for or offering correspondence with Nordic women.  It goes
   without saying that your post will achieve its desired objective only
   when hell freezes over.  However, Hell is in Norway and regularly
   freezes over - so the analogy suffers, but the sentiment remains intact.

   Those of us on s.c.n. know that the natural beauty, friendliness, and
   sincerity of many Nordic women attracts attention from all corners of
   the world.  We are also well aware that general cultural mythology,
   adventuresome travelers, and Nordic cinematic efforts of the 1960s have
   led many non-Nordic men to believe, among other things, that a) all
   Nordic women are blonde, b) all blondes are stupid and/or c) Nordic
   women of any hair color are somehow "easy", or at least "easier" than
   most.  These myths are not true.  We can assure you that Nordic women
   are quite desirable, but for *far* more reasons than *you* can imagine.

   Bluntly put, Nordic women are not interested in corresponding with you
   simply because you exist.  You have simply "dropped in" to the s.c.n.
   neighborhood to see if you can pick up chicks and your post clearly
   shows your stunning ignorance on the topic of Nordic women.  Note this
   well: The men who have made it through the Viking gauntlet to become
   regular readers and contributors to s.c.n. (whether Nordic or not) are
   more than sufficiently intelligent, sincere, and funny to attract the
   interest of any Nordic woman.  We are *not* suffering here.

   One last word.  There is a popular misconception that many females
   reside on this group.  Don't be fooled.  Nordic men are notorious for
   hiding behind names that the rest of the world identifies as female -
   only to pounce on ignorant boys who attempt "friendly" correspondence.
   This is, of course, considered a Viking sport and a favorite form of
   s.c.n. entertainment.  Be forewarned...

   Ruth Marie Sylte
     Regular s.c.n. contributor
       writing on behalf of, but not for,
         the Nordic Goddesses and Gods of s.c.n.

[ the sections above are available at the www-page ]


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Top Document: Nordic FAQ - 1 of 7 - INTRODUCTION
Previous Document: 1.3 Welcome to soc.culture.nordic!
Next Document: 1.5 Complaining to a person's postmaster;- how, when and why?

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