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Posting-Frequency: irregularly, as needed.
Archive-name: net-abuse-faq/
Last-modified: Fri, 2 Jul 1999
Version: 0.1delta
Copyright: 1998 David Nicol
Maintainer: David Nicol <>
Expires: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 20:18:03 GMT

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Q: Is the midwest flat?

A: Yes.

Q:  How do I get rid of the advertisement frame at the bottom of the
    page, when I am reading

A:  Hit the escape key to stop the animations and then click on the horizontal
    bar and drag it down, covering the advertisement.

    Alternately, open the frame with the content in it in a new window.

    Or turn the images off and only load the images into the content frames.

    Would you like to maintain a web site that links directly to the content
    frames without the advertisements, defeating the business model?
    post your ideas to the newsgroup for technical discussion.

Q:  What is this newsgroup?

A:  This newsgroup is a forum for open discussion of the online magazine
    "suck" which was formed by some employees of wired magazine a few
    years ago.  It's web url is and it is pretty

Q:  Does this newsgroup have any connection with, or wired, or hotwired, or
    whatever they're calling their corporate sell-out selves now?

A:  No.  They know about it, appreciate it, that's it.

Q:  What is this newsgroup (II) ?

A: is designed as a discussion forum pertaining to
    the articles and columns written by the staff of, thus the
    name.  From the very beginning it has been confused for a sex newsgroup,
    which it is not, just as was confused for a porn site, which
    it is not.

The rest of this message is in
response to abuse problems

Q:  What is a typical ISP acceptable use policy as pertaining to usenet?

A:  Here's  an example., the AUP
       for "Blazenet," explicitly forbids the following:

                Posting articles to any USENET or other news group,
                mailing list or similar forum which are off-topic
                according to the charter or other public statement of
                the forum.

                Disrupting any newsgroup with frivolous, excessively
                vulgar, or repetitious postings.

                Posting of binary, or excessively large, unrelated text
                files to non-binary news groups that have specifically
                requested such material not be posted in the group's FAQ
                (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q:  Why are there no advertisements on

A:  Because I personally ran off all the advertisers, by complaining
    to their ISPs.  Thanks for noticing. :)
A2: Because is protected by a vicious zotbot.

Q:  Is this a cool place to post fellatio pictures?

A:  No, it is not.  There are currently several people doing this,
    apparently since a.f.sdc's status as a "has 'suck' in the name but
    it's not a sex group" newsgroup had resulted in it having a slightly
    wider distribution than other newsgroups (equally free of
    advertisements, such as the alt.binaries.erotica.nospam hierarchy,
    where such pictures are appropriate.

Q:  But I see all these fellatio pictures here

A:  Yes, I'm about to start reporting everyone who posts porn on to the FBI as perverts.
    from the beginning has been set up as a discussion forum with a
    simple focus, which is discussing the content  of
    without the filtering seen in their "fish" letters page.  Therefore
    it is carried slightly more widely than the alt.binaries.erotica

Q:  What about sex wanted personal ads?

A:  See previous two question-answer pairs

Q:  How about these postings of passwords to use to get into porn sites?

A:  Inappropriate.  Unless they've got content of Joey Anuff's piercings
    (See ) we don't want to know.

Q:  Who do you think you are, laying down all these demands like this?

A:  I am the usenet news administrator for a large midwestern university
    and I set up after "the fish" decided not to
    print a letter I wrote to  Prior to the recent
    deluge of fellatio pictures I was the primary source of content on  I think usenet is still an interesting
    platform for discussion, and free political discourse, and have put
    what I guess was merely the first of many sets of many hours into the
    tiresome chore of keeping free of sex ads, in
    order that it might be appropriate to have on the distribution list
    of a usenet server in a high school or a public library where it
    could be read by children.  Has graphic fellatio photography
    suddenly become relevant to a discussion of, avant-garde and cynical?
    No, has been overrun by  people who are posting
    to the wrong group.  I am not going to stand by and see all the work
    I have done keeping free of sex ads wasted so that
    the sex pictures people can have another spam-free newsgroup.

Q:  But I like amateur fellatio pictures and has no ads!

A:  You want a spam-free erotic binaries newsgroup?  Pick an erotic binaries
    newsgroup and kick off the spammers! may give you
    pointers on how to interpret the NNTP-Posting-Host: or X-Trace: header
    in a message and send a message to the administrators with the
    capability to disuser the offending trespasser. Most ISPs in the
    civilised internet have Acceptable Use Policies which define "abuse" as
    "generating complaints." Install Linux and you will get a tool
    "/usr/sbin/traceroute" which will tell you what higher-level ISP
    provides the internet service to the ISP your offender is using, you can
    complain to them if the ISP does not take action.  With netscape
    communicator there's a "view document source" command on the "View" menu
    that will show you the normally hidden header fields for a particular
    article.  "Path:" is all the servers the document went through to get to
    you, "nntp-posting-host" is the  machine the poster used when they
    posted the article.

Q:  What?  There are already newsgroups devoted to spam-free erotic

A:  Yes there are.  In case your usenet server doesn't have them, you
    will need to talk to your ISP's usenet admins about getting them.
    At my university we get our newsfeed from
    <a href=""><i>Sprint</i></a> and it
    has hundreds of declaredly commercial-free erotic binaries newsgroups.
    If your news feed has "" on it but not, for instance,
    alt.binaries.nospam.multimedia.erotica or alt.binaries.nospam.coed.toads
    and you really want to use your newsreaders to swap erotica, you need to
    change internet service providers because you got a "family" service when
    you wanted to get an "adult" service.  The word to mention when you sign
    up is "adult content."

Q:  Yeah?  Well I think you suck and I'm going to keep posting graphic
    sex pictures to anyway.

A:  Okay, here's a question for you:  Do you have any idea how much
    money the U.S. Federal government just allocated in the Omnibus
    Appropriations Bill for fighting the "problem of pornography on the
    internet" and how happy those bureaucrats are going to be to have me
    reporting you and your ISP's identites to them in order to help them
    justify their paychecks?  May I suggest as a good starting
    point? Since is NOT an eroticas group, it may get
    distribution into areas where erotica is not acceptable, and may be
    viewed by minors, which MAY, and I mean that in the strictest
    rfc2119-compliant sense, constitute felonius distribution of pornography
    to minors across state lines, but I'm not a lawyer, I'm just a
    coffee-addled loudmouth.

Q:  What word processor did you use to compose this FAQ list?

A:  Word processor?  I'm using vim, the extended, more friendly version
    of vi. Although I don't use the extended features all that much.
    Except for the unlimited undo stack.  When I have to use a normal vi
    I miss that.  
    :wq and all that.

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