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*.answers submission guidelines
Section - 0. What is this document?

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This document describes what you need to do in order to cross-post an
article to news.answers and, if appropriate, one or more of the other
moderated *.answers newsgroups (alt.answers, comp.answers, de.answers,
humanities.answers, misc.answers, rec.answers, sci.answers,
soc.answers, and talk.answers).  If you're not familiar with these
newsgroups, please read the posting "Introduction to the *.answers
newsgroups".  For help with writing the FAQ itself, try the "FAQs
about FAQs".  See Section 4 for how to get a copy of either of these.

These guidelines are pretty long, but you probably won't need to read
all of them.  Please at least read all of Section 1, "Probably all
you'll need to know," before submitting your posting.  If you have
problems, you're submitting a multi-part posting, or you'll be doing
anything fancy at all, read the appropriate sections of Section 2 as
well.  We can help you better and more quickly if you follow the
guidelines as closely as you can.

Please note that you DO NOT need to follow these guidelines if you are
not interested in cross-posting to the *.answers newsgroups.  Although
we encourage authors of appropriate postings to submit them for cross-
posting into *.answers, there are numerous reasons why authors may
choose not to do so.  If you don't want to cross-post your article but
you'd like it listed in the List of Periodic Informational Postings
and archived at and various mirrors anyway, see Section 3.2.


Subject: 1. Probably all you'll need to know
1.1 What to do
1.2 Sample posting headers
1.3 Checklist
1.4 The guidelines
       A. Normal Usenet header lines
           a. Newsgroups (REQUIRED)     
           b. Subject (REQUIRED)
           c. Followup-To (REQUIRED)
           d. From (REQUIRED)
           e. Summary (OPTIONAL)
       B. Auxiliary header lines
           a. Archive-name (REQUIRED)
           b. Posting-Frequency (OPTIONAL)
           c. Last-modified, Version, URL, Copyright, Maintainer (all
1.5 Submitting your article
1.6 What to do next

Subject: 2. More detail and special cases
2.1 More optional headers
       A. Expires, Supersedes (both OPTIONAL)
       B. Reply-To (OPTIONAL)
       C. Other archive names (OPTIONAL)
2.2 Posting frequency
2.3 Mailing lists for periodic informational postings 
2.4 Multiple part postings
       A. Header example
       B. Subject
       C. References (OPTIONAL)
       D. Archive-name
       E. Summary
2.5 Diffs (lists of changes to other files)
2.6 FAQ formats
2.7 Maintenance tools
       A. Automatic posting
       B. HTML conversion
2.8 Special cases
       A. What if you can't follow the guidelines, or don't want to?
       B. Posting to multiple moderated newsgroups
       C. uk.answers
       D. Posting to a foreign-language newsgroup
       E. Using PGP or other authentication

Subject: 3. Appendix
3.1 The archive
3.2 The List of Periodic Informational Postings
3.3 Why we have guidelines

Subject: 4. Where to find related documents
4.1 Introduction to the *.answers newsgroups
4.2 FAQs about FAQs
4.3 Minimal Digest Format
4.4 *.answers post-approval guidelines
4.5 Archive index
4.6 List of Periodic Informational Postings

Subject: 5. About this posting

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