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alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 3.1 When was this newsgroup created? Who created it? What is the charter?

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   On 11/19/1997 Peter McCormack [] posted his proposal 
   to the the alt.config newsgroup.  Here is a copy of Peter's original 

      "I would like to propose a newsgroup for guitar enthusiasts interested
       exclusively in the History and Technical  aspects pertaining to the
       Rickenbacker guitar, past and present. This would be different from the
       alt.guitar newsgroup as it would have a specialized interest in the
       Rickenbacker models and the Artists who play them. The first real 
       electric guitars were Rickenbackers and as such there is a longstanding
       history. I believe that the readers of the alt.guitar newsgroup would 
       grow weary of this topic and it is probably best to have a unique 
       newgroup. This would also provide a forum that does not have to be 
       monitored by a single individual, a most exhausting undertaking.
       Of course, the decision on this will be made by the readers. 
       Please tell me what you think."

  On 11/25/1997, Peter posted this charter along with his newgroup 
  control message:

         The group is interested in the history of the rickenbacker guitar
         and bass, related technical aspects pertaining to the instruments 
         and the sounds produced by artists using them.

       Justification of Readership:
         A substantial interest in the rickenbacker guitar has developed in 
         the alt.guitar newsgroup, however, the narrow scope of the topic 
         coupled with the increased high volume provides justification for a 
         more specilaized group. A very fine web site called the rickenbacker 
         project has generated ongoing interest, however, there is no 
         interactive forum for its regular viewers. In summary, this newsgroup 
         will provide a specialized forum for readers on more technical and 
         historical matters that are not considered appropriate for 

  On 3/3/1998, Peter posted this review to

      "Most people interested in Rock Music are familiar with The
       Beatles, The Byrds and Creedence Clearwater Revival and The 
       Who as these groups shaped the lives of millions of enthusiastic 
       Baby Boomers during the 1960's.  But how many rock music 
       enthusiasts know anything about the very fine Rickenbacker 
       guitars that these musicians played. Well this is your opportunity 
       to go behind the scenes and learn about how the classic jingle 
       jangle of Mr. Tambourine Man and the mystery beginning and unique 
       ending of A Hard Day's Night came about.  You can expect to meet 
       some of the friendliest and knowledgable Rickenbacker die hards 
       on the planet with an insatiable desire to let those interested 
       know all about their guitars and basses. The depth of historical 
       and technical knowledge to be had in this newsgroup is truly amazing 
       and interested readers can be expected to be introduced to such 
       topics as: how to find a Rickenbacker guitar and bass; cost 
       appraisals; the best way to ship an instrument around the world; 
       who played what guitar when; and how to make modifications, 
       adjustments and repairs. Of particular interest is the enthusiasm 
       and participation of Mr.  John Hall, the CEO of Rickenbacker 
       International Corporation and Mr. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds. 
       This group has brightened the day of many Rickenbacker fans since 
       its creation on November 25, 1997. Regular readers have expressed 
       concern about irrelevant and offensive posts and nobody welcomes 
       spam at anytime. My view is that the benefits of this newsgroup 
       far outweigh these difficulties and for a group that is only three 
       months old a loyal following is evident. Being involved as a reader 
       of this group is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had 
       with respect to the internet. Special mention must be given to Evil 
       Bob at the Rickenbacker Project, Eugene Calame at Texas net and Bob 
       Bellof for it is their enthusiasm that sparked the creation of this 
       group. Most of all what makes this group invaluable is the devotion 
       of its readers who take the time to share their knowledge and hearts 
       with others."

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Top Document: alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Previous Document: 3. A Brief History Of alt.guitar.rickenbacker
Next Document: 3.3 What kinds of topics are appropriate for discussion?

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