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Subject: 3.15 What's a raincheck? In the song Sugar Mice, Fish explains that "daddy took a raincheck". A raincheck is something that is given out: - At events when it rains, like a baseball game. Usually it means the game is being cancelled at the current time, and the raincheck will allow you into the rescheduled game. - When you go to buy something at a store and it is on sale. If something is supposed to be on sale, but it's sold out, they can give you a raincheck to pick the item up later at the sale price. - When talking about social occasions, as in "Would you like to come over for a drink?" "No thanks, I'll take a raincheck" meaning either a) Can't do it right now, how about later. or b) a polite way of saying bugger off. Fish's use of the term "raincheck" goes even further. "Your daddy took a raincheck", implies that "daddy" has no intentions of fulfilling his duties and living up to his responsibilities (as a father?) at this time. (And perhaps never will in the future either...) This is a key point. Daddy is bowing out to his real or perceived pressures and leaving without any excuses or other reasons. He just can't cope with his responsibilities, so he takes a raincheck. So mom is left to raise the kids on her own, and left to explain to the kids why dad left. Dad at this point, has lots of problems of his own, and is a victim of society. He lost his job and spends all of his time at the bar ("I'm number one at the end of the bar")... He took a raincheck... Quite the powerful imagery, really...
Subject: 3.16 Alternative Misplaced Childhood?!?!?! Please elaborate!!!!!! The alternative part 1 to Misplaced Childhood is a non definite version of Misplaced Childhood. It has other lyrics and slightly different music. It was tried out on public in the beginning of 1985, as to check out how the public's attitude was towards the new album. The different lyrics are mostly Kayleigh, which sounds very different (and refreshing!). 'Lavender' was missing in the early versions of MC. The alternative MC is only available on bootlegs, like Garden Party UK 84 and Childhood Rehearsels.
Subject: 3.17 What's the Heart of Lothian and the Royal Mile? Lothian is the county/district in which Edinburgh is. Lothian is divided in three parts: East, West and Mid. Dalkeith and Edinburgh are in MidLothian. Saying you have a heart of Lothian is just saying where you come from. However, there is also a 'real' Heart of Lothian: The 'Heart of Lothian', full name 'Heart of Midlothian', is a mozaic heart inlaid into the pavement (i.e. sidewalk) halfway up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, the nearest city to Fish's hometown of Dalkeith. The heart is traditionally spat into when you walk past it, and is a symbol of local pride. One of the Edinburgh football (i.e. soccer) teams was named 'Heart of Midlothian' after it and Sir Walter Scott wrote a novel of the same name last century. The Royal Mile, which is also referred to in the song and is otherwise known as the High Street, is an, unsurprisingly, mile long road that leads from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. Holyrood House/Palace is the monarch's residence when he/she visits, and the site of the annual Edinburgh Royal Garden Party. The Royal Mile is no longer the main shopping street (that's Princes' Street), but it is the heart of the city during the Edinburgh Festival, and is lined with singularly picturesque buildings. Also: Heart of Midlothian is a professional football team (soccer for you yanks!) in Edinburgh, commonly known as Hearts. Fish is a fan of one of Edinburgh's other teams, Hibernian, as you may have heard on the Electric Bear CD where he refers to one of their very rare successes. Even more: "The Heart of Midlothian" is a novel by Sir Walter Scott. He also wrote "Ivanhoe." Maybe you've seen the movie of that? It's very good, and the book is very good as well. In the book, Midlothian is the name of a prison. I don't know if this is or was an actual prison in Scotland. I think it's possible Fish was referring to the book when he wrote the song "Heart of Lothian," but more likely he was only thinking of the heart of Lothian that was mentioned here earlier, which is some kind of heart embedded in the royal mile in Scotland. And more info on the Heart of Lothian, added later: 1. The Heart of Midlothian was a real prison, pre-dating the book, heart in the street, football club and song. It is this prison that Walter Scott writes about, those as far as I know the events are fictious. 2. Given the wide number of uses of the phrase (book, football, etc) (especially in that area of Scotland) I suspect Fish is merely using it as a form of joke - using a familiar phrase twisted to his own meaning. 3. The Scots in general are very proud of their country and their home-town. "I was born with a Heart of Lothian" is very much an echo of this pride, and the nationalism that Fish has supported and encouraged since going solo. 4. Finally the phrase fits in well with the albums general theme (especially side one) of "Happy Childhood, Unhappy Adulthood". Fish spent most of his adult life (until quitting Marillion) outside Lothian, and the song is a reference to a more happy time. Perhaps in retrospect we can see it as the first signs of an unhappiness with Marillion?
Subject: 3.18 Three Boats from the Candy is WHERE? An explanation of the B'Sides track title "Three Boats Down from the Candy": The song is about one-night stands, and in particular making love on Brighton beach. The title refers to the girl in the story wanting a memory of the night, however the boat next to them doesn't have a name, the nearest one is named "The Candy" which is three boats away. There is another explanation, maybe it's just a viewpoint at another level. Fish once introduced the song during a concert with this explanation (not the litteral transcription though): "It's about those corporate Christmas party-type things where opposite-sex coworkers often become drunk and, er, "sexually active"? It's about friendships that get lost though stuff like that. I believe "candy" is a reference to total happiness in a relationship, and "3 Boats Down" (besides being a metaphor for being 'so-close-and-yet-so-far' from "the candy") is a reference to the idea that this particular party is supposed to be held on a beach, or someone's ocean-front estate or something. So, this particular incident between these two people is assumed to have occured in a boat."
Subject: 3.19 Fish shouts something at the beginning of Margaret, but what? What he says is "Moira Anderson eat your heart out". Moira Anderson is a Scottish middle-of-the-road singer, who sings, among other things, cloyingly sweet versions of Scottish traditional songs. "Loch Lomond" is exactly the sort of thing she would sing - hence Fish's comment.
Subject: 4.1 When and why did Fish leave Marillion? Friday September 16, 1988 was a black day for Marillion fans. Fish announced that he had left Marillion to start a solo career. It was explained in a letter to the fanclub: "During the process of writing the new album it became apparent that differences, both musically and lyrically, between Fish and the rest of the band were irreconcilable" Fish said: "I've had a brilliant 7 years with Marillion; however, recently the musical directions of the band have diversified to such an extent I realised the time had come to embark on a solo career" The Fish-era was ended with the release of "The Thieving Magpie" which was a double live album with tracks from 1982-1988, a thank-you to the fans.
Subject: 4.2 Who is Steve Hogarth and what did he do before Marillion? After Fish left Marillion, the band started auditioning new singers to fill the empty place. Not much luck until Steve Hogarth showed up. He got the job, but asked for a week to think it over. He agreed and 'Hogy' became the new singer of Marillion. He also plays some keyboards, even at live concerts, but singing is more important. Mark Kelly still does most of the keyboards. Before Marillion, Hogarth sang in several bands including 'The Europeans' (which was firsty called 'Motion Pictures') and 'How we Live'. He also played all the keyboards on the Australian avante-pop band Do Re Mi's first album. Here's a (pretty complete) discography of his pre-Marillion material: DO RE MI 19?? Domestic Harmony CD Catalog CDV2367, Virgin UK THE EUROPEANS Line up: Ferg Harper : Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals Steve Hogarth : Keys, Lead and Backing Vocals Colin Woore : Guitar, Backing Vocals Geoff Dugmore : Drums, Backing Vocals Discography: 7" 1982 The Animal Song/ Someone's Changing A&M AMS 9239 12" 1982 A.E.I.O.U (extended "Animal Soup") Voice on the Telephone/ A.E.I.O.U (album version) A&M AMX 113 LP 1983 VOCABULARY A&M AMLX 68 558 12" 1983 American People/ Going to Work(long version)/Someone's Changing/ New Industry A&M AMX 158 7" 1983 American People/ Going to Work A&M AMS ??? ?? 1983 A Side recognition (US Remix) AMX 138A ?? 1983 AA Side recognition (European Remix) AMX 138A 7" 1984 Recognition/ New Industry A&M AMS 9714 LP 1984 LIVE (Limited Edition) A&M SCOT 1 7" 1984 Acid Rain/ edits from Recurring Dreams A&M FREE 1 (promo) LP 1984 RECURRING DREAMS A&M AMA 5034 7" 1984 Listen/ Climb The Wall A&M 201 12" 1984 Listen/ Climb The Wall (Clear Vinyl) A&M 201 HOW WE LIVE 7" 1986 Working Girl/ In The City Portrait HWL1 MC 1986 Working Girl/ & Interview (promo) Portrait XPC 650088 12" 1986 All the Time In the World/ All the Time (7" vers.)/ Lost At Sea Portrait PRT 650088 6 7" 1986 All the Time In the World/ Lost at Sea Portrait PRT 650088 7 LP 1987 DRY LAND Portrait PRT 450618 1 12" 1987 Games In Germany/ Lost At Sea/ India Portrait PRT ????????
Subject: 4.3 What is a banquo? In the song Uninvited Guest Hogarth sings: "I'm the Banquo at your banquet". In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Banquo is one of Macbeth's friends. Eventually (you'll have to read the whole thing to find out the details) Macbeth has him killed. Later, Banquo's ghost (or many say just a 'mad vision' of a ghost that Macbeth has) shows up at a banquet he is holding in honor of Macbeth's ascension to the Scottish throne. Macbeth goes crazy, because he thought he had had Banquo killed. It's a great play (plug) as is just about anything by Shakespeare (plug plug). A must-read for anyone who just LOVES Hogarth's (or John Helmer's) lyrics. :)
Subject: 4.4 What is a fifteen stone first-footer? Also from Uninvited guest: "I'm your fifteen stone first-footer". First-footer is a Scottish term relating to the New Year (Hogmanay). A first-footer is a person who is the first person to enter your house on January 1st. That persons would be about 15 stone (which is 15 * 14 = 210 pounds). When this person comes into your house, you must give him all the food he/she wants! In other words, after The Bells (midnight on 31 December) you have to ensure that your "first footer" is a tall person who should be carrying a small lump of coal, which would traditionally go onto your fire (remember it's cold and dark at New Year in Scotland!). The early hours of 1 January are traditionally spent going from house to house in your neighbourhood visiting people and welcoming in the New Year (drinking!).
Subject: 4.5 Will there be a reunion show with Fish? There has been a rumor that EMI once suggested a reunion show. Rothery and Kelly were vehemently against it, Hogarth and Trewavas were for it, and Mosley was ambivalent, so they decided to can the idea. It's not totally impossible there'll be a reunion show, but don't wait up... The closest thing to a reunion was a charity single that both Fish and Marillion took part in. The single "Sailing" (by Rock Against Repatriation) was recorded on two days, many British bands and singers took part. Marillion and Fish were invited to come on different days, Marillion was not informed that Fish also took part, and Fish wasn't informed about Marillion as well...
Subject: 4.6 Who is Privet Hedge? Cristopher Hedge (which is his real name) has been with the band for many years and he takes care of the sound at concerts (at the mixing table) and also in the studio. There is an interview in Fanzine 2 of the Dutch Marillion Fanclub (spring '92). It is mainly about the kind of equipment he uses. Privet is an actual word and it is a small shrub or bush that is used for hedges around yards. Not surprisingly it's mainly a british word. PRIVET n. any of a genus of shrubs or trees of the olive family, with bluish-black berries and spikes of white flowers, often grown for hedges. Also called Lingustrum vulgare (the common privet). So the name Privet is a nickname given jokingly because of the guy's surname.
Subject: 4.7 What's Brave all about? Here are some fragments from an on-stage interview with Hogarth and Pete Trewavas, that was done before the album was released: (To Pete:) "Can you describe the new album?". Pete starts talking about the music: "Brave" is gonna be a concept album like Misplaced_CH, one long piece of music. Quite specific, he said it was gonna be 64 minutes (yeah!). It has 19 tracks, some of which are just bridges between the real songs. And there are no hitsingles on it, they're pretty much doing what they want. (To Hogarth:) "What's the album lyrically about?". Hogy tells a long story: He lived in Bath (I think it was) for a while and one day he heard a police message on the radio. The police had found a young girl wandering on a highway bridge (which is illegal). The girl was in some kind of shock and wouldn't talk at all, so the police didn't know her name. That's why they were asking on the radio if anybody knew that girl. This what the album is about, Hogy said he was very touched by this. And before he gave back the microphone he said "and may I add that this is just gonna be he best piece of music we've ever made!". Initially the title of the album was "Severn", as the highway bridge mentioned above was a bridge over the river Severn.
Subject: 4.8 Who's John Helmer? John Helmer has written several lyrics for Marillion since Fish left. He already write some lyrics before Hogarth joined the band. Hogarth writes many lyrics as well, but John Helmer is always around to help out (which is why Hogy has referred to him as "John Helper" ;). Most of the lyrics to Seasons End were written by John Helmer. The following info is supplied by Jonathan, a friend of John Helmer: John Helmer did his degree (in English I think) at Sussex University at the same time he played in a band in Brighton the "Piranhas" - he was a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter. They had a hit with "Tom Hark" then JH left to form 'Pookiesnackenburger' with Nick Dwyer, who was from another Brighton band "Nicky and the dots". This band had a sort of rock comedy TV series and did a Heineken ad for tv, playing the trashcans (as you would say in the US, dustbins over here). Nick is now in Stomp and John, of course writes lyrics. I was introducing John to the Internet after watching 'The Lambrettas' and thought, having had a few beers, that I ought to add something. I have no news of future lyrics or Marillion events but John is trying to get his first novel published. - Jonathan
Subject: 4.9 What is the French bit that's in between CSB and Beautiful? The French bit: "Le soleil emergea de la montagne, les vagues se deroulerent sur la baie, de fabuleux oiseaux de couleurs flamboyantes s'envolerent. Et bien, nous sommes tous de jolis anges ensemble au paradis. Couche-toi mon cheri tu vas bien apprecier cela." The litteral English translation: "And the sun rises over the mountain, and the waves crash on the bay, and marvellous birds of bright colours fly away from the forest. And she says we are all pretty angels together in paradise. Lie down my dear you will enjoy this."
Subject: 4.10 I heard something of a Brave movie? Yes, there is a movie that was made after the release of Brave. The backcover of the box says: "Brave... The Movie is a fifty minute concept film directed by cult movie director Richard Stanley. It is Stanley's stark vision of young life in the 90's inspired by Marillion's album of the same name, which centres around a teenage girl (Josie Ayers) who is found wandering in a state of amnesia on the Severn Bridge, and her consequent search for her past. Although this story bears similarities to actual recorded incidents in the history of the Severn Bridge we wish to stress that this is a work of fiction. In addition to the film, this programme includes a thirty minute documentary on the making of Brave along with behind the scenes footage. WATCH IT LOUD WITH THE LIGHTS OFF" It was broadcast by a German television channel (RTL+), which has some German subtitles, but has all the original soundrecordings. It has also aired (at least) once in the UK, on a program called "Cue the Music" which was a late night music show on ITV (or HTV). Tony Wood: 'I remember there being adverts in it) and I think they had cut some of it. IIRC it was not explicitly listed as "Brave - the movie" but it was shown in a series of music programs along the lines of "In Concert" and it was only when you read further in the listing it told you what it was.'. The released version is censored, some scenes were rather shocking. In one scene Steve Hogarth is raping the girl, in another scene a drugs needle is inserted in her arm. These scenes are cut in the commercial version that is in the stores, but these scenes still existed in the version that was on RTL+.
Subject: 4.11 Isn't The Rakes Progress a painting? There was an article in one of the Sunday papers last week about the artist William Hogarth, who - many freaks point out - was the man behind The Rakes Progress. The Rakes P is actually a series of 9 paintings (ok, I thought it was a book). A rake is a 'debauchee or immoral man', as my dictionary would have it, and the paintings tell the story of the young man who is heir to his father's estate, but who squanders all the money and gambles to repay his creditors, whilst getting even further in debt. Eventually he ends up in a debtors prison with a fainting mistress and her illegitimate child, with more people demanding their money from him. (Paul Walmsley)
Subject: 5.1 What studio albums and singles were released? Not even close to a discography, but a head start anyway. This list is not in exact chronological order, but pretty close. All albums are in CAPITALS, singles are not. MARILLION WITH FISH: 1982 Market Square Heroes/Three Boats Down From the Candy/Grendel 1983 SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEAR Side 1: Script for a Jester's Tear/He Knows You Know/The Web Side 2: Garden Party/Chelsea Monday/Forgotten Sons 1983 He Knows You Know/Charting the Single 1983 Garden Party/Margaret 1984 FUGAZI Side 1: Assassing/Punch and Judy/Jigsaw/Emerald Lies Side 2: She Chameleon/Incubus/Fugazi 1984 Punch and Judy/Market Square Heroes/Three Boats down from the Candy(*) 1984 Assassing/Cinderella Search 1984 REAL TO REEL (live) Side 1: Assassing/Incubus/Cinderella Search/Emerald Lies (**) Side 2: Forgotten Sons/Garden Party/Market Square Heroes 1985 MISPLACED CHILDHOOD Side 1: Pseudo Silk Kimono/Kayleigh/Lavender/Bitter Suite i) Brief Encounter ii) Lost Weekend iii) Blue Angel iv) Misplaced Rendezvous V) Windswept Thumb/ Heart of Lothian i) Wide Boy ii) Curtain Call Side 2: Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)/Lords of the Backstage/ Blind Curve i) Vocal Under A Bloodlight ii) Passing Strangers iii) Mylo iv) Perimeter Walk v) Threshold Childhood's End?/White Feather 1985 Kayleigh/Lady Nina (the 12" also featured a remix of Kayleigh) The single version of Kayleigh is a little different from the album version, with a shorter guitar solo. 1985 Lavender/Freaks/Lavender Blue(12" only) (Lavender is a little different than the album version (longer guitar solo)) 1985 Heart of Lothian/Chelsea Monday (live) (the 12" has an instrumental version of Windswept Thumb as intro) 1986 Lady Nina/Heart of Lothian (rerelease only in USA) 1986 BRIEF ENCOUNTER (live) (LP only) Side 1: Lady Nina/Freaks/Kayleigh (Live) Side 2: Fugazi (Live)/Script For A Jester's Tear (Live) 1987 CLUTCHING AT STRAWS Side 1: Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles/That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)/Going Under(**)/Just For The Record/ White Russian Side 2: Incommunicado/Torch Song/Slainte Mhath/Sugar Mice The Last Straw/(Happy Ending) 1987 Incommunicado/Going Under/Alternative Incommunicado (12" only) 1987 Sugar Mice/Tux On 1987 Warm Wet Circles(***)/White Russian (live) 1988 B'SIDES THEMSELVES Side 1: Grendel/Charting the Single/Market Square Heroes Three Boats Down From the Candy Side 2: Cinderella Search/Lady Nina/Freaks/Tux On/Margaret(Live) 1988 THE THIEVING MAGPIE (LA GAZZA LADRA) (live) Side 1: Intro (La Gazza Ladra)/Slainte Mhath/He Knows You Know Chelsea Monday Side 2: Misplaced Childhood Part 1 and 2 (part 2 only on the CD) Side 3: Jigsaw/Punch & Judy/Sugar Mice/Fugazi Side 4: Script For A Jester's Tear/Incommunicado/White Russian (*) The versions of Market Square Heroes and Three_BdftC on this B-Side differ from the 'original' single release. These are the versions that ended up on B-Sides themselves. (**) Only on the CD and tape. (***) This version differs than the version on Clutching_aS MARILLION WITH HOGARTH: 1989 SEASONS END Side 1: The King Of Sunset Town/Easter/The Uninvited Guest Seasons End Side 2: Holloway Girl/Berlin/After Me(*)/Hooks In You/The Space 1989 Hooks in You/After Me 1989 Uninvited Guest/The Bell in the Sea 1990 Easter/The Release 1991 HOLIDAYS IN EDEN Side 1: Splintering Heart/Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven) The Party/No One Can Side 2: Holidays In Eden/Dry Land/Waiting To Happen/This Town The Rakes Progress/100 Nights 1991 Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)/How Can it Hurt 1991 No One Can/A Collection 1991 Dry Land/Holloway Girl 1992 Sympathy/Kayleigh (live w/Hogarth) 1992 A SINGLES COLLECTION Side 1: Cover my Eyes (Pain and Heaven)/Kayleigh/Easter Warm Wet Circles/Uninvited Guest/Assassing/Hooks in You Side 2: Garden Party/No One Can/Incommunicado/Dry Land/Lavender I Will Walk on Water/Sympathy 1992 LIVE AT THE BORDERLINE (fanclub bootleg, see question 7.3) Splintering Heart/Easter/King of Sunset Town/Waiting to Happen/ Sympathy/Kayleigh/Lavender/Heart of Lothian/Uninvited Guest/ Slainte Mhath/The Release/Hooks in You/Garden Party 1992 LIVE AT CARACAS (fanclub bootleg, see question 7.3) Splintering Heart/Holidays In Eden/Script For A Jester's Tear Easter/Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles/That Time Of The Night Kayleigh/Lavender/Heart Of Lothian/Cover My Eyes/Slainte Mhath The Space/Waiting To Happen/Hooks In You 1993 LIVE AT GLASGOW BARROWLANDS (fanclub bootleg, see question 7.3) King of Sunset Town/Slainte Mhath/Uninvited Guest/Easter/ Warm Wet Circles/That Time of the Night/Holloway Girl/ (Emanuel)/Seasons End/Berlin/The Space 1994 The Great Escape/Made Again/Marouatte Jam (**) 1994 BRAVE Bridge/Living with the big Lie/Runaway/Goodbye to all That/ Hard as Love/The Hollow Man/Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury/ Paper Lies/Brave/The Great Escape/Made Again 1994 Hollow Men/Made Again/Marouatte Jam 1994 Hollow Men/The Great Escape (orchestral version)/ Winter Trees (solo by Steve Rothery) 1995 Beautiful / Live Forever / Great Escape (demo) / Hard as Love (demo) 1995 Beautiful / Afraid of Sunrise /Icon 1995 AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT Gazpacho/Cannibal Surf Babe/Beautiful/Afraid of Sunrise/ Out of this World/Afraid of Sunlight/Beyond You/King (*) Only on the CD. (**) Only released in Holland 1996 MADE AGAIN Side 1: Splintering Heart / Easter / No one can / Waiting to happen / Cover my eyes / The Space / Hook in You / Beautiful / Kayleigh / Lavender / Afraid of sunlight / King Side2: Brave (complete) 1997 BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Side 1: (The Fish Years) Script for a Jester's tear / Market Square Heroes / He knows, you know / Forgotten Sons / Garden Party / Assassing / Punch & Judy / Kayleigh / Lavender / Heart Of Lothian / Incommunicado / Warm Wet Circles / That time of the night / Sugar Mice Side 2: (The Hogarth Years) Uninvited Guest / Easter / Hooks in You / The Space / Cover my Eyes / No One Can / Dry Land / Waiting to Happen / Great Escape / Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury / Made Again / King / Afraid of Sunlight / Beautiful / Cannibal Surfer Babe 1997 THIS STRANGE ENGINE Man of a Thousand Faces / One Fine Day / 80 Days / Estonia / Memory of Water Accidental Man / Hope for the Future / This Strange Engine Bonus on Japanese version: Beautiful (live) / Made Again (live) 1997 Man of a Thousand Faces / Beatiful / Made Again / Man of a Thousand Faces (Ext)
Subject: 5.2 What books are there on Marillion/Fish? This listing contains some information on the 3 books that are available on Marillion and Fish (currently nothing on Fish solo). Title : Marillion in Words and Pictures Author : Carol Clerk Published by : Bobcat Books: London, 1985 ISBN : 0.7119.0768 Order No : OP 43512 Other : Softcover, 47 pages Approx. price: US$5.95 Exclusive distributors: Book sales Limited 8/9 Frith St. London W1V 5TZ, UK This book is mostly color and black and white photos of the band, especially Fish, in concert and just hanging out. But it also gives a good overview of the band's history from the early days through the release of Misplaced Childhood. Some of its highlights are the recipe for Grendels, an explanation of the Fish/Derek conflict, and some insights into "The Web" and Misplaced Childhood. Title : The Script: An illustrated biography Author : Clive Gifford Publisher : Omnibus Press, London, 1987 ISBN : 0.7119.1113.4 Order No : OP 44304 Other : Softcover 96 pages Price : Approx. US$10.95 Exclusive distributors: Book Sale Limited 8/9 Frith St. London W1V 5TZ, UK The Script is an illustrated bio of the group by Clive Gifford. It's only 96 pages (with a lot of pictures), so it is not as extensive as "Market Square Heroes". This book was written after the release of "Misplaced Childhood," but before "Clutching at Straws." It has a complete discography of all of Marillion's singles, albums, videos, demos, bootlegs, promos, etc. with descriptions of distinctive features of the work (i.e. picture disk). Title : Market Square Heroes: The Authorized Story of Marillion Author : Mick Wall (foreword by Fish) Publisher : Sidgwick and Jackson Limited ISBN : 0-283-99426-6 Other : 310 pages Address: 1 Tavistock Chambers, Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2SG Great Britain Market Square Heroes: The Authorized Story of Marillion is probably the most informative of the Marillion books I've seen. It has the least amount of pictures, but those they have are of a historical nature. I'd say it is the most honest of the various books -- it's a real biography, not just a cheap attempt to raise money off of the fans. After reading the book, I felt I knew Fish, Steve Rothery, Pete, Ian, and Mark. The book is tailored for the fan however -- Mick Wall's appreciation of the band and the songs are quite in evidence. It has on the back cover that "The main reason the band and I [Fish] wanted this book to be written, was because there's never been anything published that truly got to grips with the real story of Marillion." I'd agree. If you are looking for facts on Marillion through the release of Clutching at Straws, I'd recommend Market Square Heroes -- if you want pictures of Fish and the band, go somewhere else . . . Title : Marillion: `The Thieving Magpie' (La Gazza Ladra) Author : Roger Day Publisher : Wise Pulications, London 1989 ISBN : 0.7119.1837.6 Other : Order No. AM74758. This book contains scores for everything on The Thieving Magpie, including Freaks and the whole of Misplaced Childhood. Title : Marillion - Misplaced Childhood Author : ? anyone know ? Publisher : Chapell Music Ltd. 129 Park Strees, London, W1Y 3FA, UK ISBN : 0 86359 288 0 Exclusive Distributors: Internationa Music Publications Southend Road Woodford Green Essex IG8 8HN, England This book contains the scores and the lyrics of the whole Mispaced Childhood album. First published in 1985.
Subject: 5.3 What videos are there? Currently 7 videos exist, all of Marillion. Here's the listing: Title : Recital of the Script Time : 55:00 Script for a Jester's Tear / Garden Party / Chelsea Monday / He Know You Know / Forgotten Sons / Market Square Heroes Very good live video from a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon. It says on the back: "It was the night a dream came through - when two years of motorway madness, greasy spoon meals, and interminable club gigs suddenly all seemed worthwhile. Hammersmith Odeon - the oft-sought but seldom attained aim of every rock band. A capacity audience hanging on to every note and a massive stage for Marillion to present their stunning visual theatrics in spectacular style. Powerful, dramatic music; provocative lyrics and superlative musicianship. A night to remember - for Marillion to savour with understandable relish as a major milestone in their career" Title : Grendel/The Web (EP) Time : 29:00 Contains: Grendel/The Web (live) This video has two live tracks; both were encores at the Hammersmith Odeon concert of "Recital of the Script". It says on the back: "'Grendel' was originally released on vinyl in October 1982 - our first ever release on EMI - and an unplanned third encore at the Hammersmith Odeon show in April 1983. 'The Web' has not been per- formed live since this show....." Title : 1982-86 The Videos Time : 35:00 Market Square Heroes/He Knows You Know/Garden Party/Assassing/ Kayleigh/Lavender/Heart of Lothian/Lady Nina All the videoclips up to 1986. Some are very good, especially Garden Party is very funny. Title : Incommunicado C/W Sugar Mice Time : 8:46 Contains: Incommunicado/Sugar Mice (videoclips) Title : Live from Loreley Time : 87:00 Slainte Mhath / Assassing / Script for a Jester's Tear / Incubus / Sugar Mice Hotel Hobbies / Warm Wet Circles / That Time of the Night / Kayleigh / Lavender / Heart of Lothian / The Last Straw / Incommunicado Good live video, recorded in St. Goarshausen (Germany) on July 18, 1987. It starts with "La Gazza Ladra" as intro and some backstage shots. Title : From Stoke Row to Ipanema Time : 90:00 Hooks in You/Uninvited Guest (videoclips) Eric (live rehearsal) Hollywood Rock Festival, Brazil 1990 Kayleigh/Lavender/Hooks in You (live) Easter (video) The Ultimate Gift (live rehearsal) De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England, 24th April 1990 The King of Sunset Town/Easter/Holloway Girl/ Berlin/Season's End (live) This video contains some interview with the band, especially to introduce Steve Hogarth, who recently joined the band at this time. Title : A Singles Collection Time : 52:00 Sympathy / Cover My Eyes / No One Can / Dry Land / Hooks in You / Uninvited Guest / Easter (with Hogarth) Warm Wet Circles / Incommunicado / Kayleigh / Lavender / Assassing / Garden Party (with Fish) Once again a lot of videos, only the first 4 tracks were not released on a video before. Accompanies the CD with the same name. In the USA this video is called "Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other" Title : Kerrang! Metal Monsters Catalog : R0471VH This is a Kerrang! compilation tape (or video LP actually) that has various video's, including He Knows You Know. Full tracklisting: Iron Maiden - "Aces High" Whitesnake - "Slow An' Easy", Helix "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'" Wendy O. Williams "It's My Life" MARILLION "He Knows You Know" Motorhead "Killed By Death" Scorpions "Rock You Like A Hurricane" W.A.S.P. "Love Machine" Queensryche "Queen Of The Reich" Armored Saint "Can U Deliver" Alcatrazz "God Blessed Video" Bon Jovi "Runaway" Kiss "Heaven's On Fire"
Subject: 5.4 What's a bootleg? A bootleg is a record that contains an illegal or unauthorized recording of the band. They're also called "ROIO's": Recording Of Illegal/ Indeterminate Origin. These recordings are used to make LP's and in the last few years CD's. Most have a catchy title and a nice photograph on the front. How about the first Hogarth-Marillion CD bootleg, which is called "Something Fishy Going On".... The source of the recordings can vary from someone who taped a concert with his walkman, to an original DAT recording directly from the equipment of the band. Sometimes a radio broadcast is used. Quality of the bootleg can vary from very poor to excellent.
Subject: 5.5 How many bootlegs are there? There are many bootlegs on vinyl (LP), but I'm not sure how many exactly, but it is around 250 boots. Far less bootlegs are available on CD, currently there are 56 known bootlegs for both Fish and Marillion. A full listing of these CD-bootlegs is available from the listserver, see question 1.7 for info how to get it. This listing contains info on date, time, label and location. It also contains tracklistings and a short review of the disc. The list of CD bootlegs is also available on WWW, point your browser to:
Subject: 5.6 Where can I buy bootlegs? They're usually hard to get because bootlegs are illegal. But if you're lucky, you can run into some at a record store. They're generally easier to buy in Europe than the States. Another way is to buy bootlegs is via mail-orders. Mail order companies that carry Marillion and Fish boots are located in Germany and Italy, but this changes often. Check specialized magazine's for ads, otherwise ask on the list if anyone has more info. Sometimes bootlegs are even offered for sale on the list. The Marillion and Fish fanclubs also offer several 'official' bootlegs for sale, more on this in question 6.2.
Subject: 6.1 Addresses of Marillion Fanclubs The official Marillion fanclub network is called 'The Web'. This does however not mean that the other fanclubs don't get support from the band. After all... they are the biggest fans! *** The Web UK PO Box 252 PO Box 252 Aylesbury Bucks HP18 0YS United Kingdom E-Mail: Note: The Web USA is now incorporated in the Web UK *** The Web Holland Postbus 208 2740 AE Waddinxveen The Netherlands Phone: +31 (70) 351 42 15 (only Tuesday between 20:00 and 22:00 CET) Membership: Fl.24,00 (Dutch guilders) or Fl.29,00 if you don't live in Holland E-Mail: WWW: *** The Web Europe Postbus 208 2740 AE Waddinxveen The Netherlands Phone: +31 (70) 351 42 15 (only Tuesday between 20:00 and 22:00 CET) Membership: Fl.29,00 (Dutch guilders) E-Mail: WWW: *** The Web Germany C/O J. & A. Backer Postfach 1148 53581 Bad Honnef GERMANY Membership: 37,- DM (Germany) or 45,-DM (outside Germany) E-mail: WWW: *** The Bright Light Club de fans de Marillion Ap. de Correos 10034 08080 BARCELONA ESPANA E-mail: or WWW: Note: membership info is on the website, no translation: "Si os quereis suscribir, la cuota es de 1.500 Pts por 4 fanzines que recibireis peridicamente en casa (gastos de envo incluidos)." *** Brave Hearts Collection Attn. Annette Williams 19, Lilac Avenue, Humberstone, Leicester, LE5 1FN ENGLAND Marillion fanzine/correspondence club, fanzine comes out every three months. *** Blue Angel 25.15 Avenue Cachin 59282 Douchy-les-Mines France *** Real to Read c/o Monica Aprea Via San Dionigi 42/62 - 20139 Milano MI Italy *** Jester UL-Brzozowa 30/22 40-170 Katowice Poland *** Forgotten Fans Attn. Gustavo Castenetto Brasil 846 Don Torcuato (1611) Buenos Aires Argentina E-Mail:
Subject: 6.2 What about the official bootlegs? 6.2 What about the official bootlegs? Marillion have released a number of live CD's on their own label, called Racket Records. The first one is called "Live at the Borderline" which was recorded at the Borderline club in London at May 9, 1992. The second disc is called "Live at Caracas" and was recorded in Caracas Venezuela on September 30, 1992. The Caracas recording is much cleaner and according to some better than the Borderline disc. Others prefer the Borderline disc because it's closer to a 'real' live concert (i.e. it's not perfect). More info is in the bootleg list (see chapter on bootlegs). The third disc is called "Live at Glasgow Barrowlands", and is recorded on December 4, during the Seasons End tour. A fourth double CD "marillionrochester" was issued as a "thank you" each donator to the Tour Fund, and is a limited pressing not availble for purchase. A fifth CD is planned from the "This Strange Tour" and will be a 2-disc set, hopefully available some time in March of 1998. Originally these were only available to fan club members for a limited time, but on 23 January 1998 Racket Records set up The Racket Club Online and re-released all Racket Records releases, available to everyone:
Subject: 7.1 I like Marillion. What other bands can you recommend? There are many bands that make the same kind of music (often referred to as "progressive rock") as Marillion. Here are some suggestions you may want to check out: Anglagard Genesis (?) Aragon Haze Arrakeen i.Q. (*) Asgard Pallas Cathedral (US) Pendragon Chandelier Pink Floyd (*) Dream Theater (*) Rush (*) Peter Gabriel (*) Shadowland Galahad Twelfth Night (*) has its own mailinglist. This is just a small selection of many good bands that make great music. Every now and then there is a discussion on the Freaks list on different music than just Marillion/Fish. That's were I got some of the above mentioned bands. Further you can check out the UseNet newsgroup
Subject: 7.2 How can I subscribe to another (related) musical mailinglist? Here are the addresses of some of the most wanted mailinglists for Marillion and Fish fans: - Dream Theater: Send mail to with in the body of the message, left justified: subscribe ytsejam your real name - Genesis: The Genesis and also Peter Gabriel mailing list is called Paperlate. To subscribe, just write a message containing 'subscribe paperlate' for all the messages, or 'subscribe paperlate-digest' for the digest to - Peter Gabriel: To subscribe, send email... To: Subject: Body: subscribe gabriel "your_name" To post messages, send email... To: To unsubscribe, send email... To: Subject: Body: unsubscribe gabriel - The iQ mailinglist Send mail to (Neil Durant) and ask to be included on the list. - Pink Floyd: Send mail to with in the body: add echoes To subscribe in digest format, use "add-digest" instead of "add". - Rush: Send mail to The manager is: For more info on the addresses of other musical mailinglists, get the Musical List of Lists, maintained by Myro Wong. Send mail to With a subject of "lomml" and in the body of the message: gimme and you'll get the latest version in your mailbox. :::::::::::::::::: END OF THE MARILLION/FISH FAQ-LIST ::::::::::::::::::

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