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MUSIC: Queensryche FAQ

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Archive-name: music/queensryche-faq
Alt-rock-n-roll-metal-progressive-name: queensryche-faq
Last-modified: 1994/10/30
Version: 3.01

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   Maintained by Dan Birchall
   Version 3.01, October 30, 1994
   Welcome to the Queensryche FAQ. This document provides basic (and
   sometimes not-so-basic) information about the band, primarily for
   those unfamiliar with the band.
   The latest version of this FAQ is available in HTML format at the URL:
   The most recent ASCII version is available from the on-line
   Queensryche archives (see below), and is posted monthly to the Usenet
   groups Alt.Rock-n-Roll, Alt.Rock-n-Roll.Metal and
Table of Contents

   General Information
     * What's Queensryche?
     * What's new with Queensryche?
     * How did Queensryche begin?
     * What Queensryche releases are there?
     * What Queensryche tours have there been?
     * Who is Michael Kamen?
     * Who were the cast of Operation: Mindcrime?
     * Who were the Moronic Monks of Morin Heights?
     * Who is Metal Sushi?
   Fan Organizations
     * How can I join the Queensryche Campaign?
     * How can I join the Pen-Mate club?
     * How can I participate in on-line fan activities?
   Informational Resources
     * How can I contact the Queensryche Archives?
     * How can I use the on-line archives?
     * What other informational resources are there?
     * What other bands might Queensryche fans like?
General Information

   What's Queensryche?
          Queensryche is a five-member band from the Seattle, Washington
          area. Queensryche's music is commonly called "progressive
          metal," and blends the sounds of progressive rock bands like
          Pink Floyd and Yes with the sounds of heavy-metal bands such as
          Iron Maiden and Dio.
   What's new with Queensryche?
          The band spent most of late 1993 and early 1994 in a log cabin
          in northwest Washington, preparing their new album.
          That album, Promised Land, was released throughout Europe
          between October 8th and 10th, 1994, and in the US on October
          18th. Full of brooding, introspective lyrics and experimental
          instrumentation, it may be Queensryche's most progressive
          release to date.
          In late 1994, a video, The Making of The Promised Land, will
          reportedly be released, documenting the creation of the album.
          In February of 1995, a CD-ROM for personal computers,
          containing biographical information about the band, along with
          multimedia material and interactive virtual worlds, will be
          released. A world tour will also begin in late 1994 or early

   How did Queensryche begin?
          The five members of Queensryche, all from the Seattle area,
          were involved in local bands before coming together under the
          name The Mob and recording a 4-song EP, which became the
          Queensryche EP. The members are, in order of birth:
          Jan 14, 1959 : Geoff Tate, Vocals
          Jan 29, 1960 : Eddie Jackson, Bass
          Feb 23, 1962 : Michael Wilton, Guitar
          Jun 14, 1963 : Chris DeGarmo, Guitar
          Jun 15, 1963 : Scott Rockenfield, Drums
          After the band's first managers suggested that a better name be
          found, the band chose Queensreich, taken from the title of one
          of the songs on their EP, Queen of the Reich, but altered the
          spelling to Queensryche to avoid being mistaken for nazi
          sympathizers. Scott Rockenfield's brother, Todd designed a
          symbol, now known as the tri-ryche.
   What Queensryche releases are there?
          Since 1983, Queensryche have released an EP, 5 full-length
          studio albums, one studio videotape, two live videotapes, a
          live album and video boxed set, a limited-edition boxed set,
          and numerous singles and promotional items.

                1983    Queensryche                     (EP)
                1984    The Warning                     (Album)
                1985    Live in Tokyo                   (Live Video)
                1986    Rage for Order                  (Album)
                1988    Operation: Mindcrime            (Album)
                1989    Video: Mindcrime                (Video)
                1990    Empire                          (Album)
                1991    Operation: Livecrime            (Live Boxed Set)
                1991    Operation: Empire               (Limited Boxed Set)
                1992    Building Empires                (Video Retrospective)
                1994    Promised Land                   (Album)

   What Queensryche tours have there been?
          Typically, each Queensryche release has been followed by a tour
          of some scale. Most recently, the Building Empires tour, in
          support of Empire, featured a complete live presentation of
          Operation: Mindcrime, along with songs from all Queensryche's
          other albums. Opening bands included Suicidal Tendencies and
          Warrior Soul.

   Who is Michael Kamen?
          Michael Kamen is a composer known for his work on movie
          soundtracks. Although his involvement with Queensryche is not
          as well known, it is extensive. He arranged the orchestration
          for The Warning, Operation: Mindcrime, Silent Lucidity and
          Operation: Livecrime. He also co-wrote with Queensryche the
          song Real World, which can be found on the soundtrack of the
          movie Last Action Hero.
   Who were the cast of Operation: Mindcrime?
          The Operation: Mindcrime cast:

                Sister Mary:    Pamela Moore
                Dr. X:          Anthony Valentine
                Nurse:          Debbie Wheeler
                Anchorman:      Mike Snyder
                Preacher:       Scott Mateer

   Who were the Moronic Monks of Morin Heights?
          An anonymous choral group (really the staff of Le Studio in
          Canada), the Moronic Monks provided the chorus vocals used on
          Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Livecrime. Their work is
          especially prominent in the song Suite Sister Mary.
   Who is Metal Sushi?
          Metal Sushi is a female close to the band. Her real identity is
          known to only a few, who guard it carefully. For many years,
          she was the head of the Queensryche Campaign, and editor of
          'Ryche & Roll Times, the Campaign's quarterly newsletter. In
          early 1994, she turned over that position to a new editor,
          Tina, whose real identity is also unknown.
Fan Organizations

   How can I join the Queensryche Campaign?
          The Queensryche Campaign (the official fanclub of Queensryche)
          has over 8,000 members worldwide. For information on how to
          join, send a stamped return envelope to:

                P.O. Box 70503
                Bellevue WA 98007-0503

   Membership costs $15 - possibly more outside the US - and includes
          quarterly newsletters, an 8x10 autographed photo of the band, a
          certificate of membership, a bumper sticker, window decals, and
          stickers. The Campaign also offers a variety of clothing and
          other merchandise.
   How can I join the Pen-Mate club?
          For information on how to join the Pen-Mate Club, send a
          stamped return envelope to:

                Tane Pruett
                P.O. Box 26862
                San Diego CA 92196

   How can I participate in on-line fan activities?
          The primary on-line activity for Queensryche fans is Screaming
          in Digital, the Queensryche Net-Digest. Founded in 1991, it
          presently reaches over 1,600 subscribers worldwide every week.
          Subscriptions are free. To subscribe to Screaming in Digital,
          e-mail Please specify
          whether you want the complete digest containing both news and
          discussion, or only news.
          Queensryche fans can also occasionally be found on the #QRyche
          channel of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Fans who use IRC are
          encouraged to populate the channel as frequently as possible.
Informational Resources

   How can I contact the Queensryche Archives?
          The Queensryche Campaign's archivist, Joyce Filmer, has
          assembled Operation: Archyves, a fifty-page booklet covering
          all of Queensryche's official releases, interviews, reviews,
          television appearances, magazine articles, ad infinitum. The
          only two exceptions are information on past tour dates and
          bootlegs. For a copy, send $5 US to:

                Joyce Filmer
                The Queensryche Archives
                P.O. Box 020265
                Staten Island NY 10302-0003

   How can I use the on-line archives?
          The primary online archives for back-issues of Screaming in
          Digital and all manner of other data about Queensryche are
          accessible via FTP (the File Transfer Protocol used on
          Internet) on the machine Arginine.UMDNJ.Edu (,
          in the directory /pub/queensryche. A 'mirror' of this archive
          is included in Dave Datta's Music FTP Site, on, in
          the directory /pub/music/lists/q/queensryche. These archives
          include lyrics, discographical information, transcriptions of
          articles and interviews, digital soundbites and images, and
          other material.
   What other informational resources are there?
          Nick Kramer at Carnegie Mellon University ( has created
          a Queensryche Home Page on the WorldWide Web. It includes much
          of the information, images and digitized sound samples found on
          the FTP site, and is far more visually appealing than this
   What other bands might Queensryche fans like?
          Queensryche fans have very diverse tastes, but almost all of us
          like at least one or two other bands in the categories known as
          progressive rock and progressive metal. Here is a list of many
          such bands. You have probably heard of at least some of them,
          but there are probably also some you have not encountered. Some
          of these bands also have their own digests, Usenet newsgroups
          or mailing lists, and participation in these forums is
          certainly encouraged. Some even have their own WorldWide Web
          pages, and links to them have been provided where possible.
          Crimson Glory
          Dream Theater (List: Ytsejam)
          Echolyn (Management: Bridge)
          Early Warning (Vocalist : Chris Singer)
          Fates Warning
          Genesis (List: Paperlate)
          Heir Apparent
          Iron Maiden
          King's X
          Marillion (List : Freaks)
          Mercyful Fate
          Mercury Rising (Guitarist : Gary Goldsmith)
          Pink Floyd (List : Echoes)
          Rush (List : National Midnight Star)
          Sacred Warrior

   Much of this information came from back issues of the Queensryche
   e-mail digest, Screaming in Digital. Many thanks are extended to the
   hundreds of readers who have contributed information to the digest
   since 1991. Special thanks also go to Joyce Filmer of the Queensryche
   Archives, Vinnie Vera and Chris Ferraro at EMI Records Group, and
   Sushi and Tina at the Queensryche fan club. Technical credits go to
   Dave Beck and Dave Datta for FTP space, the Coriell Institute and
   UMDNJ for connectivity, and Nick Kramer for his pioneering Queensryche
   Dan Birchall

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