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	      How To Find Rare And/Or Obscure Recordings

While much progressive music is rare and/or obscure, most newcomers
are used to finding Genesis and Yes CDs in their local shops. By far
the majority of discussed artists however are not generally stocked
by normal outlets. FAQ 6 lists some shops worldwide that do stock the
more esoteric material but generally you have to be rather lucky to
have one of these oulets near to you. If you are serious about
exploring progressive music, you simply must use mail order. This is
by far the best way of obtaining the music. Many of the sources in
FAQ 2 are reputable outlets and have been used for many years by
people who read r.m.p. Simply post and ask about an outlet you are
not sure about. Some are used regularly and have good reputations.
You will notice them being mentioned quite often. Here is a list of
some of the most well-known and trusted outlets that people on r.m.p
have had a good releationship with in the past. You can find more
information on them in FAQ 2 and FAQ 6. There are, of course, many
more reputab

Syn-phonic (Greg Walker)
Symphonic and Yes/Genesis influenced prog, neo-prog, emphasis on
European and US prog/fusion. Some RIO and experimental.

Laser's Edge (Ken Golden)

Most prog and fusion, including some Italian and a lot of rarer
psych. Has net access (


Doug Larsen
All types of prog, but mostly symphonic, 70's British prog and
Italian. Some experimental.


Experimental, RIO, world, ambient, electronic and unclassifiable
musics (and "normal" progressive music as well). If no one else has
heard of it or it is very rare or strange, Wayside probably carries
it or at least knows about it.


ZNR (Steve Roberts)
Rare and US material, much obscure vinyl.

Ranjit Padmanabhan

European and US progressive, neo-progressive, electronic. Has net
access ( and a web page at


Ultima Thule
Situated in the UK, has excellent catalogue and caters for most
tastes. Many special offers, the owners are very knowledgeable and
produce Audion magazine (see FAQ 3). They undertake international
orders and accept all major credit cards by phone.

Based in the UK. They accept credit card orders by phone. Some of the
best prices in the UK and the exclusive outlet for Cyclops releases.


	     How To Find Information On Progressive Music

Often you'd like to know more about a band or to read reviews before
you buy CDs. Here's a few places to look for reviews, info on bands,
and general info on prog and related musics:

	    The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

This is a huge project, originating from the Gibraltar mailing list
(see below) whereby reviews and discographies of thousands of
progressive, experimental and new music bands have been synthesised
and edited into a large book. It is available on the Web and is also
published periodically in hard copy form. The hard copy is currently
sold out. Contact the main editor Mike Taylor
( for more information about the hard
copy and its availablity.  It is available via ftp in text form from


The Web version can be found at the following places. Choose the site
nearest to you for fastest access.

		 Home site (maintained by Mike Taylor)


		  UK mirror (maintained by Phil Kime)


		 US mirror (maintained by Adam Levin)



An Internet mailing list focusing on more obscure music. Mail to to subscribe. Moderated by Mike Taylor.
Famous as it has existed for quite a few years. See FAQ 5. It now has
Web pages at



There are many, many prog related magazines and fanzines. FAQ 3 lists
any of them with brief descriptions. English language magazines that
most people recommend are Audion (published in the UK) and I/E
(published in the USA). All cover many forms of progressive,
electronic, ethnic, experimental, and fusion music. For a newsletter
that focuses mainly on progressive rock, there is Expos. It is
published by John Szpara ( and edited by Peter
Thelen ( You can send them mail for more information
or mail For subscription information see FAQ
3. An easy way to get copies of current and back issues of these
magazines (and others) is to get them from mail order outlets. Some
listed above (in particular, Ranjit) carry magazines.

		    The Main Progressive Music Site

Adam Levin keeps the main progressive music site that anyone with net
access can get information from. You can access via anonymous ftp (if
you do not know what anonymous ftp is, ask someone at your site)


or via the Web


It contains an ascii version of the *GEPR*, links to all FAQ files,
reviews, interviews, contact listings, trading lists, discographies
and much more information.

Obviously. Most new resources are announced here first.

			    Social Activity

Find people with similar interests as yours and discuss music with
them. Trade tapes with people. Attend prog listening events and
concerts. Use your ears intelligently. Read FAQ 8 for a guide to
recommended current artists.

Please take the time to read the rest of the FAQ as you may well find
it informative and it will save you posting questions that are
answered therein. The entire FAQ is available via anonymous ftp to


and on the Web at


This FAQ is maintained by Phil Kime( Comments,
questions, and criticisms are positively always welcome.  This text
was taken in part from the previous versions of this FAQ, which were
maintained by Scott McMahan, and Mike Borella. The FAQs were brought
into being originally through the sterling efforts of Malcolm Humes.
Many thanks go to all of these gentlemen for their excellent work.
=                    Phil Kime (                   =
=             Centre for Cognitive Science/Dept of Philosophy         =
=                         University of Edinburgh                     =

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