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Welcome to!

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Archive-name: music/performing/welcome
Last-modified: 2 January 1999
Version: 0.2c

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              Welcome to!

This is a fortnightly posting aimed at introducing new readers to Other periodical postings include a
monthly FAQ (frequently-asked questions list). [Readers not familiar
with Usenet and newsgroups would be well advised to read articles in
news.announce.newusers before proceeding any further.] is an unmoderated newsgroup for the
discussion of issues relevant to performers of classical music.
There are several other classical music newsgroups, each with its
own specific remit. For a guide to these, you may wish to refer to
the periodical posting `Which Classical Music Newsgroup? (FAQ)',
which can also be found on the World-Wide Web at:

(The URL should obviously be on one line, without the ellipses.)

The newsgroup was formed to fill a
perceived gap in the existing music newsgroup hierarchy. The following
is an adaptation of the charter for formation of the newsgroup:

    The group serves for discussion of issues relating to
    the performing of classical music (which for present
    purposes can be taken to include early music etc.).
    The newsgroup is appropriate for discussion of:
    instrumental and vocal technique, at both elementary
    and advanced levels; ensemble playing/singing; conducting;
    musical interpretation; instrument maintenance;
    ear-training; sight-reading; tuning and intonation;
    historical performance; etc.

I'd like to encourage you to read the newsgroup for a while and, if
you like what you see, to contribute anything you think might be of
interest to your fellow classical musicians. Happy reading!
Sandy Nicholson * <new web site URL to be announced>

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