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alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 5.30 What type of wood is used for Rickenbacker fret boards?

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    "We use both African Rosewood and Bubinga, which are very similar
     close relatives. Both are also classified as Hong Kong Rosewood
     sometimes, which is closer to the mark, since it is grown in Asia
     rather than Africa."

    [John Hall,, 11/09/1999]

    "We do not use nor have we used commonly available Paduak, which
     is Pterocarpus soyauxii. In past years we used Hong Kong Rosewood
     (Dalbergia family) or African Rosewood (which is true Bubinga in
     the Guibourtia family) which we continue to use.

     I will grant you that Hong Kong Rosewood has been colorfully
     referred to as Indonesian Paduak by wood suppliers.

     In the end, without the species, the trade names of wood are almost 

    [John Hall,, 04/24/2000]

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