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Network Computers and* newsgroups FAQ v1.10
Section - 12. Where can I buy a Network Computer?

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  If their regular dealer can not supply Network Computers on request
 companies, schools, and other organisations should contact a supplier
 such as:

  DLT Solutions        - NCI's distributor supplies NCI "Network in a    Box" 2, 10, or 20 unit packages and other NCI
  1.888.345.4NCI         hardware and software.

  Oregan Networks      - UK based company supplies ARM powered Proton Electric manufactured Network Computers, as
  44.1530.563311         well as their own server software.

  Individual users should be able to find a Network Computer in a local
 high street store, for example NetChannel <>
 claim their NCs are available nationally from the following companies:

   * In the US: Circuit City, Best Buy, Tops Appliance, The Good Guys,
     PC Richards, and other leading RCA dealers.

   * In the UK: Dixons, Currys, Index, Tempo, Scottish Power Sound &
     Vision, Alders, Harrods, and via mail order catalogues such as
     Innovations and Littlewoods.

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