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[] Wagner General FAQ
Section - General FAQ for

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The list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) for the news
group (hmcw), with pointers to other
sources of information.  This version supersedes all previous versions.

The bibliographical supplement to this FAQ ("Wagner Books FAQ") can be
found at < >. The Wagner Books
FAQ concentrates on titles that are available (although not necessarily
in print) in English. A few books in other languages, of relevance to
matters discussed in the newsgroup but not available in an English
translation, are included.

Table of Contents

I. Welcome to!          
  A. Charter
  B. How should I read and contribute to this newsgroup?
  C. How do I read this FAQ?
  D. Abbreviations and acronyms

II. Who was Richard Wagner?
  A. Wagner's life, work and ideas
  B. Wagner's political and racial ideas
  C. The total work of art
  D. Wagner's philosophy and spirituality
  E. Biographical references
  F. Musical works
  G. Prose and poetry
  H. Abandoned operas

III. Frequently asked questions         
  A. How can I get tickets to the Bayreuth Festival?
  B. Where can I obtain the Ring Disc?
  C. Was Wagner a personal friend of Adolf Hitler?
  D. Wasn't Wagner anti-Semitic?
  E. Why does Siegmund sing the renunciation motif as he draws the sword 
     from the tree?
  F. Why didn't Alberich use his ring to escape when he was captured by 
     Wotan and Loge?
  G. Why is Valhall set on fire at the end of the 'Ring' cycle?
  H. Why didn't Wagner kill off Alberich?
  I. Who are the Wagner family and how are they related to each other?
  J. Does anybody know the title of the helicopter tune in 'Apocalypse 
  K. What about Wagner's women?
  L. What is the name of the mortal woman who is mother to Siegmund and
* M. Which recording of the 'Ring'/ 'Dutchman'/ 'Lohengrin'/ 'Tristan'/ 
     'Parsifal'/ 'Mastersingers' should I get as my first version?
  N. How can I get inside the Palazzo Vendramin in Venice?
  O. What is the difference between the 'Liebestod' and 'Isolde's
  P. When can I applaud at a performance of 'Parsifal'?
  Q. What new productions are planned for the Bayreuth Festival?
  R. Who were the Herodias and Gundryggia referred to in 'Parsifal'?
  S. Was Beckmesser based on Eduard Hanslick?
  T. Is the name Wesendonk or Wesendonck?
  U. Was Wagner a Freemason?
  W. Was Wagner a Vegetarian?
  Y. Was Wagner's music played in the Nazi concentration camps?
  Z. What should I know before my first visit to the Bayreuth

IV. Where can I find more information?
  A. Offline sources
    i.    What books should every Wagner fan have on their bookshelves?
    ii.   Wagner's writings
    iii.  Wagner's musical compositions
    iv.   Diaries of Richard and Cosima Wagner
    v.    Letters to and from Richard Wagner
    vi.   Wagner-related periodicals
    vii.  Sources for Wagner's texts
    viii. The Bayreuth Festival

  B. On-line sources
    i.    A few good, general, online sites about Richard Wagner
    ii.   Web sites, synopses and online discographies 
    iii.  Web sites related to the Bayreuth Festival
    iv.   Wagner Societies
    v.    On-line libretti and scores
    vi.   Performance diaries
    vii.  Related newsgroups and message boards 
    viii. Museums
V. Acknowledgements and Copyright

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