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Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ, Part 5 of 5 (monthly)

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Archive-name: music/mariah-carey-faq/part5
Posting-Frequency: monthly (third Wednesday)
Last-modified: 2001/04/09
Version: 39

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The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions
Issue #039, 9th April 2001


T1. What does the Merry Christmas CD Extra offer?

ALBUM Title             Published       Tracks  UPC (Master)    Length
Merry Christmas [CDX]   Columbia 1995   10      CKR 66891 (DDD) 38:53

CD Extra (formerly called CD Plus) is a standard for multisession CDs
developed by a consortium including Sony and supported by Microsoft. The
Merry Christmas CD Extra disc currently contain two sessions. The main
session is the ten tracks that comprise Merry Christmas (US Version), and
this portion is playable on any standard CD player. This session complies
with the Red Book standard for audio CDs.

The interactive portion is available only on multisession drives. You should
check that your drive is multisession before you decide to invest in a CD
Extra. Most drives produced today are multisession devices.

Assuming that you have a compatible drive, you will also need baseline
hardware from either Apple or an IBM PC compatible running Windows. The
interactive program on the Merry Christmas CD requires a baseline processor
(at least 66MHz or 20MIPS), and a baseline video driver (supporting 800x600
at 256 colours), a reasonable sound system (at least 8 bit, 16 bit desirable)
and at least 8Mb of memory. Systems today should have no trouble meeting
these requirements.

Software to access the CD Extra is supplied on a separate standard Yellow
Book CD ROM, as are instructions to install it and test it. Once you have
installed this software, you can run the interactive program on the CD Extra.
If you have Microsoft Windows, you will need a CD Extra with a Windows
compatible interactive program. If you are using an Apple Macintosh, you will
need a Macintosh compatible CD Extra. On Windows 95, you will not need to use
the supplied driver software, as the operating system will automatically
recognise CD Extra discs.

The interactive program has many elements. Firstly, you have the option to
display the karaoke-style lyrics while playing the CD audio normally. Another
interactive portion allows the user to randomly access a discography of sound
samples from every track of every Mariah album, plus some video clips from
her full-length video releases.

A user-driven interview with Mariah shows a number of prerecorded video
interview clips where she answers questions about her feelings on Christmas
and the making of the album. The interview is set in a living room, and
Mariah is wearing one of her Christmas costumes, playing with the newest of
her dogs.

Two full-length video clips are also included, a mimed black and white
performance of All I Want For Christmas Is You, and a live performance of Joy
To The World. As well, an interactive photo album shows some holiday season
photographs of Mariah with some animation

The CD Extra does not appear to work on Windows NT. I would therefore say it
is unlikely to work on Windows 2000, which is based on the NT kernel. I have
not been able to test it with Windows 98 yet. These are the sort of
compatibility problems one must expect with multimedia releases that include
hard-wired platform-dependent software.

T2. What is the #Mariah_Carey chat channel all about?

I like to imagine the channel as a warm cosy little room in which Mariah
fan's gather together and discuss 'stuff'. Of course, we often talk about
Mariah stuff, but it's hardly a rule. It is not a channel to chat with Mariah
herself, however, and you should be aware that many people impersonate her,
mainly in good fun.

If you have a chat client program for IRC, you will need to point it to a
server computer on a chat network called Undernet. The channel called
#Mariah_Carey is on this network, and can be reached from many servers,

[America and Australia] (Michigan) (California) (Massachusetts) (Canada- works well from Australia) (Australia- usually disconnected from the world)

[Europe] (France- also available from Australia as a last resort) (Netherlands) (United Kingdom)

There is also a Java client for Undernet which can be used from within your
web browser. To get this, and to discover more about Undernet, visit the
Undernet web page at:

To use IRC you choose a unique nickname (that people on IRC will refer to you
by) and connect to the server. Once connected, the IRC server responds to
commands. The command to connect to #Mariah_Carey is:

/join #Mariah_Carey

Simply introduce yourself by typing messages at the keyboard. Usually there
will be someone willing to help you get started with a few commands. But be
careful exactly what commands you type, as some people may try to trick you
into disclosing private information.

The Mariah chat channel of old (1993-1998) was called #Mariah. The
retrospective page is being resurrected (previously it was Sunbelt's work),
so watch this space.

T3. Does Mariah have any DVDs?

[DVDs (Digital Video Discs) are a very high density CD-like medium used for
storing compressed digital video of a very high quality. They will soon
replace VHS as the media of choice for video collectors. DVDs can be region
coded, which means they may not play in players outside their region.]

Yes, Mariah has three DVDs out. Her first, released only in Japan (region 2),
is called Daydream: From New York To Tokyo. The others were released
worldwide during 1999- Around The World and Number Ones- and come in NTSC
(all regions) and PAL (region 2) formats.

Details for DVDs are listed in the album videography (question M2f). The VH1
Divas Live concert is also available on DVD (this too is listed in M2f).

One would expect future video album releases also to be available as DVDs, as
well as a retrospecive publishing of previous video albums as DVDs.

Mariah had a small part in the movie The Bachelor, which is also available on


X1. When was the newsgroup founded?

I personally like to set the date as being Monday 25th December 1995, the day
of the first Mariah Carey Internet Christmas party on IRC. The newsgroup was
created after my Call For Votes document drew 211 "yes" votes to 61 "no"

X2. What is MCT?

Mariah Carey Time (MCT) is New York time, or US Eastern Standard Time (EST),
which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, or UTC). MCT is
traditionally used to arrange Internet chats between Mariah fans.

X3. What is The Gospel According To Vision?

The Gospel is a little joke about how fanatical some Mariah fans can be. It
begins something like this:

"In the beginning, there was the word, and the word was Mariah.
Mariah then proceeded to create God to keep her company."
                                        - Archer 1:1

X4. What is all this AIWFCIY and AYNAF and DYTOM stuff?

These are abbreviations for Mariah's songs, derived from the initial capitals
in the song's title.

[Index of Mariah Carey songs (including abbreviations)]

SONG Title                      Abbrev  Source (Reference)
After                                   7 Mile (M6(v))
After Tonight                   AT      Rainbow (M2c(xii); 05.)
Against All Odds                AAO     Rainbow (M2c(xii); 09.)
Algun Dia (Someday)                     BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
All Cried Out                   ACO     Allure (M8)
All In Your Mind                AIYM    Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 06.)
All I've Ever Wanted            AIEW    Music Box (M2c(iv); 10.)
All I Want For Christmas Is You AIWFCIY Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 02.)
Alone In Love                   AIL     Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 07.)
Always Be My Baby               ABMB    Daydream (M2c(vii); 05.)
Always In Love                          Trey Lorenz (M6(iii))
Anytime You Need A Friend       AYNAF   Music Box (M2c(iv); 03.)
Babydoll                                Butterfly (M2c(ix); 07.)
Beautiful Ones, The             [T]BO   Butterfly (M2c(ix); 11.)
Bliss                                   Rainbow (M2c(xii); 3.)
Breakdown                               Butterfly (M2c(ix); 06.)
Breaking The Chains                     BMI/ASCAP database (M6(vi))
Butterfly                               Butterfly (M2c(ix); 02.)
Can You Hear Me                         BMI/ASCAP database (M6(vi))
Can't Let Go                    CLG     Emotions (M2c(ii); 03.)
                                        MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 07.)
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
                                CTTA    Rainbow (M2c(xii); 2.)
Close My Eyes                   CME     Butterfly (M2c(ix); 08.)
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
                                CBPCH   Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 04.)
Crybaby                         CB      Rainbow (M2c(xii); 10.)
Daydream Interlude                      Daydream (M2c(vii); 11.)
Desaparecer (Vanishing)                 BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Desde Arriba (Sent From Up Above)       BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Did I Do That                   DIDT    Rainbow (M2c(xii); 11.)
Don't Play That Song            DPTS    First Vision, The (M2f; 01.)
                                        Mariah Carey Aust SE (M2b)
Don't Take The World Away       DTTWA   BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Do You Ever Wonder              DYEW    BMI/ASCAP database (M7)
Do You Know                     DYK     Ones (M2c(x); 18.)
Do You Think Of Me              DYTOM   Dreamlover (M2d(i))
Dreamlover                              Music Box (M2c(iv); 01.)
Echoes Of Love                          BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
El Amor Que Sone (Open Arms)    EAQS    Open Arms (M2c)
El Amor Toma Tiempo (Love Takes Time)   BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Emotions                                Emotions (M2c(ii); 01.)
                                        MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 01.)
Endless Love                    EL      Songs (M2c(v); 03.)
Everything Fades Away           EFA     Hero (M2d(iv); 03.)
                                        Music Box (M2c(iv); 11.)
Every Time I Close My Eyes      ETICME  The Day (M2c(viii))
Fantasy                                 Daydream (M2c(vii); 01.)
Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)    FA      Butterfly (M2c(ix); 10.)
Forever                                 Daydream (M2c(vii); 10.)
Fourth Of July                  FOJ     Butterfly (M2c(ix); 05.)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen     GRYMG   Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 11.)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/ Gloria (In Excelsis Deo)
                                HTHAS   Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 09.)
Head Over Heels                 HOH     Allure (M6(iv))
Heartbreaker                    HB      Rainbow (M2c(xii); 01.)
Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart        BMI/ASCAP database (M6(vi))
Here We Go Round Again                  BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Hero                                    Music Box (M2c(iv); 02.)
Heroe (Hero)                            Heroe Spain (see M10)
Honey                                   Butterfly (M2c(ix); 01.)
How Much                        HM      Rainbow (M2c(xii); 04.)
Hypnotized                              BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
I Am Free                       IAF     Daydream (M2c(vii); 06)
I Don't Wanna Cry               IDWC    Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 03.)
If It's Over                    IIO     Emotions (M2c(ii); 05.)
                                        MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 02.)
I'll Be There                   IBT     MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 06)
I Lose Control                          BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Into The Light                          BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
I Still Believe                 ISB     Ones (M2c(x); 17.)
I've Been Thinking About You    IBTAY   Music Box (M2c(iv); 09.)
Jesus Born On This Day          JBOTD   Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 07.)
Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child JOWAWC  Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 10.)
Just To Hold You Once Again     JTHYOA  Music Box (M2c(iv); 08.)
Joy To The World                JTTW    Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 06.)
Last Chance                             Allure (M6(iv))
Let Me Know                     LMK     See M5
Long Ago                                Daydream (M2c(vii); 08.)
Looking In                              Daydream (M2c(vii); 12.)
Love Takes Time                 LTT     Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 11.)
Make It Happen                  MIH     Emotions (M2c(ii); 04.)
                                        MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 05.)
Make You Happy                  MYH     Men In Black soundtrack (T Lorenz)
Melt Away                               Daydream (M2c(vii); 09.)
Me Necesitas (You Need Me)              BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Medley (Someday, Prisoner, All In Your Mind)
                                        Vision Of Love UK (M2d(i))
Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
                                MYMACT  Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 05.)
Music Box                               Music Box (M2c(iv); 04.)
My All                          MA      Butterfly (M2c(ix); 03.)
Never Forget You                NFY     Music Box (M2c(iv); 06.)
No Doubt                                BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
No Quiero Llorar (I Don't Wanna Cry)    BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Now That I Know                 NTIK    Music Box (M2c(iv); 05.)
Now You Got My Heart                    BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
O Holy Night                    OHN     Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 03.)
One Sweet Day                   OSD     Daydream (M2c(vii); 03.)
Open Arms                       OA      Daydream (M2c(vii); 04.)
Outside                                 Butterfly (M2c(ix); 12.)
Petals                                  Rainbow (M2c(xii); 12.)
Prisoner                                Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 10.)
Prisionero (Prisoner)                   BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Rainbow (Interlude)             RI      Rainbow (M2c(xii); 13.)
Roof, The                               Butterfly (M2c(ix); 01.)
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town   SCICTT  Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 08.)
Sent From Up Above              SFUA    Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 09.)
Silent Night                            Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 01.)
Slipping Away                           ABMB US (see [Ahmed])
                                        Open Arms (M2d(x))
So Blessed                              Emotions (M2c(ii); 07.)
Solo Enamorada (Alone In Love)          BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Someday                                 Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 04.)
                                        MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 03.)
Someone To Hold                         Trey Lorenz (M6(iii))
Stay Awhile (My All So So Def Mixes)    My All/Stay Awhile (M2b(xvi))
Surrender To Me                         BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Sweetheart                              Life In 1472 (M2c(xi))
                                        Ones (M2c(x); 01.)
Thank God I Found You           TGIFY   Rainbow (M2c(xii); 14.)
There's Got To Be A Way         TGTBAW  Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 02.)
Till The End Of Time            T[T]EOT Emotions (M2c(ii); 09.)
To Be Around You                TBAY    Emotions (M2c(ii); 08.)
Todo Esta En Tu Mente (All In Your Mind)
                                        BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Underneath The Stars            UTS     Daydream (M2c(vii); 02.)
Unspoken Emotion                        BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Vanishing                               Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 05.)
Vision Of Love                  VOL     Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 01.)
                                        MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 04.)
Vision De Amor, Una (Vision Of Love)    BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Vulnerability (Interlude)       VI      Rainbow (M2c(xii); 08.)
Whenever You Call               WYC     Butterfly (M2c(ix); 09.)
When I Saw You                  WISY    Daydream (M2c(vii); 07.)
When You Believe                        Ones (M2c(x); 02.)
Wind, The                               Emotions (M2c(ii); 10.)
Without You                     WY      Music Box (M2c(iv); 07.)
X-Girlfrield                    XG[F]   Rainbow (M2c(xii); 06.)
You Don't Remember, And         [A]YDR  Emotions (M2c(ii); 02.)
You Need Me                     YNM     Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 08.)
You're So Cold                  YSC     Emotions (M2c(ii); 06.)

X5. What was "Crave"?

"Crave" was the name of Mariah's personal record label, set up two years ago.
A division of Sony Music Entertaiment, created to support new musical talent,
went through a massive series of changes around 1998. The changes lead Mariah
to be dissatisfied, and shortly after the label's operations were wound up,
with president Rick Basceglia and promotion chief Lisa Wolfe being reassigned
within the Sony Music family, which includes Columbia (to which Mariah
herself was previously signed) and Epic. The lack of support for Crave from
within Sony is probably one of the reasons Mariah's relationship with Sony
faltered and eventually dissolved last month.

Allure were the first artists to see the benefit of the label with their
self-titled debut release of May 1997, which has Mariah attributed with the
vocal arrangements. Their debut single Head Over Heels, written by Mariah,
did well in the charts, and their album and subsequent singles (including All
Cried Out, which featured male vocalists 112) have had similar success.
Allure will appear on the soundtrack of the movie "Woo" with the song Let It
Be, beating Mariah herself to a spot on a soundtrack.

SOAP, a female vocal group from Denmark, had a worldwide release of the
single This Is How We Party and self-titled album. DJ Company, the second
artist to have a release from Crave, had a limited release of their single
Rhythm Of Love in mid-1996. Luricia McNeal had a single released to Europe
and the US under the Crave label: Ain't That Just The Way. Prince Markie Dee
was another act signed to the label.

In 1998, BET's "Planet Groove" program featured Mariah introducing R&B group
7 Mile. The singles Just A Memory and Do Your Thing from their debut album
had moderate success in the US, but the male vocal failed to break into
overseas markets. The song After from 7 Mile's debut album was cowritten and
coproduced by Mariah.

Lil' Rachett, a rap artist now signed to Big Kid Records (see P1), was set to
release his debut album on Crave when it was disbanded. His album gives
producer credit to Mariah alongside her brother Morgan.

See M6 and M8 for information on other tracks Mariah has written and produced
for Crave artists.

X6. What is "Camp Mariah"?

Camp Mariah is a camp for kids from inner city areas so that they may
experience a more positive lifestyle and involve themselves in the Fresh Air
Fund's Career Awareness Programme. Mariah has done benefit concerts and
appeared in advertisements for the charity, donating both time and money. For
information, or to make donations, write to:

The Fresh Air Fund
1040 Avenue Of The Americas
New York NY 10018

The Fresh Air Fund also have a web page at:

("Camp Mariah" is also the name of bootleg of the New York MSG thanksgiving
special. See question F4.)


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(Editor's note: I apologise for this section being sparse, but few interviews
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readers to help.)


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Star Profile: Mariah Carey      TV Hits (1994)          (1, 0; 1,0,0)
Hottest Woman On Earth #3       TV Hits (1994)          (1, 0; 1,0,0)
Mariah's Family Crisis          
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Women Set To Sweep Grammys      Herald-Sun (6 Jan 1996) 15 (0, 1; 0,0,1)
Always Be Mariah                TV Hits (Apr 1996)      (1, 0; 0,0,1)
Mariah Carey: In Her Own Words  TV Hits (Feb 1996)      58, 59 (3, 0; 1,1,0)
Conquering Colliwarbles         Herald-Sun
        (K Tulich)                      (30 Jun 1996)   119 (0, 1; 0,0,1)
The Mariah Carey Story          Smash Hits (Sep 1996)   4-6 (4, 0; 2,2,0)
Forever Mariah                  TV Hits (Nov 1996)      33-37 (4, 0; 2,0,0)
The Real Mariah (L Howard)      Star (Dec 1996)         66, 67 (1, 0; 1,0,0)
Hotline                         New Weekly
        (E Clydsdale)                   (21 Jul 1997)   82, 83 (5, 0; 2,3,0)

(Editor's note: This section is woefully out of date. I am working on a more
comprehensive list of articles. This is difficult because I myself don't
collect them, and I therefore have to compile lists based on what others tell
me about their collections. If you would like to help, please e-mail me.)


Special thanks to my friends Sieraaj and Riedwaan Ahmed, Derek Summers, Ken
Sims, Dima Nechitailenko, Nghia Nguyen Dai (no wonder we call him Sunbelt),
Anders Wahlsten, Jens Ingvarsson and Jason So for all their help and support
over the years. I would also like to thank XSX, E-motion, J Manuel Garcia,
Morgan Carey, Melissa Batson, Norman Chu, Asenaca Vaniqi, Keith Cambra,
Martijn Han, Emile Zwiggelaar, Hoa Nguyen and Rachid Guernane. Thanks also go
to authors of the many articles (listed in the selected bibliography) which
were referred to in the construction of this document. As always, much love
and thanks to Mariah.



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