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FAQ: Ska ( Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2 of 3)
Section - 2.2: Table of Contents

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Top Document: FAQ: Ska ( Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2 of 3)
Previous Document: 2.1: Introduction
See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge

  The ska FAQ is now distributed in three sections.  Part one addresses
background questions, part two contains information about ska via various media,
and part three contains infomation about bands.

                        Table of Contents:
                            Part 1
 1.1  Introduction
 1.2  Table of Contents
 1.3  What is ska music?
 1.4  Where did ska come from?
 1.5  What is first-wave ska?  Second-wave ska? Third-wave ska?
 1.6  What is ska-core?
 1.7  What is a rude boy?
 1.8  What is with the narrow-brim hats, dark suits and narrow ties?
        How come some of these ska bands look like the Blues Brothers?
 1.9  What is skanking?
 1.10 What about reggae?
 1.11 Oi! What about skinheads?
 1.12 Recommended reading and Bibliography

                            Part 2
 2.1  Introduction
 2.2  Table of Contents
 2.3  Where can I hear ska on the radio?
 2.4  Where can I hear ska live?
 2.5  Is anyone doing ska video?
 2.6  Are there any ska movies?
 2.7  Are there any books about ska?
 2.8  What are some ska-related 'zines (fan-created magazines)?
 2.9  How do I get a ska email-based mailing list?
 2.10 What are some more Internet ska resources?
 2.11 Can anyone reccommend some good ska albums for someone who has
         absolutely no clue about ska?
 2.12 What are addresses of some record labels producing ska discs?
 2.13 Are there some mail order stores that carry ska?

                            Part 3
 3.1  Introduction
 3.2  Table of Contents
 3.3  What are the names of some ska bands?
 3.4  Can I write to any of these bands?

Finding Ska

   Ska is out there.  Find it!


   Subject: 2.3: Where can I hear ska on the radio?

   Not enough radio shows play ska.  Here are some (sorted by call

Ska radio shows in Australia

     *Train to Skaville*
     Hosted by Prince Andrew
     2SER-FM, 107.3
     Sydney, New South Wales
     12--1 am, Friday
     Specializes in old-style Jamaican ska, funk, reggae and rock steady

     *Ska Trek*
     Hosted by the Ska pigs.
     4ZZZ-FM, 102.1 MHz
     PO Box 509
     Fortitude Valley
     Q 4006
     (near Brisbane)
     9--10 pm, every Wednesday (Soon to be Thursdays [9/30/97])
     Skanking the airwares with everything from sixties ska to skacore !
   See , for a related ska/punk 'zine.

Ska radio shows in Canada

     *Ska Party*
     Hosted by Skip Viitala,
     CKLU-FM, 96.7
     Laurentian University
     935 Ramsey Lake Road
     Sudbury, ON CANADA
     P3E 2C6 10
     Phone: (705)673-6538
     Email:, The station
     Monday 1--2 pm

     *Ska Sucks*
     Monica Sharma
     CHSR 97.9 FM
     Box 4400
     Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5A3
     Monday 8:00-9:30 p.m.
   All ska music and part spoken-word (racism, sexism, homophobia

     *Capital City Ska*
     Hosted by Johnny Terrific.
     CHUO-FM, 89.1
     University of Ottawa
     Ottawa, CANADA
     2--3pm, Friday

     *Ska T's Scenic Drive*
     Scott & Julie
     CITR-FM, 101.9
     University of British Columbia
     Vancouver, BC
     Phone: 604-822-citr
     11a - 12p Fridays

     *Mods & Rockers*
     Jeff Cohen
     CIUT 89.5
     Toronto, ON CANADA
     10pm-12am moday nights

     Lynn Fournier
     CJMQ 88.9FM 103.9 Cable
     Box 2135
     Lennoxville, Qc
     CANADA J1M 1Z7
     Wednesday 7-8 pm
     Phone: (819) 822-1838

     CJSW-FM, 90.9
     University of of Calgary
     Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
     3--4 pm, Sunday

     *Skaville, Canada*
     (was *Capital City Ska* and *One Step Beyond/Radio Free Ska*)
     Hosted by Karm Parker a.k.a Kingpin,
     CKDJ-FM, 96.9
     Algonquin College
     Ottawa,? CANADA
     6--10pm, Monday
   Live internet feed at

     *Rude Vibrations*
     Dave Robertson
     CKDU 97.5 FM
     5984 Spring Garden Rd.
     Halifax, NS, CANADA
     B3H 1Y7
     Tuesday, Midnight-2am

     *The Last Resort*
     Trent Radio, 92.7FM
     461 Bolivar St.
     Peterborough, Ontario K9J 4R3
     Fridays, 10:00pm
     Phone: (705) 748-1777

Ska radio shows in Mexico

     Hosted by Pepe Serrano
     D.F., MEXICO
     Wednesday, 5--6 p.m.

Ska radio shows in Spain

     *Stay Rude!*
     Hosted by
     91.3-FM, Radio Contrabanda
     Barcelona, SPAIN
     Wednesday, 5--6 p.m.

Ska radio shows in the USA

Radio USA West

     Hosted by Andy B
     Cable, 88.1 FM
     San Geronimo, California
     6--7 pm Monday
     Ska - Old and New/Reggae/Dub

     *Rude Radio on Radio-K*
     770 AM
     University of Minnesota
     Minneapolis, MN  USA
     10am--noon, Saturday

     *The Beat Goes On*
     Hosted by Tom and Amy D.
     KCOU-FM, 88.1
     11 p.m.--2a.m. Friday, for more info.

     Hosted by Bosco,, and Sudarishu.
     Once hosted by Michael Cancilla and ``Uncle'' Larry Rodenborn
     California Polytechnic
     KCPR-FM, 91.3
     Graphic Arts, Room 201
     San Luis Obispo, CA, 93407 USA
     (805) 756-KCPR(5277)
     5--7pm, Wednesday

     *The Ska Train*
     DJ Ska-rry & Noey
     KDEO-FM,  102.7
     Radio Free Hawaii
     94-1088 Farrington Hwy
     Waipahu HI 96797 USA
     Wed. 10--12pm (Off the air, temporarily)
     Phone: (808)296-1027

     "Radio Free Hawaii is off the air, but the Radio Revolution lives
     on in the hearts of many."

     *Ska's the Limit*
     Hosted by Nicole Lapusan, Frostee and Paul Stark.
     3504 Magnolia
     St. Louis, MO 63118 USA
     (314) 664-3955
     Friday, 8 pm.
     Email: The Show
     Email: Paul
     Email: Frostee
     Friday 8pm Central U.S. time (01:00 GMT summer, 02:00 GMT winter)
   Also, on the Internet (see )!

     *Ska Hour (Melrose Sucks)*
     Host: John LaStoskie
     KDVS-FM, 90.3
     14 Lower Freeborn Hall
     Davis, CA USA 95616
     you can email c/o

     Hosted by Scott Marek
     KEOS-FM, 89.1
     P.O. Box 78
     College Station, TX 77844 USA
     11pm--1am, Wednesday
     Ska, jazz and punk (mostly ska)

     *The Ska Review*
     Hosted by Dan and The Oldest Living Ska DeJay
     KKUP-FM 91.5
     Cupertino,  CA USA
     6--9 pm, every 4th Saturday of each month

     KMIH-FM, 104.5 Radio
     Music Director:  Dave Stern
     9100 SE 42nd St
     Mercer Island, WA  98040-4107

     *Jamaica Gold*
     Hosted by Paul Kaupilla
     KOOP-FM, 91.7
     Austin, TX USA
     5--6, Sunday

     *Rude Boy's Revenge and Coffee Hour*
     Hosted by DJ Simmerdown
     Portland State University
     P.O. Box 344
     Portland, OR 97207-0344

     *Roots Revelation Show*
     Hosted by
     KRCC-FM, 91.5
     Colorado Springs, CO
     Saturday and Sunday nights until 12, with reggae and ska.

     Hosted by Huy Tran  (
     KSCR-FM, 104.7
     3131 McClintock Avenue E542
     Los Angeles, CA 90007
     12 pm -- 2 am Sunday

     *Third World Airwaves*
     KSJS-FM, 90.7
     San Jose, CA USA
     KSJS-FM, 90.7
     4--6pm, Wednesday
     Reggae/Ska/World Beat

     Hosted by Dan Melendez  (
     La Jolla, California 92093 USA

     *The Rude Review*
     KSPC-FM, 88.7
     340 N. College Ave.
     Claremont, CA 91711
     4--7pm Saturday

     *Ital Hours*
     Hosted by Rishon
     KSPC-FM, 88.7
     340 N. College Ave.
     Claremont, CA 91711
     2--4pm, Friday
     Primarily roots - some ska, dancehall & hip-hop

     *Arm the Insane*
     Hosted by Father Tom  (SOUT/ [punk, industrial and ska]
     Sonoma State University
     CA USA
     12--2am Wednesday

     KTCL  93.3
     Denver, CO
     7-8pm fridays
     Phone: (303)631-2933

     Hosted by Jeremy U (Mostly punk, but some ska.)
     Austin, TX  USA

     *The Attempted Ska Show*
     KTRU-FM, 91.7
     Rice University
     Houston, TX  USA
     10--1am Wednesday

     *The Ska Show*
     KTRU-FM, 91.7
     Rice University
     Houston, TX  USA
     10--11pm Thursday

     *The Ska Parade Radio Show*
     Hosted by Tazy Phyllipz  (
     (was hosted by Bradford J. Stein)
     KUCI-FM, 88.9
     Irvine, CA USA
     12am--3pm, Saturday
     featuring live on-air shows
     (714) 824-KUCI for requests and ticket giveaways
   See , for more information about the KUCI benefit CD.  For Southern
California and sometimes beyond concert listings go to `THE SKA PARADE
- UpCOMING CONCERTS' found under in the Usenet group WWW:

     *Skankin' Round The World*
     KUSF-FM, 90.3
     Los Altos, CA USA
     3--5pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

     *Bevo Skanks*
     Hosted by Rob Gacutan (Jedi master) and Miguel Harvey (Jedi knight)
     PO Box D
     Austin, TX 78713-7209 USA
     2500 Whitis, Building C
     Austin, TX 78705
     Voice: 495-KVRX
     1 am--2:30 am on sunday nights/monday mornings
   "Nothing but high quality ska." - Rob
     ... feel free to send any and all to "bevo skanks" at the
     addresses listed above.

     *Amber Waves of Ska*
     Hosted by Amber O'Neill
     KWHL-FM, 106.5
     Anchorage, AK
     8:00--9:00 pm Sunday

     Jessica Rubin and Chris Brooks
     KWVA 88.1 FM, Eugene OR(university of oregon)
     every goddamn monday, 7-9pm
     Phone: (541)346-0645

     *Lucky 7*
     Hosted by Chi-Yu (Chewy) Li  (
     KZSC-FM, 88.1
     Santa Cruz, CA USA
     7:30--10pm, Sundays

     Krazy Kelly, Wiggidy Wack Zach, Back Door April
     KZSC, Santa Cruz.  88.1FM
     every Sunday.  10pm to Midnight
     Phone: (408)

     Hosted by Jimmy
     KZSU-FM, 09.1
     Stanford, CA USA
     12am--3pm, Monday

Radio USA East

     *Ska All Over the World*
     Hosted by Keith Stults
     WAPS-FM, 91.3
     65 Steiner Ave.
     Akron, OH 44301
     Saturdays 9 - 10 PM

     *Screaming at A Wall*
     Hosted by dave and Mike
     WBFH-FM, 88.1
     Detroit, MI  USA
     Wednesdays 3:30 PM

     *Everything Off-Beat*
     *Hosted by Chuck Wren*,
     WCBR-FM, 92.7
     Chicago, IL USA
     10 pm--12 midnight, Monday (*Now, two hours long!*)
   See , for info about this show and other "Jump Up!" projects.  Chuck
is pivotal to the Midwest ska scene!

     Nora & Halle
     101.5-FM WCWT
     500 E. Franklin St.
     Centerville, OH 45458
     Sundays noon to 2 pm
     Phone: (937)439-3557
   We play the best of all ska from rocksteady to skacore.  Prizes
every week!  Live interviews! All this AND MORE!

     *What's this ska thing i keep hearing about*
     WEFT-FM, 90.1
     Champaign, IL USA

     *Red Stripe Countdown*
     Hosted by Jorge Polo
     Auburn, AL
     WEGL-FM, 91.1
     10pm--12am, Sunday
     Reggae/Ska/Calypso/African and Caribbean

     *Party @ Ground Zero*
     Hosted by Scrubba (
     WERU-FM, 89.9

     Hosted by
     WEVL-FM 89.9
     P.O. Box 40952
     Memphis, TN 38174  USA

     *Train to Skaville*
     WHAR 89.7 Cable FM
     PO Box 16452
     Indianapolis, IN 46216  USA
     (317) 635-4407
     Saturday mornings
     Also, <quote> were we play ska and chart bands as well (i.e. we
     don't keep them trapped in ska shows only.)</quote>
     --Sid  (

     *Shuffling on Bond Street*
     Hosted by Salim
     Chicago, IL USA
     WHPK-FM, 88.5
     4--5 pm, Tuesdays

     *On My Radio*
     Hosted by Lil' Davey
     Formerly hosted by Ben  (
     WITR-FM, 89.7
     Henrietta, NY USA
     (716) 428-0321
     10pm--12midnight, Tuesday
     They hope to have a newsletter out soon.

     Hosted by the Badger (Thom Atkinson)
     WIUS-AM, 1570
     Indiana University
     815 East 8th Street
     Bloomington, IN 47408 USA
     Request Line: (812) 855-WIUS
     Business Office: (812) 855-7862
     Music Related Calls: (812) 855-6552
     Fax Line: (812) 855-1073
     Monday, 12 midnight - 2am (Spring 1997)

     Hosted by Ted Wargo (, Program Director
     WIZZ-AM, 1250
     P.O. Box 377
     Streator, IL 61364
     Voice: (815) 672-2947 (between 11a-6p M-F CST)
     FAX: (815) 673-1833, or

     "Hooked on Ska"
     Hosted by Action Jackson
     WJRH-FM, 104.9
     Layfeyette, LA
     (610) 559-5316
     3:00-5:00 pm Thursdays

     Hosted by Eric Loyack
     WKDU-FM, 91.7
     Drexel University
     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
     6--9:30pm, Tuesday

     The Big Ska Show
     Hosted by Scott Moore Blackwell
     WKNC-FM, 88.1
     Raleigh, NC USA
     12-2am, Thursday

     Hosted by Peter "Tigger" Lunney
     WMCN-FM, 91.7
     Macalester College
     1600 Grand Ave.
     St. Paul, MN 55105 USA

     *Formerly, The Dougly Show*
     Hosted by Nate March  (
     WMEB-FM, 91.9
     P.O. Box 336
     Orono, ME  04473 USA
     9pm--12am, Wednesday, or new, Fall 1995 time slot

     *This is Ska*
     Hosted by Michael Toole,
     WMUA-FM, 91.1
     102 Campus Center, University of Massachusetts
     Amherst, MA 01003 USA
     Make requests at 413-545-3691
     11:30pm-2:00am, Fridays

     Hosted by Josh,
     WMUC-FM, 88.1
     University of Maryland
     College Park, Maryland 20742-8431 USA
     Friday, 9pm--midnight
     Ska, Punk and Hardcore

     *The Steve and Buster Ska Show*
     WMUC-FM, 88.1
     University of Maryland
     College Park, Maryland 20742-8431 USA
     Friday, 9am--noon

     *Roots Explosion*
     WMUC-FM, 88.1
     University of Maryland
     College Park, Maryland 20742-8431 USA
     Wednesday, noon--3pm

     *More Ska Than You Can Shake A Stick At*
     Barry & J.P.
     WNSU 92.9 Ca FM
     Nova Southeastern University
     Davie, FL
     Wed. 8:00-10:00 PM
     Phone: (954) 262-8460

     *Super Ska '90s*
     Hosted by Mark B
     WNUR-FM, 89.3
     Chicago, IL USA
     10--11:30 pm, Sundays

     *Rudy's Revenge*
     Hosted by Padgett Arango  (
     WMHB-FM, 90.5
     Colby College
     Waterville, ME 04901  USA
     4--6pm, Thursday

     *Tropical Rhythms, Part 1*
     Hosted by Frank Perry
     WORT-FM, 89.9
     Madison, WI USA
     Saturday, 12--2 pm
     Mostly reggae, some ska and rocksteady.
     (Part 2 plays African, Afro-carribean music.)
     Station Email:

     *Songs of Safety and Manners*
     Hosted by Ted Offensive
     WORT-FM, 89.9
     Madison, WI USA
     Friday, 2--5 pm
     Punk, ska, hardcore and other loud music.
     Station Email:

     Reverend Velveteen
     WORT-FM, 89.9
     Madison, WI 53703
     Station Email:
     8--11pm, Tuesday
     Phone: (608) 256-2001

     *What I Got*
     Hosted by Juan Diniz
     WOWL-FM, 91.7
     Boca Raton, FL  USA
     12:00 - 2:00 PM Monday

     *Skasaster Area*
     Hosted by Suszy
     WOWL-FM, 91.7
     Boca Raton, FL  USA
     12:00 - 1:30 PM Wednesday

     *Whipping the Prince*
     Hosted by Tom "Skooly" Pilla
     WPRB-FM, 103.3
     Princeton, NJ
     Voice: (609) 258-1033 (studio request line)
     7--9 PM Wednesday

     *The Ska-tastrophe Sound System*
     Hosted by Jamie Bogner
     WPRK-FM, 91.5
     P.O. Box 2102
     Winter Park, FL  32790-2102 USA
     (407) 647-5098 (phone and fax)
     2--5pm, Saturday

     Skanken Daves Superska! show
     Hosted by David Ciaglia,
     WQAQ 98.1 Hamden CT
     Quinnipiac College
     3--6 PM, Saturday
   Mostly 3rd Wave but the occasional 2-Tone and traditional song can
be heard.

     WQFS-FM, 90.9
     Guilford College

     *Skank No More!*
     Hosted by Yuzo W.
     WRCT 88.3FM
     1 WRCT Plaza
     5000 Forbes Ave.
     Pittsburgh, PA 15213
     2-5pm Fridays
     Phone: 412-621-WRCT

     "The Soundsystem"
     Hosted by Chris Terry (
     WRST-FM, 90.3
     Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA
     Tues. 2-5 am, Sat. 7-10 pm
   Going into syndication the summer of 1997.

     Hosted by Pat O'Connor  ( and others
     WRUV-FM, 90.1
     University of Vermont
     Burlington, VT 05405  USA
     Saturday Mornings 9:30-12, Sundays 6-8PM
     (Half ska/half punk)

     Dr. Zarchoff & SKA Lisa
     WRUV-FM, 90.1
     University of Vermont
     Billings Student Center
     Burlington VT 05405
     Wednesday 8pm - llpm
     Phone: 802 656 4399
   The focus of the show is on the first and seond waves.

     Hosted by Riot Grrg (gdl@po.CWRU.Edu (Gregory D. Lyle))
     WRUW-FM, 91.1
     Cleveland, OH USA
     3--5 Friday

     Hosted by Bradley Simon (ultra-punk title to be determined)
     University of Pittsburgh
     Pittsburgh, PA USA
     9pm--1am, Sunday
     (Ska, 60's through current, with some punk mixed in)

     Hosted by Bob Stone
     Westfield, MA USA

     The Other Side
     Hosted by Adam,
     WSOU-FM, 89.5
     Seton Hall University
     Seton Hall, NJ
     8--11pm, Thursday
     Punk Oi Ska

     *The Ska Hour*
     Hosted by Todd Strauss and Steve Ensdorf
     WSPN-FM, 91.1
     Skidmore College
     Saratoga Springs, NY USA
     12--1 am Wednesdays

     Hosted by Kevin VanWieren,
     WSPN-FM, 91.1
     Skidmore College
     Saratoga Springs, NY USA
     (518) 584-5770
     Ska, reggae, plus a bit of old school punk, hardcore, and OI! music.

     *Antisocial Personality Disorder Live - Maximum Rock and Roll Ska Show*
     Hosted by Kevin
     WSPN-FM, 91.1
     Skidmore College
     Saratoga Springs, NY USA
     6--9 pm Fridays
     punk, pop-punk, oi, and ska

     *Double Ugly*
     Hosted by Aaron, Nick  and Dan
     WSPN-FM, 91.1
     Skidmore College
     Saratoga Springs, NY USA
     9pm--12 am Fridays
     Oi, grind-core, death metal, speed metal and ska

     Hosted by Arianna Gounis ( and Paul
     WTAN-AM, 1340
     NM Publishing
     c/o Arianna
     3061 Alt. 19 N.
     Palm Harbor, FL 34683
     8--9 pm, Saturday
     Ska, punk, and reggae

     New Orleans, LA  USA
     Every other Saturday

     *Rhymes with Orange*
     Hosted by Wendy Hamilton and Colin Hamilton
     WTPC-FM, 105.3
     Principia College
     Elsah, IL 62028  USA
     7--10 pm Monday
     (618) 374-4365.

     *One Step Beyond*
     Hosted by Randy Now
     Trenton State College
     Trenton, New Jersey USA
     Tuesday, 8pm

     Hosted by Justin J Ziemba,
     WUNH-FM, 91.3
     University of New Hampshire

     *Chekkered X*
     WUPX Radio X 91.5 Marquette
     Wednesdays, 4am-6am
     Phone: (906) 227-2348

     *Rude Vibrations*
     Hosted by Scott Beacher  (
     WUOG-FM, 90.5
     University of Georgia
     Box 2065
     Tate Student Center
     Athens, GA 30602-3401  USA
     (706) 542-7100
     8pm--10pm Fridays

     *Rude Awakening*
     Hosted by Keri Abrams (
     WUTK-FM, 90.3
     University of Tennessee, Knoxville
     Knoxville, TN USA
     6-8pm, Tuesday
     "1st/2nd/3rd wave w/ traditional & rocksteady flavors"

     *Skaco Bell, the Brian and Andy Show*
     WUTZ-AM, 1075
     University of Tampa
     Tampa, FL USA
     Wednesday, 8--10 pm.
     Email:, Andy Ceusters.

     Mike and John
     WVBR-FM Ithaca 93.5
     227 Linden Avenue
     Ithaca, NY 14850
     9 to Midnight Each and every wonderful Saturday Night
     Phone: (607)273-2121

     *Alas Babylon*
     Hosted by Gravy Train
     WVFS-FM, 89.7
     Florida State University
     Tallahassee, Florida
     (904) 644-1837
     12midnight--2am Sunday/Monday

     *Soda Shop/Punk Ska Night*
     Various hosts
     90.5 FM
     WVUM at Miami, Florida
     Tuesday, 10

     *Saturday Sunsplash Special*
     Hosted by John A. Sullivan  (
     WVYC-FM, 88.1
     York, PA
     7--10pm, Saturday
     Mostly reggae, but some ska.

     *The Haile Selassi Happy Hour*
     Hosted by Cat  (
     WWEB-FM, 89.9
     Wallingford, CT
     Thursday, 9--10pm

     *Jump Jamaica Way*
     New Orleans, LA USA

     WYBC-FM, 94.3
     New Haven, CT USA
     Tuesday, 9pm.
   Old and new school ska.

Radio USA - Other

     It's called the Wednesday Night Skank
     Hosted by Mike Savage
     X107, 107.1-FM
     Westchester County/northern New York City area.
     12 midnight to whenever
   With local concert info, songs by bands from  the Toasters to Spring
Heeled Jack a CT ska-band, and occasional  interviews.

     *Ska on Boston College Radio*
     Boston, MA USA
     5--6pm, Thursday (during the school year)

     *Kickin' Skalistics*
     Hosted by Jesse Miner
     Macalester College (?)
     St. Paul, MN USA

     Hosted by Lindsey Close
     Mount Holyoke College
     P.O. Box 1579
     South Hadley, MA 01075  USA

     *Train to Skaville*
     Hosted by Brian Thomsic
     88.3 FM
     University of Michigan
     Ann Arbor, MI  USA
     7--8pm, Tuesday

     *Old School*
     89.5 FM
     Winona State University
     Winona, MN  USA
     9--10pm, Friday
     All punk and ska

     *Reggae Soundsystems*
     Hosted by Steve Masters
     105.3 FM
     San Fransisco,Ca
     Sundays 9-10pm
     Phone: (415) 478-5483

     *Yell Oi! 4 Ska*
     90.1 FM
     Stanford University
     Palo Alto, CA  USA
     3-6 PM, Wednesday
     Traditional Ska, 2-tone, 3rd wave, and Oi!

     *All Ska Show*
     Timothy Shaw
     90.7 FM
     Williamsburg, Virginia 23186
     Tuesdays, 10pm-12am
     Phone: 221-EATU

     Impact 88.9
     East Lansing, MI
     College station
     Sundays 6-8pm

     San Diego, CA USA
     Midnight Saturday

Internet Radio

     *Skank for the Masses*
     Hosted by Matt Rubin
     CRUX, Internet Radio
     c/o Marion Foundation, Inc.
     14682 North 74th Street
     Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
     (602) 991-0289
     FAX: (602) 991-5744
   "RealAudio" sounds files of recent and *live* CRUX *ska* shows.

     "Rudenet Ska Show"
     Hosted by Matt Rubin (
     "RealAudio" sounds files of recent and *live* Rudenet *ska*

     *Ska's the Limit*
     "KDHX on the Internet"
     Attn: Paul Stark
     3205 Pestalozzi Ave.
     St. Louis, MO 63118
     Email: Paul
     Email: Frostee
     Friday 8pm Central U.S. time (01:00 GMT summer, 02:00 GMT winter)
   KDHX broadcasts from You need a
FREE "Streamworks" plug-in from Xing Technologies, instead of RealAudio.

     *Skaville, Canada*
     (was *Capital City Ska* and *One Step Beyond/Radio Free Ska*)
     Hosted by Karm Parker a.k.a Kingpin,
     CKDJ-FM, 96.9
     Algonquin College
     Ottawa,? CANADA
     6--10pm, Monday
   Live internet feed at


   Subject: 2.4: *Where can I hear ska live?*

   Some clubs and other venues have quite a few ska shows.  Some of
these are (sorted by country, state and city)

   Come on, I know there are more places out there!  How come none of
you Dutch folks have sent anything in?

Live Jamaica


   Constant Springs Road
"there is a new club in uptown Kingston on Constant Springs Road
that features oldies acts - so far they have presented Ken Boothe,
John  Holt, The Heptones, and many other artists ...      something to
check out if you are visiting Kingston."
Allen Kaatz,

Live Finland

Tampere (62 degrees North)

   Tullikamari (old customs warehouse)
Laurel Aitken played here in 1997.

Live Germany


   SO 36 Club


   Carpe Noctem
Wesselstrasse 5
53113 Bonn

Roemerstrasse 26
53111 Bonn


   Cafe Arche Noah
Scharhorststrasse 6
44787 Bochum
live reggae, bluebeat and ska every monday 20.00 CET until...


   Buergerhaus Kalk


   MADNESS Music-Pub
Louisenstr. 83
D-01099 Dresden
Ska, Rocksteady, Soul, Skinhead-Reggae, ...

   For more information about Dresden-Ska-Scene see:


   "Cafe Planet", Grosse Brunnenstrasse, every Thursday 21:00,  DJs
play SKA and Rocksteady


   Schwimmbad - Music Club
Tiergartenstrasse 13
69121 Heidelberg
Mon and Thu 20:00 - 02:00     Fri and Sat 20:00 - 03:00         A club
wich has at least one ska-concert in a month.          Even Desmond
Dekker played there!


Karlstr .1372007
Tuebingen (0)7071-32743

Hechinger str.20372072
(the city council is constantly threatening to force the place toclose


Viehhofstrasse 125
42117 Wuppertal

Live Spain


La Gasca 120

Live Sweden


   Uptown Skankin
Toaletterna, Odenplanopen
Each second Tuesday?

Live UK


   The Dublin Castle
Camden, London, England.
(Tube station: Camden Town)


   The Home Tavern
Southampton Road
Eastleigh, Hampshire, England


     The Meadow Club in Nottingham, England, often have live ska and
     mod bands and music, under the name "The Connection". Recently,
     for example, the Selecter and Ska-Boom have played there. The club
     is in the Meadows area, right next to the football ground.
          Gareth Gee,

Live USA



   Showcase Theatre

   Los Angeles Area:

   Alligator Lounge         3321 Pico Bl         Santa Monica
(310) 449-1844

   Dizzy Debbies Cafe         467 S. La Brea

   San Diego:

   World Beat Center

   San Francisco Area:

   Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Avenue (near Gilman), Berkeley a/a

   The Basement, 706 3rd Street, Santa Cruz (All ages) (private house)

   Berkeley Square, 1333 University, Berkeley (All ages) 510-841-6555

   Big Heart City         836 Mission St. (between 4th and 5th)
San Francisco, CA

   Bimbo's 365 Club, 1025 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, 21+

   Boomerang, 1840 Haight St., San Francisco 21+ 415-387-2996

   Boarderline Wharehouse on Hiway 108, Sonora (All ages) ($2
membership)    209-588-1204

   Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th Street, S.F. (All ages) 21+

   Cactus Club, 417 S. First, San Jose 18+

   Chameleon, 853 Valencia Street, San Francisco 415-821-1891

   Cocodrie, 1024 Kearny Street, San Francisco 18+ 415-986-6678

   Davis Teen Center, 303 Third Street at B Street, Davis (All ages)

   Edge, 260 California Av., Palo Alto, (All ages) 415-324-EDGE

   Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary at Larkin, San Francisco 21+ 415-885-4074

   Elbo Room, Valencia near 17th Street, San Francisco 21+ 415-552-7788

   El Rio, 3158 Mission Street, San Francisco 21+ 415-282-3325

   Epicenter, 475 Valencia Street, S.F. (near 16th & Mission BART)

   Fillmore, 1805 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94115 (All ages)

   Gilman Street, 924 Gilman St. (corner of 8th & Gilman), Berkeley
(All ages)    510-525-9926

   Great American Music Hall, 859 O'Farrell, SF 94109 415-885-0750

   Inn of the Beginning, 8201 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati (All ages)

   Kilowatt, 3160 16th St., San Francisco 21+ 415-861-2595

   Komotion, 2779 16th Street, San Francisco (All ages)

   Lindee's Bar & Grill, 2765 Clayton, Concord 21+ ((All ages) wed)

   Maritime Hall, 450 Harrison St, S.F. (All ages) 415-974-0634

   Paradise Lounge, 308 11th St., S.F. 21+ book 415-861-5121

   Phoenix Theatre, 205 Washington Street, Petaluma (All ages)

   Purple Onion, 140 Columbus, San Francisco (near Jackson) 21+

   Slim's, 333 11th St., SF, (All ages) 415-522-0333

   Starry Plough, 3101 Shattuck, Berkeley 21+ 510-841-2082

   Stork Club, 380 12th Street, Oakland 21+ 510-444-6174

   Transmission Theater, 214 11th Street, San Francisco (next to
Paradise) 21+

   Trocadero, 520 4th, SF (All ages) 415-995-4600

   Veterans Hall, 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz (All ages) 408-454-0478

   Warfield, 982 Market Street, San Francisco, (All ages) 415-775-7722



   15 Minutes
15th Street, N.W. (between K & L)
Washington, DC

   9:30 Club
930 'F' St.
Washington DC, 20003

   The Black Cat
14th Street, N.W. (between S & T)
Washington, DC

   Another listing of DC ska clubs is available here:



   The Moto Lounge
Adam Street
Ska shows every couple of weeks



Two live bands and DJ Chuck Wren on the first Thursday of every month.

3830 North Clark
Chicago, IL
(312) 549-0203, voice.
(312) 409-2287, concertline



     Gee Coffee
     301 E. Santa Fe
     Olathe, KS
     (913) 768-4153



   Skankland Reggae Lounge
1151 N. High St.
Columbus, OH
The only(?) all-reggae venue between NYC and Chicago.  Skankland also
offers the finest Jamaican cuisine daily in "New Jamaican and Carribean
Restaurant" (restraunt phone: (614) 299-1099).  RAW members with ID
admitted free (except for national shows).



   The Wreckroom

   The Masquerade

   Smithe's Olde Bar




   Local 186
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA


   The Middle East
Cambridge, MA

   More Boston clubs listed at!  Thanks Art!



   The 8 x 10 Club
Baltimore, MD


   Ann Arbor:

   The Halfway Inn
East Quad
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(313) 764-8558 ask for Pete or Janine
Booking contact:


   The Falcon Club



   The Cooler

   Downtown Lounge

   The Garage

   Ludlow St. Cafe



   The Wetlands
(212) 966-4225


   Chapel Hill:

   Cats Cradle

   Local 506
506 W. Franklin St.
Capel Hill NC 27514
(919) 942-5506


   Somewhere Else
Greensboro, NC
(910) 292-5464

   The Turtle
807 S. Aycock St
Greensboro, NC
(910) 272-0801


   The Rock 'n Reggae Jamaican Cafe
Mission Valley Sopping Center
Avent Ferry Rd.
Raleigh, NC
(919) 832-3577


   The Mad Monk


   Rebound Lounge
3376 E. 55th - 1 Block South of Broadway
Cleveland, OH USA
(216) 271-9720
Best in Cleveland ska.      Doors open at 7 pm; music at 8 pm.
For Booking Info: Contact Trevor
Rebound Promotions
(216) 441-0345


   The Middle East
Between 1st and 2nd streets on Chestnut
Philadelphi, PAa



   Sadly, two of the clubs in Madison that have historically played a
lot of ska (The Paramount and The Chamber) have closed this year (1996).

   Club DeWash
636 W. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI
(608) 256-3302

   The Memorial Union
Madison, WI
(608) 265-3000

   The Loft
504 E. Wilson Dr.
Madison, WI
(608) 256-1348


   Subject: 2.5: Is anyone doing ska video?

   Yes.  Bradford Stein has finished a West Coast ska-umentary called
`The Ska Parade'. The 30 minute video includes interviews and
performances of Let's Go Bowling, Donkey Show, Skeletones and Jump With
Joey.  [RPM]   Contact him at
"A to Y Productions"
c/o Tazy Phyllipz
P.O. Box 5766
Irvine, CA  92716-5766  USA

   Recently, Aldis Strazdins started a new ska documentary, focusing on
six Midwestern (US) ska bands, called `Last Train: Ska in the
Heartland'.  The bands are Mustard Plug, Exceptions, Gangster Fun,
Weaker Youth Ensemble, MU330 and High Ball Holiday.  *News! The film is
now in post-production.* More news as it develops.

   A video *has been* produced for Rude Buoy Enterprises by Kane Docker,
containing many of Australia's current ska bands in live and
video-style performances. It is available as of January 1997.

   For details on this new video, please contact:
     Kane Docker - Rude Buoy Enterprises
     PO Box 54
     Victoria, 3185
     Ph/Fax (03) 9531 2891
   See .

   Two Tone released a video called `Two Tone Presents the SPECIAL AKA
On Film' (Chrysalis), which is now out of print.

   More titles, less information:

   `The Specials/Specials AKA'.

   `English Beat', with live clips and videos.

   `Madness - Complete & Utter'.

   `Madness - Madstock', with concert footage.

   `Madness - Take It Or Leave It'.

   `Ska Parade', with California bands including See .

   `Ska Explosion', with 80's British bands like Potato 5.

   `The Amazing Skatalites', Japanese import, available at Tower

   A new video of Australian ska bands called `Dancecrasher' has just
been released - details to follow as they come in.



   Subject: 2.6: Are there any feature-length ska movies?  What other
movies did ska influence.  What about TV shows?

   Yes, there are feature-length ska documentaries, exemplified by
`Dance Craze'.  These include:

   Other movies where ska plays an important role include:

   TV shows where ska plays an important role include:

Dance Craze

   There is a great concert film by Joe Massot about ska in 1980
Britain called `Dance Craze'. It features live footage of Bad Manners,
The (English) Beat, The Bodysnatchers, Madness, The Specials, The
Selecter.  Rico Rodriques, trombonist from the Skatalites, plays horns
with The Specials.  You can order the video from See , 3022 W.  12 Mile
Rd., Berkely, MI, 48072 USA, (313) 544-2485 (and probably other places,

Take It Or Leave It

     `Take it or leave it' is the Madness film - starring the seven
     members of north London ska band See , the 1982 film traces the
     roots of the group, beginning in 1976 or thereabouts. Very
     amateurish in places, and also very funny. Although lead singer
     Suggs went on to do some acting in films, one of the band members
     (drummer Daniel Woodgate) said of `Take It Or Leave It', "it was
     the beginning and end of my acting career".  Available on Virgin
     Video in the UK.

   -Gareth Gee

Back to the Beach

   In the beach-blanket revival film with Annette Funicello, `Back to
the Beach', Fishbone backs Annette singing "Jamaican Ska (Do the Ska)"
and the beach crowd skanks away (sort of).


   `Bang', from Eagle Eye Films.
     ... reviewed by Siskel and Ebert on their nationally syndicated
     show (the verdict: one thumb up, one thumb down) and they ran a
     clip that featured The Slackers' "Run Away."  The soundtrack for
     "Bang" is now available from Moon Ska Records and features all
     sorts of cool ska and ska dub from acts like The Toasters,
     Skavoovie & The Epitones, Isaac Green & The Skalars, NY Ska Jazz
     Ensemble, The Articles, Dr. Ring Ding & HP Setter, Ocean 11 and
     many more!

     - shamelessly clipped from `Moon Ska Records News Update (9/26/97)'

The Harder They Come

   For real rude boy action, check out `The Harder They Come',, Jimmy
Cliff.  This is the seminal feature film from Jamaica.  This is
essentially a true story, about Martin Riggin.  The excellent
soundtrack showcases Jamaican popular music -- ska, rocksteady and

`"You Can Get It If You Really Want"'
     By Jimmy Cliff         Composed by Jimmy Cliff

`"Hold Your Brakes"'
     By Scotty         Composed by D Harriot/O Scott

`"Pressure Drop"'
     By Maytals         Composed by Fredric "Toots" Hibbert

`"Many Rivers To Cross"'
     By Jimmy Cliff         Composed by Jimmy Cliff

`"Johnny Too Bad"'
     By The Slickers

`"007 Shanty Town"'
     By Desmond Decker         Composed by O Orres

`"Sweet and Candy"'
     By Maytals         Composed by Fredric Hibbert

`"The Harder They Fall"'
     By Jimmy Cliff         Composed by Jimmy Cliff

`"By The River at Babylon"'
     By Melodiana         Composed by B Dows

`"Sitting Here In Limbo"'
     By Jimmy Cliff         Composed by Jimmy Cliff

Marked For Death

     Not only is there ska being played, but Jimmy Cliff himself is in
     the movie.  Another interesting thing to note is that Steve Segal
     co-wrote a song with Jimmy Cliff.  The songs in the credits are:

      "Roots and Culture" (Shabba Ranks)
      "No Justice"        (Jimmy Cliff)
      "John Crow"         (Jimmy Cliff, Steven Segal and the Oneness Band)
      "Rebel in Me"       (Jimmy Cliff)
      "Steppin' Razor"    (Peter Tosh)
   -Andrew Bauer


     `Quadrophenia - A Way Of Life' by The Who Films, filmed in 1979
     and set in London and Brighton of 1964. Although more accurately
     described as a "mod" film, this brilliant youth cult movie
     includes some ska background music here and there (I think it's
     the Upsetters) as well as some American soul (Booker T, etc.). It
     also shows how important young black Jamaicans (the sons and
     daughters of 1950's immigrants) were to the mod scene. 'Birdie'
     supplies drugs ('uppers', 'purple hearts', amphetamine, etc.) to
     the mod crowd, but he also supplies *style*. (It was the Jamaican
     rudeboy style that led to many white "mods" becoming "skinheads"
     at the end of the 60's, adopting the music and clothing of the
     young British West Indian community). Also stars Sting as "the ace
     face" and includes music by the Who, Kinks, etc. The film was
     massive in 1980, as it coincided with the mod/ska revival and the
     appearance of the 2-Tone label. The central star of the film, Phil
     Daniels, recently did the vocals on Blur's mod-inspired `Parklife'
     single (1994). `Quadrophenia' is available on Polygram Video in
     the UK.

   -Gareth Gee

Scandal (1989)

   Lovely ska music swells the soundtrack of Scandal (1989), the story
of the 1963 Profumo affair in the UK.  The soundtrack was released as
`Scandal SKA'.  Fashion tips abound for the trendy rudie or mod.


   Theme song by All-Stars

Police Squad

   There was a brief mention of ska in a humorous moment on `Police
Squad' when Dick Clark asked the informant Johnny the shoeshine man
what ska music was.  The informant suggested that ska would never catch
on, misrepresenting it as "nothing but a modern offshoot of reggae,
with white rock influences".

The Young Ones

   M.E. Hoetjes reports that "Madness played a couple of times in `The
Young Ones' and The Selecter played there as well."


   Subject: 2.7: Are there any books about ska?

   *N.B.* There is some overlap  with See , and See .  (Thanks to Brian
Rosenthal, and Matt Comeau, for some of this information! Additional
information was provided by S.T.  Publishing.)

   Here are some mentioned on the net.

   [The info is sketchy, so if you have more complete infomation,
please send it to me.  Tomas.]

   `Bad Manners',  the unauthorized story of Fatty from 2Tone.

   `Boss Sounds Classic Skinhead Reggae', Marc Griffiths.  It is
available through ST Publishing, PO Box 12, Lockerbie, Dumfries,
DG113B2, Scotland.  This book is the first ever referencew guide to
reggae from 1967 to 1972.  Includes loads on ska and ska artists too.

   `Total Madness' is about the band Madness. (Available from Moon
Records or Taang!.) It's by George Marshall and traces the history of
the band from their very early days to their reunion concerts.
Includes full discography and colour photos.

   `The Complete Richard Allen Volume One & Two', Richard Allen, S.T.
Publishing.  (Novels with skinheads/rudies as characters.)

   `The History of Rock' series dedicated an issue to Two-Tone ska.

   `Saturdays Heroes', by Joe Mitchell.  Fiction about soccer

   `SKA '80', which covered Two-Tone bands and associated bands like
Dexy's Midnite Runners.

   `Skinheads', has some info on ska.  An American printing from 1986
was mentioned.

   `Skinhead Nation' George Marshall's follow up to Spirit Of '69,
again with plenty of ska references.

   `Spirit of 69 -- A Skinhead Bible', by George Marshall, S.T.
Publishing.  Traces the history of the skinhead cult from the Sixties
right up to today.  So there's plenty of ska in it, plus a chapter on 2

   `The Two Tone Book For Rude Boys', Omnibus.  Out of print.  About the
1979-1981 British ska scene.

   `The Two Tone Story', George Marshall, S.T. Publications.  (Available
from Moon Records and Taang!.) About the rise and fall of Two Tone.
This is George Marshall's first book, but it has just been revised and
published again.  Loads of info on The Specials, The Selecter, The
English Beat and so on.

   `Watching the Rich Kids', Arthur Kay, S.T.  Publishing.
(Autobiography of his days with the ska band the Originals and the OI!
band Last Resort.)

   `You're Wondering Now -- A History Of The Specials', by Paul
Williams.  A history of the Specials and 2Tone.

   Also, Campbell recommends the two-part series called `Blue Beat and
Ska', Melody Maker, May 12 and May 19, 1979, London. [RAR]

   Many of these books are available from S.T. Publishing in Scotland.
Write to
     S.T. Publishing
     P.O. Box 12
     Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire DG11 3BW


   Subject: 2.8: What are some ska-related 'zines (fan-created

   Mike Fragassi,, who supplied much of the
original info in this section, advises (circa 1994):
         I have personally not yet tried any of these, except for the
     WNUR newsletter, from which I have gotten the addresses of all of
     the rest. Some of these seem to be info-sheets for a given band.
     Others are more comprehensive ("Rude" and "F.B.I.", for instance,
     are highly recommended).  All zines should be assumed to be written
     in the language of the country they come from.  Prices are the most
     recent info, again obtained from Chuck Wren's newsletter; neither
     me nor he nor anyone who handed you a copy of this FAQ are
     responsible for mail screw-ups or unreturned money; if in doubt,
     send a business size (Size 10 US or DL international) SASE first.

   More Internet 'zines are indexed in the CRAM index, at this URL:

   An excellent general 'zine reference is:

Active Zines

   Here is the info I have: ([*Location*] indicated as appropriate.)

A Message to You

A Message to You
        Box 834
        12003 Arsta
*(In Swedish)*

All That's Good

All That's Good
 c/o Julianna Robbins
 3433 Spotsylvania Ct.
 Marina CA 93933
A zine dedicated to
ska, rocksteady, reggae, and soul.  This is Julianna's fourth
zine and has been getting
a lot of mail from all over the states and a good deal from the rest of
the world too.


   The first German SKA e-zine is on the web! (English language)


Boots and Braces

Boots and Braces
        Northern Rude Boys
        P.O. Box 886
        1780 AW Den Helder

   "Boricuas Bestiales 'Zine"

         Boricuas Bestiales comes out every three months and is
     centered around the ska, punk and oi! scenes from Puerto Rico and
     thw whole world.  It features interviews with bands, reviews,
     articles, 'zines, etc.  Cost is $2 USA ppd anywhere in the world.
     The adress is below. Here's the info in spanish, which is how we
     do the 'zine:

     Boricuas Bestiales es un fanzine de ska, punk y oi! hecho en Puerto
     Rico.  Se publica cada tres meses e incluye entrevistas,
     artículos, reseñas, contactos, etc.  Puedes obtenerlo enviando $2
     USA a nuestra dirección:

     Boricuas Bestiales 'Zine
     c/o Javier
     calle Interamericana #250
     University Gardens
     Río Piedras, PR 00927 USA

     Boricuas Bestiales is a ska-punk-oi 'zine straight outta Puerto
     Rico.  If anyone out there speaks spanish or is interested, single
     copies are $1 + 2 stamps or $2.  Subscriptions are $6 USA / $7

     Issue #5 features:  Los Crudos (USA), Los Hijos de Caín (PR), Dr.
     Calypso (spain), Skatala (Spain) and Dr. Raju (Australia).

     Issue #4 features:  Mexico's Maldita Vecindad, Argentina's Todos
     tus Muertos, Spain's the Pleasure Fuckers and more...

     Issue #3 features:  the Toasters, Mephiskapheles, Blanks '77, and
     the local bands Los Pies Negros, Lopo Drido and Burning Face.

     BANDS AND LABELS:  please send your records for review.
     Everything we get will be included on our next issue.  'ZINES:
     please let us know if you would like to trade ADS:  write for info.

Boss Ska

Boss Ska, the Canadian ska zine by Ian Hodkinson. Availble from:
Ska Goes North
c/o Ian Hodkinson
10 Burton Ave.
Montreal, Quebec
H3Z 1J7

To get your copy:
In Canada, send 1 $0.71 stamp
In the USA send 1 IRC
Overseas, send 2 IRCs

Carla Ronci Scooter Zine

   Carla Ronci Scooter Zine

   Chris Tharp sent me the following note about this new zine:
     You see, me and R.S. (resident skinhead) have begun a scooter zine
     that is chalk full of ska stuff like interviews with the
     skatterbrains and King Apparatus.  Our main focus is on scooters;
     however, ska is an essential component of the Carla Ronci Scooter
     Zine (who's Carla Ronci? she may become the patron saint of the

   Want more Info? Contact, or
Chris Tharp,

Centurions Scooter Club/Tin Soldier Fanzine

     Duncan Sanderson
     Centurions Scooter Club/ Tin Soldier Fanzine
     76 Collins Rd
     WA 6155
     Ph (09) 457 8705
   The only fanzine I know about dealing with Ska/Mods/etc.

Com' Out Swinging

   "Com' Out Swinging", *Atlanta's Online Ska Magazine*.  Javier
Cerdas, Chief Editor.
     Com Out Swinging

Contact Modzine

     "Contact Modzine"
     c/o Desiree Kiss
     412 S. Home
     Park Ridge, IL  60068

Cosmic Haystack

Cosmic Haystack
PO Box 15945-149
Lenexa, KS 66285-5945

     32 pages newsprint, colour cover.  Latest issue features
     interviews with The Skatalites, Spring Heeled Jack, Sto Svirat,
     The Peacocks, and more.  Informative articles and editorials from
     the editor, Noah Wildman, Anthony Torres, John Feldmann, and
     others.  And don't forget the *killer* ska crossword contest!
     Send $10 for a 1 year subscription.
        -Evan North, Editor, Cosmic Haystack

Crawl Magazine

Crawl Magazine
        P.O. Box 31282
        6503 CG Nijmegen


     c/o Javier Carmona
     PO Box 33
     18320 Santa-Fe, Granada

     *Ska, Soul* ...  We are interesting in traditional ska 90's, 60's
     soul and  skinhead reggae.  Write if you are interesting or
     interested.  Free advertesing space.  Trades are welcoming.  Send
     us your list of your favourites soul 60's & skinhead reggae songs.
           - Javier Carmona

The Denver Skabeat

The Denver Skabeat
1200 Madison
Box 507
Denver, CO 80206 USA
$2.00 each.
Issue 7 will be out in late August '96 and will feature interviews with
Mephiskapheles, the Pietasters, the Scofflaws, Less Than Jake, the
Aquabats and the Blue Meanies.  Also a huge listing of zine reviews,
music reviews, editorials, ska comics.

Dub Catcher International

Dub Catcher International
        PO Box 4203
        Highland Park, NJ 08904
        (908) 545-1830


        c/o Marc T
        AP Co 19170
        08080 Barcelona, Spain
        $25 a year.

Flight 752

     "Flight 752"
     PO Box 8036
     Prairie Village, KS 66208

     Issue 2 has interviews with hepcat, the gadjits, and mobtown. and
     issue 2 is free. if you live in boston, kansas city, lawrence, or
     san francisco you can pick it up at your favorite record store. if
     you live somewhere else, you can still get a copy. just email or mail 2 stamps with your address to flight
     752, po box 8036, prairie village ks, 66208. if you can't find 2
     stamps, don't worry about it. we're printing 500 copies of issue
     2, so you won't miss it. sign up on the mailing list by emailing
     flight752 with your home address.

     - the crew of 752:         ruth.mike.roscoe.julie


Calder Square
P.O. Box 10296
State College, PA 16805-0296 USA, or, jeremy freefall.

     Issue #7 - out now (Fall 1996)!  the stubborn all-stars, mu330 and
     an review/ interview with the scofflaws.

     T-shirts -

     Stickers -

     For an issue, send two stamps to the address above.  Word!

The Gathering

   A ska/punk/oi zine, in issue #4 26 Dec 1995.
The Gathering
c/o The Skabox
P.O. Box 14056
Norfolk, VA 23518
$1/issue or 3 (US) stamps

Gone Wise Crackers

     Gone Wise Crackers
     c/o Neville R. Hurworth
   Ska and punk.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot
        c/o Dudley
        86 Ninian Road
        Roath, Cardiff CF2 5EP, UK

The Incognito Review

The Incognito Review
        The Incognito Review,
        P.O. Box 1091, Palatine, IL 60078
        Within the USA: $2/issue, $8/year
        Outside the USA: $3/issue, $12/year.
        Mike F.  sez:
     About 24 pages of text & pictures, well laid out.  Good reviews
     section.  Radio show, zine, and band addresses; lots of band


   Home of NRRRDNET, based right now in Michigan. Containsmonthly
columns from writers across the world, as well as potential space for
visual, audio, and literary *punk rawwwwwk* masterpieces.  Check out, for mostly punk but some ska, too.

It's All Me

It's All Me
Garbage Dog Press
3965 Normal St.
San Diego, CA 92130 USA
Each issue is $1 plus 2 stamps, for twenty to thirty 8.5 x 11" double-sided pages., Allison.

     Issue #1 has interviews with UnSteady, the Dancehall Crashers, The
     Process, and the Selecter. There is also info on Rancid, Rocket
     from the Crypt, G-Spot and more. Issue #2 has interviews with
     Hepcat, the sKeletones, Squirtgun, Supernova, and Swindle, plus
     info on UnSteady, Mobtown, Chris Murray, and a special on the
     scootering scene in SAn Diego. Issue #3 (out soon!)(1) is going to
     be a split with the Canadian Punk zine, Evil Beavers, and my half
     is going to have interviews with Mobtown, Los Hooligans, the
     Hippos, and 10 days Late.

     All zines also contain the standard music and zine reviews, plus
     columns, stories, comix, restaurant reviews and much more.


   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  As of August 1996. - Ed.

The Jabsco Journal

The Jabsco Journal
        c/o Brian Rosenthal
        901 Orange Grove Dr. #2
        Ormond Beach,Fl 32174  USA
        Send business size (Size 10 US or DL international) SASE for hardcopy.

     Dedicated to following the evolution of Ska Music and Culture.  We
     take no advertisers and post no concert dates ...  just history of
     ska music and culture ...  Past articles include:  *From Shanty
     Town:  Desmond Dekker (Biography)*, *Rude, Not Racist:  Facts,
     lyrics, quotes to dissolve racism*.  CD, Video Reviews,
     Interviews, Discographies, Band Family Trees/Relationships, etc.
     Contributions welcomed ...
   -- Brian,

James Bond

James Bond
        c/o Apartado de Correos 1106
        08204 Sabadell, Spain

Knuckleboy Press

Knuckleboy Press
    c/o Mike's Basement
    6 Balmoral Lane
    Scotch Plains, NJ 07076-2203  USA

     Cheers! Looking for a zine to satisfy your ska, punk, Oi!,
     hardcore, reggae, psychobilly, rockabilly-craving tastebuds. The
     zine is Knuckleboy Press and we're up to issue number 4!! With 5
     just rolling around the corner. In the past we've had interviews
     from the likes of the Busienss, Skankin' Pickle, Allstonians,
     Insteps, Public Alley, Sicko, Mr. Evan Dorkin, Mealticket, And the
     Exceptions. If that's not  enough, this issue has some ragin'
     rants about the media conspiracy and why to hate the Olympics,
     some great reviews, Mike H.'s newsbriefs, and some in-depth
     interviews with some great bands such as the SLACKERS, H20, Kid
     with man head, and The SUICIDE MACHINES. Face it, you can't beat
     that. Killer art from our friends Dave and Andy McCabe and from
     some great movies. Future interviews include Inspecter 7 and the
     BOSSTONES, but that's for later.  Still interested, just send 2
     bucks (ppd)

     Make all checks, money orders, well concealed cash to MIKE
     CIVINS-NOT Knuckleboy Press. Contributions are also welcome-we
     have low standards so send in columns, pictures, photos, reviews,
     rants, raves, interviews, scene reports to my e-mail address
     preferbly. ALL credit is given of course, no sexist, racist or
     fascist material. We also are offering low ad rates for
     distributors, zines, record clubs, stores, etc.Inquire at the same
     address or for a quicker response e-mail me at
     Keep the scene alive.

    -Mike Civins


     "KYTZYLzine". n. a rad ska/punk zine that was conceived on a
     little island in the middle of the Pacific but is destined to
     become a world power by the year 2067. a sort of combo perzine,
     fanzine, and funzine. worth all $1 of it. endorsed by Kraft
     Dinners and G.I. Joe. #2 out now!  (German)
   -noey! po box 474 haleiwa, HI 96712

Lioncity Skazine

     "Lioncity Skinzine"
     c/o Helmi
     Blk 661
     Yishun Ave 4
     SINGAPURA 760661
   Oi!, punk rock and ska, in Singapore and the world.  On its way to a
second issue (March 1997).  Send $2US or a trade.

Mad Planet

Mad Planet (by Sarah Dyer)
        New York
        543 Van Duzer Street
        Staten Island, NY 10304
        $1, approximately tri-monthly

Melt Ska Zine

Melt Ska Zine
27712 Golondrina
Mission Viejo,  CA 92692 USA

Mighty Rhythm

Mighty Rhythm
3959 Edensone Rd. NW
Calgary, AB, CANADA T3A 3Z7
... about
ska/rocksteady/reggae and all else fun. Oh, and it's free.

In Canada/USA:  Stamps or 1 IRC or $1

Elsewhere:  1 IRC or $1

(If sending money - only US or Canadian funds)

Millwall Brick

     "Millwall Brick"
     c/o Jan Kroll
     Pf 1105
     56155 Bendorf
   A traditional Skinhead fanzine, dealing mainly with Skinhead Reggae,
soccer, style, Soul and Sixties Ska.

MOO Juice

MOO Juice
        P.O. Box 11619,
        Chicago, IL 60611-0619 USA
Send $3 for a sample issue.
     MOO juice megazine comes out quarterly and amongst other things
     features ska reviews and interviews with ska groups. Our latest
     issue is a comics spectacular, so there aren't too many ska
     fetures, but we have an interview with The Jumpstarts and we are
     working on one with Arizona's Kongo Shock coming up in our next
     issue (out in a couple months or so).
   -Britton, Publisher and editor. [8-Oct-96]

Moon Records Newsletter

Moon Records Newsletter
        Moon Records of NYC has a newsletter/catalog.  Send a business size (Size 10 US or DL international) SASE for the
newsletter to:
        Moon Records
        P.O. Box 1412
        Cooper Station
        New York, NY 10276 USA

Mordownia Oi!

   "MORDOWNIA Oi!" (street punk/Oi!/ska zine)

     Tomasz Dziegielewski
     ul.Plk. Dabka 189/14A
     81-167 Gdynia
     Mariusz Sudol
     ul. Benislawskiego 20/III/5
     81-173 Gdynia

      Oi!    SKINS, PUNKS and RUDIES

     I`m going to do CD-ROM with skins, punks, rudies photos  and
     drawings. So if you want be in this CD send to me your photos,
     drawing with informations (name, country) (address, email, note -

     Bands!!! Send to me photos, drawings, covers, history, discography
     etc, etc. ...

     I also look for photos from gigs, football matches etc, etc ...
     (don`t send me graphics files in email, because my email is too
     small)  Cheers.
    - Tomasz Dziegielewski

   *Mordownia Oi! is in the Polish language.*

Move Your Car

     "Move Your Car"
     PO Box 649
     Issaquah, WA 98027
   Available for $1

The Nutcase

The Nutcase
        Another 'zine that I have only sketchy info about is:
        The Nutcase
        c/o Lecureuil Paskal
        61 Rue Des Forges
        44330 Vallet, France
        - write for info, include business size (Size 10 US or DL international) SASE.

One Step Beyond

     Niklas Bergstrand/One Step Beyond
     Sofiaparken 2F
     222 41 Lund

     `One Step Beyond' is a 100% ska-fanzine based in Sweden, but
     written in English. So far two issues have been published and no.3
     will be out in August 97. That issue will feature Johnny Socko,
     Brixton Academy festival, Skanksters, the Uptown Skankin' club,
     Roskilde festival, notices, Lithuania ska-scene report, reviews
     etc. To order send 3 bucks well-concealed cash to

     Niklas Bergstrand/One Step Beyond Sofiaparken 2F 222 41 Lund



        There's an independant Australian fanzine available:

        c/o Ivan Downey
        PO Box 54
        Elsternwick, VIC 3185 AUSTRALIA

     The guys who run this fanzine have put their whole heart into it
     they just love ska heaps. There's also heaps of info about how you
     can get bands CD's and heaps of other stuff. They'd probably get
     this on the 'net some how (if they knew how !!). If you want to
     know more just e-mail me.
   -Graeme Stables,

The People's Ska Annual

   (Formerly `One Man's Ska Annual' and `One Man's Ska Thing'.)

     It is 16 pages magazine style on newsprint, its full of editorial
     on the state of ska, interviews with *Heavy Manners* and *Mother's
     Pride*, a piece connecting `Beavis and Butthead' with ska, a
     history of 3rd wave ska co-written with Rob 'Buck' Hingley and a
     butt-load of reviews.

     Additionally, there's a contest to win SIX HOURS OF SKA VIDEO
     including the Specials live 1980, Selecter live 1993, clips of
     Madness and the Specials on `Saturday Night Live', and vintage TV
     appearances by Millie Small.

     Best of all, its FREE!!!

     Just send one large SASE with 1 first class stamp to:

     TPSA c/o Noah Wildman     65 Nassau St (8C)     NYC, NY 10038

     You'll be glad ya did!


     PS - It's available at the See , and the See Hear in NYC. I will be
     sending bunches of copies to select zine people across the nation
     to hand out, use as toilet paper, etc. If you think you could help
     me unload some of these 3000 copies, feel free to e-mail me at  Please put 'TPSA' in the subject or I may
     not read it!

Pirate Corp$

Pirate Corp$
        `Pirate Corp$' is the one and only ska comic book, by Evan Dorkin

Polka Music

     Polka Music
     1678 Pinefield Way
     Atlanta, GA 30066 USA

     The only zine that gives ya' everything EXCEPT Polka!

     (If you could send us a stamp, we'd love ya' like a puppy,cause'
     we're not made of money, you know...)

     *** If you live in the Atlanta area, you can pick it up at CRIMINAL
     RECORDS in Little Five Points for about a buck.
   - The folks at Polka Music


   `Pulp' is the new and improved hardcopy version of `RPM,' by Dave
"Allroy" Sarno.  `Pulp' will remain based on ska, but will expand to
cover a wider variety of music.  He is also offering a 7" ska record
club.  You can reach Allroy at:
        P.O. Box 2771
        Amherst, MA 01004
Also, he has started a "Ska Hotline".  The number is (413) 253-4831.
You can also leave me a message about shows in your area, and he will
incorporate them.

Punk Uber Alles

Punk Uber Alles
 3612 16th Ave W
 Bradenton, FL 34205
They review zines and music, accept trades. Send $1 for punk rock,
political activism, anarchy, ska, and whatever.

Rub Up & Push Up

   "Rub Up & Push Up", the only zine devoted to early Jamaican music
(ska, rocksteady, and early reggae) and its contemporaries.  Issue #1
is out now [July 1997], and #2 is due in August/September 1997.  Send
$2 + 2 stamps for a 44 page zine to:
     Rub Up & Push Up
     10609 S. Drew
     Chicago, IL  60643


        26a Craven Rd
        Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5NE, UK
        - $10 USA for 5 issues

Rude Chronicles

Chris/Rude Chronicles
        289 Primrose Circle
        Chesterton, IN 46304
Hepcat69,, writes:
     Hello ska fiends.  A friend of mine has done a zine called Rude
     Chronicles.  He hasn't had much luck selling them so I wanted to
     post this so you all can order his zine that he worked so hard on.
     He is a thirteen year old Rude Boy.  Come on, help out a fellow
     Rudy.  Interviews with Skapone, Parka Kings, and the Pacers.  It
     also has reviews and more.  Get four issues for $5 or write to him
     about sample issues.

Rude Review

Rude Review
        2340 Craine
 Kalamazoo, MI 49001 USA

Rudies Revenge

     *California's premier skazine*.  The premier issue features
     reviews, a calendar section with the latest California dates,
     culture reviews, more, and more ... anyways.  It's ten pages long
     and will be available at California music and clothing stores and
   -- *Rudies Revenge*
Rudies Revenge Skazine
        James Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief
        5210 East 25th Street
        Long Beach, CA 90815
        (310) 597-5056
    or, email Sally Brown,
    The staff of "Rudies Revenge" ask:
     Also, if you're in a band or in the know about one, send us your
     press kit/demo and we'll guarantee a review.  We'd also greatly
     appreciate it if you sent us your upcoming tour dates in
     California.  The deadline for the April issue is March 20th.  We
     also welcome your articles/reviews/whatever, though our focus is
     ska in California (as far as culture/happenings are concerned.
     Global in music, obviously.)

The Pink Poodle

     The Pink Poodle
     c/o Nick Ruva
     2803-B Americana Ave
     Tampa, FL. 33613
     Voice: (813) 975-1496

     "The Pink Poodle is a montlhy punk and ska fanzine.  Every issue
     is full of CD reviews, Tour info, and a bunch of other crap you
     don't care about."


Shallow End

SHALLOW END ska zine
P.O. Box 579011
Modesto, CA 95357-9011  USA, Marc Johnson.

The Ska Flame

The Ska Flame
        Unit 7
        Cable St. Wook
        Cable St.
        Notham, Southampton,
        Hants, SO1 1RJ, UK

Ska Goes North

Ska Goes North
10 Burton St.
Montreal, Quebec
H3Z 1J7, Canada
(Send an IRC for your own copy)
or, e-mail Ian at
        If you're looking for a cool zine check out the third
issue of Ska Goes North.  It's very well done.  Hats off         once

Ska Mania

     "Ska Mania"
     8216 Cottage St.
     Vienna, VA 22180
   For your FREE copies of issues 2 and 3 write to or email  with your
address, but please enlose 2 stamps for postage.

     "Ska Mania is a free DCSka fanzine. There is always at least one
     interview, and other articles such as CD, zine, webpage, and show
     reviews, editorals, columns, news, and stories to make you laugh;


SkaBeat - The SkaEzine

SkaBeat - The SkaEzine
         Andre Prochaska
         742 SW 13th Street
         Corvallis, OR 97333
(Send some stamps)

     This is one body's misc.  ramblings on Ska and the scene.
     SkaBeat's primary goal is to spead the word without paper, but a
     no-frills print version is available to/for bands, labels, and
     people not on any online system.  There is also a tour date Email
     on a regular basis.  So send any dates or correspondence to, and any music, bios, to the above address.
   -- Andre,


        c/o Frederic Dornier
        Edenhall N.H.
        11 Lyndhurst Gardens,
        London NW3 5NS, UK
        $6 per issue.


     Email:, Steve Porter.

     If you wanna subscribe to my email format version of the ezine
     (comes out monthly), drop me a line at <>.


     Oh yeah, SkaFunkRastaPunk is my monthly (about) ezine which is a
     music fanzine with some ramblings thrown in amongst the satire.
     It covers mainly ska and punk music but I have an eclectic tooth
     or two, so there is various other elements of music thrown in for
     good measure.  Later

   - Steve Porter


SKAholic  c/o Monica
        P.O. Box 440381
        Miami , FL 33144
        Monica Brouwer

        fax: (305) 264-9183
A new 'zine dedicated to SKA. Looking for writers to contribute
ANYTHING on ska, oi, punk, hard-core and so on.  *ALL* submitted work
will be printed.

Model Citizen

        c/o Joel Kuester
        1509 Summit Ave.
        Waukesha, WI 53188  USA
        (414) 224-6193
Formerly *The Model Citizen*.


        5352 Woodford Dr.
        Birmingham AL 35242, USA


        96 Woodhill Rd
        Newtown, PA 19840, USA

Skanking For Fun and Profit

     Skanking For Fun and Profit
     c/o Nate Nick
     407 Deerfield Rd.
     Camp Hill PA, 17011


        c/o Seth Michaels
        186 View Drive RR#3
        Pittsfield, MA  01201  USA
Skanktime zine is now available. Interviews, record reviews and more.
They are looking for contributors for future issues.  Issue #1 is $1.00
or 3 stamps.


   For a copy, send a check for $1US to:
Skansas Zine
 c/o Matt
 12512 King
 Overland Park, KS 66213 USA

Skinhead Times

Skinhead Times
        S.T. Publishing
        P.O. Box 12, Dunoon, Argyll.PA23 7BQ
        (Send $10 cash for 5 issues.)
By George Marshall.  $1.00.  Also available from "Moon Records".

The Sunshine State Skanker

The Sunshine State Skanker
        Tampa, Florida
        (address unknown)
        Mostly Concert Dates

Talk Is Cheap

   The ska/punk fanzine of the Ska Trek radio show. (see )

   If people want a copy they should send $2 US (concealed) or a copy of
their zine to ...
             "Talk is Cheap fanzine"
             P.O. Box 7147
             East Brisbane
             QLD 4169
   The first issue (Fall 1997) features:         Rude Bones,
Ben from Blowhard & Godnose,         Bruce Lee Band,         Ska
Brewing Company,         Vicious Circle

Tighten Up

Tighten Up
        c/o Udo Vogt
        Haupstr 144
        Wurselen  GERMANY
        Subscription costs $4 and 2 International Reply Coupons
        A ska and Oi "skinzine"

United Colours of Punk

     United Colours of Punk
     PO Box 241
     c/o MBE
     via della Moscova 13
     20121 Milano

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step
        Get Smart Productions
        191 Fifth Ave, apt 2-L
        Brooklyn, NY 11217
        - uncertain schedule

Searching (For Ska), The Jump Up! Ska Newsletter

(formerly "WNUR Ska Newsletter")
Searching (for Ska)
        Jump Up! Ska Newsletter
        c/o DJ Chuck Wren,
        4409 1/2 Greenview #2W
        Chicago, IL 60640 USA
        FAX 1-708-295-1277, Chuck Wren.
        - Price:  Free.  Outside of the USA, send a few business size (Size 10 US or DL international) SASE's.
     This skazine has no set schedule and it comes out about bimonthly,
since 1989!  It is at least 2 *dense* pages of new release and reissue
information, plus concert news for the Chicago area and beyond.
Distributed to over 2000 people worldwide. Send $2.00 for all of the
back issues. (Number 26 came out January 1997.)

Work Rest and Play

Work Rest and Play
        1 Clonard Road, Sandyford Road
        Dublin 16, Ireland
        - 5 pounds for some (?) issues

The Yellow Press

     Brattleboro VT's first ska, punk, jazz zine.  We are in the
     process of producing our first issue.  We would appreciate it if
     people would send CDs, tapes etc for us to review.  You could also
     send us an ad that we will print for free or anything else you
     would like to submit. We are also looking for contributions from
     people to print in our zine. This is a good chance for your band
     or label to be exposed to southern VT and other surrounding areas.
     If anybody has anything to contribute or wants a free issue,
     please write for more information., Ed  Sbardella.


        c/o Brian Proust
        PO Box 5447
        Columbia, SC 29250  USA
        Formerly the Rocksteady Columbia newsletter.  See , for more


Defunct Zines

It's a Rude World

It's a Rude World
        c/o Ryan James White
        5379 Butterfield St.
        Camarillo, CA  93012
        Send $1 ppd

Model Citizen

The Model Citizen
        c/o Joel Kuester
        1509 Summit Ave.
        Waukesha, WI 53188  USA
        (414) 224-6193

     The Model Citizen is Milwaukee's fine cold-filtered Ska-zine.

     It is 20+ full pages dedicated to Ska music in 7"x8.5" format.  We
     do news, reviews, interviews and whatever we think will interest
     you.  Our first issue is already out and includes an interview
     with the Invaders.  The next issue is due for mid-March and will
     contain an interview with Hi Ball Holiday, a whole bunch of stuff
     on the American Ska-thic 2 party, the incredible true life story
     of what happened to Mista Mina, and lot's of other cool things.
     We clearly recommend that you order your copy today ... you will
     not be dissapointed.

     The cost is one dollar or 3 stamps.  Always looking to print
     interviews, news, opinions and whatnot!

     Also, we have come for your advertising!  Anyone looking to put an
     ad in our zine is welcome to.  Our policy is as follows; ads
     directly relating to Ska get it free.  Otherwise:  full page =
     $25, half page =$10, and quarter page = $5.  Wouldn't you like to
     expose other people to something you're selling?!

     Please make checks and money orders to Joel Kuester ...  NOT The
     Model Citizen!

   Now in its 5th issue, The Model Citizen will be renamed
"SKALEIDOSCOPE" as of issue six. See , for more information.

Monkey Man

Monkey Man
        (See the the next section!)

Rocksteady Columbia Newsletter

Rocksteady Columbia Newsletter
        1035 Comanchee Trail, Apt. K-2,
        W. Columbia, SC 29169
This is the newsletter of the WUSC ska show of Robbie Van Winkle &
Roland Bonner.  Now known as "Zipgun". See , for more information.


   Currently available, and electronically distributed is a skazine
called *RPM*.  It has been posted to alt.skinhead, by David "Allroy"
Sarno, and is chock full of reviews from fans
from all over.  Get it.  You can also reach Allroy at:
P.O. Box 2771
Amherst, MA 01004

Skaville Times

The Skaville Times
          2500 Flintridge Place
          Fort Collins, CO  80521
According to Richard Atkinson, bfargo@lamar.ColoState.EDU, you can get
the the Skaville Times by sending a 29c stamp or IRC coupon to the
address above.  The April (94,95?) edition will go to press on
Wednesday, March 23rd and be mailed on Monday, March 28th.  The
newspaper consists of one 11x17" broadsheet with ska and scooter news
from around the country, and one 8.5x11" insert with a full-page
illustration and show dates.


   One skazine named `Zoot' apparently went out of business a few years



   Subject: 2.10: What ska resources are on the Internet?

   Thanks for much of the WWW information goes to Bill Tanner,


   This three-part ska FAQ can anonymously ftp'ed from

   It is also available on the World Wide Web (WWW) via HotJava,
IBrowse, Lynx, Mosiac, Netscape or another WWW browser at:

   *or* The Ohio State FAQ archives,

   *or* *better still* the *expanded* "hypertext" Ska FAQ

   You can even get the FAQ files emailed to you.  Send email to the
RTFM mail server,, with one or more `send'
commands in the body of the mail, depending on which part you want.
Please do this instead of asking me to email the files to you!

   For part 1, include the text:     `send

   For part 2, include the text:     `send

   For part 3, include the text:     `send

   For more info on FAQ file retrieval via email, send a message with
`HELP' in the body of the email to `'.

Lyrics and pictures

   Ska lyrics and pictures of ska performers can be found at the music
archives at `' and at its mirror sites, such as:

   Also, check out

   Lyrics to some Specials songs can be found at

   Also, some lyrics can be found at the "Jammin reggae archives",
which has *moved* from the older `' site and the old
`' site to the new site at

   Some ska and reggae sounds can be found on the very cool Internet
Underground Music Archive (IUMA) site: "The IUMA Home page", chock full
of hi-fi music, is found at Look at, for the Doctors of
Dub, "One Drop Clanger".

   More are available at the Jamming reggae archive: For `.au' files,
ftp reggae au files For `.wav' files, ftp reggae au files

General WWW Music Pages

   "The Ultimate Band List", wow!

   "The DJ" Internet Music Radio, with RealAudio, or the new "TheDJ"

   "Musi-Cal", an online live music calendar Home Page

   "Music Interactive",
     "Music Interactive's web site for musicians was first launched in
     early 1996 as an information resource for professional and
     aspiring musicians and music industry professionals. Today, Music
     Interactive has well over 60,000 members."

   "The Sibilius Academy" A comprehensive index of music resources on
the web.

   "Soundz", "The Internet Music Nexus", A great
undertaking by dedicated music fans, with bold design and good content,
including sheet music and guitar/bass tablatures. Great articles and
interviews, too.

   Concert listings, record and concert reviews for the Kalamazoo area
covering punk and ska music,

Regional WWW Ska Pages

   There are a ton of regional pages from the US, and many from around
the world.  I hope to find more from outside the US - send me your
links, to

US Regional Links

   "Alaska Ska Scene"

   "Bay Area Ska Page"

   "Ska SoCa", home page for southern California ska mailing list.

   "Connecticut Punk/Ska Scene"

   "DC Ska! Page" "The DCSka! home page was created to give ska fans a
source of Ska information in and around the Washington,
DC/Baltimore/Philadelphia areas and beyond. "

   "Chairman Mao is a Punk Rocker" "... D.C. areas newest punk-ska
information authority."

   "Phat Girl Fat Footin'"

   "Chicago Ska Page"

   "The Florida Ska Web Page"

   "Boston Ska Home Page"
Includes the interactive National Ska and Reggae Calendar,

   "Detroit Ska"

   "Twin Cities Ska Page"

   "The Official Las Vegas Ska Page"

   "Orange Street -- New Jersey Ska"

   "Cinncinati Ska Page"
To join the "Cincy Ska Mailing List", send email to

   "Cleveland Ska Page"

   "Dayton Ska Page"

   "Oregon Ska Page"

   "Philadelphia Ska Page"

   "Pennsylvania Ska Web Page"

   "Deep in the Heart of Texas Ska Page"

   "Northwest Ska Page"


Worldwide Regional Links


   "The Melbourne Ska Page"


   "The Brazilian SkaPunkHardCore Scene"

   "HC Scene Brazil"  "... a page of HcpunkSka-related internet


   "The Montreal Ska Page"

   "Toronto Ska Page"


   "Ska & Punk de Costa Rica"


   "Twirl", European Ska calendar. [In Dutch]


   "The Japanese Ska Page", 22 bands, calendar in English and Japanese.

   "European Ska Network"


   "Venezuelan Ska Page"

   "Ska de Venezuela" Andres Rafael
Reyes,, says

     Si quieres puedes visitar mi homepage donde encontraras
     informacion de  bandas de ska de Venezuela

     Hasta pronto!!!
   So, check it out.

General WWW Ska Pages

   *New Links*(1)

   "SkaMusic.Com", great ska site!

   "Brian's Guide to Ska",

   "NetGuide to Ska", site reviews,

   "Ska Paradise"

   "Austin Net-Abuse World O' Ska", home of "Rankin' Rankings", ska
music charts, based on radio playlists.

   "Hooked on Ska",

   "Misfits of Ska",

   "The Land of Ska"

   "Rude Moods Ska Page"

   "Ska Brewing Company", Hops and barley and ska, from Durango,

   "Easy Skanking", Porter's Ska and Reggae page.

   "Slug Boy and Bug Man's Ska Central"


   "Saccharine Ska", from Earwig: lead article about ska, links, sounds.

   "Ska World" "Punk or Rudeboy" (Why choose?)

   "Skanky's Ska Page"

     Bueno ya que todos solo, buscamos y buscamos alrededor del
     internet,en busca de grupos de SKA y punk, y hasta HardCore Latino. by Camilo B.
( (en Español)

   "SKAtland Yard" "This page is dedicated to that rankin', skankin',
get up and jump music, SKA!"

   "What's Ska Page" Ska from Puerto Rico.  Great local bands page. Email: In English
and Español.

   "History of Ska" "The page was designed by Jason Moreau as part of a
music sufficiency paper written by Jason Moreau for the Department of
Music at Worcester Polytechnic Institute." -or-

   "apoSKAlypse" The
first German ska e-zine (in English), by Fred 2-Tone
(  (The URL will probably change mid-summer 1997.)

   "Skank the Night Away" Punk
and ska links.

   "The Skinternet" Ska, Oi! and Punk, for New York, New Jersey and the

   "East Coast Ska" East-coast (US) Rudies - check out this new page:

   "RiMSHOT" The Ska E-Zine

   "All Mod Cons Ska Picture Gallery" Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

   "Baltimore/Washington Calendar for Ska, Soccer and Scooter Events"

   "Secret Agent 008's tribute to Jamaican Ska"

   "Super Ska Links"

   *Good Old Links*

   "Rudenet Ska",, and radio show files at, from Matt Rubin,

   "Women in Ska Page"

   First wave, historic ska - A Tribute to Black Swan

   "Skankin' through the web."

   "SKAngster Page"

   "Skaddict's Funky Ska Links"

   "Ska Reggae Dub Page"

   "Sasa's Home Page", featuring `cool and mixtured' music like ska:

   "Derek Brown's Ska page"

   "Rudy's Revenge Radio"

   "Rudenet", "Your source for ska on the
Internet"., "The Rudenet Ska
SHOW!" Contact, for adminstrative details.

   "The Real Jamaica Ska", dedicated
*exclusively* to Jamaican ska.

   "Ramone's Ska-Fe"

   "Plato's Skankin' Ska Page"

   "One Step Beyond - Skankin' in Cyberspace"

   "McTowel Home Page", ska, reggae, and
rock from Marc of Longshot, with a Dutch spin. (see )

   "Kurdt's Skanking Skapage"

   "The 4th Post" By A. J.
Sedlak, (*Formerly known as "Jester's Court"*)

   "The Crash Bar" (Online Ska Zine)

   "Boudicca's Ska and Punk Connexion"

   "Bill Tanner's Attempted Ska Page"

   "American Ska Bandography" Reviews, pictures and sound files to many
American ska bands.

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  These are just coming in a chronological order, until I get a
chance to organize them logically. -Editor

Ska Web Rings

   An innovative concept in web-to-web linkage is the "web ring",
wherein a number of web sites link one to the next, in a big
daisy-chained ring.  There are several ska web rings, including:

*The Official IRC #Ska Webring*

*Official RudeBoy Ska Ring*

*Punk and Ska Ring*

*Skankin' SKA-Ring*

*The Skinhead Webring*;random

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

   There is an IRC channel called `#ska', on The Undernet and on Efnet,
for those interested in real-time chat.

   Hey, the IRC channel has a WWW page or two!  Include bios of `#ska'
locals and more.

   For Efnet:

   For The Undernet:

Mailing Lists

   Subject: 2.9: How do I get a ska email-based mailing list?  What are
other ska resources on the Internet?

   (Some of this material is a wee bit dated.  I will try to get to
this ASAP. -Editor)

   There are a few options.

Cleveland Ska Concert Mailing List

   To join the "Cleveland Ska Concert Mailing List", send email to to subscribe.

Cincy Ska Mailing List

   To join the "Cincy Ska Mailing List", send email to

SoCal Ska list

   It's for the Southern California Ska scene, although not exclusively.
    You can join by sending mail to
with the contents `"SUBSCRIBE SKASOCA"'.       Digest Version is
optional with the contents `"SUBSCRIBE SKASOCA-DIGEST"'      There's
200+ subscribers so your mailbox might get full.

   `Monkey Man', The EMail Ska Distribution list, is available from

Skagroup mailing list

   There is also a ska mailing list group, "Skagroup", that runs like a
listserv (all posts are automagically mailed to all members of the
list).  To subscribe, just send email to with

     subscribe skagroup

   in the message body.

SkaBeat mailing list

   Also, you can send email to Andre Prochaska (, to get
onto the See , mailing list, as described in See .

Usenet Newsgroups

   "Usenet news" is a huge computer bulletin board system with
world-wide distribution covering thousands and thousands of topics.
Ska is discussed on a few of them.

     This is the central spot for discussing ska on Usenet.

     This is a band new group for discussing ska-core on Usenet,
     without flame wars with fans of traditional ska.

     Not a support group for insanity, this group focuses on the *nutty*
     music and antics of the British group Madness and its spin-offs.

     The mellow grandchild of ska and some topics of Jamaican and
     Rastafarian interest are discussed in the vibrant reggae newsgroup.


   Subject: 2.11: *Can anyone recommend some good ska albums for
someone who has absolutely no clue about ska?*

   Here are a few choice titles, with an emphasis on compilations, so
that you can get a feeling for a lot of artists all at once.  Thanks to
Evan M. Corcoran [EC], for some of this info.  Evan also maintains a
more comprehensive list of ska albums that is aperiodially posted to, check it out.

   There are some fine reviews to be found at the Lash Out
ska/rocksteady/reggae review page,  Others can be found at

   The *SKA'mpilations* page has more info, at

   Also, the `American Skathic' series, on "Jump Up!", offers an
excellent taste of Midwestern ska.  If I can only find my copy, I'll
add it to the list above.


   `Celebration: Twenty Five Years Of Trojan Records', *various
artists*,    Trojan Records, `CDTRD 413', (1991).

Club Ska 67

   `Club Ska '67', Mango Records, (1980).  The contents:
`Guns of Navarone'
     The Skatalites

`Phoenix City'
     Rolando and the Soul Brothers

`007 (Shanty Town)'
     Desmond Dekker

`Broadway Jungle'
     The Maytals (as the Flames)

     Roy Richards with Baba Brooks

`Guns Fever'
     Baba Brooks

`Rub Up, Push Up'
     Justin Hines and the Dominoes

`Dancing Mood'
     Delroy Wilson

`Stop Making Love'

`Pied Piper'
     Rita Marley

`Lawless Street'
     The Soul Brothers

`Skaing West'
     Sir Lord Comic and his Cowboys

     The Rulers

The History of Ska

   `The History of Ska, Blue Beat and Reggae', *various artists*,
Esoldun S.A.R.L./Blue Beat, `REG 101', (1992).

Intensified Original Ska

   `Intensified! Original Ska 1962-66', *various artists*, Mango
Records, `ZCM 9524'. The contents:
`El Pussy Cat,"'
     Roland Alphonso.

`Solomon Gundie'
     Eric Morris.

`Teenage Ska'
     Baba Brooks.

`Carry Go Bring Come'
     The Charms.

`Duck Soup'
     Baba Brooks.

     Shenley Duffus.

     Don Drummond + Drumbago.

`Independent Anniversary Ska(1)
     Beatles's `I Should Have Known Better''  The Skatalites.

`John + James'
     The Maytals.

`Rocket Ship'
     Tommy McCook.

`We Are Rolling'
     Stranger Cole.

`James Bond'
     Roland Alphonso.

`Housewife's Choice'
     Derrick + Patsy.

`University Goes Ska'
     Don Drummond.

`Penny Reel'
     Eric Morris.

`The Higher The Monkey Climbs'
     Justin Hines.

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  `Independent Anniversary Ska' is really a cover of the

More Intensified

   `More Intensified', Mango Records, (1980).  The contents:
`Six and Seven Books of Moses'
     The Maytals (as the Vikings)

`Dr. Kildare'
     The Skatalites

`Congo War'
     Lord Brynner and The Sheiks

`Woman Come'

`Man in the Street'
     Don Drummond

`What a Man Doeth'
     Eric Morris

`Lucky Seven'
     The Skatalites

`Miss Ska-culation(1)'
     Roland Al and the Soul Brothers

`Dr. Ring-a-Ding'
     Roland Al and the Soul Brothers

`Run Joe'
     Stranger Cole

     The Skatalites

`The Great Wuga Wuga'
     Sir Lord Comic

`Dick Tracy'
     The Skatalites

`Mount Zion'
     Desmond Dekker and the Four Aces

`Marcus Junior'
     The Soul Brothers

`Train to Skaville'

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  Really the surf tune `Pipeline'

Monkey Business

   `Monkey Business', Trojan Records (1980). A *skinhead reggae*
compilation that contains:
`Tighten Up'
     Lee Perry/The Untouchables (may be upsetters)

`Fatty Fatty'
     Clancy Eccles

     (You oughta know this already)

`007 Shanty Town'

     Harry J All Stars

`Fire Corner'
     Clancy Eccles and King Stitt

`Double Barrel'
     Dave and Ansel Collins

`Birth Control'
     Lloydie and the Lowbites

     King Stitt

`Elizabethan Serenade'
     Boris Gardner

`Return of Django'

`Monkey Spanner'
     Dave and Ansel Collins

`Young Gifted and Black'
     Bob and Marcia

`Long Shot'
     The pioneers

`Monkey Man'
     The Maytals

`Dollar in the Teeth'
     The Upsetters

     Nora Dean

`Shocks of Mighty'
     The Upsetters

`Them Laugh and Kiki'
     The Soulmates

`Cherry Oh! Baby'
     Eric Donaldson

One Original Step Beyond

   `One Original Step Beyond', *various artists*, Castle Communications
`CTVCD 115' (cd), `CTVMC 115' (cassette), `CTVLP 115' (lp).  The
contents include:
`One Step Beyond'
`Judge Dread,'
`Al Capone'
     Prince Buster.

`Oh Carolina'
     The Folkes Brothers.

`Message to You Rudie'

`Red Red Wine'
     Tone Tribe.

     Prince Buster.

`One Love'
     Bob Marly and Wailers.

`Skinhead Moonstomp'

`Guns of Navarone'
     The Skatalites.

`OK Fred'
     John Holts.

`Easy Snappin''
     Theophilus Beckford.

The Real Jamaica - SKA

   `The Real Jamaica - SKA', *various artists*, Epic Records, `EK
52724'. The contents:
`Ska All Over the World'
     Jimmy Cliff

`Little Miss Princess'
     Lord Creator

`You Are the One'
     Winston Samuel

`No One'
     The Techniques

`Golden Love'
     Lord Creator

     Winston Samuel

`Man to Man'
     Lord Creator

`Time After Time'
     The Charmers

`Don't Stay Out Late'
     Lord Creator

`Remember I Told You'
     The Techniques

`Trust No Man'
     Jimmy Cliff

     The Charmers

Ska Bonanza - The Studio One Years

   `Ska Bonanza: The Studio One Years', *various artists*, Heartbeat
CD, `HB 86/87', (1992).
`Nimble Foot Ska'
     The Skatalites

`Spred Satin'
     The Skatalites

`Arte Bella'
     Ken Boothe and Stranger Cole

`Streets Of Gold'
     Roland Alphonso + The Soul Vendors

`A De Pon Dem'
     Rita Marley + The Wailers

`Black Sunday'
     The Skatalites

`Don't Want Your Loving'
     Cornell Campbell

`Old Fowl Ska'
     Roland Alphonso

`Enna Bella'
     Eric "Monty" Morris

     Owen Grey with Clue J + His Blues Blasters

`Always On A Sunday'
     Frank Anderson + Tommy McCook

`Sugar Bag'
     Lee Perry

`Settle Down'
     Lester Sterling, Johnnie Moore, and Tommy McCook

`Turn Me On'
     The Checkmates

`When The Well Runs Dry'
     Bunny and Skitter

`Wheel And Turn'
     Frank Anderson + Tommy McCook

`Oceans 11'
     Cecil Lloyd + Roland Alphonso

`Over The River'
     The Jiving Juniors

`My Heaven'
     Alton Ellis + Eddie Parkins with Aubrey Adams + The Dewdroppers

`Set Back (Just Cool)'
     Roland Alphonso + Carroll McLaughlin

`Du Du Wap'
     Chuck Josephs + Dobby Dobson with Aubrey Adams

`Don Cosmic'
     Don Drummond + His Group

`Man In The Street'
     Don Drummond

`Simmer Down'
     Bob Marley + The Wailers

`Shining Light'
     Toots + The Maytals

`Push Wood'
     Jackie Opel

`Wonder No More'
     Andy + Joey

`Bongo Tango'
     Roland Alphonso

`Sucu Sucu'
     Roland Alphonso

     Roland Alphonso

`Stop Making Love'
     The Gaylads

`How Many Times (Do You Remember)'
     Bob Marley + The Wailers

`Roll On Sweet Don (Heaven And Hell)'
     Don Drummond +

`Sit Down Servant'
     Jackie Opel

`Go Jimmy Go'
     Bob Marley + The Wailers

`Stew Peas And Cornflakes'
     Aubrey Adams + Rico Rodriguez

`Answer Me My Darling'
     Derrick Harriot

`River Jordan'
     Clancy Eccles with Hersang + The City Slickers

`Salt Lane Shuffle'
     Clue J + His Blues Blasters

`Jeannie Girl'
     The Charmers

`Lonely Moments'
     Lascelles Perkins with Clue J + His Blues

The Story of Jamaican Music

   ` The Story of Jamaican Music - Tougher Than Tough'.  This is a 4-CD
numbered box set.  The first CD is all ska, the second CD is
rocksteady, the third CD is reggae, and the fourth is dance hall.

Dance Craze - The Best of British Ska ... Live!

   This is the soundtrack of the excellent ska film `Dance Craze'.
(see ) `Dance Craze - The Best of British Ska ... Live!', *various
artists*,(1) Chrysalis Records, `F2 21783'.  This is one must-have
Two-Tone era album.

`Concrete Jungle'
     The Specials

`Mirror in the Bathroom'
     The English Beat

`Lip Up Fatty'
     Bad Manners

`Too Much Too Young'
     The Special A.K.A.

`Three Minute Hero'
     The Selecter

`Easy Life'
     The Bodysnatchers

`Big Shot'
     The English Beat

`Man at C&A'
     The Specials

`Missing Words'
     The Selecter

`Ranking Full Stop'
     The English Beat

`Carry Go Bring Come'
     The Selecter

`Inner London Violence'
     Bad Manners

`Guns of Navarone'
     The Special A.K.A.

`Too Much Pressure'
     The Selecter

`Nite Club'
     The Specials

`Skinhead Symphony (Longshot Kick the Bucket/Liquidator/Skinhead Moonstomp)'
     The Special A.K.A.

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  Legal matters forced the deletion of Madness's three tracks
that are in the movie `Dance Craze'.  They are replaced by the contents
of the Speacial A.K.A. 1980 live EP plus the Selecter version of `Carry
Go Bring Come'.

This Are 2 Tone

   `This Are 2 Tone', *various artists*, Chrysalis Records.

   Special thanks to Jon Gherardini for sending me the songlist!

     The Special AKA


`On My Radio'
     The Selecter

`The Tears of a Clown'
     The Beat

`Rudy, A Message To You'
     The Specials

`Too Much Pressure'
     The Selector

`Too Experienced'
     The Body Snatchers

`Ranking Full Stop'
     The Beat

`Too Much Too Young'
     The Specials

`The Selector'
     The Selector

     The Specials

     The Swinging Cats

`Do Nothing'
     The Specials

`Jungle Music'
     Rico & The Special AKA

`The Boiler'
     Rhoda Dakar & The Special AKA

`Ghost Town'
     The Specials

California Skaquake 2 The Aftershock

   `California Skaquake 2 The Aftershock', Moon Ska Records and Steady
Beat Recordings, MR078CD, (1996).  The contents:
     Venice Shoreline Chris

`Last Dance'

`What's the Name of That Cookie?'
     Chio and the Hornets

`I am Queen'
     Ocean 11

`I Won't Go'
     Los Hooligans

`So Suspicious'

`Agent 13'
     Undercover S.K.A.

`My Turn'

`Miracle Man'
     Lone Raspberry

`Skandal Nite'

`Long, Long'
     Mars Villa

`Kill The Profet'

`Tom Tom'
     Melting Pot

     Pocket Lent

`Under 21'
     Save Ferris

`So What'
     The Hippos


     Out of Order

`Organ Man'

`CD Repo Man'

     Janitors Against Apartheid

Land Of The Bigfoot Ska: Ska From Bigfoot Country

   `Land Of The Bigfoot Ska: Ska From Bigfoot Country' features various
artists from the North American Pacific Northwest, by Simmerdown
Productions, 1996.

     Franceska (Portland, Oregon)

`Would You Be Mine?'
     Franceska (Portland, Oregon)

`What Have We Done?'
     The Feds (Vancouver, Washington)

`Evil Twin'
     The Investigators (Tacoma, Washington)

`I Don't Wanna'
     The Investigators (Tacoma, Washington)

`Beer Commercial World'
     Funny Bone (Seattle, Washington)

`Cosa Nostra'
     Cherry Poppin' Daddies (Eugene, Oregon)

`Rude Boy's Gun'
     Code 26 (Renton, Washington)

     The Gobbletones (Seattle, Washington)

`Well You Needn't'
     The Gobbletones (Seattle, Washington)

     Easy Big Fella (Seattle, Washington)

     Easy Big Fella (Seattle, Washington)

`Peanuts & Corn'
     The Soilers (Seattle, Washington)

`Casual Dave'
     The Soilers (Seattle, Washington)

`Livin' A Lie'
     Engine 54 (Olympia, Washington)

`Skinhead Train'
     The Scandals (Eugene, Oregon)

`Berry Chokin' Robin'
     The Scandals (Eugene, Oregon)

`Mr. Roustabout'
     Something Ska (Vancouver, British Columbia)

`Lion Tamer'
     Two Tonne Bowlers (Penticton, British Columbia)

`Fresh Cut'
     The Readymen (Eugene, Oregon)

`Show Hall Bound'
     The Readymen (Eugene, Oregon)

Let's Ska Again

   `Let's Ska Again', either Charly Records or New Cross Records,
(1989).  The contents:
`Let's Dance Again (1)'
     The Ska Boys

`Struggling Man (2)'
     The Maroons

`The Scorcher (3)'
     The Prophets (featuring Rico)

`Kung Fu Fighting'
     The Cimarons

`It's Too Late'
     Laurel Aitken

`Skaing South'
     Des All Stars (featuring Rico)

`Hat Trick'

`Hoot to Skaville(4)'
     The Ska Boys

`I'm a Natural Man'
     The Ska Boys

`You Got To Move'
     The Ska Boys

`I'll Take You There (5)'
     The Deltones

`Reggae Woman (6)'
     Pat Rohden

`Night Food'
     Freddy Notes

`Do It (7)'
     Dizzy Ranks

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  A cover of `Let's Twist Again'.

   (2)  The Jimmy Cliff song.

   (3)  The bassline sounds similar to the Prince Buster song of the
same name, but the melody is different.

   (4)  The Ethiopians song with some new lyrics.

   (5)  The Staple Singers song that used the bassline from

   (6)  the Stevie Wonder song, `Boogie On, Reggae Woman'.

   (7)  Yep, the disco hit from the seventies. -EC

Mash It Up

   `Mash It Up', Razorbeat Records, 1986.  "These are Boston's Crucial
Rhythms!" -EC Contents include:
`Veil of Sadness'
     Bim Skala Bim

`Picture This'
     Mission Impossible

`In Your Heart'
     Plate O' Shrimp

`Steal Away'
     Shy Five

`Snappy Jump'
     Mission Impossible

`I Took a Fall'
     Bim Skala Bim

`Immorality Act'
     Plate O' Shrimp

`Theives Market'
     Class Action

`Tell Me'
     Bim Skala Bim

     The Happy Campers

`The Cave'

`Lost Artifact'
     Shy Five

`Mercy of the D.J.'
     Oddly Enough

Mash It Up 93

   `Mash It Up '93', DVS Media, (1993).  "More Ska and Bluebeat -
Boston Style" -EC
`Time Will Tell'
     Steady Earnest

`Ring of Fire'
     Mr. Cranky

`Let's Get Better'
     The Incredible Casuals

`Do Something'

`Francis Albert'

`She's My'
     The Hi-Hats

`Switch #64'
     Dig This

`Man from Wareka'
     Les Miserables Brass Band

`Time is not Money'
     Beat Soup

`Tequila Moon'
     Mr. Cranky

     Who Be Dat

`Anxious Hunger'
     Seven League Boots

`Take it Easy'
     Steady Earnest

`Step it Up'
     The Incredible Casuals

`No Way Out'
     The Hi-Hats

`B-Train to Allston'
     The Allstonians

     Of these bands, only Steady E, Mr. C, Thumper, the Hi-Hats, Beat
     Soup and the Allstonians are "full-fledged" ska bands.

Mashin Up the Nation

   `Mashin' Up The Nation', Harvard Square Records, (1989).  This was
the first volume of US ska compiled by Dan Vitale of Bim Skala Bim.
This vinyl release features two songs that weren't included on the
later CD.
`Diggin' a Hole'
     Bim Skala Bim

`Phoenix City'
     Les Miserables

`Drums and Chicken'
     The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

`Bread and Circuses'
     Bop (Harvey)

`Bad Things'
     Public Service

`Let Me Go'
     Freedom of Expression

`Groucho (Dub)'
     Roland Alphonso and Bim Skala Bim

`Rude Girls'
     The N.Y. Citizens

`Mario's Hideout'
     Gangster Fun

`Let's Go Bowling'
     Let's Go Bowling

`No Respect'
     Not Bob Marley

`Out of my Mind'
     Plate O' Shrimp

`Direction of a Faceless Expression'
     Oddly Enough

`Get Out'
     The Now

   `Mashin' Up the Nation, Volumes I and II', *various artists*, Square
Records, `SQR 74001-2', (1992).  This includes all of Volume I except
the NY Citizens track and the Plate o' Shrimp track. The full contents
`Diggin' a Hole'
     Bim Skala Bim

`Phoenix City'
     Les Miserables

`Drums and Chicken'
     The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

`Bread and Circuses'
     Bop (Harvey)

`Bad Things'
     Public Service

`Let Me Go'
     Freedom of Expression

`Groucho (Dub)'
     Roland Alphonso and Bim Skala Bim

`Mario's Hideout'
     Gangster Fun

`Let's Go Bowling'
     Let's Go Bowling

`No Respect'
     Not Bob Marley

`Direction of a Faceless Expression'
     Oddly Enough

`Get Out'
     The Now

     The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

`Dark Age'
     The Urge

     Burma Jam

`Ska Lip Soul'
     Galaxy of Prizes

`Chief Inspector'
     Bim Skala Bim

`Find Myself a Sunny Spot'
     Crazy 8's

`Oh No'
     The Upbeats

     Ska'd For Life

`Hormonial Inspiration'
     Six Feet Under

`I'd Buy a Gun'
     Gangster Fun

Max the Dog

   `Max the Dog Says "Do The Ska"', Dojo Records, UK.
     The Potato 5


`Jesse James'
     Laurel Aitken

     Shot Black and White

`Stand and Be Counted'
     The International Beat

`Ska Hop'
     The Latenotes

     The Burial

`She's Too Much'
     The Loafers

`Limehouse Lady'
     Arthur Kay and the Originals

`Every Day Another Day'
     Mr. Review

`My Little Girly'
     Mark Foggo's Skasters

`These Boots Were Made For Stomping'
     Spy Eye

`Walking In The Sunshine'
     Bad Manners


`Tous Les Matins'
     Les Frelons

`Just The Other Day (F.B.D.)'
     The Banditos

     Maroon Town

`Blue Beat and Ska'
     Natural Rhythm

`Belle of Snodland Town'
     Judge Dread

     The Riffs

`Hair Tonic'
     Let's Go Bowling

`Double Barrel'
     The Hotknives

`Temper Temper'
     The Allsorts

Misfits of Ska

   `Misfits of Ska', Asian Man Records, (1996).

   Performers include: Sublime, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Less Than Jake,
Skankin' Pickle, Reel Big Fish, The Suicide Machines, MU330.

   (Playlist coming soon!  Email it to if you don't
see it here!)

The Shack

   `The Shack', Bib Records, (1993).  Compiled by Sean Flowerdew.  The
     Nutty Boys

`Dance Wid Me'

`Ghetto Charged'
     See No Evil

`Rude Boy Dream'
     Laurel Aitken

`Social Security'
     The Toasters

`Wear You To The Ball'
     Lynval Golding and Neville Staples (featuring Finny)

`Animated Violence'
     The Bakesys

`Wandering Soul'
     Bim Skala Bim

`I Don't Think So'
     Loonie Tunes

     Maroon Town

     Lynval Golding and Neville Staples

`Golden Arm'
     Bim Skala Bim

`But Not You'
     The Club

     Special Beat

`Dave and Mary'
     The Hotknives

`Pound To The Dollar'
     Maroon Town

`Magical Feeling'
     International Beat

`Get Some Peace'
     Ruder Than You

`Magic Carpet'
     Nutty Boys

`Peace is Wonder'
     Messer Banzani

`Rude Boy De Ponporbation (007)'
     Neville Staples aka Judge Roughneck

     This is definitely my favorite "modern" ska comp. Virtually every
     song is great, and there's a great cross-section of ska, from the
     more traditional Hepcat through the "freestyle" hip-hop influenced
     ska of See No Evil, Maroon Town and Messer Banzani (It's
     interesting that the hip-hop ska thing never caught on in America).

Ska Beats 1 - Freestyle Ska

   `Ska Beats 1 (Freestyle Ska)'.  The contents:
`Mental Ska'
     Longsy D

`Just Keep Rockin''
     Double Trouble and the Rebel MC

`Force 10 from Navarone'

`Musical Scorcha'
     Rockit All-Star

`Resolution '99'
     Maroon Town

`Rock to Dis'
     Jamaica Meantime

`We Play Ska'
     Children of the Night with Ranking Roger

`This is Ska'
     Longsy D with Buster Bloodvessel

`Skainking with the Toreadors'
     Ministry of Ska

`The Rude Boy Shuffle'
     The Rude Boys

`The Swingin' Thing'
     Flowers Ltd. and BMG

     This is all the so-called "Freestyle Ska", which is very hip-hop
     influenced.  Never caught on in the US (too black?)

The Third Wave, Volume II

   `Ska The Third Wave, Volume II', Beloved Recordings, Shanachie, USA

`Rodent Revolt'
     Mock Turtle Soup

`Blind Justice'


`Rudy, Do You Know?'
     Downbeat Rulers

     Blind Spot

`Walkin' Shagbootie'

`Super Nice Guys'
     Undercover S.K.A.

     Ruder Than You

`Mission Aborted'
     The Planet Smashers

`Inspector Gadget'
     Ska King Crab

`Liquor Store'
     Less Than Jake

`Same Old Story'
     Downbeat Rulers

`Someone To Cling To'
     Regatta Sixty-Nine


`Rude Girl'
     Undercover S.K.A.

`The Bumble Bee Tuna Song'

Step On It

   `Step On It:  The Best Of The Ska Parade Radio Show', A to Y
Productions, USA (1995).

`The Ska Parade Metal Theme'
     One Eye Open

`Badminton On A Rope (The Ska Parade Theme Song)'
     Let's Go Bowling

`item Game Show'
     Suburban Rhythm

`Turning Japanese'


`The Long'

`Mork and Mindy Ska Parade Promo'
     Conrad Janis

`Brass Man'
     Meal Ticket

`The Best Of Love'
     Ocean 11

`Hey Mr. T'

`Dirty Rats'
     The Voodoo Glow Skulls

`Double Dutch Bus Ska Intro'
     Frankie "The Frogman" Smith

`Double Dutch Bus Ska'
     Albino Brown All-Star Ska Coalition

`Date Rape (live version)'

`Skybolt X-66'

`The Ska Parade Polka'
     The Schmedleys

`Mr. Pitiful'
     The Skeletones

`Solid As A Rock'
     Ocean 11

`Mantando El Diablo'
     The Tremors

`Shot In The Dark'
     Jump With Joey

`Don't Buy The Swag Bag'
     The Mudsharks

`Club Ska Parade Theme'
     See Spot

`Heart And Soul'
     See Spot

`Ice Cube, Korea Wants A Word With You'
     Skankin' Pickle

`Longshot Kick De Bucket (an encore to Mr. Pitiful)'
     The Skeletones

`The Ska Parade Promo'
     The Jerky Boys

`Dub Medley'

`Ska Parade Promo'
     Roland Alphonso (of The Skatalites)

`Marie Elena'
     Roland Alphonso (of The Skatalites)

`Ska Parade'
     Doctor Madd Vibe

   A portion of the proceeds this CD raises benefit college radio
station KUCI 88.9FM Irvine, CA (see ).  (It also includes a 12 page
bonus booklet with an article entitled `The Quintessential, Definitive
Article on 3rd Wave Ska!')

United Colors of Ska

   `United Colors of Ska', Pork Pie Records marketed by Vielklang
Musikproduktion, Berlin.  The contents:
`Mambo/Ska No. 8'
     Bad Manners


     No Sports

`One Way Ticket'
     Mr. Review

`Too Old'

`I Want Justice'
     Ruder Than You

     The Busters

`Slow Boat To Trinidad'
     Dr. Calypso

`Ska de Aca'
     Desorden Publico

`Soulful Lover'
     Small Axe

`I Don't Want To Live Alone'
     The Frits

`He Wants Me Back'
     Dance Hall Crashers

`New Leader'
     Arthur Kay and the Originals

`Oh She Is A Big Girl Now'
     Judge Dread

`Esta Noche'
     Let's Go Bowling

`Des's Humble Pie'
     The Porkers

`Non Stop Drinking'
     King Apparatus

`New Shoes'
     Mark Foggo's Skasters

`Rudy's Back'
     The Scofflaws

`New York Fever'
     The Toasters

   Recommended by Rudegirl23,

We Don't Skare

   `We Don't Skare', by "Le Silence de la Rue", France, (1994).  No
record label info *per se* indicated on the album.  Distributed by
Semaphore Productions (Holland).  The contents:
`Jill Victoria'

`C. Johnson's Clothes'
     Hoodlum Empire

`Singluar I'
     Steady Earnest

`Nomeansno (1)
     like  they're singing "Hide and Seek". Oh well. -EC'  Engine 54

`Smoking Barrel'
     Six Feet Deep

`No Idea'

`Paraguyan Sun'
     Bim Skala Bim

`Hello Everybody'
     Ngobo Ngobo

`Foreskin Heads'
     Square Roots

`Ca Recommence'

     Too Hot

`Looking Glass'
     Meal Ticket

`Loving Couple'

`Ska Guitar'

`Prisonero Del Vietcong'
     Los Pies Negros

`Le Pouvoir'
     Skamp Boys

`Glass Pants'

`Ballpark Skank'
     Mustard Plug

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  I think this is a typo: the chorus of the song sounds


   Subject: 2.12: *What are addresses of some record labels producing
ska discs?*

   The legendary ska labels of the past -- "Black Swan",  "Blue Beat",
"Clandisc", "Coxsone", "Nubeat", "Pyramid",  "Ska Beat", and "Studio
One" -- are gone now, although they are remembered in Louis Van Breda's
excellent website,

   Today we look to the following active labels for the ska.  The
following list is by no means exhaustive, merely based on the things
lying about my house, recent postings to and emails I
have received.  I have not made many efforts to verify these addresses.

   The Ska FAQ is overjoyed to welcome "Island Records" back to the ska
fold, after an overlong absense!
(, for Island Record
history, by Chris Blackwell.)

   Also, check out, for more
record labels.

A to Y Productions

   "A to Y Productions"
c/o Tazy Phyllipz
P.O. Box 5766
Irvine, CA  92716-5766  USA

Another Planet

   "Another Planet"
740 Broadway
New York, NY 10003 USA


     Aldringenstraße 10
     80639 Munchen, GERMANY

Asian Man Records

     "Asian Man Records"
     P.O. Box 35585
     Monte Sereno, CA 95030-5585

Barley Records

     "Barley Records"
     2550 Shattuck Ave Suite 86
     Berkeley, CA, 94704
     Phone1: 510-452-1158
     Phone2: 510-835-3902
     Fax: 510-251-2757

Beach Rec

   "Beach Rec"
1230 Market Street, Suite 135
San Francisco, CA 94102  USA

Beat Hotel Records

   "Beat Hotel Records"
3022 W. 12 Mile Road
Berkley, MI 40872 USA
(313) 544-2485

Beloved Entertainment Group/Beloved Recordings

     201 Monroe Avenue, Suite 45D
     Maitland, FL 32751-6646
     Voice:(407) 539-2998
     FAX: (407) 539-3930

Black Pearl Records

     Black Pearl Records
     c/o Jan Kroll
     PF 1105
     56155 Bendorf
   A traditional Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady label from Germany. Black
Pearl has released singles by *Intensified*, *Ska Trek*, *Ferrymen* and
*In Citers*. The next singles will be by *Ocean 11* and *The
Jumpstarts* and Black Pearl will also be putting together a ska
compilation called `Boss Sounds', due out in September 1997.

Bondage International

   "Bondage International"
17, Rue de Montreuil
75011 Paris  FRANCE
*A French record label that carries* ska music,  *alor!* (Hey, if you
got here looking for something else, relax and check out the origins of
"ska" music, See .)

BIB Records

     "BIB Records"
     c/o Bim Skala Bim
     P.O. Box 441606
     Somerville, MA 02144 USA

Bronco Bullfrog Records

     Bronco Bullfrog Records
     Apartado de Correos 1474
     07800 Ibiza (Baleares)
     Fax: +34 71 314199

     "We Are Always Looking for bands for future Oi!, Punk & Ska
     compilations. "


Burning Heart Records

   "Burning Heart Records"
Box 441
S-701 48 Örebro
Phone: +46-19-18 30 00
Fax: +46-19-18 30 34

Capità Swing

   "Capità Swing"
Post Box 28101
08080 Barcelona, SPAIN
Ska and punk from Spain.

Capitol/EMI Latin

   "Capitol/EMI Latin"
(Several of the South American/Spanish groups can be  found in the
"Latin" or "World" music sections of  larger record stores, released by
this label.)

Check Records

   "Check Records"
P.O. Box 3042
London  NW5  1EQ  UK
Tel 071-281-5690

Continuum Special Projects

     "Continuum Special Projects"
     Attn. Ska: The Third Wave
     380 Ludlow Avenue
     Cranford, NJ 07016
     (908) 709-0011
     (800) 709-9991, for orders
   Sadly, Continuum has folded.

Cousin Eddy Records

     "Cousin Eddy Records"
     c/o Chad Huffman
     1021 Willow Creek
     Burleson, TX 76028
     (817) 418-1414

Crash Records and Productions

   "Crash Records and Productions"
PO Box 10091
Bainbridge Island,  WA 98110  USA
(Home of The Skandals)

Dill Records

   "Dill Records"
PO Box 35585
Monte Sereno, CA 95030-5585  USA
Dojo Limited (UK)

     "Dojo Limited (UK)"
     PO Box 281
     Kent, CT1 2BB UK
(Modern European ska compilations; recent releases of Desmond Dekker;
bluebeat compilations; remastering Prince Buster; Judge Dread; more)

DVS Media

   "DVS Media"
321 South Huntington Ave. #1
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Elevator Music

     "Elevator Music"
     New Haven, CT USA
     (203) 772-4310

Far Out

   "Far Out"
P.O. Box 14361
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302 USA

Fevered Pitch Records

     "Fevered Pitch Records"

Fight 12 Records

     "Fight 12 Records"
     131 W Pleasant
     North Oaks MN 55127

Forty-Two Records

     "Forty-Two Records"
     PO Box 983
     Levittown, PA 19058

Fueld By Ramen

     "Fueled by Ramen"
     PO Box 12563
     Gainesville, FL 32604

Grover Records

   "Grover  Records"
P.O. Box 3072
48016 Muenster

Grub Records

     "Grub Records"
     c/o Franco Ortega
     585 Akers West
     East Lansing, MI 48845
     Voice: (201)-285-9613


     Rounder Records
     One Camp Street
     Cambridge, MA 02140  USA
     Phone: (617) 354-0700


Christian Fritsch/Thorsten Rehahn
Heidelbergerstraße 46
69221 Dossenheim, GERMANY
(49) 6222-860164

Hopeless Records

     Hopeless Records
     PO Box 7495
     Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495
     Fax: (818) 997-6445

Icon Records

   "Icon Records"
P.O. Box 1746
Royal Oak, MI, 48068 USA

Immortal Records

   "Immortal Records"
Los Angeles, CA USA, Immortal Records Online.

Island Records

     Island Records
     WWW:  UK
   Returning to its ska roots in 1997!

JoCo Ska Records

   "JoCo Ska Records"
Attn: Jamie
12614 Overbrook
Leawood, KS  66209

Jump Up! Records

     "Jump Up! Records"
     c/o Chuck Wren
     4409 1/2 Greenview Suite 2W
     Chicago, IL 60640  USA
     Email:, Chuck Wren.

Kingpin Records

   "Kingpin Records"
920 Tuscola
West Bend, WI 53095 USA
(414) 675-9092 (voice)

Leech Records

     "Leech Records"
     PO Box 154
     8042 Zürich
   (January 1997) Working hard on `Skampler 3' with a lot of foreign
bands and on an international Ska Compilation too.


P.O. Box 11374,
Berkeley, CA 94712  USA


   "Mango" (UK/US - a division of Island)
(Has many Jamaican ska compilations, and some recent albums from the
"old school", like Toots Hibbert.  Like Capitol/EMI Latin, this label
should be easily found in the reggae section of any large record store.)

MercuroChrome Records

     "MercuroChrome Records"
     c/o Pete Levin
     1109 Ann St.
     Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA           - Amir Baghdadchi - Randy Darden             - Allison MacLennan           - Travis Paddock            - Andy Schlegel

Moon Ska Records

     "Moon Ska Records"
     P.O. Box 1412
     Cooper Station
     New York, NY 10276  USA
     (212) 673-5538
     FAX: (212) 673-5571
   All hail Moon for keeping ska on the books through the lean years of
the late Eighties and for pumping it up today.


     Shinmei Building 3F
     7-33 Nishi-Shinjuku 7
     Shinjuku, Tokyo-180 JAPAN

Neat Guy Records

   "Neat Guy Records"
P.O. Box 2322
St. Louis, MO 63114  USA

Next Step

   "Next Step" (UK - formerly Rhythm Foundation)
15 Trilleck Ave.
Hereford, HR2 7HX  UK
(Modern - including Japan's Ska Flames - and classics compilations.)


     2-3 Kanda Awajicho
     Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101, JAPAN
   (Punx ska)

Pinche Gringo

   "Pinche Gringo"
P.O. Box 49956
Austin, TX 78765  USA

Pork Pie Records/Vieklang

   "Pork Pie Records/Vieklang"
Forster Straße 4/5
D-10999 Berlin, GERMANY
(No Sports, Fun Republic, The Frits, other German & European bands)


P.O. Box 9173
08023 Barcelona, SPAIN
(93) 418 73 46
WWW:, (In
     Una nova distribuidora anticomercial, principalment musical, que
     recolza totes les possibles iniciatives de caire alternatiu i
     centra el seu funcionament en l'autonomia i l'autogestió,
     plantejant la distribució i edició de material no comercial com
     un arma contra el capitalisme.
Ska, Oi! and punk.


(Jump With Joey) *I'd love some more info. -TCWN*

Radical Records

     "Radical Records"
     77 Bleecker St
     New York, NY 10012  USA
     Voice:  212-475-1111
     Fax:  212-475-3676

Raj Records

   "Raj Records"
321 South Main St.
Suite #4
Sebastopol, CA  95472 USA
*A ska-only label*.

Raw Energy Records

     "Raw Energy Records"
     65 Front St. West
     Suite 0116-42
     Toronto, Ontario M5J 1E6 CANADA
   (Public Service, King Apparatus)

Redrum Compact Discs

   "Redrum Compact Discs"
P.O. Box 1084
Beaverton OR  97075
(Crazy 8's)

Reptilian Records

   "Reptilian Records"
c/o Chris X
403 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231  USA
(410) 327-6853 (daily - Noon till 7 pm)

Rhino Records

   "Rhino Records"
Toll-free number: 1-800-432-0020


     100 North Tryon
     Charlotte, NC 28202

Rounder Records

   "Rounder Records"
Cambridge, MA  USA

Royal Flush Records

   "Royal Flush Records"
PO Box 441955
Somerville, MA 02144
Email:, for a catalog.
WWW: Send two stamps for a printed
Royal Flush Records is *not-for-profit*, and reinvests in independent
and unsigned ska and punk bands.

Rude Girl Records

     Rude Girl Records

Sandbox Records

   "Sandbox Records"
c/o Alan Quick
Box 6175 Wesleyan Station
Middletown, CT 06459  USA

Shining Path Records

   "Shining Path Records"
P.O. Box 2170
Westfield, MA 01085

Signal Sound System Records

   "Signal Sound System Records"
c/o Greg McWhorter
P.O. Box 1861
Victorville, CA 92392 USA
(carries Voodoo Glow Skulls)

Silver Girl Records

   "Silver Girl Records"
P.O. Box 161024
San Diego, CA 92176  USA
(619) 282-9843 (voice)

Simmerdown Productions

   "Simmerdown Productions"
c/o Matt Griffin
P.O. Box 344
Portland, OR  97207-0344  USA


     PO Box 245
     South Yarra, Victoria AUSTRALIA 3141

Son of Beserkley Records

   "Son of Beserkley Records"
Berkeley, CA 94710 USA

Sound System

   "Sound System"
P.O. Box A566
Sydney South
New South Wales, 2000
Ph: +61 2 9264 8992
Fax: +61 2 9267 5242

Square Records

     "Square Records"
     P.O. Box 1926
     Harvard Square Station
     Cambridge, MA 02238 USA

Steady Beat Recordings

   "Steady Beat Recordings"
P.O. Box 1141
Wilmington, CA 90748-1141  USA
(310) 669-4917, Luis Correa.  WWW:
West Coast US traditional ska.


P.O. Box 201
Talding, Kent ME18 6HF UK

Stockholm Records

   "Stockholm Records"
Stockholm, SWEDEN

Stomp records

     "Stomp Records"
     370 Putney St
     Lambert, Quebec J4P B36 CANADA

Stubborn Records

   "Stubborn Records"
504 Grand St. #F52
New York, NY  10002-4101 USA
Send S.A.S.E. for catalog and newsletter.
Email: WWW:
Sun Shot

"Sun Shot"
15 Trilleck Avenue
Herford, HR2 7HX, UK

Third World International

   "Third World International"

Too Hep Productions

     "Too Hep Productions"
     PO Box 331
     Fairfax Station, VA 22039-0331
     Phone: (703) 978-GUYS
     Fax:   (703) 764-2059
     WWW: [With *Shockwave* extensions]

Trojan (UK)

   "Trojan (UK)"
Iwyman House 34
39 Camden Road
London NW1 91E UK
FAX: 171 267 6746
(A *classic* blue beat label, still going strong today. Send SASE for

Trybute Reggae Records

     "Trybute Reggae Records"
     Voice: 00 44 1225 446638
   Re-issuing classic ska, rocksteady and reggae (Rico and Laurel
Aitken) and new releases by bands like the Ska Dynamics.

Tudor Rock

   "Tudor Rock"
Badenerstrasse 531
01-491 72 50
FAX: 01-493 45 74

Ultralight Records

     "Ultralight Records"
     c/o Andrew Baker
     30172 Branding Iron Rd
     San Juan Capo., CA 92675

Unicorn Records and CDs

   "Unicorn Records and CDs"
c/o Plastic Head Dist.
Units 15 & 15A, Bushell Trading Est.
Hithercroft, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 9DD
United Kingdom
Tel: 44+(0)491-825 029 / 44+(0)491-826 233
(Unicorn is *not* defunct.)

Weser Label

   "Weser Label"
Postfach 15 02 31
D-28092 Bremen, GERMANY


   Subject: 2.13: *Are there some record stores that carry ska?*

   Some record stores that specialize in ska or at least have a decent
stock:    (Many of these stores will do mail order.     Call or send a
business size (Size 10 US or DL international) SASE first.)

   Also, check out, for more


B-Side Compact Discs and Tapes

   "B-Side Compact Discs and Tapes"
436 State Street
Madison, WI 53703  USA
(608) 255-1977

Beat Hotel Records

   "Beat Hotel Records"
3022 W. 12 Mile Road
Berkley, MI 40872 USA
(313) 544-2485

Better Days Records

   "Better Days Records"
1591 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40205 USA
(502) 456-2394

Brighton Wholesale and Distributing

   "Brighton Wholesale and Distributing"
3002 Gardenia Lane 15-203
Tumwater, Washington 98512  USA
They deal with the public and wholesale to retailers.  They have 7"s
and videos not available anywhere, including some bands not available
from Moon.

Bronco Bullfrog

     Bronco Bullfrog Mail Order
     Marcos Mari Brown
     Apartado de Correos 1474
     07800 Ibiza (Baleares)
     FAX: +34 71 311064

     "For Skinheads, Punks & Rudies"



Amsterdam (The NETHERLANDS)

CD Bar

   "CD Bar"
Toronto, Ontario  CANADA
(800) 663-1616
Does lots of mail order business.

CD Research

   "CD Research"
407 G St.
Davis, CA USA
[Carries quite a bit of ska and will special order anything.  You can
also listen to a CD before you buy it.]

The Clubhouse

     "The Clubhouse"
     3728 N Clark St
     Chicago, IL  USA
     (773) 549-2325
   No service charge on Metro tickets. (For more info on The Metro,
See .)  "Chicago's  largest selection of ska. Tons of punk and Oi."

Coxsone's Music City

   "Coxsone's Music City"
3135 Fulton St.
Brooklyn, NY  11208 USA
Phone:  (718) 277-4166
[Clement `Coxsone' Dodd is the original ska producer.  They seem to
keep ska behind the counter, so you will have to ask for it.]

Crash and Burn

   "Crash and Burn"
1891 Drew Street
Clearwater, FL  USA
(813) 449-BURN
[Skinhead and ska]

Daddy Kool

   "Daddy Kool"
9 Berwick Street
London W1v 3rg  UK
Tel 071-437-3535

Dr. Strange Records

   "Dr. Strange Records"
P.O. Box 7000-117
Alta Loma, CA 91701  USA
(Lots of hardcore, punk and thrash, some ska)

The Face

   "The Face"
24 Granton Street
London W1V 1LA  UK
Tel 071 734-5868
Fax 071 2878723


     9823 Jefferson Ave
     Newport News, VA 20505 USA
     Voice: (757) 595-1259
     FAX:   (757) 595-2720
   Straight Edge, Ska, Techno and Industrial music

The Flytrap Store

     Flytrap, Inc
     73 Ireland PL Suite 106
     Amityville NY 11701
   Home of One Groovy Coconut & the New York Ska Jazz ensemble.


Merchandising Dept.
280 Elizabeth Street
Suite A-109
Atlanta, GA 30307 USA
Contact, or, to be placed
on the e-mail list and check out, for the latest t-shirts and
vinyl stickers. Wholesale info also available.


c/o Backstreet Abortions
P.O. Box 51465
Raedene 2124, Johannesburg  SOUTH AFRICA
(These guys are mail-order only.  They carry hardcore bands with
[anti-fasist] political content to their lyrics, and some ska-core.)

Jump Start Records

   "Jump Start Records"
Calder Square
P.O. Box 10296
State College, PA 16805-0296 USA
(814) 867-9255
Just In Case Records

"Just In Case Records"
P.O. Box 944
Canton, CT 06019-0944  USA
Send a buck or a copy of your zine for a catalog

Moon Ska Records

   "Moon Ska Records"
P.O. Box 1412
Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276 USA
(212) 673-5538
FAX: (212) 673-5571
[Moon also does mail order business.  Send a business size (Size 10 US
or DL international) SASE for catalog/newsletter.  These guys just
started carrying more German stuff and are working on getting exciting
old Jamaican wax from Coxsone!]
New storefront location:
150 East 2nd Street
New York City, NC 10009
Ask for Noah.

Planet Music

   "Planet Music"
Route 40
Cationsville, MD

Phantom Records

   "Phantom Records"
375 Pitt St.
Ph: (02) 9264 8992
Fax: (02) 9267 5242

RAS Records Mailorder

   "RAS Records Mailorder"
P.O. Box 42517
Washington DC 20015 USA
(301) 588-5135
[RAS records has a big catalog with ska and rock-steady: Ask for
Charlie or Smitty.]

The Razor Room

   "The Razor Room"
406 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53703  USA
Specializing in techno, punk, gothic, ska, industrial, trance, ...

Reckless Records

     "Reckless Records"
     old location:
     3157 N Broadway
     Chicago, IL USA
     (312) 404-5080
     new location:
     2055 W North Ave
     Chicago, IL  USA
     (312) 235-3727
   "Lots of ska and punk." Buy and sell used CDs, tapes, records,
videos and laserdiscs.

Reptilian Records

   "Reptilian Records"
Baltimore, MD  USA
[good vinyl, great prices; Ask for Chris X]

Round Flat Records

     "Round Flat Records"
     PO Box 1676-N
     Amherst, NY 14226

Rhythm Records

   "Rhythm Records"
Camden Town
London, UK
*... a great selection of ska, rocksteady, and early seventies reggae.
Also browse the flea markets of the Camden Towm market on the weekend
...* - Harry May


611 Broadway, Suite 411
New York, NY 10012  USA
(212) 477-0563.

Rotz Records

     Rotz Records
     2211 N. Elston Ave
     Chicago, IL 60614-2900
     Voice: (312) 862-6400
   "We've got over 6000 Punk, SKA and Hardcore Titles plus over 250
T-Shirts in stock.  For SKA T-Shirts and stickers listing or current
pricing, call the Rude Boy in our Mail Order Dept. at (312)862-6400."

Roundup Records

   "Roundup Records"
P.O. Box 154, Dept. HB
N. Cambridge, MA  02140  USA
(800) 44-DISCS
[Carries Heartbeat titles and maybe more.]

Ska-T Boy Discs

     "Ska-T Boy Discs"
     P.O. Box 5193
     Bellmont, CA 94002  USA
   Write or email for a catalog.

Smash Records

   "Smash Records"
M Street (at 32nd or 33rd)
Washington, DC  USA

Streetlink Music Ltd

   "Streetlink Music Ltd"
PO Box 157
Sittingbourne, Kent
England Me10 3SD
(0795) 424843

Stubborn Records

   "Stubborn Records"
504 Grand St. #F52
New York, NY  10002

Taaang Records

   "Taaang Records"
Cambridge, MA USA
(great selection, but pricey)

Taang Records

   "Taang Records"
PO Box 51
Auburndale, MA  02166
(617) 876-2411

Threshold Records

     "Threshold Records"
     7901 w 159th St
     Tinley Park, IL 60477  USA
     (708) 429-0220
   "Huge ska section ... and tons of used vinyl"

Vinyl Ink

   "Vinyl Ink"
Silver Spring, MD  USA

Wax Trax (Denver)

   "Wax Trax (Denver)"
Denver, Colorado USA



Yesterday and Today

   "Yesterday and Today"
Rockville, MD
[great vinyl, rare ska singles] *[reported to be going/have gone out of

See section 1.12 (in part 1) for citations.


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