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FAQ: - Love-Hounds - Kate Bush

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Archive-name: music/kate-bush-faq
Last-modified: 1996/12/01
Version: 1.4.u

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
This is the FAQ to and Love-Hounds, the combined newsgroup
and mailing list about Kate Bush.  It is posted around the twenty-fifth of
every month.

Newer versions (in decreasing order) can be obtained from me
(, from Bill Wisner (, message
contents "get love-hounds-digest FAQ"), from various newsgroups
(,,, rec.answers, alt.answers,
news.answers), any ftp site archiving any of these groups, or from Gaffaweb
(  If you can't receive more than 64KB in one
piece I can split the FAQ for you.

This FAQ is completely free though not public domain.  I hereby declare I have
no right at all to stop anyone from posting this text if I ever lose the
ability or desire to post it by myself.  The only thing I require is that any
future maintainer will declare this too.  If you want to quote anything from it
outside of anything connected with Love-Hounds or you have
to give the source (i.e. Love-Hounds or  This FAQ may be
redistributed in its entirety in any form on any medium, even be sold.

0.   Really Frequently Asked Questions

1.   General
1.1. What is
1.2. What is Love-Hounds?
1.3. How are they connected?
1.4. Pictures?  Soundfiles?
1.5. T-Shirts?

2.   Important topics outside of
2.1. Who is Happy Rhodes?
2.2. Who is Tori Amos?
2.3. Other mailing lists that might be of interest
2.4. MUSHrooms influenced by Kate

3.   Love-Hounds and their behaviour...
3.1. Famous Love-Hounds
3.2. Flamewars & abbreviations
3.3. Spam postings
3.4. What is Katemas?

4.   Kate Bush Info
4.1. Kate Bush - her career and Kate as a human being
4.2. Tours
4.3. The Convention
4.4. Basic Discography/Videography
4.5. Other Artists using Kate's Work
4.6. Chart success
4.7. Printed books
4.8. Fanzines
4.9. Electronic books
4.10.Where are those d*mn KT symbols on all the albums?
4.11.What about the inscriptions on the vinyl discs?
4.12.Kate Bush World Wide Web (WWW) pages

5.   Questions about Kate's music
5.1. The Cathy Demos / The Studio Demos
5.2. The Kick Inside
5.3. Lionheart
5.4. Never for Ever
5.5. The Dreaming
5.6. Hounds of Love
5.7. The Sensual World
5.8. The Red Shoes
5.9. Miscellaneous

6.   The Archives
6.1. Previous messages from Love-Hounds
6.2. Other files
6.3. How to do ftp?

7.   Credits

0.   Really Frequently Asked Questions

     Also known as 'Read Before Posting'.  Please excuse stev0's [SB] humor...

     Q:  What does "Gaffa" mean?
     A:  Duct tape. [see also 1.1.]

     Q:  When will Kate tour again?
     A:  Never.  Ever.  Really. [see also 4.2.]

     Q:  What is Kate saying at the end of "Leave it Open"?
     A:  "We let the weirdness in" [see also 5.5.]

     Q:  What is the words of that spoken word part in "Jig of Life"?
     A:  You don't want to know.  Trust me.

     Q:  What is the best album in the entire history of Creation?
     A1: The Dreaming.  Anyone who disagrees is an asshole.
     A2: Hounds of Love.  Anyone who disagrees is an asshole.

     Q:  Should I post binaries to
     A:  NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! [see also 1.4.]

     Q:  When is Kate's next album coming out?
     A:  Your guess is as good as mine.

     Q:  What are the URLs to some Kate Web pages.
         [see also 4.12.]

     Q:  Hey!  The episode of "Saturday Night Live", hosted
         by Eric Idle, in which Kate was the musical guest,
         doesn't have Kate on the tape I got!  Was I ripped off?
     A:  Yes [see also 4.1.]

     Q:  Which is better, the British, Japanese, or Canadian Boxed Set?
     A:  You'll just have to get all of them and decide for yourself.
         [see also 4.4.]

     Q:  Is it OK to talk about other artists on Lovehounds?
     A:  Yes.  It is encouraged. [see also 1.1.]

     Q:  Even at length?
     A:  Yes.  Well, don't go TOO far - posting multi-megabyte discographies is
         frowned on (and yes, people have done that).  Use your judgement.
         [see also 1.1.]

     Q:  Can I even talk about Tori Amos?
     A:  Yes, you can even talk about Tori Amos. [see also 2.2.]

     Q:  What about Happy Rhodes?
     A:  Er, that will be all for today... [see also 2.1.]

     Q:  What to do about spam postings?
     A:  A few things.  [see also 3.3.]

1.   General

1.1. What is

     On August 16, 1985 |>oug /\lan thought it was time to create a
     discussion round about Kate Bush and her absolute artistic genius.  At
     first it was 'only' a mailing list, but it soon resulted in a usenet
     newsgroup.  The name "Gaffa" comes from "Suspended in Gaffa", a song on
     the album "The Dreaming", and refers to gaffer's tape (that's what Kate
     says).  Gaffer's tape (similar to duct tape, but not as sticky) is used
     to stop people from stumbling over cabling.

     The name 'r.m.gaffa' was preferred over 'r.m.katebush' to indicate that
     discussion is not limited to Kate.  Sometimes this gets too much, but
     what to do in a four years gap between albums?  Other artists discussed
     here include various female alternative artists as well as Kate related
     people like Peter Gabriel or Roy Harper.

        "Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
         It all goes slo-mo
         I don't know why I'm crying
         Am I suspended In Gaffa?"

     Another note about gaffa and the discussions about its meaning:

        AIIEEEEEEEE!  Please!  Not again!  "It's tape!" "No it's not, you
        shallow twerp!"  "But she said it's tape in an interview!"  "Well, she
        lied.  Kate _can_ lie, y'know..."  "But why would she?  C'mon, it's
        tape."  "No way -- far too shallow for the goddess.  Clearly, the song
        is about being mired in concepts that prevent us from reaching our
        chosen destinations."  "But she said it was tape"  "It's not."  ("Hey
        guys, quit shouting.  It could easily be _both_")  "Hey!  You got your
        gaffer's tape in my conceptual quagmire!"  "No -- you got your
        conceptual quagmire in my gaffer's tape!"  (TOGETHER)  "Heyyyyyyy..."

        Gaffa:  It's two great concepts that taste great together. [GP]

1.2. What is Love-Hounds?

     Love-Hounds is the mailing list version of for those
     people who do not have usenet access.  This means that anyone with the
     ability to send and receive mail can take part.  |>oug /\lan, founder
     of Love-Hounds, did only later provoke the people on
     to let him create  Together, the mailing list and r.m.g.
     form an informal fan club called "Love-Hounds."

     To post something to both, the mailing list and the newsgroup, you best
     send an email to

     If you think you want to be on the safe side you might want to subscribe
     to the mailing list as well as to the newsgroup, because minor problems
     with the software might cause some messages lost on one of the sides.
     (This hasn't happened for a long while now.)

     To subscribe to Love-Hounds you should send a friendly mail to Bill
     Wisner, the "moderator" of the list.  Send it to

     and specify whether you want bounce mail (every single message is
     forwarded to you) or 24h digests (all messages of a day are packed
     into one mail).  Remember that human beings aren't working 24 hours
     on each of those 365 days a year.

     You can also subscribe by using other networks (America Online,
     Prodigy, etc.).  You might have to find out how to reach the Internet
     using your carrier; for example, on Compuserve this works by adding
     ">INTERNET:" in front of the addresses.  Most of these services now have
     direct access to the usenet newsgroups, so should be
     available directly.

     Richard Caldwell, a fellow Love-Hound, gives you access via the Big Sky
     BBS, 24 hours a day at 614-864-1198 (up to 14.4k baud).  Only charge
     is your phone bill for a long distance call.

     Another Kate-related BBS is The Electronic Cafe at
     1-805-399-3636.  A Kate-related BBS in Canada called Night Scented
     Stock, run by the former editor of the fanzine Still Breathing.  It's
     unfortunately not connected to Love-Hounds, but may soon be.

1.3. How are they connected?

     To ensure that every message from the newsgroup also
     finds its way into the mailing list Love-Hounds, is
     a moderated newsgroup.  This means that to post an article to r.m.g
     you have to send it as an email message to the moderator who has to
     approve the article.  In r.m.g's case the 'moderator' is the receiving
     address for the list, i.e.  More intelligent
     news software does know about this and if you post an article instead
     of sending it to the moderator's address these systems act in one
     of three ways:

     1. Your article is thrown away.  This is the reason why a lot of new
        readers don't find their articles in the news system.  If you
        experience this, you have to use the
        address by yourself.
     2. Your article is repackaged and forwarded to the moderator.  While
        doing this, the news software insists on creating a new header.
        This is responsible for most of the postings with some news system
        as the sender and without any subject.  It may be the case that your
        article actually is shown correctly on your news system, especially
        if the system forwarding it to the moderator isn't yours.  In this
        case you might wonder why replies or follow-ups to your articles
        don't have any subject.  If you experience this, you should either
        bug your system administrator (to change the behaviour to the third
        one below) or use the email address.
     3. Your article is directly forwarded to the moderator.  This is
        perfectly ok, since then your name and subject lines survive.

     Be assured again that no article you write is thrown away due to its
     contents or your person.  It's just the wrong way of posting it, since
     the whole process is fully automated.

1.4. Pictures?  Soundfiles?

     Pictures of Kate can be found via ftp (see section 6) in the archives.
     And this is the place where they belong - they do not belong onto
     the list itself - especially since it is also distributed via email.

     If you want to submit a picture, put it onto some ftp site and announce
     this on gaffa.  Thanks!  If you don't have ftp write access ask for
     someone who does and send the picture to this single person.

     This is not because we don't want to have pictures - the opposite is
     true!  But put them where they belong.

     The same is true for soundfiles, though they are of limited interest -
     basically only until the real thing is on the market.  Before you ask,
     there is no common way to compress soundfiles.  Using the best all-
     purpose techniques results at best in a 10% save, using specialised
     techniques results in a file that's not usable on all systems and in
     addition the sound quality decreases a bit.

     Right now there's a strict rule on love-hounds/ that we
     do not want any binaries posted to the group at all.  Tell us about them,
     ask where to put them, just do not post them.

1.5. T-Shirts?

     There now is a second edition of The Official Lovehounds-T-Shirt.  It
     features the album cover of The Dreaming, but "Suspended in" above it (the Suspende In Gaffa single used the same
     picture).  The back shows "" over a handwritten
     letter Kate gave to Doug Alan in New York in December '93.

                        To Everyone at
                                 "Love Hounds"
                        Thanks for all your support
                              With Love
                               Kate Bush

     The shirt was originally designed by Steve Berlin [SB] who offers a
     picture of the shirt on and who
     wrote the following lines.

     Intergalactic Garage (IGG) is selling them; they're both the exact same
     thing.  Mary-Helen's shirts are all gone now, so IGG is the only left
     source unless someone else is willing to do a third print (which would
     need rescanning/redesigning the artwork due to a harddisk crash).

     The IGG price is $15.00 + $4.00 p&h (U.S. - ask them for non-U.S.
     postage), IGG takes Mastercard & Visa.

     IGG has the shirts in M, L, XL, and XXL.

     To order from IGG:

        POB 3047
        Shepherdstown, WV
        (304) 876-6818
        (304) 876-9414 FAX
        best Email =

2.   Important topics outside of

2.1. Who is Happy Rhodes?

     Love-Hounds was founded with the idea of being a newsgroup about
     "Progressive Artists with emphasis on Kate Bush", so discussions
     about other "progressive artists" are generally encouraged.  However,
     occasionally the talk about a different artist grows to a point where
     it is appropriate to form a separate group.  This is what happened
     with Happy Rhodes (this is really her name), whose song "Feed The Fire"
     (from Warpaint) was the most requested song on WXPN, a Philadelphia
     radio station.  Happy Rhodes discussion now takes place on an ever-
     growing mailing list founded by Jessica Koeppel called Ecto.  If you want
     to subscribe to this list, whose broad range of discussion now includes
     many other female artists (including Kate Bush), send a request to
     the Ecto organisation via:


     with a line in the message body

        subscribe ecto


        subscribe ecto you@a.different.address

     To post a message send it to

     A comprehensive FAQ about Ecto can be found via ftp (see section 6
     for details on ftp) on .  The Ecto archives, a lot of
     pictures, interviews etc. can also be found there.

     Now there's also the usenet newsgroup, but unfortunately
     it still doesn't get wide distribution.  Bug your system administrators
     to carry it!  The mailing list and the newsgroup are not connected like
     Love-Hounds and, they're separate entities.

     Also available is the IRC channel #ecto where at most times you can find
     some Ectophiles and #Ectophiles.

     If you're not in the United States (where Happy's albums should be
     available in any good record shop), here's how to get them directly:

        CD's (prices in US currency)
        Title                   Order #         Price

        The Keep                AGCD0031        13.99
        Building the Colossus   AGCD0029        13.99
        RhodeSongs              AGCD0021        13.99
        equipoise               AGCD0019        13.99
        Warpaint                AGCD0017        13.99
        Ecto                    AGCD0013        13.99
        Rearmament              AGCD0011        13.99
        Rhodes II               AGCD0008        13.99
        Rhodes I                AGCD0007        13.99

     Postage and handling is 2.00 for the first and 0.50 for each additional
     CD.  Postage to Europe is 3.50 (1 CD), 4.35 (2 CDs), 6.00 (3 CDs),
     7.70 (4 CDs).  Send cash or cheque (no credit cards) to

        Happy Rhodes
        c/o Aural Gratification
        P.O. Box 380
        Bearsville, NY 12409

     Please note that Happy prefers it if you buy the albums in a normal shop.

2.2. Who is Tori Amos?

     Another spin-off is the Tori Amos mailing list: Really-Deep-Thoughts.
     The address to subscribe to the mailing list is:

     The address to post to the mailing list is:

     The purpose of the list is to discuss and disseminate information about
     Tori Amos and her music, and anything else that seems relevant.  Due
     to the heavy load of discussion and members after the release of Tori's
     last album, Under The Pink, Anthony was forced to make the list digest-
     only, that is there is no bounce mail.  Watch out for limited editions of
     Tori's singles, since they ARE limited and the first UtP one, Cornflake
     Girl, was quite fast sold out completely.

     There now also is the second Big-8 newsgroup for a female artist, called, though it's (unlike love-hounds and r.m.gaffa)
     not connected with the mailing list.

     Since Really-Deep-Thoughts has had a few problems in its past, there are
     now several other Tori Amos mailing lists:

     Torinews (originally for news only)

                   Subject: Subscribe Torinews

     Precious-Things (meant for discussion about Tori)

        subscribe: or
                   Body: subscribe

     Tori-Boot (flame-free discussion about bootlegs)

                   Body: subscribe tori-boot

2.3. Other mailing lists that might be of interest

     Generally, mailing lists have a 'subscribe' and a 'post' address.  Use
     the first address to subscribe, the second to send messages to all people
     on the list.  Some mailing lists are automated, they require a specific
     format for the subscription, in most cases either a 'body' or a 'subject'
     line.  Body lines are single lines in the main part of the email message,
     while subject lines are, well, subject lines.  The subscription address
     is also used for UNsubscribing, those messages shouldn't go to the
     post:-addresses.  'Body:' means that the following text has to be send
     as a body line, 'Subject:' means it's the subject line.  'Your Name' means
     your real name, not your email address, 'your@address' means your email
     address.  Sometimes several lines for several services are given.
     Sometimes alternate (often shorter) addresses are available too.
     If a list is maintained manually it's noted as 'Manually'.  You should
     be more friendly then, and expect some reaction time (like nights,
     weekends, holidays) where noone is available.

     Roy Harper - Stormcock (Stormcock is the name of his "classic" album)

                   Body: subscribe stormcock

     Peter Gabriel - gabriel

                   Body: subscribe gabriel
                   Body: subscribe gabriel-digest
     Bjork/Sugarcubes - blue-eyed-pop

                   Body: subscribe blue-eyed-pop Your Name

     Sarah McLachlan - fumbling-towards-ecstasy

                   Body: SUB fumbling-towards-ecstasy Your Name

     Loreena McKennitt - Old Ways

                   Body: subscribe

     Jane Siberry - Siblings

                   Body: subscribe siblings

     Bel Canto - dewy-fields


     k.d. Lang

                   Body: subscribe k-d-lang your@address

     Milla - Reaching From Nowhere

                   Body: subscribe reaching-from-nowhere

     Suzanne Vega - Undertow

                   Body: subscribe undertow
                   Body: subscribe undertow another-user@another-address
                   Body: subscribe undertow-digest

     Bobo In White Wooden Houses - White House
                   [this mailing list is basically a German language list,
                   though English discussions are also welcome]

                   Subject: subscribe

     Mylene Farmer - Libertine

                   Body: subscribe libertine Your Name

     Zap Mama

                   Subject: SUBSCRIBE ZAPMAMA

     Indigo Girls


     Julia Fordham

                   Subject: SIGNON ff

     Cyndi Lauper - Shebop

                   Body: subscribe shebop

     Heather Nova


     [are there other mailing lists that should appear here?]

2.4. MUSHrooms influenced by Kate

     (MUSH is Multi-User Shared Hallucination.)  There's a heavily
     Kate-influenced MUSHroom.  To access it, you need a direct internet
     connection and telnet.  Type:

        telnet 4201

     And once you're logged on, type

        @tel #91468

     at the prompt.

     Once you're inside, you're in a Happy Rhodes-inspired room, but to
     get to the Kate room, go to the Artist Annex (where there are rooms
     for Kate, Tori, Sarah, etc.), then just type "Kate" to go to the
     Kate room (although you may want to look around first and also type
     HELP just so you can figure out what's happening).

     Along with a Virtual Kate Paradise (which Steve called "Gaffaland"), you
     can have real-time chat with your fellow Lovehounds! [SB]

3.   Love-Hounds and their behaviour...

3.1. Famous Love-Hounds

     A less frequent visotor is Andy Marvick, or rather his self-parody "IED".
     IED is the absolute "true believer" KaTefan.  IED, who will flame anyone
     showing any sign of diSbelIef, nowadaYs fulfilLs his roLe As
     encyclopedic demigod which seEms moRE natural for Him anyway.

     Stay longer this time, IED!

     BTW: Andy doesn't know either what IED stands for.  Make some
     suggestions!   I prefer "I Envy Del"...

3.2. Flamewars & abbreviations

     Normally Katefans are nice people.  Hey!  We all share at least one
     similar taste in music!  Nevertheless r.m.g shares something with every
     other usenet newsgroup - that is, there are flamewars.  Even the nasty
     kind.  No one likes them, so the best way to deal with rude and/or
     uninteresting posts is to ignore then and post something positive and

     Newbies are explicitly invited to take part in the conversation.  Be it
     that you want to know something not in this FAQ, be it that you think
     you have a piece of information to share, be it that you think you
     know some other music you think should be known by more people.  (Though
     I'd say you should at least like Kate :-) ...)

     Abbreviations commonly used on Love-Hounds include common Usenet
     conventions such as IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), ROFL (Rolling on the
     floor laughing), as well as sideways faces, known as "smilies" such
     as :-).  Also used here are the initials of Kate's songs, such as RUTH
     for Running Up That Hill (sometimes known as DwG for Deal with God ;^).

     A new one commonly seen is /+) or |X( or any combination, such
     as |+).  This is, of course, Kate's film "The Line, the Cross, and
     The Curve" (Sometimes abbreviated to the less cryptic-looking TLTCTC).

3.3. Spam postings

     What is a spam?
     Spamming is the posting of massive numbers of duplicate articles on
     Usenet.  Spams don't have to be commercial, they don't even have to be
     unrelated to the discussion topic... but they usually are.  A commercial
     posting that's not really on topic probably is posted to a big number of
     other newsgroups/mailing lists too, so any not Kate-related commercial
     posting is probably a spam.

     Someone selling a few Kate Bush records is definitely not a spam.  A
     professional record dealer selling more than a few records is also not a
     spam.  (Nevertheless both should avoid posting long sales list to the
     group.  Instead post an announcement that you've got stuff to sell and
     will send the list to interested people.)).  Remember that even if you
     don't like commercial postings at all, some of us like those that are

     A 'student' praising magazine subscriptions most definitely is a spam.

     Unfortunately, spamming is not illegal.  And if it was illegal in one
     country it doesn't have to be illegal world-wide.
     So what to do about spam postings?

     1. Write to the relevant postmasters (politely, they're likely to have
        hundreds if not thousands of similar mails), possibly including the
        complete spam posting including *all* headers (esp. "Received:" lines).
        If writing to doesn't help, you can check
        the chain of postmasters in the "Received:" headers, or you can find
        out the domain servers of the spammer's site by entering the spammer's
        domain (e.g. "") on
        and complain at the "postmaster" at that site (this assumes the
        spammer's domain isn't completely faked).
     2. Do not mailbomb the originator.  Most of the times, the addresses
        are faked, that is, the only one not having trouble with the mail
        bomb is the spammer himself.
     3. Do not write to love-hounds/, we all know it as well
        as you do.
     4. With repeated spams, check out with the maintainers of our moderator
        software <>.  They might be able to do
        something about it.
     5. Most important: do not call/write/ask/whatever the originator about
        whatever he wants to offer to you.  That's what he wants to achieve,
        and that might be what's paying him (addresses = information = money).
        You can complain if you know who he is, but please: do not play into
        his hands.

     See also the net-abuse newsgroups ( etc.).  Lots
     of the information here is from [DB].

     P.S.: to be a bit more PC: spammers could be female as well...

     On to a more friendly subject:

3.4. What is Katemas?

     On or around July 30 each year there are a lot of parties around the
     world, when Love-Hounds celebrate Kate's birthday, also called Katemas.

     In 1991 there were parties in Boston, Washington DC, Cleveland, San Jose,
     Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Iowa City, Chapel Hill, Chicago, Ipswich UK,
     Sweden, and two places in Australia.

     In 1992 there were parties in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Australia,
     Israel, San Diego, and San Jose.

     In 1993 there were parties in San Jose, Linkvping (Sweden), Columbus,
     Oxford Mississippi, New Jersey, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago
     (belated&shared), Wollongong (Australia), Wellington (New Zealand),

     In 1994 there were parties in San Francisco (California), Wellington
     (New Zealand), Bellingham (Washington), Albuquerque (New Mexico), and
     Columbus (Ohio).

     In 1995 there were parties in Chicago (Illinois), Boonton (New Jersey), 
     Portland (Oregon), Gwynneville (Wollongong, Australia), Hamilton (New 
     Zealand), West Beach (Adelaide, South Australia), Belchertown 
     (Masachusetts), Boston (Massachusetts), Glastonbury Tor (England), San 
     Francisco (California), Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

     In 1996 there were parties in Karlsruhe (Germany), Minneapolis
     (Minnesota), Glastonbury Tor (England), Gwynneville (Wollongong,
     Australia), Half Moon Bay (San Francisco, California),
     Boonton (New Jersey), Winchester (Masachusetts), Melbourne (Australia),
     Toronto (Canada)

     Who else shares Kate's birthday?

        Emily Bronte (1818, author of the novel 'Wuthering Heights')
        Paul Anka
        William Atherton
        Peter Bogdanovich
        Delta Burke
        Ken Olin
        Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor)
        Juergen Klinsmann (1964, German soccer player)
        Cyril Northcote Parkinson (1909-1993, English historican and publicist)
        Henry Moore (1898-1986, English sculptor and graphic artist)
        Frans Masereel (1889-1972, Belgian painter and graphic artist)
        Henry Ford (1863-1947, US-American car maker)
        Daley Thompson (1958, British athlete who won the Decathlon in '80 and 
            '84 Olympics [AS])

4.   Kate Bush Info

4.1. Kate Bush - her career and Kate as a human being

     Kate's first appearance in the public was a little tour through a few
     London pubs together with the so called KT (read: Katie) Bush Band.
     All of Kate's albums have the KT (originally Knights Templar) symbol
     hidden somewhere either on the cover or on the vinyl itself (see section
     4.6).  You might have to have original UK versions of the albums to find
     them.  The KT initials can also be seen in the "Army Dreamers" video.
     The release of the This Woman's Work boxed set there appeared a new
     version of the KT symbol that includes            _O_
     the biological symbol for woman:                   |<

     Fans of Kate were saddened by the news of the passing of her mother on
     Valentine's day, 1992.  (We don't know for what cause, sorry.)

     FAQs and most common answers:

     She's born on July 30, 1958.  She's not married, but you should bury all
     hopes since her bassist and engineer, Del Palmer, is her one and only
     for too many years now.  Kate smokes, but is very reluctant to show this
     bad habit in public.  Kate, if you ever read this: count my vote as one
     who wants you to stop!  Kate is a vegetarian, though she now eats fish.
     She's 5'3" (1.60m) and doesn't have a middle name.  She has two brothers,
     John Carder Bush (Jay), born 1944 - he takes many of the photos of Kate
     that appear on her albums - and Paddy Bush, born 1952, who plays many of
     the exotic instruments found on Kate's albums.  If you want to know how
     beautiful Kate is, listen to her music ;-)

     No, she doesn't hate to tour, just can't find the time between making
     albums and videos.

     Yes, she appeared on Saturday Night Live on December 9, 1978 (With
     host Eric Idle of Monty Python fame), but the tape you can purchase of
     that show has her edited out!  Yes, that's Donald Sutherland in the
     Cloudbusting video.  No, we don't have her home address, though we
     know that she has just bought a house in Reading.

     No, it was not Kate Bush but rather Kate Simmons who appeared nude in
     Penthouse several years ago.  (These pictures were also used on the
     bootleg Dreamtime.)

4.2. Tours

     Kate's only Tour (the "Tour of Life") happened in 1979, and fans old
     enough to experience this first hand are the lucky ones.  Kate never
     said she won't ever tour again, but don't expect anything.

     There's a video tape ("Live at Hammersmith Odeon") and a 4 track EP from
     the tour.  The video unfortunately only contains half of the show.  The
     recordings of the rest had some technical problems and the result wasn't
     up to par with Kate's standards.  The video (now available in PAL and
     NTSC) is also available in a video+CD double pack, so Kate finally has
     an official live album.  The only other source are vinyl bootlegs
     which all are of a very bad sound quality, since they were done from the
     audience with late 70's equipment.  There are plenty of CD pirates from
     the video tape.  Since there is now an official CD of this, please
     consider buying it, especially if you do own one of the bootleg copies.

4.3. The Convention

     It has really happened to us!

     May 8, 1994, London's Hippodrome.  Short list of events:

     - lots of rare videos
     - lots of live music/dance from fans
     - three new Kate songs: The Man I Love, Sexual Healing, and a brand new
       US dance remix of Rubberband Girl
     - a raffle which got the lucky winner the Japanese gold record for
       Lionheart as well as a kiss stolen from Kate
     - an auction hosted by Dave from Homeground and Del Palmer where
       super-rare ("one exists, two exist, ...") stuff went away for
       2230 pounds (all profits, including these, went to the Great Ormund
       Street Children's Hospital)
     - a quiz that was won by the Norfolk Alchemists the second time in a row
       (next time we will practise a bit!)
     - lots of merchandise, some for money, some for free
     - Paddy Bush and Colin Lloyd Tucker (Bushtucker) presenting their album
     - The biggest act of Happyvangelising to date
     - Kate herself appearing for a couple of minutes, presenting the main
       price of the raffle to the lucky winner and presenting her new film,
     - The Line, The Cross, And The Curve
     - Kate inspired disco
     - and, last but not least, lots of fun

     Thanks to everyone involved, and see you next time!

4.4. Basic Discography/Videography

     Prince's (or rather squiggle, symbol, whatever...) latest triple studio 
     album "emancipation" contains a song, "My Computer", which features Kate
     on backing vocals, alas, you won't have a chance to find out without being
     told so.  It's unknown so far whether "My Computer" will be a single or if 
     you have to buy the triple CD.

     The latest KBC newsletter (#11) brought the following info from Kate
     herself (brought to you by [WW]):

        Dear All,
        I've been taking time off work this year and it's been really good for
        me.  I've still kept busy but I've also had lots of time to rest and
        catch up things.
        Many, many thanks for your continued support - I've had such positive
        feedback from you about the last album and the film.  I feel so
        priviledged to have such nice people responding to my work.
        I've just done a song for Donal Lunny who's putting an album together
        of traditional Irish music.  It was fun and very challenging.
        The lyrics are in Gaelic so I will eagerly await comments from all
        Irish-speaking listeners in particular.  I'm sure Ma gave me a helping
        Much love to you, a very Happy Christmas and warm wishes for '96.
        Kate x

        Lisa added:
        There is no definite release date yet but it will hopefully be 
        available in or some time after March 1996.  The title is to be "Common 
        Ground (Celtic Voices)" and it will be released by Premier Records 
        which is part of EMI Records.  We understand that it will be available 

     The album "Common Ground" is now out worldwide, Kate's song is called
     "Mn'a na Eireann".

     Kate has also designed some charity Christmas cards for the Brian Eno
     project "Warchild".

     Early in November '94 the last set of singles for The Red Shoes appeared,
     again in the UK only: And So Is Love.  Two CD singles (regular and with
     3 video-prints), a Cassingle and a 7" picture single in a poster bag
     (giant 40"x60" poster) have appeared.

     Moments Of Pleasure is the first Kate Bush single that is NOT available
     on 7" vinyl (but there is a poster bag 12").  Guess this again marks the
     end of an era.  (In the UK only four different formats will count as a
     single release for chart counting, and in this case there were two CDs,
     the 12" and the cassingle.)

     The Line, The Cross, and The Curve finally appeared on video and should
     be available in good shops around the world.

     The following is not intended to be a complete discography.  Something
     that qualifies better for that title will be available separately soon.
     See also the section 4.6. (Chart success), all singles are listed there.

     Albums and other major collections:

     The Cathy Demos (23 early songs, ca. 1975-77???, a MUST for every fan)
        Twelve of these are demos of songs that later appeared on albums,
        They are available on various bootlegs.  (Anybody have an early 80's
        album called THE EARLY YEARS?).
        Tracks (compiled from various boots - none contains all.  The names
        are not officially known, so there are some songs with more than one
        name.  Some names are from a radio broadcast in Arizona [KLN], the
        matching was done by [AR]): The Kick Inside (Brother) [note subtitle],
        Hammer Horror, It Hurts Me (A Rose Growing Old, Feeling Like A Waltz),
        Keep(ing) Me Waiting (Stranded at the Moonbase), Davy (While Davy
        Dozed), Disbelieving Angel, Moving, Kashka From Baghdad, Surrender Into
        the Roses (Coming Up, Carmilla), Oh To Be In Love, Rinfi the Gypsy
        (Playing Canasta (in cold rooms)), On Fire Inside a Snowball (Snow, Hot
        in the Ice), Dali (Ferry Me Over), Where are the Lionhearts
        (Lionhearts, On the Rocks) [NOT Oh England My Lionheart], Violin, The
        Craft Of Love, The Gay Farewell (Queen Eddie), Something Like a Song
        (In My Garden), Frightened Eyes, Never The Less (You'll Do), Come
        Closer To Me Babe (Goodnight Baby), So Soft, Rare Flower (I Don't See
        Why I Shouldn't (Pick the Rare Flower), Organic Acid

     The Studio Demos (7 songs, 1977?, often listed along with The Cathy Demos)
        Most of the times these share the space on CDs, LPs, singles or tapes
        with The Cathy Demos, the biggest distinction is that the studio demos
        were done together with the KT Bush Band instead of Kate alone at her
        piano.  (Babooshka differs in style and might have been recorded at
        Dave Gilmor's studio, some comments on various bootlegs about the
        second version suggest this)
        Tracks (same comments about the names as above): Don't Push Your Foot
        On The Heartbrake, Kite, L'Amour Looks Something Like You, Strange
        Phenomena, Scares Me Silly (Really Gets Me Going), Babooshka
        (2 versions), 
        There have been rumors about a 'new' old Kate song called Turkish
        Delight.  Unfortunately the song is not from Kate, but rather from
        the Japanese group Sandii and the Sunsetz [VM, WW, Homeground #32].

     The Kick Inside (TKI, February 17, 1978):
        The 'official' young Kate, full of passion, including her up to date
        only British number one megahit Wuthering Heights.
        Tracks: Moving, The Saxophone Song, Strange Phenomena, Kite, The Man
        With The Child In His Eyes, Wuthering Heights, James And The Cold Gun,
        Feel It, Oh To Be In Love, L'Amour Looks Something Like You, Them
        Heavy People, Room For The Life

     Lionheart (LH, November 13, 1978):
        Quick follow-up to TKI, but still true Kate, i.e. great stuff.
        This album now is available in a special $80 "Lioness At Heart"
        edition, which includes a T-shirt, an album sized photo book, a
        poster and a postcard.  It's out of print now, and you might have to
        search a bit.  Caveat Emptor:  This boxed set, while not really a
        bootleg in the traditional sense, in not in any way authorized by
        Kate or EMI.
        Tracks: Symphony In Blue, In Search Of Peter Pan, Wow, Don't Push
        Your Foot On The Heartbrake, Oh England My Lionheart, Fullhouse, In
        The Warm Room, Kashka From Baghdad, Coffee Homeground, Hammer Horror

     Never For Ever (NfE, September 8, 1980):
        Shows the beginning of Kate's career as a producer and a general
        change of style away from the girlish high pitched voice from the
        first two albums.
        This album is also available in a special edition similar to the
        "A Lioness At Heart" box.  Also out of print it additionally includes
        a numbered certificate.  Again, this is not an official re-packaging.
        Tracks: Babooshka, Delius (Song Of Summer), Blow Away (For Bill), All
        We Ever Look For, Egypt, The Wedding List, Violin, The Infant Kiss,
        Night Scented Stock, Army Dreamers, Breathing

     The Dreaming (TD, September 13, 1982):
        Many say this is Kate's best work to date, though it was not as
        successful commercially.  Difficult to get into, but if you finally
        reach it, then: play it... LOUDER!
        Sat In Your Lap, There Goes A Tenner, Pull Out The Pin, Suspended In
        Gaffa, Leave It Open, The Dreaming, Night Of The Swallow, All The
        Love, Houdini, Get Out Of My House

     The Singles File (TSF, January 23, 1984):
        Box of all UK 7" vinyl singles up to 1984, very collectible.
        It contains a booklet and the following singles: Wuthering
        Heights/Kite, The Man With The Child In His Eyes/Moving, Hammer
        Horror/Coffee Homeground, Wow/Fullhouse, On Stage (Them Heavy
        People/Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake/James And The Cold
        Gun/L'Amour Looks Something Like You, all live), Breathing/The Empty
        Bullring, Babooshka/Ran Tan Waltz, Army Dreamers/Delius/Passing
        Through Air, December Will Be Magic Again/Warm And Soothing, Sat In
        Your Lap/Lord Of The Reedy River, The Dreaming/Dreamtime, There Goes
        A Tenner/Ne T'Enfuis Pas, Ne T'Enfuis Pas/Un Baiser D'Enfant

     Hounds of Love (HoL, September 16, 1985):
        Two sided album, even on CD.  One side light, one side dark.  The
        dark side once was supposed to be filmed, but the movie got lost in
        all the promotion that came around HoL and TWS.  Side two, also
        called The Ninth Wave, is about a woman drowning alone at night in
        the sea.  All her dreams, emotions, thoughts, memories pass by in the
        songs.  Is she rescued?  Kate says so, your mileage may vary.
        Tracks: (HOL:) Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), Hounds Of Love,
        The Big Sky, Mother Stands For Comfort, Cloudbusting, (TNW:) And Dream
        Of Sheep, Under Ice, Waking The Witch, Watching You Without Me, Jig Of
        Life, Hello Earth, The Morning Fog

     The Whole Story (TWS, November 10, 1986)
        A compilation of Kate's biggest hits to date, also available on video.
        Tracks: Wuthering Heights (new vocal), Cloudbusting, The Man With The
        Child In His Eyes, Breathing, Wow, Hounds Of Love, Running Up That
        Hill, Army Dreamers, Sat In Your Lap, Experiment IV, The Dreaming,
        Babooshka.  Additional on video: The Big Sky.  Additional on new
        edition of (PAL) LaserDisc: The Sensual World, This Woman's Work,
        Love And Anger

     The Sensual World (TSW, October 17, 1989):
        According to Kate this is her "most feminine" album.  Any idea as what
        this means?  Many complain about noisy engineering, which seems to vary
        at least a bit with the country of origin of the CD.  Some love it,
        some don't quite love it, especially "Reaching Out".
        Tracks: The Sensual World, Love And Anger, The Fog, Reaching Out, Heads
        We're Dancing, Deeper Understanding, Between A Man And A Woman, Never
        Be Mine, Rocket's Tail, This Woman's Work, Walk Straight Down The
        Middle (last track not on LP version)

     This Woman's Work Boxed Set (TWW, 1990).
        Not released in the USA, only in UK, Japan, Canada and France.
        Awfully pricey, and no lyrics or credits on the extra disks except
        for the Japanese version.  The box includes all 6 regular albums (no
        TWS of course) as well as two special extra discs that normally aren't
        available separately.  These two discs contain almost all B-sides,
        dance-mixes and other incidentals.  Some are unfortunately missing,
        major ones are: Dreamtime (The Dreaming instrumental/remix), Running
        Up That Hill (instrumental), Breathing and Do Bears...  (live, from
        "The Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief)", The Sensual World
        (instrumental), Be Kind to My Mistakes (original soundtrack album
        version, much longer than and very different from the single remix,
        most like it better), The Confrontation (instrumental from the Comic
        Strip film GLC).  It doesn't contain any previously unreleased
        material or session work with other artists.  Great music though,
        yeah!  And the first time most of these songs are available on CD.

        The French version is a re-shrink-wrapped UK version.  The Canadian
        version, lately easily available and relatively cheap, does contain
        the Canadian CDs which do have thinner booklets for some of the
        regular albums that do not always contain the lyrics.  The Japanese
        version has:

            - none of the 4-12 stickers with the new KTfem symbol:  _O_
              Any idea of what to do with them?                      |<
            - more and bigger booklets in Japanese, including lyrics in
              English and Japanese, especially also for the two special CDs.
              The Japanese text basically is a hybrid of the biography
              entries from "Kate Bush Complete" and "A Visual Documentary"
              [TC2].  The text parts of the English booklets are contained
              completely in the Japanese booklets (in English language even).
            - the Japanese cover art for TKI and NfE, as well as
            - Japanese CDs which have the usual benefit of somehow "sounding
              better".  This IS true (come here and I'll show you), but mainly
              comes from better pressing, not from different data.  Better
              pressing means less drop outs and less need of error correction.
              If you've got a good player this doesn't matter at all.

        The LP and Cassette version of this box have 9 LPs/CCs, but the same
        track listing.

        Tracks: (CD1:) The Empty Bullring, Ran Tan Waltz, Passing Through Air,
        December Will Be Magic Again, Warm And Soothing, Lord Of The Reedy
        River, Ne T'En Fui Pas, Un Baiser D'Enfant, Under The Ivy, Burning
        Bridge, My Lagan Love, The Handsome Cabin Boy, Not This Time, Walk
        Straight Down The Middle, Be Kind To My Mistakes, (CD2:) I'm Still
        Waiting, Ken, One Last Look Around The House Before We Go...,
        Wuthering Heights (New Vocal), Experiment IV, Them Heavy People
        (live), Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake (live), James And The
        Cold Gun (live), L'Amour Looks Something Like You (live), Running Up
        That Hill (Maxi), Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix), Hounds Of Love
        (Alternative), The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix), Experiment IV (12"

     The Red Shoes (TRS, November 1, 1993):
        Her "most accessible" album.  At first it sounds untypical for Kate,
        but this has been valid for every new album so far.  There are
        several special editions of this album, one official from UK, one
        official from the USA, and several unofficial repackagings.
        Tracks: Rubberband Girl, And So is Love, Eat the Music, Moments of
        Pleasure, The Song of Solomon, Lily, The Red Shoes, Top of the City,
        Constellation of the Heart, Big Stripey Lie, Why Should I Love You?,
        You're the One

     Live At The Hammersmith Odeon (1981/1994):
        CD of the official video tape (see below).
        Tracks: Moving, Them Heavy People, Violin, Strange Phenomena, Hammer
        Horror, Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake, Wow, Feel It, Kite,
        James And The Cold Gun, Oh England My Lionheart, Wuthering Heights

     Official video tapes/LaserDiscs:

     Live At The Hammersmith Odeon (1981):
        TV special of Kate's only concert tour, unfortunately it contains only
        one hour out of the two and a half hour show.  Now also available as
        CD+video double pack (PAL and NTSC, the latter from Canada).
        Tracks: Moving, Them Heavy People, Violin, Strange Phenomena, Hammer
        Horror, Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake, Wow, Feel It, Kite,
        James And The Cold Gun, Oh England My Lionheart, Wuthering Heights
     The Single File (December 1983):
        Contains all of Kate's video up till 1983.  Similar to The Whole Story,
        but contains five videos not on The Whole Story and it lacks the newer
        videos.  Not available in the USA, but it's available on import from
        Tracks: Wuthering Heights, The Man With The Child In His Eyes, Hammer
        Horror, Wow (earlier version), Them Heavy People, Breathing,
        Babooshka, Army Dreamers, Sat In Your Lap, The Dreaming, Suspended In
        Gaffa, There Goes A Tenner

     Hair Of The Hound (June 16, 1986):
        This tape is now out of date since all four videos from the Hounds of
        Love album are also on The Whole Story.  You might want to get the
        LaserDisc, since it's in CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) instead of
        CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) like The Whole Story, that means you
        have better freeze frame than with CLV LaserDiscs.
        Tracks: Running Up That Hill, Hounds Of Love, The Big Sky,

     The Whole Story (1986):
        Contains most of Kate's videos up to 1986: All songs from the
        corresponding album plus the video for The Big Sky.  The video to
        Experiment IV is only available here, so TSF + HOTH isn't sufficient.
        A new PAL LaserDisc now also contains the three videos from The
        Sensual World.  A 2 videoCD (CD-ROMs with MPEG films for computers/
        CD-I players) now available contains in addition to the new LaserDisc
        version also Rubberband Girl and Moments Of Pleasure
        Tracks: see albums above.

     The Sensual World (1989):
        Contains three videos from that album and interview footage with
        excerpts from a lot of other videos.  The American version (video tape
        as well as LaserDisc) contains much less interview footage than the
        British version.  The British version is the complete 1989 VH-1
        Tracks: Interview, The Sensual World, This Woman's Work, Love And

     The Line, The Cross, and The Curve (1994):
        The new film around 6 songs from the album The Red Shoes.  TLTC&TC is
        the first "full length" film Kate directed (even though it is only 43
        minutes long, "full length" is used to distinguish it from the music
        videos Kate directed).  The plot is basically an extended telling of
        the lyrics of the the title cut to "The Red Shoes".  The film stars not
        only Kate, but Miranda Richardson (from "The Crying Game"), Lindsay
        Kemp (Kate's mime tutor and mentor), and Lily (of whom the song Lily
        was written for).
        Tracks:  Rubberband Girl, And So is Love, The Red Shoes, Lily, Moments
        of Pleasure, Eat the Music

     Other official video tapes/laserdiscs which contain some Kate not
     available on her own tapes (some are PAL only):

     Peter Gabriel - Cv (1987):
        Contains the duet with Peter Gabriel, Don't Give Up, and even two
        versions of it.
        Tracks: Big Time, Don't Give Up 2, Shock The Monkey, Mercy Street,
        Sledgehammer, I Don't Remember, Red Rain, Don't Give Up
     The Secret Policeman's Third Ball (1987):
        Contains the live version of Running Up That Hill, together with David
        Tracks: Erasure - Victim Of Love, Duran Duran - Save A Prayer ('Til
        The Morning After), World Party - Ship Of Fools, Joan Armatrading - (I
        Love It) When You Call Me Names, Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill, Lou
        Reed - Tell It To Your Heart, Lou Reed - Voices Of Freedom, Jackson
        Browne - For Everyman, Jackson Browne & Paul Brady - El Salvador, Bob
        Geldof - This Is The World Calling, Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins -
        Imagine, Peter Gabriel - Biko

     The Decade of Music Video - Eighties - VideoStars of 1987 (1989):
        This best-of-87 video tape contains the Ferry Aid video Let It Be where
        Kate features four lines.
        Tracks: Simply Red - The Right Thing, Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered
        Dreams, Living In A Box - Living In A Box, Wet Wet Wet - Sweet Little
        Mystery, Bruce Willis featuring The Temptations - Under The Boardwalk
        (Live), T'Pau - China In Your Hand, Curiosity Killed The Cat - Down To
        Earth, Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me, Jackie Wilson - I Get
        The Sweetest Feeling, Mel & Kim - Respectable, Pepsi and Shirlie -
        Heartache, Erasure - The Circus, The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl -
        Fairytale of New York, Labi Siffre - (Something Inside) So Strong,
        Ferry Aid - Let It Be

     Seventies Rock&Pop 78 (1991):
        This video tape contains the 'Rockflix' video of Wuthering Heights.  In
        this video Kate dances in a red dress on the moors, not in a white one
        in the studios.
        Tracks: Donna Summer - MacArthur Park, Foreigner - Cold As Ice, Bonnie
        Tyler - It's A Heartache, Ann Murray - You Needed Me, Rolling Stones -
        Respectable, Brecker Brothers - East River, Gramah Parker & The Rumour
        - Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questons, 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday, Kate Bush -
        Wuthering Heights, Third World - Now That We've Found Love, ABBA - Take
        A Chance On Me, Boney M. - Rivers Of Babylon

     Earthrise (1992):
        This video tape contains version 2 of Don't Give Up (that's the one
        with the superimposed pictures of Peter & Kate, not the 'hug' version
        with the solar eclipse) and, more important, the video for Spirit
        Of The Forest where Kate appears & sings for about 5 seconds.
        Tracks: U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Dire Straits -
        Walk Of Life, R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I
        Feel Fine), Seal - Crazy, Peter Gabriel [& Kate Bush] - Don't Give Up
        [version 2], Paul McCartney - How Many People, Julian Lennon -
        Saltwater, Artists United For Nature [Ian Anderson, Joe Cocker, Carol
        Decker, Harold Faltermeyer, Herbie Hancock, Tommy Johnson, Chaka Khan,
        Stevie Lange, Brian May, Michael McDonald, Richard Page, Maggie Reilly,
        Jennifer Rush, Sandra, Chris Thompson, Stefan Zaunder] - Yes We Can,
        Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again, Sting - Fragile, Spirit Of The
        Forest [Chris Rea, Debbie Harry, XTC, Fish, Joni Mitchell, Ringo Starr,
        Belinda Carlisle, Olivia Newton-John, Mr Mister, Bonnie Raitt, Kate
        Bush, David Gilmour, Brian Wilson, Little Steven, Jon Anderson, Escape
        Club, Sam Brown, Iggy Pop, Donna Summer, Kim Wilde, Thomas Dolby,
        Louise Goffin, Richie Havens, B52's, Big Country, David Clayton-Thomas,
        Afrika Bambaata, Plasmatics, Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Warman, It Bites,
        Michael de Barre, Bruce Foxton, The Ramones, Rita Coolidge, Was (Not
        Was), Taylor Dayne, Lucy J Dalton, Brother Beyond, Fleetwood Mac, LL
        Cool J, Marc Jordan, Shikisha, Amy Sky, Lisa Bonet, Raging Hormones,
        Dolette McDonald, Jungle Brothers, Andy Fairweather-Lowe, Gilberto Gil,
        Sandra de Sa, Ivan Lins, Renato Russo, Gal Costa, Ney Matogrosso,
        Marisa Monte, Rita Lee, Djavan] - Spirit Of The Forest, Pink Floyd -
        Learning To Fly, Elton John - I'm Still Standing, Queen - Is This The
        World We Created?, Genesis - The Brazilian (end credits [= no video]),
        Earthrise - Keeping The Forest Alive

     The Prince's Trust Rock Gala (19??):
        Contains the live version of The Wedding List with Phil Collins and
        Pete Townshend.  NTSC only(?).
        Tracks: ? (I don't have this tape)

     The Awards (1993):
        This video tape contains the Rocket Man video.
        Tracks: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody, U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild
        Horses, Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass, Rod Stewart - Rhythm Of
        My Heart, Simply Red - For Your Babies, George Michael - Too Funky,
        Lisa Stansfield - Time To Make You Mine, Prince And The New Power
        Generation - Sexy MF, En Vogue - Free Your Mind, Arrested Development -
        People Everyday, Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy, The Shamen - Bass
        Drum, Erasure - Lay All Your Love On Me, KWS - Please Don't Go,
        Undercover - Baker Street, Dina Carroll - Ain't No Man, Curtis Stigers
        - I Wonder Why, Shakespears Sister - Stay, Take That - A Million Love
        Songs, Enya - The Celts, Tori Amos - Crucify, R.E.M. - Drive, Deacon
        Blue - Your Town, The Cure - Friday, I'm In Love, Crowded House -
        Weather With You, k.d. lang - Constant Craving, Tasmin Archer -
        Sleeping Satellite, Joe Cocker - Feels Like Forever, Eric Clapton - Bad
        Love, Kate Bush - Rocket Man, Elton John - The One

     Comic Strip Classics - The Strike / GLC (1995):
        This video tape contains two episodes of the series 'The Comic Strip
        presents...', the second one (GLC) contains several Kate Bush songs:
        Ken, The Confrontation, One Last Look Around The House Before We Go,
        Running Up That Hill (Extended Version), as well as several unnamed
        short pieces of music written and performed by Kate.

     There are also far more than a hundred "underground" videos, which
     are traded among fans and are shown at Katemas parties and the like.
     These are primarily television performances and interviews.  The Garden
     contains (in GARDEN02) a quite comprehensive list of these, though newer
     appearances and discoveries are missing.

     Kate has worked with a lot of other artists:

     - Roy Harper:
       - You (The Game Part II) the two halves in flight.  From "The Unknown
         Soldier", also available on "An Introduction To Roy Harper", which is
         available as a CD. [AK]
       - Once.  From "Once"
     - Peter Gabriel:
       - No Self Control,
       - Games Without Frontiers.  Both from "III (melted face)"
       - Don't Give Up.  From "So"
       - Keine Selbstkontrolle,
       - Spiel ohne Grenzen.  Both from the German version of "III", Kate's
         backing vocals are the same as in the English version.
       There are remixes of Games Without Frontiers.
       Don't Give Up exists in various lengths, the biggest (if not only)
       differences are in the intro and extro.
     - Leslie Duncan:
       - Sing, Children Sing.
     - Zaine Griff
       - Flowers.  From "Figures"
     - Ray Shell
       - The Man With The Child In His Eyes.  Anyone got this?
     - Big Country
       - The Seer.  From "The Seer"
     - Go West
       - The King Is Dead.  From "Dancing On The Couch"
     - Midge Ure
       - Sister And Brother.  From "Answers To Nothing"
     - Rowan Atkinson
       - Do Bears Sh... in the Woods?  From "The Utterly Utterly Live Comic
     - The Spirit Of The Forest
       - The Spirit Of The Forest.  From "earthrise"
     - Ferry Aid
       - Let It Be
     - Alan Stivell
       - Kimiad.  From "Again"
     - Prince
       - My Computer.  From "emancipation"

     Remaining officially published non-album and non-TWW items are:

     - The Magician Of Lublin
       - The Magician.  Only available within the film together with voice
         over in either English or German (or ...?).
     - Rocket Man single
       - Rocket Man
       - Candle In The Wind
       - Candle In The Wind (instrumental)
     - Brazil soundtrack
       - Brazil
     - Rubberband Girl single (UK and US versions)
       - Rubberband Girl 12" version
       - Show A Little Devotion (US only)
       - Home For Christmas (US only, from "The Comic Strip Presents... Wild
         Turkey" (Xmas Special '92))
     - Eat the Music single (US)
       - Eat the Music 12" version
     - Moments of Pleasure (UK normal/special single, cassingle, 12" maxi,
       Dutch CD single)
       - Show A Little Devotion
       - Moments of Pleasure (instrumental) (12", cassingle)
       - Home for Christmas (12", Dutch CD single)
     - The Red Shoes (2 different UK CD singles)
       - Shoedance (The Red Shoes dance mix)
       - The Big Sky (single mix)
       - You Want Alchemy
       - Cloudbusting (video mix)
       - This Woman's Work (single mix)
     - Eat The Music (German CD single)
       - Eat The Music (extended version, that is, it's 11 sec. shorter...)
       - Shoedance
       - You Want Alchemy
     - The Man I Love (UK CD single/7" single/Cassingle)
     - And So Is Love (UK CD single/7" single/Cassingle)
       - Rubberband Girl (US mix)
       - Eat The Music 12" version (not on 7"/Cassingle)
     - Common Ground
       - Mn'a na H-Eireann 

     Of course one shouldn't forget the Utah Saints single "Something Good"
     which samples the line "Oh I just know that something good is going
     to happen" from Cloudbusting.  Also in the video to "Something Good"
     about 30 seconds of the Cloudbusting video are used.  Kate does like
     the Utah Saints and everything is approved by her.

     There are also quite a lot of cover versions, most of them of Wuthering
     Heights, The Man With The Child In His Eyes or Running Up That Hill.
     See section 'Other artists using Kate's work'

     The song "Sexual Healing" which was supposed to appear on the Davy
     Spillane album titled "A Place Among the Stones" now hasn't appeared
     on said album.  Hopefully it will find a different way to get published,
     so that the playing on the '94 Kate Bush Convention won't stay the only
     time we could hear this.

     Kate appeared in a few films' soundtracks, which are listed here:

     - The Magician Of Lublin
       features Kate on vocals of The Magician, not available outside of film,
       only with quite a lot of voice-over in the film
     - Brazil
       features Kate on vocals of Brazil, not in the film, but finally 
       available on CD
     - She's Having A Baby
       features Kate's song This Woman's Work, available on CD, undisturbed
       in the film, almost the same version as on The Sensual World
     - Castaway
       features Kate's song Be Kind To My Mistakes during begin credits, the
       version on the soundtrack LP (not avail. on CD) is quite different from
       and much longer than the regular version.  The version in the film
       (English version) is an abbreviated version of the soundtrack version.
       The German dubbed version of the film contains the regular version of
       the song only.
     - The Comic Strip Presents... GLC - The Carnage Continues
       features Kate's songs Ken, The Confrontation, One Last Look Around The
       House Before We Go, and Running Up That Hill (Extended Version)
       as well as a couple of other unnamed short musical bits.  All are
       available on CD except for the unnamed ones.  This episode now is
       available on commercial video tape.
     - The Comic Strip Presents... Les Dogs (1990)
       doesn't feature Kate singing, but rather Kate acting.  This was Kate's
       first role as an actress, The Line, The Cross, and The Curve being her
       second one.
     - The Comic Strip Presents... Wild Turkey (Christmas Special 1992)
       features Kate's song Home For Christmas, now finally available on CD.

     Not mentioned are films where a Kate track just runs accidentally long
     after its regular release (e.g. some of MTV's "The Real World" series,
     the "Miami Vice" episode featuring Hello Earth, or Martha Coolidge's film
     "Angie" featuring Rubberband Girl).

4.5. Other Artists using Kate's Work

     This section compiles a list of all (known) cover versions of Kate's
     songs, as well as a list of all (known) cases where Kate's music was
     sampled for use in another song.  There are some question marks in there,
     which is when I didn't know more details.  If you know the answer, don't

     Don't Give Up is also listed, despite the fact that it is not really a
     Kate Bush song.  In some cases, there's no known recording of a live
     performance.  Nevertheless these cases are listed as far as they are

     Cover versions of Kate's songs:

     Running Up That Hill
        Blue Pearl - naked
        Sweep & Linda Carriere - Running Up That Hill (single)
            (4 different mixes)
            - Aliens & Orgasms (album)
            - Under Cover Vol. III (sampler)
        Happy Rhodes - RhodeSongs
            (only 3 lines of RUTH in Feed The Fire (acoustic tribute version))
        Kat Devlin - (no recording available)
            (concert: Kat Ellwyn Devlin Sings The Songs Of Kate Bush) [DR]
        Elastic Band - Running Up That Hill (single)
            (2 different mixes) [JC]
        Tori Amos - ? (no recording available)
            (concert in Denver on June 19, 1996, sang a few lines - 'If I only
            could, I'd be running up that hill'.) [RP]
            (concert at the Greek in Los Angeles on June 29, 1996, sang 'If I 
            only could, I'd be running up that...rock' in the middle of a cover 
            of The Cure's "Love Song") [RMC]
        Levy 9 - Glad To Be Gay: down Under vol. 1 (sampler) [JL]
     The Man With The Child In His Eyes
        Brigid Boden - ?
        Mazi Cohen - ?
            (Hebrew version)
        Counterparts - Straight Ahead
        Dark Orange
            (live) - Breathing The Water
            (studio) - Sounds of Silence (single)
        Hue And Cry
            (live) - The Bitter Suite
            (live) - Labours Of Love - The Best Of Hue And Cry
            (studio) - Violently (single)
        Inside Moves - ?
        Peter Gabriel / Steve Harley - If You Could See Me Fly
            (bootleg, live, called The Girl/Man With The Child In His Eyes,
            Kate later pops in and continues)
        Dusty Springfield - (recording has been done on video but not released)
            (concert in The Royal Albert Hall in 1978) [KO]
        Natalie Cole - ? [RMC]
        Dave Smith/Judy Dinning - ? [RMC]
        Kat Devlin - (no recording available)
            (concert: Kat Elwynn Devlin Sings The Songs Of Kate Bush) [DR]
        Xu Ru Yun - ?
            (Mandarin version, called '100 Lies') [DC]
        Julie Covington & Richard Thompson - ?
            (available on bootleg CD 'Kate Bush - Collaborations')
     Wuthering Heights
        Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion
        Big City Orchestre - Our Life in the Bush of Kate
        Mr Floppy - The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Dickhead
            (regular and instrumental versions) [GD]
        Sonny Sharrack Band - High Life
        White Flag - Freedom of Choice (sampler)
        Kate's Project
            - Wuthering Eight (single, contains three mixes)
            - Covermania Compilation 3 Volume 1
            - Direct Hit Volume 3
            - total recall (sampler)
        Kat Devlin - (no recording available)
            (concert: Kat Elwynn Devlin Sings The Songs Of Kate Bush) [DR]
            (concert: Kat Sings More Kate) [MT]
        The Divine Comedy - (no complete recording available)
            (concert, May 9, 1994, Circustheater in Scheveningen, support act
            for Tori Amos) [MR]
        China Drum
            - Wuthering Heights (ltd. ed. single)
            - Can't Stop These Things (single)
            - Goosefair (album) [BW, RP, SW, AT]
        Angra - Angels Cry [WW]
        Ataraxia - La fantasma dell'opera
            (called: "La nuova magerita", slightly different lyrics) [MD]
     Oh England, My Lionheart
        Big City Orchestre - Our Life in the Bush of Kate
            (called: Oh, England, My Concrete Block)
     Experiment IV,
     Army Dreamers, [... More Kate]
     Feel It
        Big City Orchestre - Our Life in the Bush of Kate
        Kat Devlin - (no recording available)
            (concert: Kat Elwynn Devlin Sings The Songs Of Kate Bush) [DR]
            (concert: Kat Sings More Kate) [DR]
     The Dreaming,
     Passing Through Air,
     Night Of The Swallow,
     Waking The Witch,
     All We Ever Look For
        Big City Orchestre - Our Life in the Bush of Kate
     Moments Of Pleasure,
     There Goes A Tenner,
     Under Ice,
     Mother Stands For Comfort,
     The Infant Kiss,
     Symphony In Blue,
     Coffee Homeground,
     This Woman's Work,
     Reaching Out, [... More Kate]
     Kite, [... More Kate]
     In Search Of Peter Pan, [... More Kate]
     You're The One, [... More Kate]
     Pull Out The Pin, [... More Kate]
     The Fog, [... More Kate]
     Strange Phenomena, [... More Kate]
     All The Love, [... More Kate]
     Rubberband Girl, [... More Kate]
     And So Is Love, [... More Kate]
     Hounds Of Love, [... More Kate]
     Under The Ivy [... More Kate]
        Kat Devlin - (no recording available)
            (concert: Kat Elwynn Devlin Sings The Songs Of Kate Bush) [DR]
            (concert: Kat Sings More Kate) [DR]
     Lionheart/Them Heavy People (parody)
        Not The Nine O'Clock News - Hedgehog Sandwich
     Them Heavy People
        Ray Shell - Them Heavy People (single)
            (with Kate doing Backing Vocals)
     Don't Give Up
        Willie Nelson & Sinead O'Connor - ?
        The London Starlight Orchestra - One More Night - Hits For Lovers
        The London Starlight Orchestra & Singers 
            - Two People - 18 midnight popsongs
        Peter Gabriel & Paula Cole - Secret World Live
            (also: several bootlegs, mostly P.G. performing alone)

     Artists who used samples from Kate's songs:

        Utah Saints - Something Good
            (single with several remixes, album by U.Saints, several samplers)
     Jig of Life
        ADSR - Momentum
            (album 'Accelerated Emotions') [DC2]
     The Man With The Child In His Eyes
        E-Zee Posse - Cake
            (album name?)
     Wuthering Heights
        Big Audio Dynamite - The Globe
            (album name?)

     Songs about Kate Bush:

     Herve Christiani - Kate Bush
        (single 'Radio Bonheur / Kate Bush', album 'Il Est Libre Max')
            The song 'Kate Bush' is about a girl who has listened to Kate's
            records through a whole winter and then leaves her boyfriend.
     Jade Fashions - Babbittry Revision
        (12" maxi single 'Babbittry Revision / Pretty Boys In Pink')
            Babbittry Revision has 'very Kate-related lyrics'.
     Primus - Year of the Parrot
        (album 'tales from the punchbowl)
            The song contains lines 'I've seen the likes of Kate Bush and Van
            Morrison / teaching the parrots to sing' [AR2]

     Jimmy Buffet - Mexico
            [this song got deleted here, because Brian L. Rachford [BLR] had
            some serious doubts about the line in question being " men in
            blue jeans - no, no, that's not politically correct, that's KATE
            BUSH in blue jeans!!!".  Brian says that he believes that this
            line says "...cave men in blue jeans, no, no, that's not
            politically correct, that's CAVE PERSONS in blue jeans!!!"  This
            makes much more sense than the obscure Kate reference.]

     Books mentioning Kate Bush:
        (usually, these quotes are the only connection these books have to
        Kate, there are no other mentions or links from the story to her.)

     Terry Pratchett - Eric
        "Many people think it should have been a hydrogen molecule, but this is
        against the observed facts. Everyone who has found a hitherto unknown
        egg-whisk jamming an innocent kitchen drawer knows that raw matter is
        continually flowing into the universe in fairly developed forms,
        popping into existence normally in ashtrays, vases and glove
        compartments.  It chooses its shape to allay suspicion, and common
        manifestations are paperclips, the pins out of shirt packaging, the
        little keys for central heating radiators, marbles, bits of crayon,
        mysterious sections of herb-chopping devices and old Kate Bush albums.
        Why matter does this is unclear, but it is evident that matter has
        This footnote in "Eric" is also mentioned in David Langford's book
        "Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quizbook - The Unseen University
        Challenge", a book featuring various curious tids & bits from the
        discworld series.

     Rene Appel - The third person
        "... From the old poster, Kate Bush looked at her full of compassion.
        Girl what are you doing here with this old doll if life outside is
        luring. ..." [translated from (original) Dutch by EN]

     Neil Gaiman and Ed Kramer (editors) - The Sandman Book of Dreams
        Grahan Dombkins [GD] writes:
        In one of the stories, "Escape Artist" by Caitlin R. Kiernan we
        look into the early life Alvin Mann or as we all know her Wanda from
        the "A Game of You" Sandman story arc. It's a very moving story about
        Alvin's attempt to escape from his impossible life. His only friend is
        a girl Charlotte who, it turns out, is a huge KaTe fan! We are told
        that as soon as she heard the new Kate album "she had skipped school,
        hitched all the way to Junction City and pocketed the cassette at
        Kmart". The album was The Dreaming and the important song (for the
        story) is Houdini. The theam of escaping is key in all this. Caitlin
        Kiernan weaves KaTe's lyrics from Houndini into the story. Charlotte is
        very much a rebel and would do things like lie in front of oncoming
        trains to scare the driver. They listen to Houdini and wait in the path
        of an oncoming combine harvester, except this time "this in no trick"
        and you realise that they mean to die.

4.6. Chart success

     This section is a basic listing of chart position of Kate's singles,
     albums and videos.  Listing all chart positions from all charts from
     all countries with all dates would need much too much space for the FAQ,
     but such a list is in fact available.  Send me <> a
     mail and you'll get the latest copy.

     Each item is only listed with the highest chart entry for each country.
     Some countries have official or semi-official charts.  For these countries
     there might be two entries, if a specialised, non-local & non-radio-
     station chart shows a higher position.  Sometimes the chart publisher
     isn't known.  Some entries might even be wrong.

     The (semi-)official charts are:

     UK: BMRB/Gallup
     USA: Billboard Hot 100 (singles) / Top 200 (albums)
     Germany: Musikmarkt / Mediacontrol
     Australia: Aria


     Wuthering Heights:
        UK, NL, B, NZ, Aus: 1
        G, F, Bra, Arg, SA, Dk, Swe, SF: top 10
     The Man With The Child In His Eyes:
        UK: 6
        US: 85
        J: 1
     Hammer Horror:
        UK: 44
        UK: 14
     On Stage:
        UK: 10
        UK: 16
        UK 5
        Aus: 1
        I: top 10
        G: 14
        F: 3
        Cnd: top 10
     Army Dreamers:
        UK: 16
     December Will Be Magic Again:
        UK: 29
        Isr: top 10
     Sat In Your Lap:
        UK: 11
     The Dreaming:
        UK: 48
        UK (MM): 28
     Suspended In Gaffa:
        Most of Europe, Cnd, Aus: top 10
     There Goes A Tenner:
        UK: did not chart
     Ne T'Enfuis Pas:
        F: top 30
     Running Up That Hill:
        UK, G: 3
        UK (12" charts): 2
        US: 30
        US (12" chart): 21
        NL: 6
        UK: 20
     Hounds of Love:
        UK: 18
     The Big Sky:
        UK: 37
     Don't Give Up:
        UK: 9
        US: 72
        Aus: top 10
     Experiment IV:
        UK: 23
     Ferry Aid - Let It Be:
        UK: 1
     The Sensual World:
        UK: 12
        NL: 17
        US (Billboard: post modern airplay chart): 6
        G: 29
        SF: 12
        Aus: 44
        I: 19
     This Woman's Work:
        UK: 25
     Love & Anger:
        UK: 38
        UK (gallup mid-week): 23
        US (Billboard: modern rock airplay chart): 1
     Rocket Man:
        UK (gallup): 12
        US (Billboard; modern rock tracks chart): 11
        F: 45
        Aus: 2
     Rubberband Girl:
        UK (gallup): 12
        UK (MRIB): 7
        Cnd (Record single sales chart): 18
        Irl: 1
        SF (local charts in Tampere): 4
        Isr: 26
        US (Billboard: Modern Rock): 7
        US: 88
        G: 65
        Europe (MTV Eurochart): 19
     Eat The Music:
        US (Billboard: modern rock): 10
     Moments of Pleasure:
        UK: 26
     The Red Shoes:
        UK: 21
     The Man I Love:
        UK: 22
     And So Is Love:
        UK: 26


     The Kick Inside:
        UK: 3
        UK: 6
        US: 201 (in '84)
     Never for Ever:
        UK: 1
        G: 17
        F: 7
     The Dreaming:
        UK: 3
        US: 157
     Kate Bush (mini-EP):
        US: 148
     Hounds of Love:
        UK, NL, Irl: 1
        US: 30
        G: 2
     The Whole Story:
        UK: 1
        US: 74
        Aus: 28
        Swe: 48
        F: 11
        SF: 10
     The Sensual World:
        UK: 2
        US: 43
        US (The Gavin Report: College Album chart): 1
        Cnd: 16
        NL: 8
        Europe (Music and Media Pan-European chart): 6
        I: 17
        Dk: 18
        SF: 5
        Aus: 25
        F: 38
        G: 20
     The Red Shoes:
        UK, SF: 2
        US: 28
        G: 18
        NL: 35
        Cnd: 13
        Europe (Billboard/Music&Media Eurochart Top 100): 6
        F (M6: Top Nuggets): 14

     Video tapes:

     The Single File:
        UK: 1
     The Hair Of The Hound:
        UK: 1
     The Whole Story:
        UK: 1
        US: 8
     The Sensual World:
        US: 10
        UK (MRIB video music top twenty): 9

     Country codes: UK = United Kingdom, US = USA, G = Germany, F = France,
     Cnd = Canada, NL = Netherlands, Aus = Australia, SF = Finland,
     Dk = Denmark, I = Italy, Swe = Sweden, Irl = Ireland, Isr = Israel,
     J = Japan, B = Belgium, NZ = New Zealand, Bra = Brazil, Arg = Argentinia,
     SA = South Africa

     The biggets part of this list was compiled by studying old issues of
     Homeground.  Other entries came from [NB].

4.7. Printed books

     Printed books on Kate are numerous, more details about and corrections
     to these books are available in the archives:

     Kate Bush - A Visual Documentary (1988):
        Probably the best liked book overall.
        Omnibus Press, ISBN 0.7119.1039.1, Order No: OP44122
     Kate Bush Complete (1987):
        "Official" book containing the sheet music to all of Kate's songs up
        to 1986.  Also contains separate lyrics, a great chronology, many
        photos, and a discography.
        EMI Music Publishing, ISBN 0 86175 413 1, Order Ref: 14305
     Cathy (1986):
        Book of photos of Kate as a child, by her brother, John Carter Bush.
        No longer available.  :-(
     The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Kate Bush (1991):
        Book with details and pictures of all kinds of Kate Kollectibles, fun
        even for non-collectors.  To order send $13.95 to C-SIDE RECORDS,
        PO BOX 8456 CLEARWATER, FL 34618.  Phone 1-813-461-4327.  C-SIDE is
        also a good place to get all kinds of Kate stuff, be sure to get on
        their mailing list.
        Collector's Guide Publishing, ISBN 0-9695736-0-X
     Kate Bush - The Whole Story (1988):
        Despite appearances, not a sanctioned book, and certainly not the
        whole story.  Positive, but contains numerous factual and publishing
        errors.  For "The Whole Story" on this book, see Andrew Marvick's
        review in the archives.
        Sidgwick & Jackson, ISBN 0-283-99721-4
     Kate Bush - The First Twelve Years (1992):
        Homeground says: is another collection of newspaper and magazine
        cutting covering the years from 1978 in two volumes selling for about
        L12-00 in Britain and L15 postpaid to America.  Details can be
        obtained via the fanzine Never For Ever.  [See below]
     Kate Bush - With Love (1988):
        Reprints of Kate-related articles, interviews, and reviews, some
        positive, some negative.  Interesting mainly to see how the music
        press has reacted to Kate over the years.
     Secret History of Kate Bush (And The Strange Art Of Pop) (1983):
        Intellectual (as opposed to intelligent) book abut Kate's family
        history, story, and fans.  Commonly available, but only recommend for
        the photos.
        Omnibus Press, ISBN 0.7119.0152.X, UK Order No. OP 42035
     Kate Bush: Princess of Suburbia by Fred and Judy Vermorel (1980?):
        Not so good.  Hard to find.
     Kate Bush: An Illustrated Biography (1980) by Paul Kerton:
        Positive but error-prone book.  Hard to find.
        Proteus Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0 0906071 22 4
        Was also available in German (1981).
        Bastei Luebbe, ISBN 3-404-60050-9
     Moving -- A collection of poems (1993, issued on March 16)
        (Japanese title: KEITO BUSSHU SISHUU  MOVING)
        This Japanese book is in A5 size, has 256 pages, lyrics of 79 of
        Kate's songs with English original and Japanese translation, a
        discography up to the TWW box and a few photos (only the cover pic
        feat.  Kate).  It's said to be based on Kate Bush Complete.  [YS]
        Shinko Music Publishing, ISBN 4-401-61329-5, 2,400 yen

4.8. Fanzines

     After being on Love-Hounds for a few months, most fans find the
     fanzines rarely have information they have not already heard.  The most
     common fanzines are the Kate Bush Club (KBC) and Homeground.  More
     about these and other fanzines can be found in "The Garden".  See
     section 4.5 for details.

     Kate Bush Club (KBC):
        The KBC unfortunately only seems to come now when there is a new
        album out, but is always worth the wait as it has original articles
        by Kate and her family and lots of great photos.

        PO Box 120
        Welling, Kent, DA16 3DS

        There is an edition of the fanzine for The Red Shoes, send an SASE 
        (self addressed and stamped envelope) or a SAE & IRC (self addressed
        envelope & international reply coupon) to the KBC for information, or
        6 pounds sterling (Europe rate, cash or British currency cheque, Euro 
        cheque in Pounds is ok) or US$14 (US dollar cheques or US currency) to 
        get a copy of the magazine which includes about 20 colour photos.  
        (Disclamer: I do not know whether the 'zine is still available or not.)

        The KBC also sends out short information sheets (just a photocopied
        DIN A4 page) more or less regularly.  To get these, send an SA[S]E
        marked with the current SAE number (currently SAE 12) to the KBC.
        Don't expect too much if there's not a new album or a convention

        Homeground comes out almost regularly and has news, great
        articles, stories, and drawings.

        PO Box 176
        Orpington, Kent, BR5 3NA

     Never For Ever
        Never For Ever is another long-established fanzine.  It has been
        dormant for the last year or so and will unfortunately soon cease to

        28 Millbrook Street
        SA6 8JY

     Irgendwo In Der Tiefe
        This is a German language fanzine done twice a year by the German Kate 
        Bush Club.

        Irgendwo In Der Tiefe
        Kate Bush Club Germany
        Thilo und Beate Meiswinkel
        Uhlandstrasse 3
        76135 Karlsruhe

4.9. Electronic books

     A while ago two collections have been made available, both of which are
     much more interesting then anything published.  They can be ftped from, as usual.  See section 6 for details.  There are also disk
     versions of these floating around somewhere (a set in MS-DOS format, and
     a set in Macintosh format).  Only requirement to get them is a) to find
     them and b) to agree to send them to the next one requesting them.

     "The Garden"
        The Garden is Andrew Marvick's compilation of reference material on
        Kate, available in ,
        including a detailed chronology of her life and career (much more
        complete then anything available anywhere else) [GARDEN01].  Also, a
        listing of all known Kate recordings, videography (which includes both
        official videos and the television appearances), and an extensive list
        of fan magazines [GARDEN02].  ALL of the lyrics (including background
        voices) to ALL of Kate's known songs (including unreleased songs)
        [GARDEN04].  All of John's and Paddy's [GARDEN03] interviews and
        articles for the Kate Bush Club Newsletter, as well as Kate's articles
        for the KBC [GARDEN05, GARDEN06].  Also included are about sixty
        interviews [GARDEN07 through GARDEN10].

        A Hypertext version of The Garden is also available:


     "Cloudbusting - Kate Bush In Her Own Words"
        This is Ron Hill (the [ex-]keeper of this monthly post)'s compilation
        of almost 200 interviews, sorted by song, story, and subject order,
        forming the closest we may ever see to a full-fledged Kate
        autobiography.  It is available in regular text format, or in
        Wordperfect 4.2 format, which makes use of Wordperfect's underlining,
        bolding, and italicizing, ability, and contains an extensive index.
        It is also available in MacWrite II, PostScript, and Word 4.0
        versions.  (Eventually the extra unedited interviews will be added
        into The Garden).

        There are also a series of Cloudbusting GIF (picture) files, which are
        located in
        [APPARENTLY THESE ARE TRASHED].  A title page [CTITLE.GIF and a larger
        version, CTITLEB.GIF], a title page for Part II [CSTORY.GIF] and part
        III [CSUBJECT.GIF], a credits screen [CREDITS.GIF], and a pic of 3 inch
        disk label [CLABEL.GIF, and a b&w version CLABELBW.GIF].  There are
        also pictures for most of the albums which show the picture of Kate
        from the album cover next to a listing of songs [titles begin with
        "O"].  There are also "alternative" pics for some of the albums, which
        show pictures SIMILAR to but not identical to the album covers [files
        begin with "A"].  There are also "full" pictures for some of the albums
        [titles begin with "F"], which are the raw, uncropped, pictures.

        Cloudbusting is available in


        The text version is in .../kb/cloudbusting/text.  Filenames are
        cloud0.txt, cloud1a.txt, cloud1b.txt, cloud1c.txt, cloud2a.txt,
        cloud2b.txt, cloud3a.txt, cloud3b.txt, cloud3c.txt, cloud4.txt,
        cloud5.txt, clouds.txt.  It is also available compressed with ZIP in
        .../kb/cloudbusting/zip as filenames,,,

        A Hypertext version of Cloudbusting is also available:


     "Deeper Understanding - A collection of Kate Bush articles"
        This third, in-progress book, also by Ron Hill, will compile the
        "best of" the Love-Hounds as well as a few articles from fan magazines
        and lots of published reviews.  It'll be about five megs in size.

     "Moments - A Red Shoes Collection"
        This is a collection done by Wieland Wilker [WW] which brings in all
        the stuff around The Red Shoes that came through love-hounds.
        You can find this collection on:


4.10.Where are those d*mn KT symbols on all the albums?

     I don't want to spoil these answers, so they are encoded with a rot13
     scheme.  If you do not have means to decode this, here's a description
     of how to do it by hand:

     Rot13 encoding assigns a new letter to each letter that is in the
     alphabet.  Every letter is replaced by the letter 13 positions further
     into the alphabet.  Add another alphabet (...xyzabc...) to the end to
     get enough letters.  Alternatively you can also subtract 13 positions.
     Coding and encoding are the same this way.  Here's a table:


     This says that every 'a' has to replaced by an 'n', every 'b' by an 'o'
     and so on.  Now here are the solutions:

     The Kick Inside:
     Lbh arrq n ivaly pbcl be na Nzrevpna PQ.  Gur onpx pbire (ivaly) naq gur
     ynfg cntr bs gur obbxyrg (aba-HX PQf) unf n cvpgher jvgu pybhqf naq n
     xvgr ng gur gbc.  Guvf xvgr'f yrsg jvat fubjf gur XG flzoby.

     Abg ernyyl qvssvphyg, whfg ybbx ng gur jbbqra obk.

     Never for Ever:
     Lbh arrq n tngrsbyq ivaly irefvba (HX) be n HF ivaly irefvba jvgu gur
     ylevpf cevagrq ba gur vaare cncre fyrrir.  Gurer'f n cnvagrq ebfr.  Ybbx
     ng vgf fgrz.

     The Dreaming:
     Ybbx ng gur fyrrir bs Xngr'f wnpxrg.  Qverpgyl orybj gur ybjre qnex
     fgevcr gur flzoby vf qenja yvxr jvgu n onyycra.

     Hounds of Love:
     Lbh jba'g unir yhpx jvgu HX PQf, ohg naljurer ryfr lbh pna svaq vg va
     gur onpx pbire/obbxyrg cvpgher qverpgyl orybj Xngr'f evtug fubhyqre.  Vg
     vf zber be yrff ghearq hcfvqr qbja naq 'znqr bhg bs funqbj'.

     The Whole Story:
     Lbh arrq n HX ivaly irefvba bs gur nyohz.  Va gur ehabhg nern bs gur
     qvfp gurer'f gur XG flzoby fpengpurq va vg.

     The Sensual World:
     Qenj n pybpx bagb gur pbire.  Ng gjb b'pybpx gurer'f gur XG flzoby,
     cnvagrq jvgu na nveoehfu.  Vg'f abg pyrneyl ivfvoyr ba nyy irefvbaf.

     This Woman's Work:
     Are you really that blind?  ;-)

     The Red Shoes:
     Ybbx qverpgyl nobir 'GR' sebz 'XNGR' (HX irefvba) be nobir 'E' sebz 'ERQ'
     (HF irefvba).  Gurer lbh'yy svaq n fyvtugyl orag XG gung ybbxf yvxr n
     cebwrpgvba ba gur tebhaq.

     Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon:
     There is none :-(

4.11.What about the inscriptions on the vinyl discs?

     On a lot of English first pressings of vinyl records you can find an 
     inscription in the runout area of the disc.  Sometimes these can still
     be found on later pressings, sometimes not.  Except for the messages on
     the 'Breathing' and 'There Goes A Tenner' discs these messages do not
     appear on the singles from the 'The Single File' boxed set. Kate does not 
     only know about the inscriptions, she even writes them, so most of them
     are of some significance (comments in []s).  Most vinyl records do have
     some numbers and/or the name of the mastering facility/person scratched
     in the runout area (e.g. Townhouse, Orlake).  These normally appear on
     more than one record and are not written by Kate.

     Here's a list of the inscriptions on the first releases of the vinyl

     Wuthering Heights / Kite:
        Side A: Remember the whales
                [Moving intro sound]
     The Man With The Child In His Eyes / Moving:
        Side A: The child hides in the light
     Hammer Horror / Coffee Homeground
        Side A: Were all playing a hunch
     Wow / Fullhouse:
        Side A: Thank You Emily
                [Emily Bronte, author of the novel Wuthering Heights]
     Breathing / The Empty Bullring:
        Side A: We all share the same air
                [TSF: yes]
        Side B: Happy anniversary to the p's
                [TSF: no]
     Army Dreamers / Delius / Passing Through Air:
        Side A: Life is to love
     December Will Be Magic Again / Warm And Soothing:
        Side A: Happy Christmas
     Sat In Your Lap / Lord Of The Reedy River:
        Side A: Well done JB 1st dan
                [JB is John Barrett (assistant engineer, see SIYL sleeve), not 
                 John Carder Bush [WW]]
        Side B: Thank you Donovan
                [Donovan wrote Lord Of The Reedy River]
     The Dreaming / Dreamtime:
        Side A: For Rolf
                [Rolf Harris]
     There Goes A Tenner / Ne T'Enfuis Pas:
        Side A: Rays
                [TSF: yes]
     Cloudbusting / Burning Bridge:
        Side A: For Peeps
     Hounds of Love / The Handsome Cabin Boy:
        Side A: Woof!
     This Woman's Work / Be Kind To My Mistakes:
        Side A: "Up yours Ugly!"
     The Red Shoes / You Want Alchemy:
        Side A: One for the Archers
                [= M. Powell + E. Pressburger]
        Side B: Buzzzz

     12" maxi singles:

     Hounds of Love:
        Side A: Woof!
     Rubberband Girl:
        Side A: Whack It On
     Moments Of Pleasure:
        Side A: Alive and Kicking


     The Kick Inside:
        Side A: Remember yourself
                [also on the Portugesian release!]
        Side A: Hope you like it
     The Whole Story:
        Side A: KT
     The Red Shoes:
        Side A: For H

     other discs:
     (these inscriptions are not neccessarily written by Kate)

     Ferry Aid - Let It Be (7", not all releases):
        Side A: This song is sung with love + emotion
        Side B: Thank you for buying me

     (these inscriptions are obviously not written by Kate Bush herself)

     Cathy Demos volume one:
        Side A: She smokes the blackest hash
        Side B: Fan fan, Cecile & Jackie
     Cathy Demos volume two:
        Side A: I have bellie bad luck
        Side B: You wished it on yourself
     Cathy Demos volume three:
        Side A: Gee, our old lasalle ran great
        Side B: Big Black Beard
     Cathy Demos volume four:
        Side A: I should be at college or sailing
        Side B: Zezezozee zadfrack glutz
     Cathy Demos volume five:
        Side A: Please don't hurt my baby
        Side B: I'm so happy, 'cause I'm so stupid

     This list might not yet be complete, I'd appreciate further info.  So
     far there are contributions from [EML], [RG], and [WW].

4.12.Kate Bush World Wide Web (WWW) pages

     The Ultimate Page To Go To First Before Any Other Page:

        This is a group effort of more than a dozen people who worked for a
        couple of months on creating the most complete Kate information
        resource available. The page is going to grow continuously.

     Stev0 [SB] provided the following reviews, since I still don't have WWW
     access at home I cannot comment on these.  Actually I do have WWW access
     now, but I haven't found the time to visit them all yet.

     The Very First Pages to Visit:

     Ultimate Band List Kate Card

        This is part of the excellent Ultimate Band List, which you should
        definitely bookmark:

     Ultimate Band List

        This is the 'mother of all musical web pages', by far the best general
        source for music information on the web, because it lists almost all
        other resources, including the above Kate Card.

     Vickie's Kate Index

        This is basically a HTMLified version of Stev0s full reviews, done by
        Vickie Mapes in a very nice way.

     Vickie's Ecto-artists index

        This is Vickie's complete artists index, kind of a specilaized Ultimate
        Band List for people with love-hounds like tastes.

     Top-Notch Bookmark These And Come Back Often Pages:

     Cloudbusting:  Kate Bush in Her Own Words

        This is Ron Hill's "Cloudbusting" book (see also section 4.9)
        in a great hypertext format.  Also lots of other resources for
        the Serious KateFan(tm).

     David Benson's Kate Page:

        Some of the BEST photos of Kate I've EVER seen.  Now also features
        the Kate Bush Web which works like a newsgroup with real people
        posting (not bots).

     The UWP music archives:

        The first is just a webbified version of the latter, which is the ftp
        version of the UWP music archives.  You'll find everything here, though
        only via FTP directories: lyrics, pictures, The Garden, Cloudbusting,
        Moments of Pleasure, and the love-hounds archive. See also sections
        6.1 and 6.2.

     Really Great Must-See Pages:

     The Garden:

        IED's stunning E-text, "The Garden", in an HTML format done by woj.
        Drawback:  Still heavily under construction.

     The Kate Bush Musical Extraveganza:

        This is done by Brian Wentz <>, and mostly features
        digitized songs by Kate (two from each album), and a digitized
        interview(!) - which, at 10 Meg, is not for those with less-than
        robust computers.


        Run by Stuart Wilsdon.  This site has lots of lyrics, lots of images,
        and lots of other nice stuff.

     Under the Ivy:

        Info about Homeground and gatherings of KateFans.  Unfortunately, the
        nice scans of Top Of The Pops had to be taken down.  But the pictures
        are not lost, here's their new home: [GT]

        They can also be found in a shockwave movie at No Dead Trees:

     A Tribute to Kate Bush

        It's a pretty good site with everything you'd expect.  Also is a
        Reader's Digest version of The Garden.  A good site for folks in a
        rush.  Rating: *** (three stars)

     See These Pages When You Have the Time:

     Experiment IV:

        Nice layout of stuff that's going to come "Real Soon Now".
        Drawback:  Page is all excited about "Kate's soon-to-be released album,
        'Never For Ever'."

     Sony Music's "Official" Kate Bush Web Page

        This page mostly covers information in this FAQ and offers some nice
        photos seen never before.  Sony Music is the label Kate has been signed
        with in America since The Sensual World.  Unfortunately, there's not
        much more than these three interesting GIFs.

     Minor Kate Pages:
     (they may be tiny, but they're mostly worth seeing)

     Marcel's advertisement for his "Kate Covered" project:

        If you want to join the crowd doing cover versions of Kate songs for
        Marcel's project, check this out!

     The Illustrated Guide to Kate Bush:

        This is about the book with the same name (see section 4.7).

     The Lovehounds T-shirt Page:

        This shows Stev0 wearing a love-hounds T-shirt (see section 1.5).

     The Red Shoes discography:

        This is Scott Telford's compilation of The Red Shoes related releases.

     Obligitory Yahoo Link:

     New And Therefore Not Yet Rated By Stev0 Pages:

     The Kate Bush VRML site (The Worlds of Kate Bush):

        You need a Netscape browser with a Live3D plug in for these four
        virtual reality worlds there.  These pages need a while to load over
        the net, because they're quite big. [LB]

     The Irgendwo In Der Tiefe German Kate Bush Club Pages:

        This is the site of the German Kate Bush Club Irgendwo In Der Tiefe.
        There are some articles of the club's fanzine there, as well as some
        nice pictures (not photos but drawings) of Kate.  Drawback: right now
        this is a German-language-only site, though an English translation is

     The Kate Bush Shocked Concerts

        Shockwave movies done by David Benson.

     The Laser File

        LaserDisc videography of Kate, featuring all LaserDiscs by Kate from
        all countries, including pictures of quite a few of them.  Done by
        Alec Baker <>

     To use these services you need a direct internet connection and a WWW
     client, for example Mosaic, Netscape, Lynx, Omniweb, Internet Explorer.
     WWW is a worldwide multimedia hypertext document system where you
     basically can use your mouse to navigate through myriads of documents all
     somehow linked to each other.

5.   Questions about Kate's music

     This area is divided into the different albums as well as a section
     for the home demo recordings and for miscellaneous tracks.

     The lyrics for all of the songs can be found on both gaffa relevant
     ftp sites: and  They are too long to be cited
     here.  The file
     contains all lyrics up to The Sensual World and its singles, including
     all non-official songs and all non-official parts of the lyrics (backing
     vocals, spoken passages etc.)

     Right now there are areas where I haven't found the time to say
     something.  Feel free to contribute!

     More information about most of the songs can be found in the archives,
     so sometimes I will only give a pointer to a long story if it is too
     long to be cited here in full.

5.1. The Cathy Demos / The Studio Demos

     Kate has never commented on any bootleg material, and so she hasn't
     said anything about these as bootlegs.  But she has said plenty of
     things about these recordings - generally to the effect that there
     are about 200 or more of them (20-30 have been 'released' on bootlegs)
     and that they should remain buried and will never re-record any of them.
     The sound quality of all of them reminds of a boombox set to 'record' in a
     living room.  Nevertheless most fans do LOVE these songs and would almost
     kill to hear the rest.

5.2. The Kick Inside

     First something about the album itself.  There are six completely
     different album covers for this album:

        1. UK (big eyeball and Kate on a kite)
        2. US (Country & Western, Kate in a wooden box wearing red socks)
        3. Canada (Vogue picture, Kate holding her head with her hands, was
           also used for 1st US pressing)
        4. Japan (pink leotard picture)
        5. Yugoslavia (white dress picture)
        6. Uruguay (Kate's head only, technically a very low-quality picture)

     The last two are quite difficult to find and everything but cheap, the
     others should be relatively easy to find and are also available as CDs.

     Wuthering Heights
        Kate's first hit and (until now) only British number one single
        is based on Emily Bronte's novel of the same name, though Kate
        first saw the old film of it and later read the book.

5.3. Lionheart

     Coffee Homeground
        This song features three lines in German, but it's not as prominent as
        in Hello Earth.  The lines read "Es schmeckt wunderbar" (it tastes
        wonderful), "Noch ein Glass mein Liebchen/Liebling" (another glass, my
        darling), and (maybe) "Dann sterb ich wohl" (then I will die).  The
        last of these is still not yet finally decided, since it's even
        difficult for native speakers of German to make out.  It might be
        something completely different, only Kate can tell...

5.4. Never for Ever

        Frederick Delius is a classical composer who lived and worked ca. 50
        years ago.  There's also a film about him and Eric Fenby ("in B,
        Fenby!") who worked for Delius by writing down the compositions for
        him (Delius was paralysed and couldn't do that by himself anymore).
        Excerpts from that film are shown during an interview of Eric Fenby,
        Kate Bush and Julian Lloyd-Webber in the Russel Harty Show.  During
        that show the video to the song Delius was shown for the second time
        (the Dr. Hook special being the first time).

     The Infant Kiss:
        The song is inspired by the movie "The Innocents", starring Deborah
        Kerr, which is based on Henry James' book "Turn of the Screw".

5.5. The Dreaming

     Leave It Open:
        The 'backwards' lyrics at the end of the song aren't really backwards.
        They've been recorded backwards, but they are pretty much straight
        forward and say "we let the wierdness in".  Kate listened to the
        phrase backwards and tried to sing what she heard, which then was
        played backwards again - resulting in a wierd sounding forward phrase.
        On the other hand, you can hear something backwards as well: "And they
        said they won't let me in" (this isn't official, while the forward
        phrase is - it was a long unanswered quiz question in the KBC).

        Harry Houdini (born Erich Weiss) was an escapologist who managed to
        escape by using a key that was passed to him by his wife Bess with a 
        kiss she always gave him before he was bound and drowned.  ("With a
        kiss, I'd pass the key.")  Now Houdini and his wife previously agreed
        on a secret code ("Rosabel, believe!"), which he should use via a
        medium after his death to let her know about after-life.  At one point
        Bess was given the code by a "psychic," but she later found out that he
        obtained it from a former servant of Houdini's (it *was* simply their
        favorite song, rather than some involved code.)  So, it's easy to see
        how the confusion has happened.  Bess *once* stated that a "psychic"
        had given her the code, then she retracted that statement.  As usually
        happens, the people who want to believe in "psychic phenomena" accept
        want they want and disregard the rest.  So the first claim of contact
        is more widely reported than the true (but less romantic) story.
        Kate's song is closer in the details to the Hollywood film starring
        Tony Curtis than to the real events of Houdini's life and art.  This is
        in no way intended to disparage Kate's song, which concentrates on the
        *emotional*, rather than the biographical aspects of Houdini and Bess'
        relationship. [some of this by CW]

5.6. Hounds of Love

     Hounds of Love:
        The beginning ("It's in the trees!  It's coming!") is from the 1957
        UK horror movie "Night of the Demons" (US title: "Curse Of The Demon",
        original title: "Casting The Runes"), though Kate re-recorded the bit,
        because she couldn't get enough quality from the original.
        Another conection of that film to Kate's work is in "The Line, The
        Cross & The Curve", where as in the film symbols drawn on paper have
        great power.

        This is based on Peter Reich's book "A Book Of Dreams" (you can see
        this book in the video, in Donald Sutherland's pocket).  Peter writes
        about his experience in his youth, when Wilhelm Reich (his father)
        got problems with the government due to his questionable actions as a
        scientist.  Wilhelm got arrested and died while in prison, and this
        experience later made the then-9-years-old Peter write "A Book Of
        Dreams".  Wilhelm was arrested for refusing to appear at an arrangement
        hearing that resulted from a lawsuit by the American FDA for selling
        his "orgone energy accumulators" across state lines.  The FDA said it
        was quackery to sell these boxes made of aluminum and wood as
        therapeutic devices; Reich insisted it was serious science and refused
        to have anything to do with these "spurious" legal restrictions on his
        research and therapy.  Of course, he was quite mad by then - this was
        nearly a decade after he claimed that orgone energy was not simply the
        libidinal buildup that resulted from a lack of proper sexual release,
        but was also the substance out of which the whole universe was formed.
        Interestingly, several well-known people, including Norman Mailer,
        had orgone accumulators.  More about Wilhelm Reich can be found in the
        file .
        [part of this is from JAC (see credits section)]

        There is no such thing as a song called Cloudbursting (regard the
        spelling), and there is no remix of Cloudbusting called The
        Meteorological Mix, despite of what EMI America wants to tell us.
        EMI UK isn't really better, for the real spelling of what the world
        knows as the Organon Mix should have been Orgonon Mix (Orgonon was
        the name of Reich's home/center in Maine, Orgone energy was Reich's
        subject of studies). [IED]

        The song name comes from hunting clouds, not from breaking them, and
        the remix called Meteorological Mix is from The Big Sky. There are
        two remixes of Cloudbusting: The Orgonon Mix and the video version.

     Hello Earth:
        At the end of "Hello, Earth" the German words are: "Tiefer, tiefer,
        irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht" This means: "deeper, deeper,
        somewhere in the depth there is a light." They are not spoken by
        Kate, but by Gabi Zangerl, a friend of Kate.
        The choir part of this song was inspired by Werner Herzog's film
        Nosferatu that features a very similar chant.  Recently it became known
        that the chant originates from Georgia, it's a traditional lyrical song
        from Kakheti-Kartli, the easternmost region of the (former Soviet)
        Republic of Georgia, the area around Tbilisi, the capital.  The song is
        actually best transliterated as "tsintsqaro" (At the Spring, By the
        Source or At the Well), a boy meets girl love song.  You might find
        this song, also spelled as Tshintsharo or Zinzgaro, on some CDs with
        traditional Georgian music (eg "The Marvels of Polyphony in
        Sakartvelo", CD Ethnic Sound Series #17, Victor, Japan 1987).  [W, CHB]

5.7. The Sensual World

     The Sensual World
        This song at first should have included the original lyrics of the
        end monologue of Molly Bloom in James Joyce's "Ulysses", but Kate
        didn't get permission, so she had to rewrite them.

     The Confrontation
     One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
        These three pieces appeared in the soundtrack to the half hour
        British TV programme "The Comic Strip Presents... G.L.C".  G.L.C.
        stands for Greater London Council, Ken was played by Robbie Coltrane,
        playing Charles Bronson, as 'Red' Ken Livingstone, who was - as the
        song 'Ken' reminds us - the leader of the G.L.C.  'Red', that is, as
        referring to his hard-left policies.  Ken was fighting against the
        'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher.
        [partially from TC]

5.8. The Red Shoes

     Moments of Pleasure
        This song is Kate's tribute of several of her friends who've
        passed away.  Murph is Alan Murphy, her guitarist who died in
        1993(?) of AIDS.  Bill is Bill Duffield, the lighting technician
        for The Tour of Life, who died in an accident while setting up
        for the tour.  "Teddy" is the late John Barratt, assistant engineer at
        Abbey Road Studios during the recording sessions for "Never for Ever".
        Bubba is for Gary Hurst (dancer in '79 tour), Maureen is Kate's
        aunt [YS, WW].  No one (except Kate, as far as I know - [SB]) knows who
        anyone else is in this song, especially "George the Wipe".  The verse
        about the "balcony in New York" refers to her meeting of Michael
        Powell, director of the film "The Red Shoes".

5.9. Miscellaneous

     December Will Be Magic Again
        This is originally a single on its own, but has now been used in
        almost too many singles as a b-side (Experiment IV, Moments Of
        Pleasure (UK)), and is quite often used on Christmas samplers by EMI.
        Two of these featured an alternate ('bongo') version of the song.

     Experiment IV
        This is the 'teaser' for the semifans on the sampler The Whole Story.

     Rocket Man
     Candle In The Wind
        The Elton John cover version Rocket Man appeared on the Elton John
        and Bernie Taupin tribute album Two Rooms featuring a whole bunch
        of cover versions.  Rocket Man also is available as a single where
        it is backed with another EJ cover, Candle In The Wind, which is
        available in a normal and an instrumental version.

        This cover of the 30s song was originally supposed to be included
        in the film of the same name.  Unfortunately it was left out.  But
        we were lucky, since the soundtrack for Brazil (which only appeared
        in 1992) includes the song.

     Fruitopia Commercials
        Kate did the music for nine commericials only seen on American TV
        for Fruitopia, a line of fruit drinks produced by Minute Maid (which
        is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola company).  There was also a longer
        advertisement seen in movie theatres which Kate also did the music
        for.  Another series of Fruitopia Commercials just started, the
        first one being spotted during a commercial break of the '95 Academy
        Awards show.  The British versions of the Fruitopia commercials don't
        contain Kate's music, but rather Elisabeth Fraser from the Cocteau
        Twins.  The original US commercials (i.e. those with Kate's music)
        do have caleidoscopic effects, short subtitles, and just Kate's music
        on the audio channel.  Kate's voice can be heard, though there are
        no words to be understood.

6.   The Archives

     The Love-Hounds archive resides on [], in the
     directory /usenet/ - if you don't know how to do ftp
     (or what ftp is), then see section 6.3.
     All addresses are given as URLs (Universal Resource Locators), the address 
     format of WWW.  URLs always begin with the service it uses, here always 
     ftp.  The complete URLs here look like following:




     Without URL-capable software this means to enter

        ftp machine
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        get /path/file

     There's also an incoming directory [which may not work].

     Most of these files can also be found on Dave Datta's music archive
     residing on, though they are in different directories there.

6.1. Previous messages from Love-Hounds

     All previous messages from Love-Hounds can be ftped from the archives,
     residing in yearly directories under 

     Often the archives are a bit behind reality, uunet often refuses uploads 

6.2. Other files

     All other files are in , these 

     - The three electronic books mentioned above
     - lyrics to ALL songs
     - interviews
     - reviews
     - pictures, mostly GIF, all under .../kb/pix:
       - from the 1990 Kate Bush Convention, including pics of Kate's house
         and a Love-Hounds group pic (lovename.pic)
       - from the Cathy book (cathy??.gif)
       - from the This Woman's Work booklet (TWW??.gif)
       - from the Tour of Live booklet (page_??.gif)
       - from all albums
       - and uncounted more

       To view these GIFs you will need a program for your type of computer.
       Public domain picture file viewers include CSHOW and PICEM for the IBM,
       TURBOGIF and HAMGIF for the Amiga, Giffer or QuickGif for the
       Macintosh, xv for X-Windows, and ImageViewer for the NeXT.

6.3. How to do ftp?

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     Here are some specific examples for accessing the Love-Hounds archives,
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                                         messages for your system]
        connect ftp.UU.NET              [connect to the file archives]
        chdir usenet/ [change to the main area, only one
                                         CHDIR per session]
        dir                             [get directory of main area]
        dir garden                      [get directory of GARDEN files]
        dir cloudbusting                [get directory of Cloudbusting dirs]
        dir pix                         [get dir of pix directories]

     -> Connect to the Cloudbusting section and get some text files:

        reply <your address>
        connect ftp.UU.NET
        chdir usenet/
                                        [change to Cloudbusting subdirectory]
        get cloud1a.txt                 [GET a file]
        get cloud1b.txt                 [GET another file, only 10 at once]
        get cloud1c.txt

     -> Connect to the GARDEN section and get some GARDEN files:

        reply <your address>
        connect ftp.UU.NET
        chdir usenet/
                                        [change to garden subdirectory]
        get GARDEN01                    [GET first GARDEN file]
        get GARDEN02                    [GET another file, only 10 at once]

     -> Connect to pix.hill and get Love-Hounds picture:

        reply <your address>
        connect ftp.UU.NET
        chdir usenet/
        uuencode                        [specify UUENCODE format]
        binary                          [specify BINARY format]
        get LOVENAME.GIF

     If you can't FTP and you don't have the patience to figure all this out,
     the BBSes listed above offer the GIFs and many of the other files too.

7.   Credits

     The history of this FAQ starts with Jorn Barger writing a first FAQ for  Later Ron Hill continued writing it.
     After Ron stopped to post I (i.e. Uli Grepel) continued this with a
     halfway rewrite.  Even if I've written a lot of the stuff above it's not
     all my knowledge, it's yours, since I've pulled most of it from itself.  To list the contributors in finest detail would
     be impossible, since there are so many, especially of those who 'just
     pointed out some errors' to me.  Steve Berlin, who spell checked it,
     and wrote small (very small - [SB]) parts of this FAQ.

     Some contributors that I somehow do remember (feel free to suggest more,
     I'll verify it...):

     AK:    Aaro Koskinen <Aaro.Koskinen@Helsinki.FI>
     AR:    Andrew Russ <>
     AR2:   Aaron Ridlex <RIDLEY@ZASU.SPRL.UMICH.EDU>
     AS:    Andrew Semple€<>
     AT:    Araminta Thorne <>
     BLR:   Brian L. Rachford <>
     BW:    Bill Wisner <>
     CHB:   "Charles H. Baum" <>
     CW:    Chris Williams <>
     DB:    Daniel Barrett <>
     DC:    Dominic Chua <>
     DC2:   David Clarke <>
     DMcK:  Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan <>
     DR:    David Reff <>
     E:     Elana <>
     EML:   Emmy May Lombaerts <>
     EN:    Ellen van Neck <100411.2450@CompuServe.COM>
     GD:    Graham Dombkins <>
     GP:    Gregg Primm <>
     GT:    Garrick Twinney <>
     IED:   Andrew Marvick <>
     JAC:   James Alexander Chokey <jchokey@leland.Stanford.EDU>
     JC:    John Copeland <>
     JL:    John Light <>
     KLN:   "Karen L. Newcombe" <>
     KO:    Kathleen Ostridge <>
     LB:    Len Bullard <>
     MD:    Michael Doerr <>
     MR:    Marcel Rijs <>
     MT:    Meredith Tarr <>
     NB:    Norman Buchwald <>
     PC:    Peter Chow <>
     RG:    Ronald Girardin <Ronald.Girardin@Dartmouth.EDU>
     RH:    Ron Hill <>
     RMC:   Robb McCaffree <>
     RP:    Rolf Peukert <Rolf.Peukert@Theoinf.TU-Ilmenau.DE>
     SB:    Steve Berlin <>
     SMC:   "Stuart M. Castergine" <>
     SW:    Stephen Wiener <>
     SZ:    Steve ZPJ <>
     TC:    The Crow <>
     TC2:   Tippi Chai <>
     VM:    Vickie Mapes <>
     W:     Willtre <>
     WW:    Wieland Willker <>
     YS:    Yamamoto Sozo

"She really IS!  No, really, she IS!"
"What the world or Kate doesn't need is any more 'casual Kate Bush
fans'... What the world and Kate need is more FUCKING KATE BUSH
"Any day now." - The Kate Bush fan mantra.
"I think you're all completely mad, and thank you very much."
- Kate Bush to her fans.
"Take your bizarre and petty discussions elsewhere." - New Fan
"This *IS* 'elsewhere'." - |>oug, Love-Hounds founder
"How do you sing normally?" - Ray Cokes
"I try to sing in tune" - Kate Bush

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