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Network Computers and* newsgroups FAQ v1.10
Section - 10. What do common abbreviations and acronyms like NCI mean?

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  Here are some of the common abbreviations and acronyms and their
 meanings which you are likely to come across in the world of Network

   MNCRS Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification, based on the
         NCP but with additions unique to mobile application, see
         section 9.

   NC    Network Computer.

   NCI   Network Computer, Inc. - Oracle's NC subsidiary.

   NCOS  Network Computer Operating System, NCOS1 is based on Acorn's
         RISC OS, NCOS2 is based on NetBSD.

   NCP   Network Computer Profile, maintained by the Open Group it is
         the successor to the NCRP, see section 8.

   NCRP  Network Computer Reference Profile, developed by Oracle etc for
         the original NC, now the NCP maintained by the Open group.

   PDA   Personal Digital Assistant.

   STB   Set Top Box, a device which sits on or under a TV and is used
         to decode signals, access a network or services, etc.

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